December 31, 2020
Trump sues, asking US Supreme Court to overturn Wisconsin election outcome - campaign team
US troops shoot dead Syrian child in Hasakah Province
Bomb blast targets US-led coalition military convoy in southern Iraq
Jonathan Pollard, Israel spy freed by Trump, greeted by Netanyahu
'Israel's settlement approvals in West Bank hit record high in 2020'
Key Sudanese party warns against normalizing ties with Israel
Indian forces kill three Kashmiri men in Srinagar
Europe finalizes major investment deal with China despite US concerns
Al Jazeera
US bombers fly over the Gulf amid tensions with Iran
Iran implicates UK firm, US base in Germany in Soleimani killing
Sudan regains full control of border with Ethiopia: Ministry
Spain reaches deal with UK on Gibraltar, avoiding hard border
Al-Masdar News
Israeli forces reveal they attacked Syria 50 times in 2020
Large ISIS ambush kills 20 Syrian soldiers, 8 civilians between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor
Iran has 'intelligence from Iraq' about US plot for war: FM
Two US warships cross the Taiwan Strait as tensions with China intensify
Sudanese army retakes '80 percent of its territories occupied by Ethiopia'
December 30, 2020
Second explosion heard near presidential palace in Yemen's Aden after deadly blast at airport where unity govt arrived - reports
Republican senator vows to challenge Electoral College certification of Joe Biden's victory, gets slammed as 'enemy of democracy'
'Scotland will be back in EU after independence!' says SNP leader, as party pledges to vote AGAINST Brexit deal
'UK firm handling Baghdad airport security colluded with US to assassinate Soleimani'
Turkey hands life sentence to 92 people over 2016 coup attempt
At least 22 killed in attack on Yemen airport after new government arrives
Spy who passed US secrets to Israel arrives in Jewish state to start new life
Al Jazeera
At least 26 killed, dozens wounded in Yemen airport attack
Republican US Senator Hawley to object to Electoral College vote
US bombers fly over the Gulf amid tensions with Iran
Syrian soldier killed in Israeli raid near Damascus
Al-Masdar News
Israel uses Lebanese airspace again to attack Syria: SAA
Israeli forces launch military exercises in occupied Golan after attacking western Syria
Former spy Jonathon Pollard arrives in Israel after leaving US
Iran threatens 'great catastrophe on Israel' to awaken Arab world
Russia is testing one of the largest missiles in the world
Russian military to receive first S-500 in 2021
Turkey won't recognize Crimea as Russia despite improved relations: FM
'No one has the right to tell Turkey to leave Libya': FM
December 29, 2020
'Iranian hackers hit Netanyahu office, Israel aerospace corp.'
Russia blacklists Germany's top security, intelligence officials
Spain will keep a register of those who refuse the coronavirus vaccine
Al Jazeera
Ghislaine Maxwell denied bail in sex abuse case
Thousands protest in Nepal against PM dissolving Parliament
Three French soldiers killed in Mali IED blast
Spain to allow free movement for Gibraltar workers after Brexit
Al-Masdar News
Russian military comes under attack in northwestern Syria, casualties reported
Foreign-backed mercenaries preparing new attack on Venezuela: Maduro
Iran deployed short-range missiles and drones to Iraq: Al-Qabas
Large number of Sudanese military reinforcements pour into Ethiopian border area
December 28, 2020
European travel insurers warn jab will be required to book trips if EU adopts Covid-19 vaccine mandate
Roadside bomb hits US-led coalition convoy in southern Iraq
Azerbaijan says soldier killed in Karabakh ambush
Zarif to Armenia FM: International borders cannot be changed
Indonesian MP: It is impossible to normalize ties with Israel
Russia expels Bulgarian diplomat in tit-for-tat move
Al Jazeera
Chinese delegation meets Nepal PM amid political crisis
Al-Masdar News
Russian warplanes launch powerful strikes along Syrian-Turkish border
Lebanese Army accuses Israel of violating territorial waters
Syrian civilians pelt US military convoy with rocks in Qamishli
December 27, 2020
Militant attack kills seven troops in Pakistan's restive Balochistan
Israel launches overnight airstrike against Gaza
US-led forces' supply convoy struck by bomb attack in central Iraq
Iran on Soleimani assassination: Serious revenge yet to come
Iraqis commemorate assassinated anti-terror commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis
US embassy attack false-flag strike by Washington: Iraq Kata'ib Hezbollah
Sudan says took back border land from Ethiopia
Thousands of Israelis protest against Netanyahu, lay siege to his residence
Central Africans vote in elections marred by violence
Al Jazeera
Several soldiers killed by gunmen in southwestern Pakistan
Three UN peacekeepers killed in CAR ahead of Sunday's elections
High-level Egyptian delegation makes rare visit to Libyan capital for secret talks
'We will hit sensitive targets': Yemen's Houthi forces threaten to strike Tel Aviv after Israeli army comments
Al-Masdar News
'US and Saudi Arabia plotted to assassinate me': Hezbollah leader
December 26, 2020
Israeli warplanes bomb central Gaza Strip
Death toll from Ethiopia massacre reaches 222: Red Cross
Trump pardons Blackwater mercenaries
Al-Masdar News
Israeli forces come under attack along Lebanese border: Al-Jadeed
December 25, 2020
Syria repels Israeli missile barrage targeting Hama
Libya's Haftar calls Turkey 'colonizing enemy', threatens attack
Russia revives weapons test lab as Arctic rivalry intensifies
11 killed in Boko Haram Christmas Eve attack in Nigeria
Russia slams Germany for funding 'White Helmets' in Syria
US to open consulate in Western Sahara after Morocco-Israeli normalization
US begins to label products from illegal settlements as 'Made in Israel'
Al Jazeera
Ethiopian military 'kills 42 people involved in deadly attack'
Erdogan says Turkey wants better ties with Israel
Al-Masdar News
Israeli warplane launches heavy strikes from Lebanon on western Syria
Israeli airliner forced to change its course due to raid on Syria: report
Saudi vessel comes under attack by marine mine in Red Sea
Sudanese army takes control of Ethiopian border area as conflict escalates
Haftar gives Turkey 2 choices in Libya: Leave peacefully or war
Azerbaijani President wants to restore relations between 'great friends' Israel and Turkey
Iranian soldier killed in border clash with armed group
December 24, 2020
Russian warship fires torpedoes in Sea of Japan exercises amid rising tensions with US in disputed waters
France sends warplanes to Central African Republic for flyover to prop up president ahead of vote in former colony
Time to chart Scotland's future as 'independent, European nation': First Minister Sturgeon reacts to UK-EU Brexit accord
Singapore Airlines launches 'Covid-19 passport,' describing digital health ID as part of the 'new normal'
Ethiopia deploys forces to ethnic region after deadly violence
Over 100 killed in latest ethnic massacre in Ethiopia
Health Ministry: Over 3,800 Yemeni children killed in Saudi-led war
Qatar urges action against Bahrain for violation of airspace
Israelis to return to polls on March 23 after Knesset dissolved
Al Jazeera
Pakistan army says soldier killed by Indian shelling in Kashmir
Israel most condemned by UN in 2020 - three times other nations
Trump warns Iran after rocket attack on US embassy in Baghdad
Anti-Myanmar hate speech flares in Thailand over spread of COVID
Al-Masdar News
Ethiopian forces launch heavy attack against Sudanese army
Bahraini fighter jets penetrate Qatari airspace in newest Gulf escalation
December 23, 2020
Israel to hold fourth election in 2 years as parliament fails to meet budget deadline
Israeli parliament dissolves, triggering snap elections
Israel plane blocked out of Algeria, Tunisia airspace: Report
UAE efforts to force Pakistan to normalize with Israel fall flat
Russia expels two Colombian diplomats in tit-for-tat move
Al Jazeera
Moldova's pro-Russian prime minister resigns after protests
Al-Masdar News
Tunisia firmly rejects normalization with Israel
Greece turns to Israel to train its air force amid conflict with Turkey
December 22, 2020
Russian, Chinese bombers conduct joint patrol in Asia-Pacific
Israel heading towards 4th vote in 2 years as Knesset tosses out bill
UNSC discusses Western Sahara after Trump's deal with Morocco
US offering billions to coerce Indonesia into normalization with Israel
Kosovo to hold early vote as top court annuls election of new govt.
Al Jazeera
At least five killed, two wounded in Kabul car bomb blast
Al-Masdar News
Israeli submarine crossed Strait of Hormuz with US fleet to send 'message' to Iran
Chinese forces expel US warship from disputed islands in South China Sea: GT
Fierce clashes breakout as Sudanese forces attempt to retake disputed lands from Ethiopia
December 21, 2020
China sends aircraft carrier through Taiwan Strait just day after 'flirtatious' transit by US warship
Stealth fighters and long-range missiles: Japan's cabinet greenlights record-breaking military budget
Russia, Rwanda deploy troops to CAR amid pre-election tensions
Pakistan PM dismisses reports on normalization of ties with Israel
Al-Masdar News
Large US military convoy enters northeastern Syria
US nuclear submarine to cross Strait of Hormuz in powerful message to Iran
Houthi forces wreak havoc in new operation on Saudi border region
Iran strengthens naval presence internationally amid fears of US disrupting oil trade to Venezuela
December 20, 2020
Rockets target US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone
US trucks carrying military equipment enter Syria's oil-rich province
Taiwan deploys ships, aircraft as Chinese carrier crosses Taiwan Strait
Egypt's Sisi meets Jordanian, Palestinian FMs in Cairo
Al Jazeera
Nepal president dissolves Parliament, elections set for next year
Thais vote in first local elections since 2014 coup
December 19, 2020
Trump lashes out at media for blaming 'Russia, Russia, Russia' for hacking, says it 'may be China'
Major US airbase in Afghanistan comes under rocket attack
US stealing Syrian oil via pipelines in Tigris into Iraqi territory: Report
China's military tails, monitors US warship in Taiwan Strait
UK organizations hit by 'complex' cyber attack
Pakistan returns $1bn to Saudi Arabia, turns to China for bail-out
CAR accuses former president of attempting coup as rebels form coalition
Al-Masdar News
US counts Russia as one of its enemies: Pompeo
Sudan deploys large number of reinforcements to Ethiopian border
First Russian soldier killed in Karabakh mission
December 18, 2020
Pentagon lost track of over HALF of 'sensitive' equipment provided to Afghanistan's military - watchdog
Hackers target US nuclear weapons agency
Mortar shells hit US-occupied military base in eastern Syria: Report
Turkey withdraws from seven military posts in northwest Syria: Source
Flynn: Trump could use military to 'rerun' election
US angers China by warning pacific nations of 'threats' of undersea cable
Blast in eastern Afghanistan kills 11, injures 20
Russia vows response to Bulgaria's expulsion of diplomat
Afghan Taliban delegation in Pakistan to discuss peace efforts
Armed groups in Central African Republic issue threat over upcoming elections
The US is under a massive and ongoing cyber attack
Al Jazeera
Pakistan alleges India preparing for 'surgical strike'
Bulgaria to expel another Russian diplomat suspected of spying
Al-Masdar News
US base in Syria comes under attack by unknown group: report
Syria reveals several countries wanting to help with reconstruction have been scared away by US threats
Ankara slams Greece's arrest of 2 people accused of spying for Turkey
Russian S-500 considered 'antidote' to hypersonic missiles
December 17, 2020
US & Ukraine vote AGAINST anti-Nazi resolution proposed by Russia at UN General Assembly, eyebrows raised as Germany abstains
Putin BANNED from the Olympics, no flag or anthem: Key takeaways after CAS upholds Russia sports suspension
Putin: West started new arms race, forced Russia to make new weapons
Sudan says army officers ambushed by Ethiopian forces, militia
Israel stirs media hype as Pakistan comes under pressure for normalization
Al Jazeera
French President Macron tests positive for COVID-19
December 16, 2020
NEW Assange recording reveals WikiLeaks founder tried to WARN Washington about damaging release, defying claims of carelessness
Taliban kill 13 Afghan policemen in checkpoint attacks
Indonesia dismisses possibility of normalizing with Israel
Cuba rejects US claim of microwave energy attacks
Al Jazeera
Pakistan says two soldiers killed by Indian shelling in Kashmir
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijani forces offensive led to new advance in Karabakh
Armenia announces the capture of over 60 soldiers by Azerbaijani forces
US forces mistakenly shoot down Iraqi drone over Iraq
December 15, 2020
40 officers suffer chemical burns to the eyes as clashes break out at Ukrainian anti-lockdown protest in Kiev
Court-ordered audit concludes Dominion voting machines were intentionally designed to 'create systemic fraud' in Michigan
Bomb blast kills deputy governor of Afghanistan's capital
Iranian tanker loading Venezuelan crude for export: Report
Syria slams Turkey for cutting off water supply in Hasakah
Italians returning France's top award in protest at honoring of Egypt's Sisi
NATO Rejects New UN Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons, Defends Deterrent
Ghislaine Maxwell seeks $28.5m bail deal
Al Jazeera
Fighting intensifies between Peshmerga and PKK in northern Iraq
Somalia cuts diplomatic ties with Kenya citing interference
Bosniak, Croat presidents snub Russia's Sergey Lavrov
Guinean President Conde sworn in for controversial third term
Normalisation with Israel 'not on agenda', says Tunisian PM
Al-Madar News
Cancer, strokes, birth defects: Iraq to sue US over depleted uranium use
Armenian soldiers surrender to Azerbaijani Special Forces in southern Karabakh
Four Iranian boats catch fire in Gulf of Iran
December 14, 2020
At least 27 killed in latest Boko Haram attack in Niger
Huge opposition rally in Lahore urges resignation of PM Khan
Suspected Russian hackers spied on US Treasury emails: Sources
Singapore oil tanker hit by explosion caused by 'external source' off Saudi Arabia
Al Jazeera
'Terrorist attack' strikes oil tanker at Saudi port in Jeddah
Ivory Coast's Alassane Ouattara sworn in for disputed third term
US removes Sudan from 'state sponsors of terror' list: Embassy
Al-Masdar News
Big explosion caused by 'external source' hits British oil tanker off Saudi coast
Israeli commandos allegedly landed on Lebanese beach: Al-Joumhouria
Russian forces intervene to stop battle between Azerbaijani and Armenian troops in Karabakh
Massive Iranian cyberattack reportedly hits dozens of Israeli firms
US imposes sanctions against Turkey over S-400 deal
December 13, 2020
Russia successfully tests hypersonic Zircon missile, flying EIGHT TIMES the speed of sound to hit ground-based target
Fighting returns to Nagorno-Karabakh as Azerbaijan claims some Armenian troops broke terms of armistice by remaining in region
Karabakh violation: Azerbaijan says 4 soldiers killed, threatens to 'destroy' Armenia
Another US convoy smuggles Syrian crude oil to western Iraq: SANA
US returns 12 military sites to S. Korea after years of haggling
Opposition supporters rally to demand Pakistan PM Imran Khan quit
Protest rallies against Netanyahu held for 25th week in a row
Al Jazeera
Bomb and gun attacks in Afghan capital kill three
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan announces death of 4 soldiers during clashes with Armenian forces
US Ramstein Base allegedly 'on their toes' after alert of 'missile launch' assessed as drill
Israeli forces announce new incident at Lebanese border
Large US convoy carrying Syrian oil leaves Syria for Iraq
December 12, 2020
'We might get thrown out of NATO': Twitter baffled & divided over UK govt idea to send warships against EU fishermen
Over 100 arrested as Paris rally against security bill & Islamophobia descends into chaos
US Senate approves mammoth military budget
Multiple rockets strike Kabul, kill at least one civilian
Russia resumes Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, defying US sanctions
Iran executes admin of counterrevolutionary Amad News website
Al Jazeera
Israel and Bhutan establish diplomatic relations
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijani forces launch attack on Armenian military post: MoD
Armenia and Azerbaijan trade accusations of new offensive in Karabakh
US spy plane entered Chinese airspace amid heightened tensions between superpowers
Israel is on 'our borders and awaiting to target Algeria': Algerian PM
Qatari forces seize Bahraini cruiser within territorial waters amid increased tensions
Turkish army launches new attack in northern Syria
Turkey slams Iran for using 'offensive language' against Erdogan
December 11, 2020
Russia says US 'violating international law' by backing Morocco's claims to Western Sahara in deal normalising ties with Israel
UK's AstraZeneca to team up with creators of Russia's Sputnik V on Covid-19 vaccine trials, cites potential 'wider protection'
AIHRC: Nearly 100,000 Afghan civilians killed or wounded over past 11 years
US is about to sanction Turkey over Russian defense system
Iran summons Turkish envoy over Erdogan's remarks
Al-Masdar News
US sends 2 nuclear bombers to Middle East to flex muscles near Iranian border
US deployed armored vehicles to Syria to 'show teeth' against Russian forces
Ex-envoy to Syria admits US war plan against Assad and abandonment of Kurds
Russian military confirms its presence with Syrian Army in Golan Heights
Israel reveals covert operations attacked 500 targets in 2020
Saudi and UAE backed forces clash in southern Yemen as tensions flare up
December 10, 2020
Russia launches missiles from nuclear sub as war games take place amid rising tensions with US-led NATO bloc
Russian Navy to take part in Pakistan's AMAN-2021 drills, expected to have NATO countries in attendance
Turkish soldiers take lap of honour at Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh victory parade as Erdogan directs fiery warning at Armenia
Trump hails Israel & Morocco establishing relations as 'massive breakthrough' - and recognizes Moroccan sovereignty over W. Sahara
US flies B-52s over Persian Gulf amid tensions with Iran
Pakistani army on high alert amid reports of Indian plan to conduct surgical raid
Two roadside bombs hit US-led coalition convoys in Iraq
Syria resolved to take back occupied Golan from Israel: Envoy
17 US states back Texas bid to undo Trump election loss at Supreme Court
Akufo-Addo narrowly re-elected in Ghana presidential election
Ghana's opposition rejects election results
US sues Facebook, wants it to divest Instagram, WhatsApp
Al Jazeera
'Serious' nuclear incident in Finland but no radiation leak
Libya's east-based forces release Turkish vessel
Macron gave el-Sisi highest French award on Paris visit: Official
Al-Masdar News
Russia tests its strategic nuclear forces
Russian Navy to conduct rare exercises with NATO forces
Turkish warplanes flew over cities declared red flags by Egypt in Libya
Aliyev calls Armenia capital and areas 'historic Azerbaijani lands'
December 9, 2020
YouTube says it will DELETE videos claiming 2020 election was fraudulent
US House passes $740b defense bill, defying Trump veto threat
Majority in Swedish parliament backs 'NATO option'
Venezuela's Maduro says alerted to assassination attempt by neighboring Colombia
'Two oil wells bombed in northern Iraq's Kirkuk'
Texas AG challenging the election results in four battleground states.
