Former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts answers.

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Why Russia Hack Claim Is So Flimsy

1. No hard evidence. The hacking claim is based on a secret CIA report from unnamed sources (sorry but the CIA has a LONG history of lying).

2. The NSA doesn't back any hacking claims. The NSA monitors all internet communication going into and out of the US. If there was any hacking, the NSA would know about it.

3. Julian Assange - founder of Wikileaks who published the DNC emails - has confirmed that the emails were LEAKED (not HACKED) and Russia had nothing to do with the LEAK.

4. Craig Murray - former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan and winner of the Sam Adams Award for integrity and ethics - said he personally met the DNC leaker face to face.

Once again like before the Iraq War, the media isn't asking the tough questions. It's just been a lot of people repeating a claim over and over again.