If you're looking for a FOREIGN POLICY show on U.S. TV, is there anything to see?


Disappointingly (but not surprisingly), there are no TV shows in the U.S. specializing exclusively in FOREIGN POLICY (at least none to our knowledge - please let us know if you find any).

But there are a couple shows in the U.S. that regularly discuss FOREIGN POLICY issues.

MCLAUGHLIN GROUP used to be your best bet. Pat Buchanan was a regular guest and is one of America's few true experts on FOREIGN POLICY that you'll see on U.S. TV. Unfortunately after more than 30 years on air, the show ceased when founder and host John McLaughlin passed away in 2016.

GPS on CNN is an option, although the host Fareed Zakaria was a supporter of America's catastrophic invasion of Iraq in 2003 - a war that resulted in the killing of over 1 Million Iraqi men, women and children.

For a TV show devoted entirely to FOREIGN POLICY, you have to leave the USA.

THE DEBATE is currently the best choice. It's available incredibly every single day of the year on PressTV. The show features actual debates between two analysts with very different opinions most of the time.

CROSSTALK is also a good choice. It's available on RT three times a week. However, RT news channel is pretty much banned in the USA, except for some hotels and airports (and the internet of course :)

DATELINE LONDON is on BBC and offers a fair amount of foreign policy news, although it is very much of the mass media variety will all its problems.