Taliban kill two Afghan soldiers in Ghazni: Ministry
China asks US to 'unconditionally' lift Iran sanctions
IranAir ditches Madrid flight over denial of handling service
France to start research into 'enhanced soldiers'
Facebook must be broken up, US government says in groundbreaking lawsuit
Al Jazeera
Ethiopia conflict 'spiralling out of control': UN
Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo wins re-election as 5 killed
Al-Masdar News
Egyptian President responds to possibility of war with Turkey
Turkey has become a travel agency for jihadists: Greek FM
December 8, 2020
Number of Afghan civilians killed by US-led airstrikes rose by 330%: Study
Texas asks Supreme Court to help Trump overturn election
OPCW whistleblower praised for exposing doctored Syria report: Docs
Romanian PM Orban quits after party loss in elections
Nigerian president faces calls to resign
Al Jazeera
Libya's LNA says its forces have seized Turkish cargo ship
Turkey condemns seizure of vessel by east Libyan forces
Hundreds protest in Armenia after PM ignores deadline to resign
DRC MPs brawl again as president nears power struggle win
Al-Masdar News
Libyan navy seized Turkish ship after it entered territorial waters: LNA
Russian Su-30 intercepts US and French military aircraft over Black Sea
December 7, 2020
Macron and Sisi at odds over free speech & Prophet Mohammed cartoons during Egyptian leader's French trip
Maduro's ruling Socialist Party wins control of Venezuela legislature
Romanian PM claims victory for pro-EU liberals in parliamentary polls
UAE royal buys half of controversial Israeli football club
'Russia waiting for Turkey to put in second order for S-400 system'
US sanctions 14 Chinese officials over Hong Kong
Opposition wins big in Kuwait parliamentary elections
Al Jazeera
PM Orban quits but Romania still on track for centre-right gov't
Ghana votes in tight race between incumbent and former president
Al-Masdar News
Turkish and Egyptian frigates involved in serious incident in eastern Mediterranean: Greek media
December 6, 2020
Sorry Sergey, you're Shinzo now! US tells 20,000 Russian islanders from disputed Kurils that it considers them to be Japanese
US Congress moves to block troop pullout from Afghanistan, Germany
US sends over 40 military, logistic vehicles into Syria's oil-rich Hasakah
Fighting flares in Tigray despite Ethiopia's declaration of victory
Thousands in Moldova call for government's resignation
Russia resumes Baltic pipeline construction in defiance of US
US ends China exchange programs, calling them 'propaganda tools'
Al Jazeera
Iran sends biggest ever fleet of oil tankers to Venezuela
Thousands of protesters march in Belarus, dozens detained
Saudi prince strongly criticises Israel at Bahrain summit
Al-Masdar News
Fighting rages in Tigray as Ethiopian forces strive to capture rebel leaders
UK Navy reports significant Russian naval presence near territorial waters
Russian MiG-29 jets spotted over Libya
Houthi forces say Yemeni gov't troops are nearing complete defeat after suffering heavy losses
December 5, 2020
Tear gas & burning cars: 22 arrested following clashes between protesters & police in Paris
Trump orders Pentagon to pull nearly all troops from Somalia
US to put more sanctions on Russia-German gas pipeline
'RF causing illness targeting US diplomats in China, Cuba'
Venezuela's US-backed opposition figure faces major defeat in polls
Chile police disperses protesters with water cannons, tear gas
Al Jazeera
Bahrain says it will not allow imports from Israeli settlements
Military officer elected head of Mali's interim legislature
Al-Masdar News
Iran sends largest tanker fleet to Venezuela in defiance of US threats
Russia mobilizes entire Black Sea Fleet in show of strength in front of US forces
December 4, 2020
Erdogan hopes France will 'get rid of' Macron soon
Bahrain to label settlement products as Israeli-made: Trade minister
Al Jazeera
Pakistani envoy meets Bangladeshi PM in sign of warming ties
Al-Masdar News
Ukraine to join NATO operations in Mediterranean amid tension with Russia
Iran produces a copy of the American Hellfire missile
US calls Iran's bluff: Elliott Abrams says there will be no retaliation for assassinated nuclear scientist
December 3, 2020
'Everyone's going to get that': Americans to be issued Covid-19 'VACCINE CARDS' to track doses
Baku says nearly 2,800 Azerbaijani soldiers killed in Karabakh war
Belarus raises alarm about US, NATO military build-up in region
UN General Assembly adopts five anti-Israeli resolutions
US military to keep larger Afghan bases after troops drawdown
Al-Masdar News
US supercarrier enters Persian Gulf amid increased tension with Iran
Heavy clashes breakout in Armenian capital as protesters fight with police
Ex-Turkish PM accuses Erdogan of selling Turkey to Qatar
December 2, 2020
NATO says 'intimidating' Russia BIGGEST threat to bloc till at least 2030 - plans to send warships to Black Sea
US officials anonymously blame Israel for assassinating Iran's top nuclear scientist - reports
Leaked emails show Anders Aslund, the Atlantic Council's Russia-basher in chief, tried to solicit funds from Russian billionaires
Covid-19 was present in America BEFORE being officially confirmed in China, study by US health protection agency says
Israel behind assassination of Iranian scientist: US official
Russia deploys S-300 missile system to island disputed with Japan
Venezuela's Maduro 'to step down if opposition wins parliamentary polls'
Al Jazeera
Kurd vs Kurd: Fears of full-scale war rise in northern Iraq
'Serious crisis': 20,000 foreign fighters in Libya, UN says
Israeli legislators pass draft proposal to dissolve Parliament
Al-Masdar News
Saudi-led Coalition bombs Sanaa Airport as Houthi forces close-in on strategic city
Lebanese Army says 4 Israeli military aircraft entered Lebanon
Israel receives its most advanced warship amid heightened tensions with Iran
December 1, 2020
Russia makes defensive missiles combat ready in Far East as tensions rise after last week's border incursion by US Navy
UN offers staggering death toll of 233,000 from Saudi-led war on Yemen
Al Jazeera
Australia, US to develop hypersonic missiles to counter China
Al-Masdar News
US aircraft carrier enters Persian Gulf as tensions with Iran soar
Iran denies IRGC commander killed along Syrian-Iraqi border
Egypt, Greece, Cyprus send message to Turkey with joint naval maneuvers
Two European countries add Hezbollah to terrorist list
November 30, 2020
Bombshell report reveals how Ukrainian lobbyists pitted US against EU over new Russia-Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline
Proof of Covid vaccination could be key to getting back into bars, cinemas & other venues, UK minister says
Weapon used in nuclear scientist's assassination made in Israel: Source tells Press TV
'Pompeo had discussed the scientist assassination with Netanyahu'
Daesh claims rocket attack on oil refinery in Iraq
British 'mercenaries' accused of war crimes in Sri Lankan Civil War
Thai anti-govt demonstrators oppose king's military command
Moldova president calls for Russia troops removal
Al Jazeera
Military bases housing French troops attacked in northern Mali
Somalia expels Kenyan envoy in row over alleged poll interference
Al-Masdar News
Unknown missile strike causes big fire at Iraqi oil refinery
Houthi missile strike kills several Saudi Coalition commanders: group
Heavy Israeli warplane presence over Lebanon as tensions way deep over Iranian scientist's assassination
Iranian military commander and bodyguards killed along Syrian-Iraqi border: report
Egypt and Greece conduct new naval maneuvers in Aegean Sea
November 29, 2020
'Like horse-mounted cavalry against tanks': Turkey has perfected new, deadly way to wage war, using militarized 'drone swarms'
Protestors and police clash in Belarus days after embattled President Lukashenko promises he'll stand down... but not yet
UN says at least 110 killed in suspected Boko Haram attack in Nigeria where many victims were beheaded
Hungarian cultural commissioner lights powder keg of controversy after describing Europe as 'George Soros' gas chamber'
British Army spies wage 'information war' against anti-vaxx content online - report
'Russian fighter jet warns off US spy plane over Black Sea'
RAF in new confrontation with Russian Air Force over North Sea
110 civilians killed in 'Boko Haram attack' in northeast Nigeria: UN
Submarines, F-35's take center stage in fresh anti-Netanyahu rallies
Car bomb kills at least 40 Afghan soldiers
Al Jazeera
Sudan forces seize large weapons haul near Ethiopia
Hungarian commissioner retracts comparing George Soros to Hitler
Al-Masdar News
Houthi forces seize several areas inside Saudi Arabian border province
Erdogan calls for establishment of Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as capital
November 28, 2020
USS Nimitz deployed back to Persian Gulf as tensions rise with Iran
Assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist triggers mass rallies
Iran will respond to scientist's assassination in due time: Rouhani
Ethiopia begins offensive to capture Tigray's capital
Al Jazeera
Six dead in clashes between rival protesters in southern Iraq
Montenegro and Serbia expel each other's ambassadors
'We are fed up': Guatemalans continue anti-government protests
Al-Masdar News
US aircraft carrier and warships move into Persian Gulf region
November 27, 2020
Prominent Iranian scientist who allegedly ran state nuclear program ASSASSINATED in Tehran
'Act of state terror': Iran's FM accuses Israel of having 'role' in assassination of key nuclear scientist
Lukashenko drops bombshell by announcing intention to leave Belarusian presidency once new constitution is adopted
Trump must pardon Snowden & Assange for helping expose 'deep state,' says Tulsi Gabbard amid chorus against war on whistleblowers
US officials say Israel behind assassination of Iranian scientist: NYT
Saudi Aramco oil depot hit by Ansarullah
Russia test fires new ABM system that can hit satellites in space
Scottish leader calls for second vote on independence from UK
Taiwan lawmakers throw pig guts and punches
Al Jazeera
Member of assassination group that killed Iranian nuclear scientist arrested: state TV
Several dead as rival protesters clash in southern Iraq
Sahrawi forces launch powerful attack on Moroccan army sites
Russian soldier found dead in Armenia
Turkish forces arrest 44 soldiers in nationwide operation
British troops secretly sent to Saudi Arabia to protect oil fields: Independent
Egypt completes first ever naval maneuvers in the Black Sea
November 26, 2020
Thousands protest in Thai capital, urging king to relinquish control of funds
Azerbaijan lawmakers urge removal of France from Karabakh mediation
Al Jazeera
Kashmir fighters kill two Indian soldiers in region's main city
Burkina Faso president Kabore re-elected in landslide victory
Al-Masdar News
Turkey expresses rage over French Senate's decision to recognize Karabakh's independence
CIA agent killed during mission in Somalia
November 25, 2020
American missiles capable of striking Crimea fired into Black Sea as risk of confrontation on Russia's borders continues to grow
After years of relying on Roscomos to deliver its astronauts to space, Washington now plans sanctions on Russian space agency
'US blocks Iraq parliament's access to results of Soleimani's assassination probe'
Pakistan dismisses speculation about recognition of Israel
Al Jazeera
China's Wang meeting Suga in first high-level talks with Japan PM
Al-Masdar News
Israeli forces launch new strikes in southwestern Syria
Benjamin Netanyahu nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Greek tanker hit by mine off the coast of Saudi Arabia
Qatari Border Security stop 2 Bahraini Coast Guard boats
November 24, 2020
Are you invading, or just lost? Russian navy threatens to ram US warship 'John McCain' after it crosses border near Vladivostok
Two explosions in central Afghanistan kill 14 people, wound 45 - officials
Russia intercepts US warship in Sea of Japan
Saudi Aramco acknowledges major damage from Yemeni attack
Over 3,000 Palestinian children killed by Israeli regime since 2000
US wants Iraq to tap Kurdish gas to cut Iran reliance
Al Jazeera
Saudi Aramco says customers unaffected by Houthi attack on Jeddah
Two bomb blasts kill at least 14 in Afghanistan's Bamiyan
Airlines mull mandatory COVID jabs for international flyers
Mozambique, Tanzania join forces to tackle Cabo Delgado violence
Al-Masdar News
US responds after Russia stops warship: 'We don't recognize your border'
Ethiopian forces prepare to encircle Tigray's capital
Russia soldier wounded in new explosion inside Karabakh
November 23, 2020
More than 26,000 children killed or injured in Afghanistan since 2005, as 'appalling cost' of conflict revealed
India, Pakistan & Bangladesh should be MERGED, Indian minister suggests
Ankara prevents German forces on Libya arms embargo mission from checking Turkish ship
Yemeni missile targets Saudi Aramco facility in Jeddah
Trump campaign parts ways with Powell after vote-switching claim
French companies train Saudi troops to kill Yemeni civilians: Report
Vaccination will be required to fly - Qantas boss
Al Jazeera
US to target 89 Chinese firms with military ties: Report
Al-Masdar News
Ansarallah forces launch powerful attack on Saudi oil station along Red Sea coast
Tigrayan forces destroy airport under Ethiopian army control
China allegedly used 'secret weapon' against Indian forces: media
Fact check: Barack Obama's book claims Soviet Union armed Iran with chemical weapons
November 22, 2020
Open Skies no more: US pulls out of Cold War-era deal that provided global security in diplomatic row with Russia
Turkey considers itself integral part of Europe, Erdogan says, calls on EU to grant it FULL MEMBERSHIP
US clears way for convicted Israeli spy to move to Israel
US hosts Tibetan political leader in rebuff to China
US Air Force bombers deployed to Mideast
Burkina Faso holds election under looming threat of violence
Guatemalan protesters torch Congress over budget cuts
Syria's Assad names Faisal Mekdad as new foreign minister
Al Jazeera
Pakistan: Soldier, four fighters killed in Afghan border attack
More than 200 arrested in renewed Belarus protests: Rights group
Al-Masdar News
Israel launches heavy strikes over Gaza
Polisario Front strikes Moroccan military positions behind border wall
November 21, 2020
ISIS claims responsibility for Kabul attack after over 20 rockets hit Afghan capital, killing 8
Bolivia rejoins Latin American regional blocs opposing US sway under new socialist president
China could join massive Asia-Pacific trade deal abandoned by US
Ethiopia rebuffs African mediation as troops push for Tigray
Al Jazeera
Mike Pompeo meets Afghan gov't, Taliban negotiators in Qatar
Al-Masdar News
Turkey's President Erdogan, Saudi king discuss improving ties
Azerbaijan files complaint against 'French mercenaries' in Karabakh
November 20, 2020
Russia warns of 'dangerous' US policy after missile test
Rebels in Ethiopia's Tigray fire rockets at neighboring state: Report
Japan to expand major trade pact to include China, but not US
US appoints first ambassador to Venezuela in decade
Al Jazeera
Ethiopia says its forces are 'closing in' on Tigray capital
Al-Masdar News
Israel fires flare bombs in southern Lebanon as forces move along border
Polisario forces launch heavy attacks on Moroccan border
Iranian navy seizes foreign ship smuggling large amount of fuel in Persian Gulf
ISIS claims to have blown up gas pipeline between Egypt and Israel
France calls for limiting Turkey's role in Karabakh conflict
November 19, 2020
Over 13,000 civilians killed in US attacks in Iraq, Syria since 2014: Airwars
Major Iraqi parliamentary bloc demands full withdrawal of US troops
UN resolution stresses illegality of Israel settlements in West Bank, East Quds
Asia Pacific nations massive free trade deal excludes USA
Pompeo visits Israeli-occupied West Bank and Golan Heights
TRT World
Palestinians outraged as Pompeo visits illegal Israeli settlement
Al Jazeera
US to label Israel boycott movement as 'anti-Semitic': Pompeo
US appoints first Venezuela ambassador in a decade amid tensions
Pakistan PM Khan lands in Kabul on his maiden visit
Al-Masdar News
Ethiopian forces push towards capital city of Tigray as conflict intensifies
'The idea that the Golan is part of Israel is an undeniable fact': Pompeo
November 18, 2020
Indian army sets up new 'state-of-the-art' soldier camps near Chinese border
US plan for containing China relies on taming international organizations and reeducating Americans, leaked doc reveals
Syria intercepts Israeli aggression over Damascus
Ethiopia fighting enters third week, both sides claim big wins
Iraqi military says four rockets struck Baghdad's Green Zone
Trump may withdraw troops from Somalia as part of global pullback
Israel strikes targets in Syria after discovery of IEDs
Ethiopian troops advancing on Tigray's capital
Al Jazeera
Israeli air raids in Syria kill three soldiers, hit Iranian sites
Dozens killed in eastern DRC in latest attacks blamed on ADF
Turkish parliament approves troop deployment to Nagorno-Karabakh
As Pompeo visits Georgia, thousands protest over election results
Iraq, Saudi Arabia reopen Arar border crossing after 30 years
Al-Masdar News
Polisario forces launch new attacks against Moroccan army bases
Azerbaijan announces Turkey will take part in Karabakh 'security' operation
November 17, 2020
Iran threatens US with 'crushing' response after claims Trump mulled attack on its nuclear sites
Pentagon announces partial withdrawal from Afghanistan - 2,500 troops to remain
Over 1,000 killed in six months in South Sudan: UN
Armenia president urges PM to resign amid discontent at truce deal
Thai police use water cannon against protest outside parliament
Exclusive: Sudan minister reveals US pressured Sudan to normalize with Israel
Qatar chides UAE, Bahrain for normalization with Israel, calls for unity
Al Jazeera
Crisis-hit Peru chooses third president in a week
Saudi minister says nuclear armament against Iran 'an option'
Ethiopia says gov't forces marching on Tigray capital, accuses TPLF of destroying bridges
Thai police fire water cannon, tear gas as protest turns violent
Pentagon announces plans to reduce US troops in Afghanistan, Iraq
NATO chief warns of 'high' price of hasty Afghan withdrawal
Al-Masdar News
Trump sought ways to attack Iran's 'main nuclear site' in upcoming weeks: report
Ethiopian forces capture strategic town in Tigray region
November 16, 2020
Russia's naval reach extends with new African base: Putin signs off on building Red Sea hub in strategically vital Sudan
Ethiopia seizes town in Tigray as conflict spreads to neighboring Eritrea
Armenia's foreign minister resigns amid outrage over ceasefire deal
Turkey to send peacekeeping troops to Azerbaijan to monitor Karabakh truce
Cyprus standoff: Erdogan irks EU by insisting on two-state division
Al Jazeera
Ethiopia bombs Tigray capital as it rejects mediation calls
Peru's interim president resigns after protesters killed
Moldova: Maia Sandu wins vote, beating Russia-backed competitor
Al-Masdar News
Syria's long-time Foreign Minister Walid Muallem passes away at 79
Egyptian Navy enters Black Sea for first time ever
Venezuela shoots down US-registered aircraft along Caribbean coast
Trump blasts John Bolton as 'one of the dumbest people in government'
November 15, 2020
US left out as Asia Pacific nations strike world's biggest trade deal
Eritrea's capital targeted with rockets launched from Ethiopia: Reports
Israel strikes Gaza after rockets target 'center' of occupied territories
Obama pushing Susan Rice for secretary of state job
Al Jazeera
Turkey's Erdogan says Cyprus should aim for 'two separate states'
34 civilians killed in 'gruesome' bus attack in western Ethiopia
Moldova torn between Russia and West in presidential run-off
Peru president faces calls to resign after protesters killed
Al-Masdar News
Tigray separatist forces strike airport in Eritrean capital as conflict expands
Rare move: Egyptian warships cross into Turkish waters
Egypt's elite forces arrive in Sudan for military exercises amid ongoing war between Ethiopia and Tigray separatists
November 14, 2020
'All wars MUST END': Trump's new acting defense secretary signals withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan
State Department fears Russian underwater nuclear drones could unleash 'radioactive tsunami' on US
Three border guards killed in clashes with terrorists in NW Iran
Thousands of Thai protesters call for removal of PM Prayuth
Obama reveals Netanyahu's pressure on his govt., says rifts carried cost
Niger in secret talks to normalize ties with Israel: Report
Two missiles target Ethiopian airports as Tigray conflict widens
Dozens wounded in Peru as protesters and police clash amid political crisis
Al Jazeera
Thousands rally in Georgia's Tbilisi against election results
Armenia says it prevented murder attempt on PM Nikol Pashinyan
Al-Masdar News
'The war has begun' - Polisario Front launches attacks on Moroccan military bases
Russian military officially begins mission in Karabakh
November 13, 2020
Trump's anti-ISIS envoy admits he MISLED president about US troop numbers in Syria to keep them there
Look who's back: Biden could tap Hillary Clinton to serve as US envoy to UN
India, Pakistan exchange fire across Kashmir border, 15 killed
Fire at Saudi oil products terminal; missile hits officers' camp
Russia set to open naval base for nuclear warships in Sudan
Germany angered by Russia's plan to slap retaliatory sanctions in Navalny case
Bombings in Afghanistan increased in recent weeks
Iraqi defense minister due in Iran to talk military cooperation
North Korea and Russia hackers 'targeting vaccine'
Al Jazeera
Afghanistan: Suicide car bomb blast in Kabul kills many soldiers
Western Saharan Polisario says Morocco has broken ceasefire
'Peru is fired up': Protests erupt amid political crisis
Zambia to default on foreign debt, finance minister says
Aung San Suu Kyi's party confirmed winner in Myanmar election
Al-Masdar News
Iranian border guards come under attack in Azerbaijan province
November 12, 2020
Russia to impose reciprocal sanctions on German, French officials: Lavrov
Al Jazeera
Civilians reel as violence spins out of control in Mozambique
Ethiopia PM claims western part of Tigray region 'liberated'
ASEAN summit gets under way amid 'major power rivalries'
Trump blocks US investment in firms linked to Chinese military
Al-Masdar News
Russian military enters Karabakh capital, officially begins mission
Turkey claims military will head to Karabakh to take part in peacekeeping mission
Israel receives first heavily armed missile ship from Germany
November 11, 2020
Putin praises new Russian nuclear forces control site, insists systems should be 'simple and reliable like a Kalashnikov'
'Nikol is a traitor': Armenian opposition parties lead protest in crisis-hit Yerevan, demand resignation of PM Pashinyan
'Everything is now a pandemic': Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to stop being 'sissies' about Covid
8,000 Ethiopians fleeing conflict in Tigray cross into Sudan
Deadly post-election violence erupts in Ivory Coast
Thousands flee deadly conflict in Ethiopia
Al-Masdar News
Erdogan wants Karabakh model for 'new Syria'
Over 400 Russian soldiers have arrived in Armenia
Egypt declares support for Greece in eastern Mediterranean dispute
November 10, 2020
'Safer world?' Stoltenberg calls on international community to get rid of nukes, says NATO members should keep theirs for now
Karabakh war is over; Armenia agrees to withdraw forces
Russia deploys peacekeepers to Karabakh as war draws to close
Ethiopia's Defense Force seizes airport in Humera amid Tigray tension
Peru's president impeached out of office over corruption
Over 50 'beheaded' after militants storm ceremony in Mozambique
Al Jazeera
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia sign deal to end Nagorno-Karabakh war
Ethiopian military seizes airport as fighting rages in Tigray
Myanmar's ruling party claims new landslide in general election
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan formally apologizes to Russia after shooting down military helicopter
No agreement on deployment of Turkish troops to Karabakh: Russia
France demands Turkey stop its intervention in Karabakh
November 9, 2020
US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper fired and replaced, Trump announces
Baku confirms it shot down Russian military helicopter over Armenia BY ACCIDENT and apologizes, says ready to compensate
Putin will NOT congratulate Biden until results are official & legal procedures are complete, Kremlin announces
Four US soldiers killed in explosion northeast of Syria: Report
Armenia acknowledges loss of Karabakh's second largest city
Luis Arce sworn in as Bolivia's new president; Morales returns from exile
Ethiopian PM fires top officials amid military campaign in Tigray
Senator Cruz claims 'Trump still has a path to victory'
Al Jazeera
Hundreds dead in worsening Ethiopian conflict, sources say
Gunmen kill 11 in attack on Iraqi army post in Baghdad
Aung San Suu Kyi in line for second term as Myanmar votes counted
Ivory Coast Constitutional Council confirms Ouattara re-election
Al-Masdar News
Armenian drone strikes large group of Azerbaijani soldiers
Armenian PM calls on Biden to recognize Karabakh Republic
November 8, 2020
Ethiopia vows to scrap Tigray govt. as fighting escalates
Anti-govt. protesters in Thailand urge king to act on reforms
Turkey's finance minister announces resignation
Tbilisi demo urges snap elections for Georgia's next government
US election enters new phase after Biden declared victory
Muslim US lawmaker blasts Israeli crimes, US bankrolling of ethnic cleansing
Police deploy water cannon against Thai protesters
Ethiopia's army chief sacked as fighting continues
Myanmar vote count begins with Suu Kyi win expected
Al Jazeera
Gun battle in Kashmir kills four Indian soldiers, three rebels
Azerbaijan says it seized Nagorno-Karabakh's 2nd-largest city
November 7, 2020
Joe Biden declares election victory, promises to be a president for all Americans
Trump denies Biden victory, promises legal action
Saudi warplanes bombard Yemen's residential areas
Armenia reports 'fierce combat' with Azerbaijan forces near Karabakh
Head of US nuclear weapons agency unexpectedly resigns
Russia tests new electronic warfare system in showdown with West
India-China tense border situation could escalate to war: Top Cmdr.
Hundreds of Iraqis rally in Baghdad to renew call for US forces' expulsion
UK government rules out Scottish independence vote for 'generation'
Al Jazeera
Air strikes in Ethiopia's Tigray region will continue, PM says
Ivory Coast opposition leader arrested for rival government
Guinea top court declares Alpha Conde elected president
Al-Masdar News
Iran threatens to respond to Israeli and mercenary presence along its Karabakh border
November 6, 2020
'Pentagon chief pens resignation letter amid rifts with Trump'
Ethiopian airstrikes hit northern region - PM
Trump and Biden supporters stage protests across US
China sends 13 satellites into orbit with single rocket
Ivory Coast police surround opposition leaders' houses
Al Jazeera
New Zealand's Ardern sworn in for second term after landslide win
November 5, 2020
Kosovo President Hashim Thaci resigns to face war crimes charges at The Hague
USPS 'whistleblower' tells Project Veritas he was ordered to backdate late mail-in ballots in Michigan
Conservatives cry FOUL over Detroit video showing ballot counting center covering windows, keeping challengers out
Ethiopian military announces it's at 'war' with Tigray region's ruling party as government declares emergency - reports
Afghanistan violence jumps 50 percent despite peace talks: Watchdog
Al Jazeera
Tanzania's Magufuli sworn in for second term after disputed vote
Nile dam talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan fail again
November 4, 2020
Tense wait as US election winner remains unclear
Ethiopia deploys military to volatile northern region, declares emergency
US administration approves drones deal with Taiwan
November 3, 2020
Warships from Australia, Japan & US thunder into Indian Ocean for 'Quad' drills amid rising China tensions
India, US, Japan, Australia launch large naval drills
Over 800 Afghan civilians killed, injured over past 50 days as 'peace' talks stall
'No evidence of foreign interference in US election'
China rejects UK media report of seizing territory from Nepal
Ivory Coast's president wins controversial third term
Al-Masdar News
US pressures Cyprus to stop allowing Russian warships to use its ports
November 2, 2020
Britain retakes direct control of its nuclear weapon management from Lockheed Martin-led consortium
50,000-strong 'anti-Macron' rally in Bangladesh marches towards French embassy, Macron effigy burned
Over 800 Afghan civilians killed, injured over past 50 days as 'peace' talks stall
Protesters clash with police in Baghdad, other Iraqi cities
Belarus protesters defy police warnings, rally in Minsk again
Thousands of Muslims protest in Indonesia to demand Macron's apology
Moldova vote heads for runoff as opposition candidate holds small lead over president
Tanzania police arrest opposition party leader
Al Jazeera
India, US sign key military deal, symbolising closer ties
Guinea election: Opposition figure Diallo contests Conde's win
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan claims Armenian Su-25 jet shot down
November 1, 2020
Al Jazeera
Tens of thousands protest in Belarus, defying warning shots
Indian troops kill top rebel commander in Kashmir gun battle
Armenia, Azerbaijan trade accusations again after new attacks
Georgia opposition rejects election results, stages protest
Tanzania opposition demand vote rerun, call for street protests
Moldovans vote in presidential election under Moscow's gaze
Tensions high as Ivory Coast votes in presidential polls
Al-Masdar News
Iran announces joint project with Saudi Arabia in Persian Gulf
October 31, 2020
Russia ready to help Armenia as Karabakh 4th truce falls apart
West-backed opposition parties in Georgia unite to oust ruling party
Saudi Arabia angers India, Pakistan over Kashmir region status
Al Jazeera
Shutdown in Kashmir after India's new land laws
Libyan PM al-Serraj takes back resignation
Al-Masdar News
Israel carried out several attacks on Syrian military's defenses in past weeks: commander
October 30, 2020
Indian navy flexes its muscles in anti-ship missile test, demonstrating deadly accuracy at 'maximum range'
Gunmen kill 3 ruling BJP politicians in India's restive Kashmir
Armenian, Azeri FMs in Geneva for talks over Nagorno-Karabakh
US says there are 'serious doubts' about the credibility of Tanzania's presidential election
Al Jazeera
Bolivia parliament approves charges against ex-interim president
Tanzania's incumbent president poised to be declared winner
US allows Jerusalem-born to put Israel as passport birthplace
Magufuli wins re-election in Tanzania; opposition cries foul
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijani forces approach strategic city amid push to Karabakh capital
Azerbaijani forces use white phosphorus over Karabakh
Karabakh Republic announces death toll reaches 1,166 after month of fighting
US seeks to forfeit Iranian missiles and oil seized in Persian Gulf
Venezuela's largest oil refinery was 'attacked': Maduro
October 29, 2020
Glenn Greenwald, who helped publish Snowden revelations, RESIGNS from outlet he founded after editors censor his Biden reporting
UPS finds Tucker Carlson's trove of missing Biden documents after critics mocked 'conspiracy theory' that they vanished in transit
Ankara condemns 'heinous terrorist attack' in Nice, offers 'condolences' to France in break from Erdogan-Macron spat
US issues alert for citizens in Riyadh amid Yemeni air raids
Al Jazeera
US seizes missiles and sanctions 11 firms over Iran oil dealings
US senators push to sell bunker-busting bombs to Israel
US looking for 'new ways' to cooperate with Indonesia
Saudi wounds guard at French consulate in knife attack
Fear of violence grows as Tanzania opposition denounces election
Al-Masdar News
Russia unveils new missile defense system
Azerbaijan claims air defense forces shot down 2 Armenian Su-25 jets
Turkey summons French ambassador over Charlie Hebdo cartoon about Erdogan
October 28, 2020
'US tankers smuggle crude oil from northeast Syria to Iraq'
UN report names Afghanistan as the worst place for civilians
US lifts bans on investment in Israeli settlements
Thai PM vows to carry on despite calls to quit
Congo army killed 33 militiamen in Ituri fighting
Missile strike on Azeri town kills 21 civilians
Al Jazeera
Venezuelan refinery damaged by 'terrorist attack', president says
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijani forces bomb capital city of Karabakh
Iranian ship nearly sinks off the coast of the UAE
October 27, 2020
Putting Benjamin to bed? In major move, China & Russian-led EEU bloc to replace trade in dollar & euro with domestic currencies
Beijing slams Pompeo's 'Cold War mentality' as US Secretary of State outlines China security threat in New Delhi
'Our region won't go back to 19th century,' Greek FM tells Turkey, as Athens seek closer cooperation with Israel
Yemeni drone strikes 'key target' in Saudi Arabia's Abha airport
Clashes continue in Nagorno-Karabakh despite truce deals
Turkey's Erdogan sues extremist Dutch politician over insulting cartoon
Bolivia court drops 'terrorism' charges against Morales, annuls arrest warrant
Al Jazeera
Nearly 6,000 civilian casualties in Afghanistan so far this year
Turkey's Erdogan and French President Macron butt heads - again
Muslim world condemns Macron, France over treatment of Islam
China tells US not to 'bully' Sri Lanka ahead of Pompeo's visit
Al-Masdar News
Iran strengthens its forces along Karabakh border amid increased troop buildup
Turkish-backed forces unleash large attack in retaliation for devastating Russian strikes
October 26, 2020
Karabakh conflict: US-brokered truce violated as Yerevan, Baku trade blame
US INF withdrawal increases risk of renewed nuclear arms race: Putin
Russian strikes kill dozens of Turkish-backed militants in NW Syria
Iraqi protesters clash with police in Baghdad
Turkey's Erdogan to his people: Boycott French goods
Calls for Malaysian PM to quit after king rejects emergency bid
Oman next in line to normalize ties with Israel: Report
China to sanction Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon over US Taiwan arm sales
'Russian air strikes kill dozens' in northern Syria
Al Jazeera
US says Taliban fighters killed in central Afghanistan air strike
DR Congo army says Burundi rebels forced from strongholds
Al-Masdar News
Armenia and Azerbaijan reach 3rd ceasefire in Karabakh
Karabakh ceasefire falls apart as heavy clashes breakout between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces
Armenia claims Azerbaijan suffered over 6,600 casualties in Karabakh
IRGC commander visits Karabakh-Iran border after amassing large force
October 25, 2020
France recalls ambassador from Turkey after Erdogan urges Macron to seek 'mental help' over his attitude towards Muslims
Belarusian police use stun grenades to disperse protesters during huge opposition march in Minsk, with 'gunfire' reported
ISIS calls for attacks on Saudi oil industry
Saudi intl. airport targeted in Yemen retaliatory drone strike
Karabakh conflict: IRGC deploys mechanized brigade to border
US forces kidnap several civilians in Syria's oil-rich Dayr al-Zawr
Belarus tells US will repel 'external threats' with Russia's help
Thousands rally in 1000-plus locations against Netanyahu
Al Jazeera
Thousands rally in Baghdad on protest anniversary
'Demands not met': Anti-government protests resume in Iraq
Chileans vote in historic referendum on constitution
Protesters gather in Bangkok after PM snubs call to resign
Seychelles opposition candidate wins presidential election
Guinea electoral body says Alpha Conde won third term in office
Al-Masdar News
Erdogan won't back down: Turkish leader repeats call for Macron to seek mental help
October 24, 2020
Erdogan says Macron needs 'mental health treatment' and doesn't understand freedom of religion
Poland's President Andrzej Duda quarantined at home after testing positive for Covid-19
Trump says Egypt will 'blow up' Ethiopia dam
Australian warships to withdraw from Middle East by year end
Attack on Kabul education centre kills 18
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan claims 13 more villages captured in Karabakh
Trump to take part in Karabakh negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia
October 23, 2020
Bolivia's official presidential vote count confirms win by socialist Luis Arce, ally of ousted leader Morales
Trump touts 'really good progress' at Armenia-Azerbaijan talks in DC as shelling in Nagorno-Karabakh intensifies
A powerful & game-changing Russia/China military alliance is 'quite possible' in future but not on the cards yet, says Putin
FBI asks to interview former Hunter Biden business partner after he said Joe Biden was involved in son's foreign business dealings
Beijing slams Washington for forcing Sri Lanka to pick a side as US-China relations worsen
Israeli warplanes attack Gaza Strip
Iran warns Armenia, Azerbaijan against violating its border security
Russia says US not willing to meet halfway to extend nuclear arms treaty
Sudan agrees to normalize ties with Israel after US bribery
US suspends visa services in Turkey over reports of possible attacks
Thousands of students march with torches in Hungary for academic freedom
Dozens killed in Nigeria unrest, says president
Al Jazeera
Pompeo meets Armenian, Azeri ministers over Nagorno-Karabakh
UN says Libya sides reach 'permanent ceasefire' deal
Voting under way in Seychelles parliamentary, presidential polls
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan claims full control of the Karabakh-Iran border
October 22, 2020
Ghislaine Maxwell's ENTIRE testimony revealed: Docs show Epstein's 'madame' trying to EVADE sex trafficking allegations
Amid spat with US over Moscow deal, defense minister insists Turkey won't integrate Russian-made S-400 systems into NATO networks
America's most wanted man to remain far from Uncle Sam's reach: Whistleblower Edward Snowden granted permanent residency in Russia
Iraqi MP: US impedes purchase of Russian missile systems
US hardly the 'superpower' it used to be: Putin
Poland bans almost all abortions
Al Jazeera
Saad Hariri renamed as Lebanon PM a year after stepping down
US sanctions Iranian groups for 'attempted election interference'
US designates six more Chinese media outlets as foreign missions
Al-Masdar News
Iran hit with dozens of rockets due to ongoing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia
'Turkey will not hesitate to send troops to Karabakh if Azerbaijan requests it: Turkish VP
Greek warships on high alert over Turkish naval activity
Turkey sends stern warning to Egypt, Greece, Cyprus
ISIS launches heavy attack against Syrian Army troops in east Hama
US confirms 'secret visit' by White House official to Damascus
October 21, 2020
Karabakh conflict: Diplomatic efforts underway as 2nd truce falls apart
Thai protesters give prime minister three days to quit
Guinea scene of unrest as opposition cries foul after presidential vote
Iran stresses sovereignty over trio of Persian Gulf islands at UNSC
Al Jazeera
Israeli warplanes attack Hamas positions in Gaza Strip
Fighting rages as Armenia, Azerbaijan engage in talks: Live news
Taliban ambush kills dozens of Afghan forces in northern province
Ten killed in Guinea's post-election violence
Thailand shuts down online TV channel, as protests continue
India reportedly considers Taiwan trade talks, angering China
Al-Masdar News
Israel launches overnight attacks on Gaza and southwest Syria
Israeli forces launch new attack against Syrian Army in Quneitra
Another foreign drone crashes inside northern Iran
Israeli-made suicide drone crashes inside northwest Iran
Armenian forces shoot down Azerbaijani warplane in southern Karabakh
Turkish Air Force launches rare airstrikes over northeastern Syria
October 20, 2020
US expands sanctions against Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline
Russia says US preparing 'revolution scenario' in Moldova
Russia offers mutual freeze on nuclear warheads to facilitate US treaty extension
Bolivia's Morales vows to return home after ally's election win
Guinea opposition leader claims victory in presidential vote
Sudan pays $335m to take itself out of US list of terror sponsors
Hopes rise on agreeing US-Russia nuclear arms deal
Afghan fears rise as US ends its longest war
Satellite images indicate Russia is preparing to resume testing its nuclear-powered cruise missile
Al Jazeera
US welcomes Russian offer to extend nuclear pact by a year
Indonesia rejected US request to host spy planes
Sweden bans Huawei, ZTE from 5G mobile networks
Al-Masdar News
Fierce clashes breakout in Karabakh amid another Azerbaijani push
October 19, 2020
Too tanked for Tridents? Royal Navy officer in charge of nukes reportedly came to work drunk & clutching bag of BBQ chicken
Russian FM Lavrov says Moscow's return to Council of Europe after 2014-19 exclusion proves threats & ultimatums are futile
'Bolivian people score victory against US imperialism'
Exit polls signal socialists sweeping back to power in Bolivia with Arce win
Russia stages Caspian Sea drills amid Armenian-Azeri conflict
Armenia threatens to recognize Karabakh as fresh fighting continues
Turkish Cypriots elect Ankara-backed Ersin Tatar as new president
Bahrainis protest Manama regime's formal relations with Israel
One killed in Ivory Coast as tensions rise ahead of vote
Al Jazeera
Nagorno-Karabakh fighting continues as second truce fails to hold
Ghislaine Maxwell loses bid to keep her Epstein testimony secret
US charges six Russian military officers over cyberattacks
Embattled Thai PM recalls parliament as thousands protest
US to remove Sudan from State Sponsors of Terrorism list: Trump
In Ethiopia, a heated political tug-of-war sparks security fears
Al-Masdar News
Over 35 Armenian soldiers killed in Karabakh, death toll rises to 710
October 18, 2020
Hours into new ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia & Azerbaijan trade blame for violating it
Dozens detained, rubber bullets fired amid opposition march in Belarusian capital
India successfully test-fires supersonic cruise missile
Trump claims US now possesses hypersonic missiles
Russia to respond to US missile deployment in Asia Pacific: Envoy
Bolivians cast votes in presidential polls, hope it will restore stability
Turkish Cypriots vote in presidential run-off amid tensions
Anti-Netanyahu protests regain strength
Israel and Bahrain establish diplomatic relations
Al Jazeera
At least 12 civilians killed in Afghanistan car bomb attack
Ethnic clashes in Ivory Coast opposition stronghold ahead of poll
Hundreds march in Lebanon to mark year of anti-gov't protests
October 17, 2020
Azerbaijan & Armenia accuse each other of shelling cities with scores of civilians allegedly killed & injured
US threatens 'serious consequences' if Turkey puts into operation its Russian S-400 missile systems
Beloved Kiwi PM Ardern wins second term in landslide, secures single-party majority in parliament
Death, destruction after missiles hit Azerbaijan's second city of Ganja
Armenia, Azerbaijan ramp up fighting
Police crackdown prompts more protests in Thailand
New Saudi-led attacks kill 2 Yemeni children, injure others
Iran hawk Bolton admits receiving 'tens of thousands of dollars' from MKO
Giuliani contacted Russian agents to get info on Biden: Report
Zionist Adelson injects $75 million into Trump campaign
Novichok-poisoned Salisbury police officer quits
Al Jazeera
At least 13 civilians killed in Ganja attack blamed on Armenia
Al-Masdar News
Chinese President warns troops to be 'high alert' and 'prepare for war' amid growing tensions with US
October 16, 2020
'Putin's proposal a non-starter': White House rejects Russian call to extend nuclear arms control treaty
Iran calls for Nagorno-Karabakh truce return as fighting continues
US probes whether emails are tied to Russian disinformation effort targeting Biden
Al Jazeera
Former French President Sarkozy charged over Libyan financing
October 15, 2020
Kyrgyzstan's president resigns after days of unrest
Azerbaijan will take all Karabakh if Armenia 'acts negatively': Aliyev
Thailand declares emergency to ban gatherings after Bangkok protests
Al-Shabab terrorists kill over dozen army troops in Somalia: Military
Al Jazeera
Russia withdraws from MH17 talks with Netherlands and Australia
Convoy attack kills 15 in southwestern Pakistan
Nigeria: Army to enforce 'law and order' as protests escalate
Syria-Russia alliance targeted civilians in Idlib: HRW report
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijani forces destroy some of Armenia's tactical missile systems
October 14, 2020
Two months after pioneering 'Sputnik V' launched, Putin announces registration of 2nd Russian Covid-19 vaccine, says 3rd on way
Ghislaine Maxwell urges US appeals court to keep 'sensitive' deposition on relations with Jeffrey Epstein under wraps
Karabakh conflict: Armenia, Azerbaijan continue to trade fire, blame
Russia rejects conditional US offer to extend New START
Kyrgyz president accepts new prime minister but delays resignation
Military copters collide in Helmand during operation against Taliban
US moves forward on arms sales to Taiwan despite Chinese opposition
Turkey says prepared to meet criteria for EU membership
Opinion poll indicates surge in support for Scottish independence
Thailand's unprecedented revolt pits the people against the King
Al Jazeera
Clashes at Thailand anti-government protests in Bangkok
Kyrgyzstan: Amid unrest, Sadyr Zhaparov confirmed as new PM
Norway says Russia behind cyberattack against its parliament
East Med crisis: Erdogan ramps up rhetoric against Greece, Cyprus
Lebanon, Israel launch talks over maritime border dispute
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan attacks sites inside Armenia in new escalation
Iran hit again by missile from Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict in Karabakh
Iran comes under heavy cyber-attack just months after nuclear facility explosion
October 13, 2020
21 Israeli troops injured as two companies turn on each other in brawl at IDF training base
'US military building new base in Syria's oil-rich east'
US bombs Taliban positions in Afghanistan's Helmand despite 'peace' deal
Bolivia's Morales warns about US meddling in upcoming elections
Malaysia's opposition figure Anwar meets king in bid to become PM
Jordan king swears in new government led by PM Khasawneh
October 12, 2020
'Not clinging to power': Ukrainian leader Zelensky says he'll walk away from presidency if he fails to stop war in Donbass
Unofficial Saudi ban on Turkish products impacts global fashion brands as rivalry between Riyadh & Ankara intensifies
Tajikistan's Emomali Rahmon wins 5th term as president
Akinci, Turkey-backed Tatar go to runoff in Northern Cyprus election
Top US general pushes back at Trump official's troop withdrawal announcement
Tensions spike in Turkey-Greece showdown
Al Jazeera
Anti-India clashes after troops kill two rebels in Kashmir
Belarus police threaten to use firearms on protesters
Jordan king swears in new gov't headed by PM Bisher al-Khaswaneh
Al-Masdar News
IRGC clashes with unknown group in western Iran
Azerbaijani forces fail to capture key town after launching big assault in southern Karabakh
Turkey to Russia: Armenia must withdraw from 'occupied Azerbaijani lands'
North Korea displays new air defense system similar to Russia's S-400
October 11, 2020
Police use stun grenades & water cannons, detain multiple journalists amid protests in Belarus
'Bibi, you are destroying my future': Anti-Netanyahu protesters defy lockdown, clash with police in Tel Aviv
Another US convoy smuggles Syrian oil to Iraq: SANA
US military's 30-truck convoy enters Syria's oil-rich Hasakah: SANA
Roadside bomb hits US-led coalition convoy in southern Iraq
US forces to be targeted if they refuse to leave Iraq: Kata'ib Hezbollah
UAE: Turkish base in Qatar source of instability in Persian Gulf
Rahmon on course for fifth term as Tajiks vote in presidential election
Vote count begins in northern Cyprus for election of new leader
Al Jazeera
Nagorno-Karabakh truce frays as both sides allege attacks
Tens of thousands rally in Israel calling on Netanyahu to resign
Turkish Cypriots head to the polls amid East Med tensions
Coalition talks expected as Lithuanians vote in national election
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of bombing country's 2nd largest city, Yerevan denies
US military convoy flanked with choppers enters Hasakah
October 10, 2020
Following late night Moscow talks, Armenia & Azerbaijan agree to ceasefire in disputed Nagorno-Karabakh starting NOON SATURDAY
Kyrgyz ex-leader Atambayev detained 4 days after being released from prison amid political unrest & assassination attempt
Pyongyang shows off BRAND NEW intercontinental ballistic missile during military parade, according to experts
Pelosi & husband invest up to $1 million in CrowdStrike, tech firm that launched Russiagate - report
FM Zarif in China to further expand 'strategic partnership'
Kyrgyz ex-leader rearrested in struggle for power
Al Jazeera
Kyrgyz president strengthens hold on power as new PM named
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan launches heavy attacks in Karabakh despite ceasefire agreement
Egypt and Russia prepare for first ever naval exercise in the Black Sea
October 9, 2020
Libya's UN-backed government warns of new offensive by rival Haftar forces, 2 months after truce was announced
Kyrgyzstan declares state of emergency in capital amid political chaos
Russia hosts Armenia-Azerbaijan talks on Nagorno-Karabakh
NATO refuses to commit to withdrawal from Afghanistan
Fresh clashes as Kyrgyz state of emergency begins
Al Jazeera
Ex-Kyrgyz president Atambayev survives 'assassination attempt'
Ex-Lebanon PM Hariri says he is in the running to head new gov't
Al-Masdar News
Armenia and Azerbaijan may sign truce in next 24 hours: France
Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of launching missiles at 2 cities
Azerbaijan announces capture of strategic city in Karabakh
Russia and Egypt to conduct first naval exercises in Black Sea
Turkey denies using S-400 system to detect F-16s in eastern Mediterranean
October 8, 2020
'Imminent war': US lists 80 Iraqi sites as targets to attack
Russia says obliged to prevent breakdown of Kyrgyzstan government
UNICEF raises eyebrows with praise for Saudi 'humanitarian' role in Yemen
US invasion of Afghanistan starts 20th year
German ex-chancellor under fire for Putin link
Iconic Armenian cathedral shelled 'by Azerbaijan'
13 men charged in plot to kidnap Michigan Governor and 'instigate a civil war'
Al Jazeera
Kyrgyzstan crisis: No clear leadership after days of unrest
Trump says US troops in Afghanistan should be 'home by Christmas'
Mali coup leaders free former prime minister, generals
Sheikh Meshaal sworn in as Kuwait's new crown prince
Al-Masdar News
Assad says no Iranian forces in Syria, only advisers
October 7, 2020
Poland slaps huge fine on Russian gas pipeline that doesn't even cross its borders
Iran warns over border security as Azerbaijan apologizes for stray shells
Azeri, Armenian sides continue shelling over Karabakh dispute amid fears of regional escalation
Kremlin not optimistic about nuclear arms talks with US
Russia successfully test-fires hypersonic cruise missile
Iran warns of 'regional war' over Nagorno-Karabakh
Al Jazeera
Turkey's Erdogan arrives in Qatar for talks with Sheikh Tamim
Al-Masdar News
Iran vows to respond if country is hit again by shells from Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict
Armenia accuses Azerbaijan of using Iranian border as shelter
Armenian forces blow up Azerbaijani military positions in Karabakh
Azerbaijan announces new advance in Karabakh
October 6, 2020
Kyrgyzstan declares weekend parliamentary election INVALID after night of violent & turbulent unrest over 'rigged' vote
UK says 'we haven't yet attributed' Navalny's alleged poisoning to Kremlin, but Moscow must 'ANSWER'
EU deals blow to Turkey's membership bid, saying talks 'effectively at standstill'
Kyrgyzstan's PM resigns after post-election unrest
War in Caucasus: Karabakh fighting drags into 10th day
Syria's Assad: Turkey sending militants to Karabakh after instigating war
17 killed, dozens wounded in bomb attack in northwest Syria: Reports
Kuwait's cabinet tenders resignation, emir asks govt. to stay on
Opposition 'seize power' in Kyrgyzstan
Opposition in Kyrgyzstan claims power after storming government buildings
Al Jazeera
'One killed' amid protests as political crisis grips Kyrgyzstan
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan launches massive offensive in southern Karabakh
Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of bombing oil pipeline, Yerevan denies
Azerbaijan vows to continue offensive and 'destruction' of Armenian forces
Iran vows to respond if country is hit again by shells from Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict
Russia will guarantee Armenia's security if necessary: PM
Syria's Assad calls Erdogan 'main instigator' of Karabakh conflict
October 5, 2020
Armenia launches missile attacks on Baku suburbs: Azerbaijan
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict enters week 2: Armenia, Azerbaijan still trading fire
10-truck convoy of US military arrives in Syria's Hasakah: SANA
Oman becomes first Arab country to reinstate ambassador to Syria
UK Court of Appeal rules in favor of Venezuela over blocked gold
Thousands protest over Kyrgyzstan election result
Hundreds more arrested in Belarus protests
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan announces capture of new city in Karabakh, Armenia denies advance
Armenia claims 17 Azerbaijani aircraft, 14 helicopters shot down in one week
October 4, 2020
War enters second week: Armenia & Azerbaijan accuse each other of shelling cities & targeting civilians
Clashes intensify in Karabakh; Azerbaijan claims advances
Ilham Aliyev vows to return Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan
Turkey lambastes Armenia for 'attacks' on civilians in Azerbaijan's Ganja
Minsk protest turns violent; police use water cannons
Israel massively interfered in Yemen's internal affairs under Saleh: Spokesman
Tens of thousands of Israelis call for Netanyahu's resignation despite protest ban
Thousands rally in Mexico City against President Lopez Obrador
US has no right to initiate anti-Iran 'snapback' mechanism: Germany
New Caledonia rejects full independence from France again
US inks 10-year military aid deal with Morocco
Yemeni court sentences Saudi rulers, Trump to death
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict grows as big cities hit
Al Jazeera
Pro-presidential parties dominate Kyrgyzstan parliamentary vote
Sudan's government, rebel groups sign landmark deal
Al-Masdar News
Iran comes under attack as fighting between Armenia-Azerbaijan spreads across border
Azerbaijan military raises flag over captured areas in Karabakh
October 3, 2020
Iran warns warring sides in Karabakh conflict against violation of its territory
15 killed in suspected Taliban attack in eastern Afghanistan
100s of Sudan troops enter Saudi Arabia to deploy to Yemen: Report
Al Jazeera
Nagorno-Karabakh: Fresh fighting erupts dashing ceasefire efforts
Canadian warship sails near Taiwan amid heightened China tensions
US, Vatican clash over China as Pompeo urges harsher stance
Jordan's King Abdullah accepts prime minister's resignation
Al-Masdar News
Armenia announces downing of 3 Azerbaijani aircraft
3rd Iranian fuel tanker reaches Venezuela in defiance of US threats
Syrian Army kicks off military operation near Golan Heights
October 2, 2020
Nagorno-Karabakh fighting: More casualties reported
US Navy conducts war games to challenge Venezuela off its waters
Israeli minister quits over protest limits in blow to Netanyahu's shaky cabinet
Belarus-EU row intensifies over disputed vote
Al Jazeera
Julian Assange extradition verdict to be delivered on January 4
Al-Masdar News
Armenia shoots down 2 Azerbaijani aircraft over Karabakh
Karabakh capital comes under heavy fire from Azerbaijani troops
Iran comes under attack after shells from Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict hit border area
Azerbaijan bombs bus carrying Russian, Armenian, US media personnel: RIA
Erdogan hopes Azerbaijan will 'liberate' all of Karabakh from 'Armenian occupation'
Heavily-armed US warship approaches Venezuelan shores after Iranian tanker arrives
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump test positive for Covid-19
October 1, 2020
3 Indian soldiers killed, 5 wounded by Pakistani troops in Kashmir - Indian Army
Full stream ahead! Denmark removes final hurdle for Russian gas pipeline to Europe
'Clueless' former FBI Director James Comey admits the agency's Trump-Russia probe was a ball of bungled confusion
Navalny 'is working with CIA': Kremlin makes explosive allegation after opposition figure blames Putin for alleged poisoning
'LGBT ideology' rooted in MARXISM & NAZISM, Poland's new education minister believes
India moves missiles closer to border with China: Report
Venezuela's Maduro announces new fuel plan as 2nd Iranian tanker arrives
Truck bomb kills nearly dozen Afghans in Helmand Province
Al Jazeera
New strict social media measures enter into force in Turkey
Al-Masdar News
Iran is targeted again by artillery fire from the Azerbaijani-Armenian clashes
New missile attack targets US-led Coalition's HQ's in Erbil
September 30, 2020
Baku claims to have destroyed S-300 air defense system & killed or wounded 2,300 Armenian soldiers as Karabakh clashes continue
NATO boss Stoltenberg tells Georgia to 'prepare for membership' - influential Russian senator says it's a 'signal' to Moscow
Hillary Clinton cooked up Russiagate to smear Trump & distract from her own scandals, declassified docs suggest
Nagorno-Karabakh fighting: Casualties mount, sides resist pressure to talk
US manipulated OPCW to justify Syria strikes: Journo tells UN
Iran taking anonymous routes to sell oil: Report
Israel passes virus lockdown law to stifle anti-Netanyahu protests
Kuwait's new emir takes oath of office after Sheikh Sabah dies
Al Jazeera
Azerbaijan, Armenia clash as France, Turkey trade barbs
Pompeo to visit Japan, S Korea and Mongolia next week
Al-Masdar News
Iran shoots down suspected Azerbaijani drone
Azerbaijan praises effectiveness of Israeli drones against Armenian forces
Armenia accuses Azerbaijan of using long-range weapons
Armenia denies Azerbaijan destroyed their S-300 system
September 29, 2020
Turkish F-16 warplane shoots down Armenian SU-25 fighter jet, Defense Ministry in Yerevan claims
Turkey denies claims that its F-16 warplane shot down Armenian fighter jet, tells Yerevan to stop 'cheap propaganda games'
Kuwait's ruling Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah dies aged 91
War in Nagorno-Karabakh drags into 3rd day; nearly 100 killed
Iran rejects media allegations of arms transfer to Armenia thru its territory
Armenia says its fighter jet 'shot down by Turkey'
Al-Masdar News
Intense fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan spreads into Iranian territory
Azerbaijan threatens to destroy Armenia's S-300 missile system
Iran confirms its air defenses shot down foreign drone in East Azerbaijan
Russian troops break through US barrier in northeast Syria
US considers moving base from Turkey to Greece: The Times
September 28, 2020
Armenia braced for LONG WAR in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenian PM's adviser says, calling Turkey 'regional terminator'
US poised to SHUT DOWN Iraqi embassy over continuous rocket attacks in Baghdad's Green Zone - reports
Anti-lockdown riots continue in Madrid, as police response grows increasingly violent
Defying US sanctions, 1st Iranian tanker carrying fuel enters Venezuelan waters
Five civilians killed in rocket attack in Iraqi capital: Army
Macron gives Lebanon ultimatum over govt. formation
Saudi Arabia officially boycotts Turkish products: Report
Al Jazeera
Afghan official Abdullah on key Pakistan trip in bid for peace
Al-Masdar News
Heavy fighting continues between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Karabakh
Azerbaijan declares partial mobilization as Armenian forces retake lost territory
September 27, 2020
Azerbaijan follows Armenia in announcing martial law after intensive border clashes
Call to arms: Armenia declares martial law & TOTAL MOBILIZATION as fighting against Azerbaijan continues
'Defend your future': Erdogan calls on Armenians to stand against govt as clashes with Azerbaijan resume
Belarusian police make almost 200 arrests as Minsk & other cities stage large anti-Lukashenko rallies
Egypt rocked by demos as protesters demand Sisi's resignation
Thousands protest against Netanyahu amid attempts to curb rallies
US military use secretive drone missiles in Syria
Armenia and Azerbaijan battle over disputed region
Al Jazeera
France's Macron says Belarus leader Lukashenko 'has to go'
Jordan's monarch dissolves parliament ahead of November election
Former Mali Foreign Minister Moctar Ouane named transitional PM
Al-Madar News
Armenia reports 16 soldiers killed, 100 wounded in clashes with Azerbaijan
Armenia considers possibility of declaring state of war with Azerbaijan: PM
Armenia shoots down 2 Azerbaijani helicopters, 3 drones in new confrontation
Iran unveils new ballistic missile with 700km range
September 26, 2020
Russian jet intercepts 2 US strategic bombers over Baltic Sea
US threatens Iraq with embassy closure, liquidation of anti-terror groups
Al Jazeera
Lebanon PM-designate steps down amid impasse over gov't formation
Togo PM resigns in political reshuffle delayed by pandemic
September 25, 2020
Massive fire breaks out in Huawei 5G research facility in China
FBI used Steele Dossier to spy on Trump, KNOWING its primary sub-source was a suspected 'Russian agent,' DOJ reveals
Several killed in Yemen army's attack on Saudi base
Thai protesters rally as parliament considers constitution changes
Kim Jong Un apologizes in letter to Seoul for shooting of South Korean official
Al Jazeera
Egypt braces for fresh anti-Sisi protests
Taiwan says 46 incidents involving Chinese planes in last 9 days
Malaysia power struggle set to drag on as king recuperates
Turkey orders dozens of arrests including opposition mayor
Bah Ndaw sworn in as Mali's transitional president following coup
Al-Masdar News
US spy plane approaches Russia's largest base in Syria
Russian fighter rushes to Polish border to intercept US bomber
IRGC seizes 23 foreign ships in Persian Gulf
September 24, 2020
New US convoy smuggles stolen Syrian oil to Iraq: SANA
Afghan forces kill 65 Taliban militants in eastern Afghanistan
Taliban massacre 28 police officers in southern Afghanistan
Russian jets ward off two American strategic bombers over Black Sea
Yemeni TV publishes classified docs on US interference
Russia regrets Bulgaria's move to expel diplomats, promises retaliation
Al-Masdar News
US 'smuggled' 3 dozen oil tankers from Syria: SANA
Turkey transported over 300 Syrian rebels to Azerbaijan: monitor
Turkish-backed forces launch attacks against each other and on SDF-SAA defenses
September 23, 2020
Belarusian police deploy water cannon after protesters take to Minsk streets following Lukashenko's surprise inauguration
Pentagon says STILL no evidence for NYT's 'Russian bounties' story as US envoy hails Moscow's support for Afghan peace talks
EU mandatory asylum-seeker distribution scheme 'failed & won't work,' warns Austria's Kurz ahead of policy rollout
In Iraq, another US convoy is hit by explosion
Saudi dissidents rise against repression, form political group
In apparent show of support, Russian paratroopers parachute into Belarus
Russian opposition figure Navalny discharged from German hospital
At UN, Qatar slams world's inaction on Israeli occupation
Poisoned Navalny discharged from Berlin hospital
Navalny out of hospital after poisoning
Al Jazeeras
Taliban kills 28 police officials as Doha peace talks continue
Malaysia's Anwar claims 'strong majority' to form new government
Al-Masdar News
Russian warship collides with Danish vessel
Venezuela to ship oil to Iran despite previous US threats
September 22, 2020
Major explosion rocks southern Lebanon, reportedly hits 'Hezbollah house'
US suspects $1.3 TRILLION in dirty money may have been laundered through Deutsche Bank over two decades
US troops to stay longer in Lithuania: Defense minister
US presses Cyprus to vote yes to EU sanctions on Belarus: Official
US demands Kenya publicly back Israel or forget FTA: Nairobi
Colombians protest against government, police brutality
Al-Masdar News
US Space Force deploys to Middle East
US Police officer charged with being an intelligence asset for the Chinese government
September 21, 2020
60 US trucks loaded with military equipment enter Syria's Hasakah: SANA
Russia sees 'minimal' chances of extending New START with US
Presidents of Argentina, Venezuela join chorus of calls decrying Assange prosecution
Deutsche Bank suspected of facilitating funds to Daesh in Iraq
Pompeo outraged by EU leaders refusal to side with US over Iran sanctions
Sudan ready to normalize Israel ties in return for $3bn: Report
Almost 40 Chinese warplanes breach Taiwan Strait median line; Taiwan President calls it a 'threat of force'
Al Jazeera
Afghanistan: Bloodiest day of fighting since peace talks began
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijani soldier killed in border clash with Armenian military
War between Syrian gov't and opposition is over: Russia
Twenty-Five Afghan policemen dead after attempt to break Taliban siege in Uruzgan
Russia, Belarus looking to activate integration 'Road Maps' - Union State Secretary
Israeli warplanes stalk Syrian-Lebanese borders
September 20, 2020
25 hours & 20,000km! Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers set new WORLD RECORD for range & duration of non-stop flight
US convoy smuggles stolen Syrian oil to Iraq: SANA
US-backed SDF militants abduct dozens of civilians in Syria's Raqqah
Dozens of Taliban fighters killed in twin airstrikes in Afghanistan's Kunduz
Former MI6 agent accused of being China 'spy'
Thai protests continue for 2nd consecutive day against monarchy
Buenos Aires gridlocked as Argentines protest against govt.
Italy defies virus for vote as far-right plots seismic change
Al Jazeera
Tens of thousands protest Lukashenko in Belarus capital
Al-Masdar News
Iraq's Camp Victory targeted in new rocket attack
Iran may acquire nuclear weapon by end of year: US official
Jordanian forces foil infiltration attempt into Syria
UK increases patrols near Russian border to put Moscow's military on defensive
September 19, 2020
Stephen F. Cohen, pre-eminent contemporary American scholar of Russia & USSR, friend of Gorbachev & advisor to Bush, dies at 81
US quitting ABM pact forced Moscow to turn to advanced hypersonic systems & now it has weapons no one else does - Putin
With Russia ahead of the US in the hypersonic weapons race, Trump accuses Moscow of stealing American tech
Washington deploys armored vehicles to Syria & steps up air patrols after dust-up with Russian forces
Thousands protest in Thailand demanding new government & monarchy reform
US military sends more troops to oil-rich eastern Syria
US carrier enters Persian Gulf after Pompeo's threats against Iran
In Minsk scuffle, Belarus police arrest hundreds of protesters
Bangkok protesters want coup prime minister out
France rejects US allegation Hezbollah storing chemicals to make explosives
Turkey blasts 'Napoleon' Macron for meddling in Greece row
South Africa: No evidence of alleged Iranian plot to kill US envoy
Ethiopia charges opposition figures with terrorism
Al-Masdar News
Russian choppers confront US helicopters after new chase in northeast Syria
Largest Venezuelan oil tanker now flying Russian flag
Airstrikes on Taliban base in Afghanistan's northeast leave 30 civilian casualties
IRGC commander threatens to target everyone responsible for Qassem Soleimani's assassination
New explosion reported east of Iranian capital
Turkey's Erdogan is upset over Fayez Al-Sarraj's resignation in Libya
September 18, 2020
Russia demands answers from Washington on whether the US is facilitating terrorist attacks in Crimea, after NBC report
'No evidence': EU Parliament using Navalny's alleged poisoning to push for sanctions & halt Nord Stream project - German MEP
Saudis may have enough uranium to produce nuclear fuel: Report
Belarus shuts borders, puts army on alert amid US, NATO buildup
India digs tunnel for troops on China border as tensions flare
China kicks off another military drill as US envoy visits Taiwan
US seizes $30bn in assets of Venezuela through sanctions
Al-Masdar News
Royal Air Force says UK fighters intercepted 2 Russian military jets over North Sea
Russia spotted 44 foreign spy jets close to national airspace over past week
September 17, 2020
Navalny's team say 'bottle with Novichok' was found in opposition figure's Siberian hotel room after he fell ill on Moscow flight
Poland accuses Russian air traffic controllers of DELIBERATELY crashing late President Kaczynski's plane, seeks their arrest
Clashes erupt in Indian-controlled Kashmir after 4 killed
Al Jazeera
Dozens killed in fighting in Afghanistan as peace talks continue
Al-Masdar News
Anasrallah forces announce new drone attack on Saudi airport
Russian Fighter intercepts two US Bombers over Bering Sea - Russian Defense Ministry
US Apache choppers circle Russian military convoy in northeastern Syria
US reveals mysterious advanced fighter jet of the future
September 16, 2020
Germany offers US billion-euro LNG investment deal to lift sanctions from Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline - report
Rocket hits Baghdad's high security Green Zone
Venezuela downs US drug plane
Barbados to ditch Queen Elizabeth II as head of state
Yoshihide Suga now officially Japan's Prime Minister
Turkey complains Greece militarizing Chios; extends drilling activity off Cyprus
Cyprus president says ready for talks with Turkey 'without threats'
Sudan seizes explosives large enough to 'blow up the entire capital'
Al-Masdar News
China deploys 10,000 additional troops to Indian border: report
Russia's Su-27 scrambled to intercept UK spy plane over Black Sea - Defense Ministry
September 15, 2020
Trump says he wanted to ASSASSINATE Assad, blames ex-defense chief Mattis for staying his hand
Austria's president wants Nord Stream 2 completed, says it's a 'commercial project' with no connection to Navalny incident
US military reveals it can't corroborate NYT's story on Russian bounties to Taliban - months after vowing to get to bottom of it
'Three Western targets attacked in Iraq in 24 hours'
Trump acknowledges plan to have Syria's Assad assassinated in 2017
EU says does not recognize Lukashenko as president of Belarus
India says ready for all eventualities amid border tensions with China
First Iranian condensate cargo reaches Venezuela in blow to US
EU says ties with Turkey at turning point
UAE, Bahrain sign normalization deals with Israel at White House
Qatar, Pakistan rule out possibility of normalization with Israel
Russia offers $1.5bn loan to Belarus as Putin, Lukashenko meet
Joe Biden: I will return US to Iran nuclear deal
Poisoned Navalny 'will return to Russia'
Al Jazeera
Explosive device detonates on Baghdad highway used by US Diplomats - Reports
Dozens of nations denounce Saudi Arabia over Jamal Khashoggi murder
September 14, 2020
Germany claims French & Swedish labs 'confirmed' Navalny's Novichok poisoning, as Macron labels incident 'attempted murder'
RAF in latest interception of Russian aircraft off Scotland coast
Nearly 50 Afghans killed in Taliban attacks over last week
Turkey: US disturbing balance in Eastern Mediterranean with Greek Cyprus deal
Al-Masdar News
Russian Fighter Jets intercept 3 US Air Force Bombers over Black Sea
Russian Army circles in on US led forces in northeastern Syria
Greece and US hold military exercise near Turkish border
Mike Pompeo visit in Guyana raises alarm bells in Venezuela
UAE sends Israeli experts to Yemen to establish military base: Ansarallah-aligned governor
Lebanon prevent Turkish aircraft from entering country after flight over Israel
September 13, 2020
US moves tanks in Lithuania closer to Belarus border as Russia plans joint drills
CENTCOM admits rising attacks on US targets in Iraq
Greece announces major weapons deal amid tensions with Turkey
Thousands of Israeli protesters urge Netanyahu to resign
RAF intercepts Russian aircraft off Scottish coast
Russian meddling efforts intensifying as US election nears
Pro-Putin party faces serious election test
Al Jazeera
Belarus police detain 250 protesters in Minsk as crowds swell
September 12, 2020
Daesh-linked militants seize two islands in Mozambique
Russia: Terrorists plotting false flag chemical attack in Syria's Idlib
Iran military drone chases away intruding US spy, combat planes
UK to 'triple' size of Oman military base
Al-Masdar News
Venezuelan President announces capture of US spy that was planning attack
Large number of Russian warships deployed between Syria and Cyprus
US eyeing Greece as 'alternative' if Turkey closes Incirlik Airbase: senator
September 11, 2020
Bahrain to follow UAE in normalizing relations with Israel, Trump announces
Syrian air defense thwarts Israeli missile attack on Aleppo
Iran military drone chases away intruding US spy, combat planes
Al-Masdar News
Israel launches new attack on southern Aleppo
Israeli warplanes use US Tanf Zone to bomb Syria again
Ansarallah forces claim 'important target' hit in Saudi capital
September 10, 2020
US withdraws its drones as Iran launches massive drills near strategic Strait of Hormuz - state TV
Yemen launches drone, missile attacks against Saudi capital; key target hit
Lebanese army shoots down intruding Israeli reconnaissance drone
Russian hackers target US election again - Microsoft
September 9, 2020
Yemen launches 4th drone strike on Saudi airport; says attacks will continue
Afghan assassination bid: Vice president survives attack which kills, wounds 2 dozen
At least 37 million displaced by US's so-called war on terror: Study
Japan's fractured opposition unites as Suga set to succeed Abe
Somaliland opens rep office in Taiwan, snubbing China, Somalia
Al-Masdar News
Ansarallah forces announce new attack on 'sensitive' targets at Saudi airport
Another US Coalition convoy enters northeastern Syria
UAE will also be target of 'Iran's response to any Israeli aggression': Abdollahian
September 8, 2020
'Matter of concern & regret': EU anxious at Serbian, Kosovan promises to open embassies in Jerusalem
Roadside bombs target two US military convoys in Iraq
'UAE sets up 8 telecom towers, plans military base on Yemen's Socotra'
Al Jazeera
India, China accuse each other of firing shots at tense border
Al-Masdar News
Ready for war? Chinese troops photographed on Indian border with spears
Iranian fuel seized by US to arrive in Texas
September 7, 2020
London court resumes Assange hearing amid worldwide protests against his extradition to US
If Berlin can bring Russia's Navalny to Charite hospital, why can't it help Assange? German MP asks
Berlin & Warsaw insist much-mocked call, where German 'Nick' & Polish 'Mike' say Navalny's poisoning was faked is not authentic
India successfully tests hypersonic scramjet demonstrator, moving forward with superfast cruise missiles
Another US convoy hit by explosion in Iraq: Reports
Car bomb explosion in Somalia kills 5 soldiers, injures US officer
US, Israel spy services blew up Beirut port: Lebanese party
3,500 Yemeni children killed by Saudi attacks since 2015: Rights group
Yemen targets Saudi airport in retaliatory attack
Iran rules out transfer of Russian arms to Armenia
FM Zarif meets with visiting Swiss counterpart
Russia's Navalny out of coma after poisoning
Russian opposition leader out of coma after poisoning
Al Jazeera
Greece to boost military amid tension with Turkey
Alexey Navalny out of artificial coma after 'Novichok poisoning'
September 6, 2020
I pledged what? Serbian President Vucic seems surprised after Trump announces that Belgrade will move embassy to Jerusalem
Tens of thousands again hit streets of Minsk as protests continue across Belarus for 4th consecutive weekend
US sends 500 troops near Belarus border in Lithuania
US, Turkey send more military equipment into oil-rich northeast Syria
Turkey kicks off military drills in north Cyprus amid Greece tensions
Two French soldiers killed, one injured on Mali operation
Afghanistan violence: Govt. troops repel Taliban push in Kandahar
Nearly 300 arrested in Hong Kong protests
Al-Masdar News
New missile attack targets Baghdad International Airport
Erdogan threatens Greece: Turkey has military power to 'tear up immoral maps'
'Turkey is not a superpower and we are more prepared for war than many think': Greek minister
Turkey, Azerbaijan hold large-scale military exercise in province bordering Armenia
September 5, 2020
Russia scrambles EIGHT jets to intercept three US NUCLEAR-CAPABLE B-52 bombers testing Crimean borders over Ukraine & Black Sea
Turkey accuses 'hysterical' Macron of provoking Greece
The Globe and Mail
Belarusian opposition activist Kovalkova leaves to Poland after arrest
Trump refuses to condemn Russia over Navalny
Al Jazeera
Dozens dead in central Somalia as villagers battle al-Shabab
Al-Masdar News
Several Russian jets rush to intercept 3 US aircraft after approaching Crimean peninsula
Large Turkish military convoy heads to northeast Syria amid rumors of new offensive
Turkey's 'aggressiveness' has led 'explosive' situation in Mediterranean: Cyprus
Macron has 'gone crazy' over Syria, Libya and eastern Mediterranean: Turkey
September 4, 2020
EU won't blacklist Lukashenko: Germany, France, & Italy slap down Poland & Baltic states' hardline proposals on Belarus - Die Welt
Israel opens diplomatic relations with Muslim-majority Kosovo, while Serbia promises to move embassy to Jerusalem
Respected British medical journal The Lancet publishes study showing Russia's 'Sputnik V' Covid-19 vaccine to be 100% effective
German military toxicologists find traces of Novichok in Russian opposition figure Navalny's blood, urine & skin - Der Spiegel
Saudi-led UAE funded plot to invade Qatar comes to light
Russia wards off spy jets as US deploys tanks near border
Russia, Syria say US military presence stoking new tensions
Russia must disclose Novichok programme - Nato
Al Jazeera
Netanyahu says Serbia will move its embassy to Jerusalem
Serbia, Kosovo agree to normalise economic ties, Trump says
NATO chief: 'Proof beyond doubt' Navalny poisoned with Novichok
Al-Masdar News
Rare move: US warplane flies over Ukraine and approaches Crimea
India on high alert as defense chief says China and Pakistan are coordinating against them
Syria announces solidarity with Lukashenko in Belarus
Russian MiG-31 jet intercepts US, British aircraft
September 3, 2020
Lukashenko claims Merkel's remarks on Navalny 'poisoning' were fabricated, cites Berlin-Warsaw phone call 'intercepted' by Minsk
Omsk doctor who treated Navalny says if opposition figure was poisoned with Novichok, those around him must also be affected
60 arrested as Bulgaria's largest anti-government protest in 2 months descends into violence
Syria thwarts Israeli missile attack on T4 airbase
Al-Masdar News
Israeli warplane attacked strategic Syrian military base from US zone
Israel bombs strategic Syrian Army base amid 2nd consecutive attack
US-led Coalition targeted by roadside bombing in southeast Iraq
US rejects any presence of Hezbollah in Lebanese gov't
September 2, 2020
Novichok-like chemical agent used to poison Russian opposition figure Navalny, German government claims
'We are not a vassal state': Philippines's Duterte won't stop infrastructure projects with US-sanctioned Chinese firms
US imposes sanctions on ICC senior officials
Syria thwarts Israeli missile attack
US steps up support for Taiwan in defiance of China
US announces decision to partially lift arms ban on Cyprus, angering Turkey
Macron on first visit to Iraq for high-level talks
UN: Saudi Arabia, UAE used cluster bombs in Yemen's Hudaydah
Kushner tours Arab states to push for normalization with Israel
Russian opposition leader 'poisoned with Novichok'
Novichok used to poison Navalny, Germany says
Al Jazeera
Indian special forces member killed in China border skirmish
Nerve agent Novichok found in Russia's Alexey Navalny: Germany
Al-Masdar News
New clashes broke out between Indian and Chinese troops along disputed border
Indian army deploys to 4 strategic peaks in response to Chinese military 'incursion': official
September 1, 2020
India accuses China of new 'provocative actions' on border amid de-escalation talks
Pentagon: China aims to double nuclear arsenal
Russia says US war games in Estonia 'provocative, extremely dangerous'
Protesters clash with police in Lebanon as Macron pays second visit
Envoy acknowledges US 'pushed Germans hard' to blacklist Hezbollah
Philippines says will not comply with US sanctions on China
Mostafa Adib named designated Lebanon's PM
Belarus riot police attack and arrest students
After FBI tip, Facebook says it uncovered Russian meddling
Al Jazeera
India, China hold talks amid 'volatile' border situation
Al-Madar News
Syrian Army intercepts Israeli missile over Damascus
US will prevent Iran from receiving Chinese weapons: Pompeo
Israel unveils new laser defense system
India orders 6 multi-barreled missile launchers to be deployed along Chinese border
August 31, 2020
China accuses India of violating country's borders, urges it to withdraw troops
Satellite images confirm yellow-cake facility in Saudi northwest desert
Two Katyusha rockets hit area near Baghdad Airport
China: Czech Senate chief will pay 'heavy price' for Taiwan visit
Situation in Belarus under control, no need to send forces: Kremlin
Montenegro election: Opposition parties eye tiny majority
Lebanese diplomat Mustapha Adib named Prime Minister-designate ahead of Macron visit
Al-Masdar News
Ansarallah forces launch new attack on Saudi airport
US reaffirms Israel's sovereignty and rights to make settlements in occupied Golan Heights
August 30, 2020
Esper urges US nuclear force upgrade citing China's arsenal
Greece plan to extend territorial waters could cause war: Turkey
Turkey starts new drills in Mediterranean as tensions rise
'Israeli tanks shell southern Gaza on 24th day of attacks'
US bombers to fly over 30 NATO nations in 'allied sky' demo
France probing senior officer with NATO for suspected espionage for Russia
Report: UAE spy agents training YPG militants in Syria
Delegation from Czech Republic visits Taiwan, snubbing mainland China
Ten militants, five civilians killed in east Congo violence
Mass protest keeps pressure on Belarus president
Al Jazeera
Sudan rebels agree key peace deal to end 17-year conflict: Report
Mustapha Adib on course to be designated Lebanon PM
Al-Masdar News
Turkey considers Greece's increase of its maritime border a declaration of war: VP
Largest US military base in Syria allegedly targeted in rocket attack
Russian jet approached within 30 meters of US bomber during interception
Dozens of US military vehicles enter northeast Syria
August 29, 2020
Putin recognizes Belarusian election as legitimate, as Tikhanovskaya says Russia could mediate transition from Lukashenko
In new crackdown, Belarus revokes accreditation for foreign media journalists, deports four Russian citizens
UAE leader signs decree ending boycott of Israel, furthering Trump-mediated deal
China warns of 'accidental' military confrontation with US
Russian jets ward off US strategic bomber over Black Sea
Saudi Arabia, mercenaries loot crude oil in southern Yemen: Official
Al-Masdar News
NATO fighters intercept several Russian military aircraft
Saudi soldiers enter northeastern Syria from neighboring Iraq
Two Turkish soldiers killed in clashes along Iranian border
France's Macron sets 'red lines' for Turkey in eastern Mediterranean
August 28, 2020
Shinzo Abe, Japan's longest-serving prime minister, announces resignation
Beijing warns of possible 'military accidents' after US carries out 'provocative' operation in South China Sea
'Nearly two dozen Saudi troops enter US base in Syria's Hasakah'
Pakistan's Khan says imperative to enhance ties with Iran
Russia expels Norwegian diplomat in tit-for-tat move
Al Jazeera
EU threatens Turkey with sanctions amid east Med crisis
Al-Masdar News
China directs its forces towards US warship amid fears of potential military conflict
Three rockets target Baghdad's Green Zone
Turkish warplanes intercepted 6 Greek F-16 jets: report
New Iranian ship reaches Venezuela with important materials: report
August 27, 2020
Putin hopes 'there will be no need' to use Russian forces in Belarus, but has established standby unit at Lukashenko's request
China fires anti-ship ballistic missiles into South China Sea in warning to US
UAE helps Israel build spy bases on Yemeni island: Report
Austrian foreign minister: EU should reassess ties with Turkey
Boko Haram massacres 75 people in Nigeria: Report
Al Jazeera
Greece-Egypt deal ratified as Turkey plans naval drills
Al-Masdar News
'No other territory can be controlled by Syrian regime': US envoy
Turkey slams France over deployment of warplanes to Cyprus
August 26, 2020
Doves not in style? CNN & Fox cut Rand Paul's anti-war speech at RNC as he calls out Biden for backing wars in M. East, Serbia
Greece vows to expand territorial waters to 12 miles. Turkey once said it would be grounds for war
US troops injured in 'collision' with Russian forces in Syria
Iran, Russia, Turkey censure Israeli aggression on Syrian soil
Turkey says conducted drills with US in eastern Mediterranean
Pakistan, Afghan Taliban wrap up two days of talks
Sudan PM to Pompeo: No plans to normalize with Israel for now
EU freezes Mali training missions after coup
Al Jazeera
Bahrain rejects US push to normalise relations with Israel
Al-Masdar News
Russian army chases US military in northeast Syria
Israeli forces fire over 20 phosphorous shells towards southern Lebanon: Al-Manar
Iran announces first move against US for seizing 4 fuel tankers
August 25, 2020
Russian doctors deny German hospital's claim of opp. figure Navalny's poisoning
Kremlin dismisses claims Putin poisoned Navalny
Al-Masdar News
US aircraft entered China's no-fly-zone
Israeli warplanes launch several strikes over southern Gaza
Indian troops armed with Russian air defense missiles deploy near Chinese border
August 24, 2020
Iran official: US planes transporting narcotics in Afghanistan
Belarus president warns of NATO buildup in neighboring states
Philippines bomb attacks kill at least 14
Pompeo urges more Arab states to seek Israel deals
Al Jazeera
German hospital: Clinical findings point to Navalny's poisoning
Al-Masdar News
Colombia preparing an attack against Venezuela: CEOFANB commander
Azerbaijan claims Armenian military commander captured along border
US forces attempt to block Russian convoy in northeast Syria
August 23, 2020
Huge crowds gather on streets of Minsk as Belarus opposition keeps up pressure on Lukashenko to leave office
Lukashenko makes dramatic landing at Minsk residence carrying ASSAULT RIFLE & in tactical gear, as protesters line streets
Dozens arrested amid chaotic anti-Netanyahu protests in Jerusalem
Moscow protest leader Navalny made 'guest of Merkel' in Berlin, transported to hospital by military - German media report
Protesters want Netanyahu to resign
Russia, Turkey agree on 2nd batch of S-400 delivery despite US opposition
'Pompeo to visit Israel, UAE to discuss Iran, China'
Chile president vows to crush 'terrorists' in region populated by indigenous people
Turkey holds drills in Aegean Sea amid tensions with Greece
US official joins Taiwan's president in marking controversial anniversary
US forces prevent independent media from covering Camp Taji handover
Al Jazeera
Tens of thousands of anti-Lukashenko demonstrators rally in Minsk
Haftar rejects GNA's call for Libya ceasefire
Pompeo to tour Middle East as part of Trump's Arab-Israeli push
Al-Masdar News
Over 50 U.S. armored vehicles enter northeastern Syria from Iraq
Russian Air Force launches heavy strikes against ISIS in central Syria
August 22, 2020
Belarusian opposition leader Tikhanovskaya to meet with senior US State Department official - says Lukashenko will 'have to leave'
Israel shells Gaza; Palestinians bombed every day since UAE deal
Bomb blast targets US military convoy west of Baghdad
West African mediators arrive in Mali, seeking reversal of coup
Al-Masdar News
Israel forces strike Gaza for 11th day in a row
Lukashenko deploys Belarusian military Lithuanian border after NATO movements
UAE to potentially purchase laser defense system from Israel: newspaper
August 21, 2020
Poland snubs West with appointment of foreign minister who accused LGBT community of promoting ZOOPHILIA & CANNIBALISM
Russian doctors say Moscow protest leader Navalny's condition has stabilized - he CAN be flown to Germany at family's request
Erdogan converts historic Byzantine church in Istanbul from museum into MOSQUE month after Hagia Sophia, stirring Greek anger
Main allies snub US bid to snap back Iran sanctions
Libya government announces immediate ceasefire
Thousands rally in Yemen against UAE-Israel normalization deal
Al-Masdar News
Massive explosions hit Gaza as Israeli warplanes strike for 10th straight night
August 20, 2020
Germany, France & UK reject US push to reinstate UN sanctions on Iran
Militants take hundreds hostage in northeastern Nigeria
EU rejects Belarus election results, readying sanctions against Minsk
Trump's son-in-law makes peace overture to Iran
Iran unveils new missiles on Defense Industry Day
Oman names new FM day after phone call with Israel's Ashkenazi
Kim Jong-un 'gives more power' to sister
'Poisoned' Russian opposition leader in a coma
France offers asylum to Russian opposition leader after suspected poisoning
CNN team was tracked by Russian operatives, investigation shows
Al Jazeera
Kremlin critic Navalny fights for life after suspected poisoning
Iran detains UAE ship and its crew after fishermen killed
Al-Masdar News
Morocco to receive 24 US-made F-16 fighter jets
August 19, 2020
Iran denies offering bounties to Taliban fighters, says US spreading propaganda to cover up 'catastrophic presence' in Afghanistan
Mali in crisis: President resigns after arrest in military coup
Israel bombs Gaza Strip for 8th consecutive night
Rocket attacks in Afghan capital killed 3, injured 16
Russia rebukes Norway for expelling diplomat
Al Jazeera
Pakistan will not recognise Israel: PM Khan
Al-Masdar News
Largest US base in eastern Syria targeted in attack amid increased tension with Arab tribes
Russian general killed in roadside bombing attack in east Syria
Syria grants Russia lands and marine space near Hmeimim Airbase
Massive Turkish military convoy enters northwestern Syria after Russian airstrikes
Two Japanese jets intercept Russian strategic bomber
Satellite images reveal presence of Chinese stealth fighters along Indian border
Iranian official says Iran already sold cargo on tankers seized by US
August 18, 2020
As EU talks sanctions, Putin warns Merkel & Macron foreign interference in Belarus' affairs is 'unacceptable' & could backfire
Rocket attack hits Kabul on Afghanistan independence day
'Turkey, Qatar, Libya agree to establishment of Turkish base in Misrata'
Tunisians protest against UAE-Israel normalization deal
Mali president seized by mutinying soldiers
Al Jazeera
Israeli planes bomb Gaza for seventh straight night
Turkey defies EU by sending drilling ship to waters off Cyprus
Al-Masdar News
Russian Air Force launches first attack this month over northwestern Syria
August 17, 2020
Lukashenko promises fresh elections in Belarus after new constitution is adopted via nationwide referendum
Moscow outraged after bug found in Russian military attache car in The Hague, summons Dutch Charge d'Affaires
China awards country's 1st Covid-19 vaccine patent amid 'baseless' US claims that Beijing stole coronavirus research
US choppers attack Syrian troops in Hasakah, kill soldier
India: 3 policemen killed in Kashmir militant attack
Thousands of Pakistanis rally to denounce UAE-Israel normalization deal
New Zealand's prime minister postpones general elections
Historic protests erupt against God-like monarchy in Thailand
Al Jazeera
Turkish, Qatari and German ministers in Libya for talks with GNA
Regional leaders meet as Mozambique security crisis worsens
Al-Masdar News
Israeli forces strike Gaza for 3rd night in a row
August 16, 2020
Belarus to conduct military drills on its western borders amid mass post-election protests
Scuffles, arrests in Jerusalem as people protest against PM Netanyahu for 8th consecutive week
Russia says ready for military help to Belarus as violent protests rage
Thousands protest against Thailand's govt. as tensions rise
In dramatic U-turn: Trump says might pardon Whistleblower Snowden
US sends military, logistic supplies to Syria's oil-rich Hasakah: SANA
US mulls midrange missile deployment in Asia to counter China
UK adopts interventionist role in Belarus
Anger boils over deal with Israel; UAE embassy torched in Libya
'Trump eyes Putin meeting ahead of 2020 election'
Israel shuts Gaza fishing zone, steps up aerial, land attacks
Belarus leader calls Putin to reaffirm mutual cooperation, later rejects foreign mediation offers
Al Jazeera
Tens of thousands hold biggest protest yet; Lukashenko defiant
Israel carries out air strike on Gaza over balloon bombs, rockets
US Navy carrier conducts exercises in South China Sea
Luis Rodolfo Abinader sworn in as Dominican Republic president
Al-Masdar News
Israeli warplanes strike Gaza for 2nd time in past 24 hours
Two rockets target Iraqi base hosting US troops
Turkey sends more ships to Mediterranean after Erdogan issues scathing warning to Greece
Greek Navy allegedly hunting Turkish subs in eastern Mediterranean
August 15, 2020
Belarus' Lukashenko says he is being targeted by 'color revolution', seeks to join forces with Putin
Drones & jets: Israel launches strikes on Gaza Strip for 4th straight night
US, Poland sign deal on hosting 1,000 extra American troops in Eastern Europe
Lukashenko, Putin: Belarus' woes to be over soon
US seeks to make up for UN fiasco with tankers seizure hoax: Rouhani
Taiwan, US finalize $62 billion F-16 deal set to anger China
Thousands protest outside Belarus state TV
Belarus leader calls Putin to reaffirm mutual cooperation, rejects foreign mediation offers
Al-Masdar News
New attack reports at the Baghdad Airport
August 14, 2020
DOJ confirms 'largest-ever US seizure of Iranian fuel' on 4 ships bound for Venezuela
'We are a sovereign country': PM Babis tells Pompeo Czechs will decide for themselves what to do with their nuclear plant & Huawei
EU must 're-evaluate' relations with Turkey in light of tensions in eastern Mediterranean Sea - Austrian foreign minister
EU does not accept Belarus election results, preparing sanctions - Foreign policy chief Borrell
Erdogan threatens to cut diplomatic ties with UAE and shut its embassy over deal on normalizing relations with Israel
Exclusive: Report of US seizure of Iranian fuel cargoes false
Russian fighter jet sent to intercept US aircraft near border
Israeli military industry targeted by cyber attacks
Pakistan celebrates 74th Independence Day with declaration of unity on Kashmir
US bans private charter flights to Cuba to increase pressure on Havana
US makes largest-ever seizure of Iranian fuel
US disrupts massive Iranian fuel shipment
Al Jazeera
US seizes Iranian gas heading for Venezuela: reports
Al-Masdar News
US confirms 'largest seizure ever of Iranian fuel'
Turkey warns France after alleged confrontation with Greece in Mediterranean
Saudi forces intercept 2 ballistic missiles fired from Yemen: SPA
Russia transferred air defense, electronic warfare weapons to Armenia: media
August 13, 2020
US Special Ops secretly active in almost half of Africa, new report reveals, as military touts threat of China & Russia
Erdogan warns of 'high price' if Turkish ships are attacked, after French planes buzz Ankara's flotilla
US & Israel say they have successfully tested ANTI-BALLISTIC missile interceptor
Israel attacks Gaza from air, land for 2nd night in row
US brings 40 trucks full of military equipment to Syria's Hasakah
Terrorists seize key port town in northern Mozambique
Iraq seeks Arab assistance against Turkish aggression
Top Muslim Brotherhood leader dies in Egyptian prison
France sends jets and ships to tense eastern Med
Israel and UAE strike historic peace deal
Israel and UAE establish 'full normalization of relations'
Al Jazeera
Turkey says operation against PKK in Iraq to continue
Niger killings raise stakes for French troops in Sahel
Pakistan army chief to visit Saudi Arabia in quest to smooth ties
Al-Masdar News
US to reduce size of forces in Syria, Iraq in order to maintain long-term presence: CENTCOM
Iranian warships, chopper seize ship in Persian Gulf: CENTCOM
Israel backs Greece as tensions increase with Turkey in eastern Mediterranean
New missile attack reported at Iraqi airbase in Salaheddine
Russian Su-27 forces US aircraft to reroute amid another interception incident
Israel successfully tests Arrow-2 interceptor missile system
Azerbaijani president 'concerned' about recent Russian arms shipments to Armenia
August 12, 2020
Al-Masdar News
France deploys warplanes to Cyprus amid tension with Turkey
Iraq summons Turkish ambassador, demands immediate withdrawal of forces
India deploys attack choppers to contested border region with China
Russian Su-27 intercepts US military aircraft for 2nd time in 24 hours
Qatar distances itself from GCC call for UN to extend Iran embargo
August 11, 2020
Russia receives orders from 20 countries for ONE BILLION doses of world's first Covid-19 vaccine
Putin says Russia's Health Ministry has approved world's FIRST Covid-19 vaccine, his own daughter has been vaccinated
Germany warns US against imposing sanctions on Nord Stream 2, says no country has right to 'dictate' its energy policy
Washington threatens to kick Chinese companies off US stock exchanges
Greece to call emergency EU meeting on tensions with Turkey
Belarus election: Thousands protest as Lukashenko wins 6th term
Taiwan official attacks China during US health secretary's provocative visit
Russia to reciprocate Slovakia's expulsion of diplomats hailed by US
China increases military drills as tensions with US heat up
Al Jazeera
Iraq army says Turkish drone killed two high-ranking commanders
UN: 70 killed in South Sudan clashes between army, civilians
Anti-gov't protests resume in Mali after weeks-long pause
Al-Masdar News
Israeli tanks cross border fence to enter Lebanese territory
Turkey accuses Greek Navy of attacking Turkish vessel
Greek Armed Forces on high alert for potential confrontation with Turkey
Turkish drone bombs Iraqi border guards
US-led Coalition forces targeted by roadside bomb north of Baghdad: Iraqi security forces
Syrian tribe gives US Coalition one month to handover Arab lands in eastern Syria
August 10, 2020
Lebanese PM Hassan Diab announces resignation of entire government amid protests triggered by Beirut explosion
Police shoot grenades and tear-gas at protesters against presidential election results in Belarus
US website reveals Saudi campaign to tie blast to Hezbollah
Venezuela sentences 2 Americans to 20 years in prison for attempting to kill Maduro
Al Jazeera
US court issues summons for MBS in Jabri case
Al-Masdar News
Turkey defies Greece's warnings and begins eastern Mediterranean mission
Greece warns Turkey of readiness to 'defend its sovereign rights'
Greek Army on high alert over Turkey's military movements in Mediterranean
Russian fighter jet intercepts US aircraft near border
Taiwanese Air Force 'drove out' Chinese warplanes from airspace: MoD
August 9, 2020
Lukashenko re-elected as Belarus president with 80% of vote, preliminary results say, after massive protests mark election day
Violent clashes with riot police in Belarus as protesters rally over projected Lukashenko landslide victory
Fire breaks out as protesters attempt to storm Beirut parliament in second night of demonstrations
Lebanese information minister announces resignation amid massive anti-government protests in Beirut
White NYT reporter tells black people they didn't vote for Hillary in sufficient numbers because Russia duped them
Pentagon says to cut Afghanistan troop numbers to 5,000
Saudi Arabia halts oil supply to Pakistan as rift widens over Kashmir
Frustrated with Saudis, Pakistan hints at forming new Islamic bloc
Iran urges IAEA to probe 'non-transparent' Saudi nuclear program
Iran says not notified of ship seizure by Pakistan
'Saudi Arabia proposed Qatar invasion to Trump in June 2017'
Israelis widen calls for resignation of Netanyahu
US angers China with high-profile Taiwan visit
Media tycoon Lai arrested under HK security law
Al-Masdar News
Israeli forces launch attack on several sites inside Gaza
Israeli and Palestinian forces trade cross border fire
Pakistan seizes Iranian oil tanker at US request
European Union is worried about 'military movements' in eastern Mediterranean
August 8, 2020
Lebanese protesters occupy Foreign Ministry & other govt buildings in Beirut
US ex-commandos sentenced to 20 years in prison over failed attempt to depose Venezuela's Maduro
Russia, China, Iran trying to sway US election: Top spy
8 die in bombing at military base in Mogadishu
Al Jazeera
Clashes in Beirut as anger swells over port blast
Thousands of Israelis join in renewed anti-Netanyahu protests
Leading Belarus opposition candidate's campaign manager detained
Anti-Kremlin rallies in Russia's far east continue for fifth week
Al-Masdar News
Russia warns Israel against launching more strikes in Syria
Armenian Su-25 jet flew 'within striking distance' of Azerbaijani forces: Russian media
Juan Guaido to restore Venezuelan ties with Israel within days: newspaper
August 7, 2020
Nuke first, ask questions later! Top military officers reveal Moscow could respond to ANY rocket attack with a nuclear strike
Russia has created world's 1st Covid-19 vaccine, registration expected next week - Health Ministry
Secret documents show Saudi Arabia seeks to partition Yemen
Turkey;s Erdogan denounces Greece-Egypt maritime deal as 'worthless'
Macron's colonial-style Lebanon sojourn sparks derision, outcry
China, Russia and Iran 'undermining' US election
Canadian citizen is second in two days to be sentenced to death in China on drug charges
Al-Masdar News
Israeli warplanes launch heavy strikes on northern Gaza
Large US military convoy enters Syria from neighboring Iraq
Elliott Abrams named special envoy to Iran despite role in Iran-Contra Affair
Turkish military strikes Syrian Army's positions in Idlib
Russian Air Force once again intercepts US military aircraft over Black Sea
Bolton slams Trump for not overthrowing Iranian government
August 6, 2020
Failing upward? After botched Venezuelan regime-change, Elliott Abrams picked as Iran rep
Belarus president claims he was INTENTIONALLY infected with Covid-19
Israel strikes Gaza from air for 2nd time in a week
'US spies detect suspected undeclared nuclear site near Saudi capital'
Saudi strikes kill nearly two dozen Yemeni civilians in Jawf
Missiles hit US base in northeast Syria after report of oil 'theft' plan
Russia intercepts 2 US spy planes over Black Sea
US Iran envoy Brian Hook stepping down from his post
Outrage after ex-Israeli lawmaker hails Beirut blast as 'gift' from God
Al Jazeera
Turkey's Cavusoglu slams German role in EU's Libya mission
Al-Masdar News
Unconfirmed reports of missile attack on US base in northeast Syria
Turkish warplanes violated Greek airspace 33 times in 24 hours
France's Macron meets with Lebanese President Michel Aoun
China tests 'carrier killer' ballistic missile amid increased tensions with US
August 5, 2020
200,000+ left homeless in Beirut as city is 'devastated' by shock blast, governor explains
In affront to China, US announces highest-level visit to Taiwan in decades
Pakistan unveils new map with all of disputed Kashmir as own territory
US cargo plane lands in Israel in support of Iron Dome
Al Jazeera
Colombians revel, protest over order to detain ex-President Uribe
Al-Masdar News
US Navy seizes ship carrying supplies from China to Iran: Fars
New rocket attack targets Baghdad's Green Zone
Turkish, Azerbaijani forces carry out military exercises amid increased tension with Armenia
August 4, 2020
Over 50 killed, 3,000 injured in massive blasts in Beirut
Russia warns US global deployment of missiles will meet response
N Korea likely has miniature nukes to fit into ballistic warheads: UN report
'US's Pompeo, Taliban deputy leader discuss intra-Afghan talks'
Al Jazeera
Malaysian police raid Al Jazeera's office, seize computers
Al-Masdar News
Two rockets allegedly land near Iraqi base hosting US forces
Secretary General of Kataeb Party killed in Beirut Port explosion
Massive fire breaks out at Libyan Airport used by Turkey to transport supplies
Serbia acquires new generation of Chinese defense missiles
August 3, 2020
Israel strikes Syrian military targets near Damascus, IDF calls it 'response' to failed border attack
Syrian air defenses respond to fresh Israeli aggression
Turkey: Oil deal between SDF, US firm 'terrorism financing'
Riled up Pompeo slams Iran-China deal, threatens with sanctions
Report shows how MI6 was given free hand in 1953 Iran coup
Lebanon's foreign minister submits resignation amid crisis
China suspends extradition treaty with New Zealand
IS-claimed attack on Afghan prison leaves 29 dead
Al Jazeera
Pakistan Khan says mediation prevented Saudi-Iran escalation
Spain's former king to leave the country amid corruption claims
Al-Masdar News
Israel announces new attack against Syrian Army as border situation deteriorates
New explosion in northeast Iran causes several casualties
August 2, 2020
Syria says US 'stealing' oil after American energy firm signs deal with Kurdish rebels
US House passes $500mn aid package for Israel's missile program
Yemenis shoot down American drone operated by Saudi-led coalition
Turkey, UAE trade barbs over roles in Libya conflict
Suspected Boko Haram militants kill 15 in northern Cameroon
Eight presumed dead after US military sea accident
Al-Masdar News
Egypt slams Turkey's attack on their territorial rights in eastern Mediterranean
August 1, 2020
Iran says leader of US-based 'terror group' arrested in intelligence operation
US to have permanent military presence in Poland
Italy receives soldiers after US withdraw from Germany
Al Jazeera
UAE starts first nuclear reactor at controversial Barakah plant
July 31, 2020
AFRICOM confirms HQ is leaving Stuttgart, German defense minister says US withdrawal is 'regrettable'
Pompeo suggests US behind deaths of 300 Russians in Syria
Russian military intercepts US spy planes for fourth time in a week
China conducts military drills in South China Sea amid US tensions
Japan ruling party proposes strike capability in 'enemy territory'
Kremlin urges Belarus to release 33 detained Russians
Report: New Zealand misled public about Afghanistan civilian deaths
Suspected car bomb blast kills 18 in eastern Afghanistan
Activists cry foul as Hong Kong postpones election due to virus
Al-Masdar News
Turkish fighter jets arrive in Azerbaijan as Armenian military goes on high alert
New rocket attack targets Baghdad Airport
Russian Su-27 scrambles to intercept US aircraft over Black Sea, 2nd time in 24 hours
Unverified satellite photos show deployment of elite Chinese forces near Indian border
Israeli military buildup along Lebanese border is largest since 2006 War
Israel, US reach agreement on air defense cooperation
Iran agrees to pay compensation for Ukrainian aircraft shot down in January
July 30, 2020
We closed this 'den of spies' consulate: Pompeo takes hard stance on China during Senate hearing
Russia arrests suspected Ukraine spy in Black Sea Fleet
Car bomb kills 9 in Turkish-held northeastern Syrian village
US warns Brazil of 'consequences' if it picks Huawei 5G
Trump suggests delay to 2020 US election
Belarus arrests Russian mercenaries as rift grows between Putin and Lukashenko
Al Jazeera
Cyprus says Putin to help defuse East Med tensions with Turkey
Al-Masdar News
US troops to be moved from Germany to Russian border: Pentagon
Russia has no intention to establish military base in Libya: ambassador
Armenia warns Israel against sending weapons to Azerbaijan
July 29, 2020
Thousands of US troops to begin moving out of Germany within weeks - Pentagon chief
India uses arrival of new French fighter jets to warn China
US acknowledges killing civilian in Somalia
Russia not to rejoin G7: Kremlin
Riyadh brokers deal to stitch fighting allies in south Yemen together
Malaysia's ex-PM Najib handed 12 years in 1st corruption case
US to withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from Germany in move that will cost billions
Al Jazeera
Iran fires underground ballistic missiles for first time
Turkey passes controversial bill tightening grip on social media
Al-Masdar News
US, Turkey conduct naval drills in eastern Mediterranean
July 28, 2020
Iran's IRGC holds massive aerial, naval drills off Hormuz Strait
Four Yemeni kids die as cluster bomb dropped by Saudi-led alliance explodes
Russia intercepts another US spy plane over Black Sea
China urges India to join nations resisting US hegemony
Turkey suspends Mediterannean oil research plan as goodwill gesture to Greece
Malaysia's ex-PM Najib Razak found guilty on all corruption charges
Al-Masdar News
New blast hits western Iran amid mysterious rise in explosions
Turkish troops arrive in Azerbaijan for joint exercises in message to Armenia
July 27, 2020
Israel exchanges fire with Lebanon, thwarting attempted 'infiltration' on northern border - army
American pilots can't get enough of the Black Sea! Russian jet intercepts US spy plane for 3rd time in less than a week
Hezbollah conducts op against Israel after member killed in Syria
'Iraqi base occupied by US troops hit by 3 rockets'
Nearly 1,300 civilians killed in Afghanistan since 2020 began: UN
Taliban seek to control aid agencies, private companies in Afghanistan
MI6 admits to court 'interference'
Al-Masdar News
Early reports of Hezbollah missile attack on Israeli military positions along Lebanese border
Armenian soldier killed by sniper fire along Azerbaijani border
Azerbaijan and Turkey to hold military exercises amid increased tensions with Armenia
Azerbaijan summons Jordanian ambassador over allegations of arming Armenia
Military aircraft 'severely damaged' at Iraqi base that houses US Coalition forces
Egyptian Armed Forces mobilize along Libyan border
July 26, 2020
'Very serious threats': US reportedly ramps up pressure on Nord Stream 2 contractors
'US fighter jets harassed Iran civilian plane two times in 6 minutes'
Explosions rock Iraqi military base near Baghdad
Israeli drones violate Lebanon's airspace 29 times in two days
Israelis hold protest outside Netanyahu's residence
Anti-Netanyahu protesters violently attacked as huge rallies persist
Saudi Arabia has looted 48 million barrels of Yemeni oil: Minister
Catalonia's self-exiled ex-president launches new political party
Tunisia appoints new prime minister
Internet blackout in Somalia after PM removed
Al-Masdar News
Russian Navy successfully tests Tsirkon hypersonic missile
Israeli drone crashes during mission inside of Lebanon
New satellite images reveal Russian involvement in ground and air operations in Libya: Africom
July 25, 2020
'You're almost dying but can't do anything about it': Iranian plane passengers tell Ruptly about encounter with US fighter jets
Intl. outcry continues after US warplanes harass Iran airliner
OPCW leaks show US cover-up of illegal Syria bombing: American weekly
Lebanon, Iran to sue US over harassment of airliner in Syria
Somalia's parliament votes to oust Prime Minister Khaire
Singapore man admits being Chinese spy in US
Video shows US fighter jet fly terrifyingly close to Iranian passenger plane
Al Jazeera
China orders closure of US consulate in Chengdu
Francois Bozize, deposed CAR leader, announces presidential bid
Al-Masdar News
US 'attempted to coax Syrian air defenses' to shoot down Iranian airliner: ambassador
Four rockets hit military base hosting US-led Coalition forces
Nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier group to enter eastern Mediterrean
Greece, Egypt strengthen ties amid Mediterranean tension with Turkey
US Coalition hands over 7th base to Iraqi military
Egypt, France carry out large-scale exercises in Mediterranean amid heightened tensions with Turkey
July 24, 2020
US officials force entry into shuttered Chinese consulate in Houston soon after evicted staff left
CENTCOM's claim of 'routine mission' in Iran plane harassment rejected
All countries must respect safety of civilian air travel: UN
Hezbollah condemns US military's harassment of Iranian plane as 'terrorist act'
Israeli helicopters bomb southwestern Syria, casualties reported
'Turkey op in Iraq's Kurdistan underway without Baghdad coordination'
US: Russia just tested an 'anti-satellite weapon' in orbit
US-led forces withdraw from Iraqi military base near Baghdad
White Helmets collude with terrorists in Syria under humanitarian guise: Russia
Al-Masdar News
Moment US F-15 intercepts Iranian civilian airliner over Syria
US says interception of Iranian aircraft was to ensure safety of American forces in Syria
Chinese Air Force to US military aircraft: 'Change your course immediately'
Romanian warplane intercepts Russian strategic bomber
Egypt foiled Muslim Brotherhood operation: media
Iraqi President expresses solidarity with Egypt and desire to closer relations
Syria 2.0? Turkey and Russia establish joint working committee on Libya
July 23, 2020
Tehran says AMERICAN, not Israeli fighter jets endangered passengers of Iranian airliner over Syria
'US-led warplanes in aggressive maneuvering near Iranian airliner'
US: Russia just tested an 'anti-satellite weapon' in orbit
'Turkey op in Iraq's Kurdistan underway without Baghdad coordination'
US to pay $5 million for arrest of Venezuela's chief justice
'Israeli fighter jets challenge Iran aircraft'
Judge rules to unseal documents in 2015 case against Ghislaine Maxwell
Al Jazeera
West African leaders on high-stakes mission to end Mali standoff
Al-Masdar News
Russian Air Force intercepts US and German military aircraft
US 'Ninja Bomb' allegedly used again in Syria
US military aircraft penetrated Syrian airspace, approached Russian base: media
Turkey defies Greek, Egyptian threats to continue drilling in Mediterranean
July 22, 2020
Bomb & death threats made against Chinese Embassy in Washington - Beijing blames US government
US 'late to the party' in the Arctic after 'aggressive' Russia & China, but will still 'succeed,' says Pompeo
Greece says Turkey encroaching on its territory, threatening NATO's cohesion
Syria's ruling party wins parliamentary election
Egypt army kills 18 terrorists in North Sinai
UK minister: No evidence of Russian meddling in Brexit vote
1000s of Israelis protest Netanyahu's corruption, virus response
US offers $5m reward for Venezuela's chief justice
Al Jazeera
Air strikes in Afghanistan kill 45 civilians and Taliban fighters
US orders closure of China's consulate in Houston
Pompeo visits Denmark after diplomatic spat over Greenland
Kuwait emir to travel to US for medical treatment
Al-Masdar News
Greek military placed on 'high alert' over Turkey's moves in eastern Mediteranean
Turkey will remain inside Syria until people are free: Erdogan
Turkey plans to increase its forces in Libya if Egypt enters: Zaman
Egyptian military intervention in Libya will be limited to border region: MP
July 21, 2020
US expands draconian sanctions against Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline
Germany's weapons exports flouted EU rules for decades, 'fueling' escalation of existing armed conflicts - study
China's President Xi stresses Palestinian right to statehood
Turkish drilling in Mediterranean can affect relations with EU, Germany warns
Iraqi PM in Tehran for high-level talks on first foreign visit
US Secretary of State in London on two-day visit
US charges Chinese hackers over 'sweeping' intrusions including Covid research
Al-Masdar News
Syrian air defenses confront new attack by Israeli military on Damascus
Israeli airstrikes cause several casualties in ranks of Syrian Army
Indian, US warships hold large-scale naval exercise amid tensions with China
Russian jets deployed to southern Syria to stop Israeli attack: media
Azerbaijan announces destruction of 2 Armenian drones
July 20, 2020
Damascus targeted in missile strike, Syrian state media blames Israel
Iran executes man convicted of selling General Soleimani's location to CIA - official
Iraqi lawmaker: Turkey seeks to create buffer zone in northern Iraq
Taliban truck bomb kills 8 Afghan troops in Wardak province
Black boxes of downed Ukrainian plane arrive in Paris: Canada
Al Jazeera
Egypt's parliament approves troop deployment to Libya
Scattered protests in Mali after crisis mediation falters
Saudi Arabia's King Salman admitted to hospital for checks
Al-Masdar News
Two rockets land near US embassy in Baghdad: report
Azerbaijani army increases to 100,000 soldiers after week-long border battle with Armenia: media
Turkish forces attack Qamishli city in northeast Syria
US sanctions Chechen leader over human rights violations
July 19, 2020
Protesters clash with police in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv on eve of 2nd hearing in Netanyahu's corruption trial
'Attempt to spoil a peace deal': Taliban spokesman says 'Russian bounties' story is fake news
'Extraordinary' claim that Russia meddled in elections requires proof, UKIP leader says
Syrians vote in parliamentary elections as war winds down
Kuwait's ageing emir in hospital, crown prince fills some roles
Third day of wrangling over huge EU virus deal
Al Jazeera
'Message carrying': Iran FM in Iraq ahead of Saudi trip
Al-Masdar News
New explosion hits central Iran as month of mysterious blasts continue
Armenian army destroys 4 Azerbaijani armored vehicles
Egypt fires back at Turkey after Erdogan calls their potential intervention in Libya 'illegal'
Yemeni gov't dealt major blow as Southern Council declares self-administration over Hadramaut
Iran on verge of activating massive new Russia-India trade corridor through Suez Canal
July 18, 2020
Real Russiagate bombshell: FBI knew Steele dossier was fiction, Strzok notes show NYTimes reporting 'misleading and inaccurate'
US ambassador rebukes EU for criticizing Poland's reforms
Iran sends black box of downed plane to France
Mali opposition rebuffs mediation offer, demands president resign
July 17, 2020
Azeri & Armenian protesters clash in London as tensions between neighbors continue to mount
Mongolia warns of bubonic plague outbreak as 17 provinces bordering Russia are deemed at risk
Erdogan slams Egypt's 'illegal' actions in Libya as Cairo mulls military intervention
White Helmets co-founder stole aid money destined for Syria - report
US sends aircraft carriers to sea amid tensions with China
Russia's Putin orders snap military drills in southwest
Fighting again in Taiwan parliament over disputed nomination
Israel's Gantz wants annexation plan shelved: Ministers
Hundreds of protesters swarm Netanyahu's home again
Iran warns South Korea over 'unacceptable' freezing of its funds
Al-Masdar News
Turkey offers its weapons arsenal to Azerbaijan to fight Armenia
Russian Air Force intercepts Norwegian aircraft for 2nd time last 48 hours
Iran allegedly places air defenses on 'high alert' over recent events: media
July 16, 2020
'Europe's energy policy made in Europe, not Washington': Defiant Germany again hits back at US targeting Nord Stream 2 pipeline
UK press harass Jeremy Corbyn outside his home, accuse him of helping Russians 'attack our election'
'Explosion targets US logistic convoy in Iraq'
Taiwan military drilling with live fire for first time in 13 years
Azerbaijani president fires foreign minister amid flare-up with Armenia
Covid-19 vaccine researchers target of alleged Russian state-sponsored hackers
Emirates to resume flights to Tehran: Airline
Google removing Palestine from map enrages social media
Russian hackers trying to steal vaccine research, UK and US say
Al Jazeera
Death toll in Armenia-Azerbaijan border clashes reaches 14
Shelling between Azerbaijan and Armenia ends brief ceasefire
Libya denounces Egypt's 'will not stand idle' threats
In protests-hit DRC, a fierce power struggle deepens
Al-Masdar News
Azerbaijan threatens to strike Armenian atomic plant
Intense clashes breakout between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces along border region
Azerbaijani military uses kamikaze drones to attack Armenian army
US spy plane appears in South China Sea amid increased tensions with Beijing
US warship allegedly enters Venezuelan waters amid heightened tensions
Turkey has established air and naval bases inside Libya: Sisi
Head of Libyan tribes council request Egypt expel Turkey and its allies
Iran will get to test air defenses against Israeli attacks in Syria
British forces withdraw from strategic Iraqi airbase near Baghdad
July 15, 2020
'Unfair competition': Moscow blasts US move to enable sanctioning of Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream pipelines
'Sick of Corruption': Thousands of Israelis urge Netanyahu to resign
Yemen bombardment: Saudi-led warplanes target residences, kill civilians
US withdraws from 5 bases in Afghanistan
Putin, Merkel say 'no point' in sanctions pressure against Iran
Virus-hit North Macedonia votes as EU talks loom
Seven ships ablaze in latest Iran mystery fires
Al Jazeera
Air strikes kill civilians in Yemen's al-Jawf province
Tunisia risks fresh political deadlock as PM Fakhfakh resigns
Armenian military shot down 13 Azerbaijani drones: MoD
Libyan Army receives new weapons from Egypt as important battle approaches
Libyan Army deploys S-300 air defense system near Egyptian border: Sputnik
Russian warplanes intercept US, Norwegian aircraft
Ethiopia starts filling of Renaissance Dam, Egypt reveals next response
Lebanon turns east to China for help out of financial crisis
July 14, 2020
Armenia says it shot down Azerbaijani drone as fierce border clashes continue into third day
Tear gas deployed as anti-govt protesters clash with police on Bastille Day
Nine more troopers killed in new clashes on Armenia-Azerbaijan border
Iran executes CIA spy; another US, Israel agent on death row
'Turkish troops deployed 15 kilometers into northern Iraq'
Yemen war: Ansarullah says to unveil new ballistic missile after striking Saudi sites
UK to deploy new aircraft carrier against China
Senior Catalan politician says phone hacked with Israeli spyware
EU preparing possible sanctions on Turkey
Azerbaijan general dies in Armenia border clash
UK bans China's Huawei from 5G networks
Associated Press
Maxwell denied bail on Epstein-related sex abuse charges
Al Jazeera
Eastern parliament seeks Egypt's direct intervention in Libya war
Nile dam: Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan talks end with no deal
Al-Masdar News
Libyan Parliament gives Egypt green light to intervene in civil war
Egyptian military began preparations for major operation in Libya: expert
Turkey vows to stand with Azerbaijan against Armenia
July 13, 2020
Yemen strikes strategic Saudi targets with drones, missiles
New casualties on second day of clashes on Azerbaijan-Armenia border
Turkey demands extradition of over 800 Gulenists from 105 countries
'Iran-China roadmap to ditch dollar, bypass US sanctions'
Poland's conservative President Duda re-elected
Al Jazeera
Yemen's Houthis say Saudi oil facility hit in overnight attack
Four soldiers killed in Azerbaijan-Armenia border clashes
Taliban car bomb attack on Afghan intelligence compound kills 11
China sanctions US politicians in retaliation for Uighur measures
Bulgaria rocked by protests amid coronavirus fears
Ivory Coast Vice President Daniel Kablan Duncan resigns
Al-Masdar News
Ansarallah forces launch massive attack on Saudi airports, military bases
Turkish military captures strategic mountain in northern Iraq
Second Turkish soldier killed in northern Iraq
Libya's security is part of Egyptian national security: MP
Iranian forces arrest 'foreign intelligence agents' in southern Iran
New explosion reported in eastern Iran
July 12, 2020
Poland's President Andrzej Duda slightly ahead of his rival in tight runoff - exit polls
US military convoy blown up in Iraq's Diwaniyah: Reports
2 Azerbaijani soldiers killed in clashes with Armenian forces on border
Govt. forces block US convoys in NE Syria, force them to retreat
New Saudi strike leaves 10 civilians dead in Yemen's Hajjah
Thousands in Tel Aviv protest Netanyahu cabinet's 'ineptitude'
Trump suggested 'selling' Puerto Rico after hurricane: Ex-official
Bulgarians stage anti-corruption rallies for third day
Mali opposition rejects president's concessions amid stalemate
Mali opposition calls for president to resign
Al-Masdar News
Israeli warplanes, warships violated Lebanese sovereignty several times in past 24 hours: army
Turkey demands Libyan Army withdraw from strategic city and base
Jihadists launch new attack on largest Russian airbase in Syria
July 11, 2020
New evidence shows FBI knew General Flynn was not 'agent of Russia' but prosecuted him anyway
US convoy forced to move back by Syrian army in Hasakah
Al-Masdar News
US smuggles large amount of Syrian oil to Iraq: SANA
Turkish military seizes strategic summit in Iraqi-Kurdistan
Russian S-35 and MiG-31 jets intercept US military aircraft
July 10, 2020
US to 'modernize' Taiwan missiles in latest provocation of China
India to buy Venezuela oil under swap deal amid US sanctions
German ministers decline Washington's G7 summit invite: Report
China rejects US offer to join trilateral arms control talks
France's Macron asks Israel's Netanyahu to abandon annexation plan
Maxwell argues for bail, says she's 'not Jeffrey Epstein'
Al Jazeera
Russia, China veto approval of cross-border aid for Syria
Dutch gov't to take Russia to European rights court over MH17
Al-Masdar News
Syrian Army intercepts another US military convoy in northeast Syria
'We expect a Turkish attack at any time': Libyan Army
Turkey replaces destroyed air defenses at Libyan base with Ukrainian system: report
Turkey unhappy with US plans to implement military training program in Cyprus
July 9, 2020
Venezuela says it NEUTRALIZED a US-registered 'narco' aircraft for violating airspace
Putin's point man on Ukraine says unrecognized Donetsk & Lugansk republics will NOT join Russia
US general: American forces to stay in Iraq for foreseeable future
Al Jazeera
Sudan PM replaces ministers in sweeping reshuffle
Malawi president under fire for family appointments to cabinet
Al-Masdar News
Venezuelan warplanes shoot down unknown aircraft with US registration number
Syrian Army intercepts US military convoy near Qamishli, refuses to give access to road
Russia's new S-500 air defense system is able to protect against meteorites
Egypt to challenge Turkey with large-scale exercise near Libyan border: media
July 8, 2020
Top US Gen. says unconvinced Russian cash led to US deaths in Afghanistan
China says will join arms control talks if US reduces nuclear arsenal
Iran to boost Syria air defenses as part of 'comprehensive' military deal
Demonstrators storm Serbian parliament in protest at planned lockdown
Ivory Coast PM dies after cabinet meeting
Al Jazeera
Kanye West to run for US president, no longer supports Trump
UN chief: Foreign interference in Libya at 'unprecedented levels'
Al-Masdar News
US Congress drafts bill to prevent Pentagon from spending funds on occupying Syrian, Iraqi oil
US military sends large convoy to eastern Syria
Yemen's Ansarallah forces threaten to target Saudi palaces
French warplanes destroy ISIS underground bases in Iraq
Iran allegedly deploys its S-300 air defense system to several areas: media
Massive naval exercise is Turkey's response to Libyan Army attack on air defenses: expert
July 7, 2020
US created, nurtured Taliban in decade-long covert op: Russia's top security official
Israel's Lieberman urges PM to 'shut up' official claiming Natanz 'bomb attack'
Brazil's Bolsonaro tests positive for Covid-19
Al Jazeera
Factory blast near Iran's capital kills two in latest explosion
Al-Masdar News
Israel was behind the attack on the Iranian nuclear facility: ex-DM
Syrian Army ambushes militants infiltrating from US-controlled zone
July 6, 2020
China & India pull troops away, set up 'buffer zone' in Himalayas weeks after bloody border clash - reports
Israel puts new spy satellite in orbit in taunt to Mideast
Maduro slams 'criminal' US bans as Venezuela shows off military might
US soldier killed in road accident in southwest Afghanistan
Tensions heat up in South China Sea as US makes significant show of force
Al Jazeera
China 'pulling back troops' after deadly border clash: India
Jeffrey Epstein pal Ghislaine Maxwell moved to NY prison
Al-Masdar News
Israel detonated 'powerful bomb' at Iranian nuclear facility: NYT
Israel challenges Iran by sending reconnaissance satellite into space
New missile attack targets Baghdad Airport
Chinese Navy showcases strength near Yemeni coast
July 5, 2020
Rocket lands near Baghdad's Green Zone, injures child
US intelligence involved in Afghan 'drug trafficking': Russia envoy
Iran has underground missile cities along southern shores: IRGC commander
Militant ambush kills 11 in DR Congo's troubled Ituri region
Violence after Ethiopian singer's death killed 166
Al Jazeera
Libya gov't vows response after base hit by 'foreign air force'
Al-Masdar News
US embassy in Baghdad targeted in missile attack
Israeli choppers launch two missiles towards Gaza
IRGC-linked newspaper says Israel was behind explosion at Iranian nuclear reactor
US Patriot System intercepted rocket at American embassy in Baghdad
Egypt intends to challenge Turkey, Israel as strongest navy in Mediterranean with new missile system: expert
Egyptian Army preparing to secure entire border with Libya
July 4, 2020
'Domino effect': Open Skies Treaty risks falling apart completely after US departure, top Russian diplomat warns
'Medium' to 'lower' confidence: US spy agencies express doubts over 'Russian bounties' allegations, says new report
'Your year for Germany': Defense minister wants voluntary Bundeswehr military service as army struggles to fill ranks
US sending aircraft carriers to the South China Sea
Indian Air Force carries out drills near China border
India's Modi rallies troops at China border after deadly clash
'80 killed' in clashes between govt. soldiers, Daesh in Syria's Homs
Prince Andrew urged to 'be a man' and 'speak up' on Epstein
Armed men kill 40 in brutal Mali village attacks
Al Jazeera
Competing carriers: US, China launch South China Sea drills
Fires flare at Iranian power plant, latest in series of incidents
Al-Masdar News
British warplanes intercept Russian long-range bombers
July 3, 2020
Star Wars? Russia's new S-500 has SPACE DEFENSE abilities, can destroy hypersonic weapons & satellites in low-Earth orbit
Yemeni drones hit positions deep in Saudi Arabia
French PM Philippe resigns as Macron readies reshuffle
Russia to relaunch Libya embassy
India to buy Russian jets despite US sanction threats
Iraq threatens to cut trade ties with Turkey over cross-border offensive
Pelosi: US should put sanctions on Russian intelligence, defense sectors
Khashoggi murder trial begins in Turkey
Al-Masdar News
Ansarallah forces launch big attack on Saudi Arabia
Iran announces they have found out cause of nuclear reactor blast
Iran warns US and Israel after big explosion at nuclear reactor
Russia's new S-500 air defense system is capable of hitting hypersonic missiles in space: commander
Large Turkish military convoy enters Idlib amid Syrian Army buildup
July 2, 2020
Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of grooming girls for Jeffrey Epstein, arrested by FBI, charged with conspiring to entice minors
Pentagon chief says 'no corroborating evidence' so far to back Russia bounty story
Turkey demands apology from France for warship incident amid heated dispute over Libya embargo violations
India approves purchase of 33 Russian-made fighter jets as part of $2.4bn arms deal
UK court recognizes Juan Guaido as 'unequivocally' Venezuela's president in legal fight for tons of gold
US builds new air base in Syria
US forces send dozens of military vehicles to northeastern Syria
Syrian govt. forces block US military convoy in Hasakah
US Senate kills bill to end war on Afghanistan
Over 800 Afghan civilians killed, wounded in first half of 2020: UN
Maduro gives EU envoy marching orders
US lawsuit seeks to deter deliveries of Iranian fuel to Venezuela
Putin granted right to extend rule until 2036 in landslide vote
'Incident' at Iran uranium enrichment facility
Al Jazeera
US tries to seize four Iranian tankers sailing towards Venezuela
UK court denies Venezuela's Maduro access to gold in bank vault
US Congress backs sanctions over China's Hong Kong security law
Ethiopia: Military deployed after more than 80 killed in protests
Al-Masdar News
China displays military might in front of Indian troops at disputed border
France withdraws from NATO operation in Mediterranean after Turkish naval confrontation
British Typhoon jets intercept Russian military aircraft
Mysterious airstrike hits Libyan airbase controlled by Turkish-backed forces
July 1, 2020
US sanctions move for Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline spells end of Transatlantic bond - German ex-Chancellor Schroeder
Australia to up military budget by 40% amid tensions with China
Venezuela expels top EU diplomat
Turkey accuses France of 'bias' toward UAE, Egypt in Libya
Russia denies its power plants responsible for heightened radiation levels
Al Jazeera
France suspends role in NATO naval mission after Turkey tensions
Al-Masdar News
Pakistan allegedly deploys 20,000 soldiers to border amid Indian-Chinese tensions
Greece sends strong message to Turkey as FM visits eastern Libya
Iran to unveil surprise missile in honor of 40th anniversary of Iraq-Iran War
June 30, 2020
'No doubt' India was behind attack on Karachi Stock Exchange, claims Pakistan's PM Khan
China passes controversial national security law for Hong Kong, prohibiting secession and foreign interference
FCC blacklists Huawei and ZTE as 'national security threats'
'Two civilians killed in US-led drone strike in northern Iraq'
'US seeks to prolong stay in Iraq through raids on PMU'
'No corroborating evidence to prove Russia paid bounty'
Schiff proposes new US sanctions against Russia
France supports a 'pirate' in Libya: Turkey
Iran to host virtual Syria talks with Russia, Turkey on Wed.
Hong Kong business people condemn US interference in internal affairs
Germany's elite force 'to be partially disbanded'
Ex-French PM sentenced to 5 years in jail
Al Jazeera
Sudan protesters return to streets to demand more reforms
Al-Masdar News
Russia and Turkey increase flights to Libya as major showdown at Sirte approaches
Yemeni groups call for Turkish military intervention
Syrian villagers protest against US forces, intercept convoy in Al-Hasakah
US Senate proposes to buy Turkey's S-400 system
Egyptian military unveils its new air defense system
Terrorist attack targets Revolutionary Guard in east Iran
Second powerful explosion hits Iran in past 24 hours
June 29, 2020
23 civilians, kids included, die in rain of rockets on Afghan market
Fist fight breaks out between rival MPs in Taiwan parliament
Chinese coronavirus vaccine approved for military use
Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over Soleimani killing
Russia denies nuclear leaks after higher than normal radiation levels in Europe
Al Jazeera
Hamdallah: Israel waging water war on Palestinians
Al-Masdar News
Russian jets intercept 2 US military aircraft over Black Sea
June 28, 2020
'Does Spain have anything to say?' Venezuela fumes after WSJ 'confirms' Guaido ally plotted to topple Maduro from SPANISH EMBASSY
Warplanes target Syrian positions on Iraqi border: Monitor
US directly interfering in Lebanon's affairs, President Aoun says
Over 10 killed as militants ambush convoy in northeastern Nigeria
Thousands flee as Myanmar army plans 'clearance operations'
Clash of values as Poles choose president
Al Jazeera
China sent martial artists to LAC before deadly clash: Report
Kashmir Muslims fear demographic shift as thousands get residency
Al-Masdar News
Pakistani Army shoots down Indian quadcopter in Kashmir
India deploys air defense system along disputed border with China
New airstrikes reported in eastern Syria after Iranian commander visits
US-backed forces take control of several Syrian gov't buildings in Hasakah
Saudi Border Guard fires on 3 Iranian boats: report
Saudi-backed troops suffer major setback as Ansarallah forces score big advance
First Turkish soldier killed during operation in Iraq
June 27, 2020
Europe should brace for a reality in which US is no longer a world power - Merkel
'Unsophisticated' disinformation: Moscow rebuffs NYT story alleging Russia offered Taliban money to kill US troops in Afghanistan
Israeli jets pound Gaza Strip
India's army visible in disputed border area with China
US fighter jets again intercept Russian military aircraft near Alaska
Al Jazeera
Two rockets fired from Gaza Strip towards Israel: Army
Taliban kill seven Afghan military personnel in raid on army post
Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to agree Nile dam deal 'in two weeks'
Fianna Fail's Micheal Martin named Ireland's new prime minister
Al-Masdar News
Israeli forces launch massive attack on Gaza
Saudi Coast Guard opens fire on Iranian fishing boats: report
Russian warplane intercepts US spy plane over Black Sea
June 26, 2020
India blocks imports of US products made in China following deadly border clash
Yemeni forces to hit strategic targets deeper inside Saudi Arabia: Houthis
India admits amassing troops near site of deadly fighting with China
US top suspect after anti-terror group's HQ raided in Baghdad
Al Jazeera
Libya: Aguila Saleh urges Egypt to intervene if Sirte attacked
Pentagon chief visits Brussels to reassure NATO over US plans
Turkish FM slams France's Macron for remarks on Libya
Al-Masdar News
Gaddafi's cousin warns Erdogan: 'We are able to reach Istanbul'
Israeli media says Hezbollah is planning a war this summer
June 25, 2020
Yemen on latest raid: All missiles, drones hit targets in Saudi Arabia
Ex-Hadi minister defects, says Saudi Arabia seeks to partition Yemen
Syrian civilians block passage of another US convoy in Hasakah
Japan confirms cancellation of US missile system deployment
Syria supports Egyptian interventions in Libya
Top Pentagon pick pushes conspiracy theories about Trump assassination
Venezuela warns of 'forceful' response after US Navy operation
Trudeau rejects calls to release Huawei executive
US fighter jets again intercept Russian military aircraft near Alaska
US Senate passes new sanctions to punish China over Hong Kong
Al-Masdar News
Iranian forces involved in heavy clashes along Iraqi border
'Mysterious' Russian weapon is capable of defeating any US air attack: Soho
UAE and Greece increasing military cooperation amid conflict with Turkey
Ethiopia hit by major cyber attack from Egypt amid row over Renaissance Dam
New satellite images reveal military buildup along Chinese-Indian border
June 24, 2020
Former ISRAELI PM named as SEX OFFENDER in Epstein court filings submitted by Dershowitz
It's Israel's CHOICE whether to annex West Bank, Pompeo proclaims
Syria air defenses repel Israeli strike on Hama
Iranian cargo ship carrying food docks at Venezuelan port
Kosovo president cancels US visit
Russia holds massive military parade in Moscow on eve of vote
Kosovo president faces war crimes indictment
Trump's first foreign visitor amid pandemic is Poland's nationalist president
Al Jazeera
DR Congo police use tear gas on protesters outside parliament
Al-Masdar News
Update: Suspected Israeli attack causes several Syrian Army casualties in eastern Syria
US sends powerful message to Iran, Venezuela as warship sails near Caracas
At least 16 Venezuelan tankers stuck at sea
Libyan military leader calls on Egypt to intervene if Turkish-backed forces capture Sirte
Turkish soldier killed in cross-border clashes with Iran
June 23, 2020
Yemeni army targets strategic sites deep in Saudi Arabia
India to expel half of Pakistan's embassy staff over spying
Libya warns Egypt against military intervention; France backs Cairo
Sixth Iranian ship, carrying food, reaches Venezuela
Mongolia prepares to hold elections amid coronavirus pandemic
Republic World
US, Russia conclude round of nuclear talks in Austria
Al Jazeera
Yemen's Houthis fire missiles, drones towards Saudi Arabia
Algeria steps up diplomacy in hopes of ending Libya's war
Vote counting under way in Malawi's presidential election rerun
Al-Masdar News
Ansarallah forces launch big missile attack on Saudi Arabia
New rocket attack targets Baghdad Airport area
Syrian air defenses confront hostile missiles in eastern Syria
If Egypt requests help in Libya, Syria will defend country: FM
Turkey will not back down if Egypt enters Libyan War: official
Turkey is 'playing a dangerous game' in Libya: Macron
Sudanese military repels attack by Ethiopian forces along border
Iran's IRGC vows to respond to any terrorist movements in Iraqi-Kurdistan
Venezuelan President expresses readiness to meet Donald Trump
June 22, 2020
Locals hurl stones at US convoy in NE Syria, make it retreat
'Taliban killed over 290 Afghan security personnel in past week'
India fighter jets fly near disputed border with China
China warns of reprisal as Japan city renames disputed area
Trump 'open to meeting Venezuela's Maduro' amid hints of fragile trust in Guaido
Voice Of America
US, Russia Start Nuclear Talks in Austria
Al-Masdar News
Ethiopian-backed forces attack Sudanese Army camp
Iran to establish permanent military base in Indian Ocean: report
Iranian oil tanker enters Venezuelan waters
US tests new bomb that will change 'the rules of the game'
Powerful explosion rocks northeastern Syria near US base
Ex-Turkish minister warns of direct clash between Egypt and Turkey in Libya
June 21, 2020
Another Iranian vessel carrying supplies is set to dock in Venezuela
Three pro-independence fighters killed by Indian forces in Kashmir shootout
Germany, France want Israel to scrap annexation plans
Taliban kidnap 60 civilians in central Afghanistan
Serbia voting in Europe's first natl. elections since pandemic began
'UAE-backed militants stage 'coup' in Yemen's Socotra'
Al Jazeera
'No uncertainty': Ruling party set to win Serbia elections
Al-Masdar News
Greece warns Turkey that they are ready for war
Turkey sends large number of reinforcements to Iraq despite Baghdad's objections
More than 20 Turkish soldiers killed in northern Iraq: PKK
Turkish-backed Libyan forces consider Egypt's statement as 'declaration of war'
India deploys combat aircraft to disputed border region after clash with Chinese military
India wants to quickly buy 33 Russian fighter jets after conflict with China
North Korea raises stakes with military buildup along border with South.
US Coalition carries out first airstrikes over Iraq this month
June 20, 2020
Another Iranian ship approaching Venezuela despite US ban
Iran: France's test of nuclear-capable ballistic missile violates NPT
Egypt asks UN to intervene in Nile dam dispute with Ethiopia
Al Jazeera
Egypt's el-Sisi orders army to be ready for missions abroad
Al-Masdar News
Another Iranian ship is en route to Venezuela despite US warnings
US threatens UAE with sanctions if they help Syria
UAE-backed forces score big advance in several parts of southern Yemen
UAE-backed forces capture historical island in Yemen
IRGC commander says Iran will 'surprise' enemies with new long-range missile system
June 19, 2020
Pompeo demands Europe ditch trade with China and choose FREEDOM over TYRANNY (in favor of US)
China releases 10 Indian soldiers after border battle
China conducts military drill in Tibet amid border tensions with India
India to join meeting with Russia, China
Turkey deploys special forces to Iraq 'against Kurdish militants'
'US jets intercept Russian military aircraft'
Al Jazeera
China denies detaining Indian soldiers after reports say 10 freed
Clashes erupt between Yemen gov't forces, separatists in Socotra
Al-Masdar News
Indian and Pakistani forces exchange heavy fire along disputed border
Russian warplanes intercept US bombers in tit-for-tat move
Turkey plans to establish more bases in northern Iraq
Iran will soon develop hypersonic missiles: commander
Iran unveils new cruise missile to showcase naval strength in Persian Gulf
IRGC Navy seizes two ships in Persian Gulf
Egypt outperforms Israel and Turkey in new military power rankings
Egypt condemns Turkish and Iranian military operations in Iraq
Decisive battle brewing in Libya as Turkish-backed forces seek to capture oil fields
UAE-backed forces launch offensive on Yemeni island
June 18, 2020
NATO launches PROBE into France-Turkey naval standoff over Libya after Paris complains
Iraq summons Turkish envoy again, demands end to military op
Trump was unaware UK had nuclear weapons, Bolton says
Iran Navy test-fires new-generation cruise missiles
Ukraine receives $60mn worth of military aid from US
Washington Post
Pompeo, Chinese foreign policy chief meet in Hawaii as two sides trade insults and blame
Al Jazeera
Nepal Parliament approves new map that includes land India claims
Putin's rating is collapsing as anger grows in Russia
Al-Masdar News
Turkish warships intercept French frigate in Mediterranean
Turkish and Iranian forces team during new operation in Iraq
New rocket attack targets US embassy area in Baghdad
Egypt and Ethiopia are on the verge of war over water
Chinese military flexes might in front of Indian forces after deadly battle
Chinese military suffered 43 casualties in border battle with India: media
Russian military breaks through US blockade in northeast Syria
Iraqi PM says Iraq will stand by Iran despite US pressure
June 17, 2020
Turkey deploys special forces to Iraq 'against Kurdish militants'
Taliban militants kill at least 18 Afghan soldiers
11 civilians killed in Saudi airstrikes in northern Yemen
'US jets intercept Russian military aircraft'
Inter-Korean tensions reach breaking point amid threats of military action
Jordan, UK oppose Israel plot to legitimize Palestine occupation
S Sudan leaders reach key deal on control of states
Al Jazeera
North Korea deploys soldiers to S Korea border sites
Al-Masdar News
Chinese military suffers casualties in deadly battle with Indian forces
Iran announces its support for Turkish-backed gov't in Libya
June 16, 2020
20 Indian soldiers killed in clash with Chinese troops in border area, army says
Mexican president offers to sell gasoline to Venezuela, defying US sanctions
Iran plans 'monthly' shipments to Venezuela after US threat
Iran demands $6 billion oil payment from South Korea
North Korea blows up border liaison office, signaling anger at South
Iraq summons Turkish ambassador over deadly airstrikes
Japan cannot move ahead with US missile system: PM Abe
Russia sentences ex-US Marine to 16 years in jail for espionage
Johnson refuses to meet Dunn family
Kashmir clash: 20 Indian troops killed in fighting with Chinese forces
CIA cyber weapons stolen in historic breach due to 'woefully lax security'
Al-Masdar News
New missile attack targets airport hosting US forces in Iraq
Massive US convoy enters eastern Syria from neighboring Iraq
Iran's IRGC allegedly launches rare attack along Iraqi border
Taiwan intercepts Chinese warplane for 3rd time in 5 days
Russian, Egyptian forces to hold air defense exercises
June 15, 2020
Iraq slams Turkish strikes in semi-autonomous Kurdistan region
Japan halts deployment of US-made missile defense system
11 civilians killed in Saudi airstrikes in northern Yemen
US 'outraged' as Russia jails American for spying
US Air Force pilot dead after F-15 fighter jet crashes
Al Jazeera
Dozens of troops 'dead or missing' in northwest Mali attack
Al-Masdar News
Turkey launches new military operation inside Iraq, bombs refugee camp
Ethiopia is prepared to defend itself against Egypt over Renaissance Dam: military chief
June 14, 2020
'We'll PLEASANTLY SURPRISE them': Russia will be able to counter hypersonic weapons once other states develop them, Putin pledges
Kabul: Taliban killed or wounded 400+ security personnel in 1 week
20 soldiers, 40 civilians killed in Nigeria attacks
Lebanon PM says coup attempt fell apart after violent riots
US Senate after new F-35 -hub to deter China
Armenian police detain opposition supporters in Yerevan
UAE-backed militants seize 64bn Yemeni riyals in major heist
Al Jazeera
Russia, Turkey put off talks expected to discuss Libya and Syria
Al-Masdar News
US military aggressively chases Russian forces after driving through northeast Syria checkpoint
Iraqi base hosting US forces comes under attack
Egyptian Air Force intercepts 2 Russian military aircraft en route to Libya
Egypt seeks to acquire Russian weapon that will block Turkey in southern Mediterranean
Russian warplanes launch biggest attack in months over northwest Syria
Iran's IRGC intercepts boat in Persian Gulf
June 13, 2020
China slams UK, US 'interference' in Hong Kong affairs
Al Jazeera
Nepal Parliament approves new map as dispute with India escalates
Turkey and Russia to hold talks on Libya, Syria wars
Al-Masdar News
US military sends large convoy to northeast Syria amid continued buildup
Ready for war: Turkey sends powerful message to Egypt, Greece in massive military exercise
Turkey plans to establish 2 permanent military bases in Libya
Ballistic missile targets southern city in Saudi Arabia
June 12, 2020
Russia warns US not to deploy troops to Poland from Germany
US convoy of oil tankers enters area of Hasakah fields in Syria: SANA
Pentagon says will give Ukraine $250 million in military aid
Al Jazeera
Protests rock Lebanon as currency collapses
Al-Masdar News
Egypt is building new military base near Libyan border: report
Egypt and Italy to reach largest military deal amid sale of new warships
Turkey builds air bridge to Libya to help GNA offensive
US withdrew half of its forces from Iraq
Cruise missiles that struck Saudi Aramco last year were of Iranian origin: UN
June 11, 2020
Washington sanctions International Criminal Court officials investigating US war crimes
Soros & Steyer exposed as backers of 'paramilitary' left-wing group in undercover Project Veritas
Riyadh, allies under fire for dropping cluster bombs in Yemen
China slams 'provocative' flying of US military plane over Taiwan
US allies halve number of their troops in Iraq: Report
US targets 'kangaroo court' over war crimes probe
Al Jazeera
ICC authorises investigation into alleged Afghanistan war crimes
At least 10 soldiers killed in attack on Ivory Coast border post
Al-Masdar News
US attempted to bribe Iranian tankers en route to Venezuela: official
Powerful explosion rocks Baghdad's Green Zone after missile lands near US embassy
June 10, 2020
Call Russia 'sponsor of TERROR'! Imperial-minded House Republicans urge return to Cold War footing & drastic sanctions policy
US deploys aircraft carriers to halt a 2nd pandemic
Boko Haram kills 69, razes village in northern Nigeria
US intercepts Russian bombers and fighter jets off coast of Alaska
Al Jazeera
Turkey dismisses Egypt ceasefire offer as attempt to save Haftar
Tunisian parliament rejects bid for French colonialism apology
Al-Masdar News
Greece and Egypt prepare to block Turkish expansion in Mediterranean
Greek Navy intercepts Turkish ship en route to Libya
Saudi Arabia speaks out for first time about reopening embassy in Syria
Syrian Army intercepts US military convoy in northeast Syria
US B-52 strategic bomber loses hypersonic missile in mid-air
June 9, 2020
Trump orders polar ICEBREAKER FLEET build-up for 'strong Arctic security presence'
Prince Andrew 'FALSELY PORTRAYS' he's trying to assist US in Epstein probe - DOJ
'Turkey, Russia reach agreement over another S-400 batch'
Burundi president dies suddenly at 55
Russia raises stakes with 'brazen' military intervention in Libyan conflict
Al Jazeera
Iran says it will execute informant who led CIA to Soleimani
Al-Masdar News
Unknown group fires missile at Baghdad Airport
US military aircraft crashes north of Baghdad
Unknown group captures key oil field in southern Libya
Russian military comes under attack near Turkish border
Taiwanese Air Force intercepts Chinese warplanes in new show of force
June 8, 2020
Prince Andrew claims he's been TRYING TO HELP in Epstein probe but US authorities 'WANT PUBLICITY' instead of evidence
US Department of Justice demands UK hands over Prince Andrew for questioning over Epstein links - reports
Indian troops kill 4 more pro-independence fighters in Kashmir
'UAE failed expansionism in Libya, Yemen costs billions of dollars'
Iran opens key border bridge to Turkmenistan
US demands Britain hand over Prince Andrew to be quizzed over Epstein link
Al-Masdar News
'Huge' Egyptian military convoy heads to border of Libya: media
Russian warplanes unleash powerful attack on jihadist forces near Turkish border
Israel admits to bombing Iranian forces in 2 countries
Turkish presidency infuriated over raising of 'Byzantine flag' over mosque in Cyprus
Ukrainian MiG-29 jet 'stolen' by unknown group: media
June 7, 2020
Thousands of Israelis protest Netanyahu's 'apartheid' annexation bid
Indian forces kill five pro-independence fighters in Kashmir shootout
Japan says won't join US, others in condemning China's Hong Kong law
US Special Op forces testing Israeli-made smart rifle system in Syria
Al-Masdar News
Large US military convoy enters Syria from Iraq
US military aircraft spotted near Russia's main base in Syria
Over 40 US trucks enter Syria with materials to expand military bases
Israel used new F-35 jets to attack western Syria: Chinese media
Western powers lead new anti-China alliance
June 6, 2020
German officials call US troop withdrawal a 'wake-up call for Europeans' & chance to loosen ties
US to reduce troop numbers in Germany
Poland willing to host US troops withdrawn from Germany
Al Jazeera
India and China generals hold meeting to defuse border standoff
Kazakh police detain dozens of anti-government protesters
Al-Masdar News
Turkey is preparing to square off against Syrian, Russian forces in Idlib
Libyan Army launches major counter-offensive against Turkish-backed forces
Turkish-backed forces look to capture important port city from Libyan Army
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to run for Iranian presidency: media
June 5, 2020
Syrian air defenses thwart Israeli airstrike on Hama
Guaido at French embassy after Maduro says he is 'hiding'
Al-Masdar News
Iranian ship mysteriously sinks inside Iraqi territorial waters
Greece is ready for military conflict with Turkey: MoD
Greek group opens fire on Turkish police boat near border
Turkey demonstrated its power in Libya, Syria and Iraq: Erdogan
US prevents Lebanon from acquiring air defense systems so Israel can attack Syria: report
June 4, 2020
'Iraqi parl. will reject talks to prolong US military presence'
Libya government regains full control of Tripoli
June 3, 2020
In apparent signal to US: Putin endorses strategy of using nukes against conventional strike
Pentagon chief breaks with Trump on using military to crush protests
EU says US cannot allow Russia back in G7
Venezuela says needs more Iran fuel as US tightens pressure
China strongly protests to UK over foreign secretary's Hong Kong remarks
Norway joins chorus demanding Israel scrap annexation plan
Right-wing protesters in Italy demand resignation of government
US to ban passenger flights from China
Al Jazeera
GNA-aligned forces announce takeover of Tripoli airport
Kosovo legislators vote in new centre-right prime minister
Al-Masdar News
Syrian Army, US forces involved in standoff in northeast Syria
US forces intercept Russian military convoy in northeast Syria
Russian military comes under attack in northwestern Syria
British warplane intercepts Russian aircraft in 'successful' operation
Haftar heads to Egypt to coordinate against Turkish intervention in Libya
India ups the ante in military conflict with China by building new airstrip
US slams China over military confrontation with India along disputed border
US military deploys 1,600 soldiers to Washington DC, troops on high alert
June 2, 2020
Fifth Iranian fuel tanker sails into Venezuela waters
Al Jazeera
Philippines backtracks on termination of US military deal
Al-Masdar News
Turkish-backed forces fight one another in northeast Syria
US military convoy intercepted by Syrian Army, villagers in northeast Syria
Israeli and Lebanese troops nearly come to blows along border
Iranian soldier killed in border clash with unknown group
Austrian Parliament designates Hezbollah as terrorist entity, Israel applauds decision
June 1, 2020
Israeli forces training US police on large scale: Amnesty
US descends into chaos as thousands arrested, troops fire on crowds
Trump taken to underground bunker during White House protests
Libya army shells positions of Haftar's militias at Tripoli airport
Al Jazeera
Zimbabwe summons US envoy over George Floyd protest remarks
Al-Masdar News
Iran vows to ship more fuel to Venezuela despite US threats
Two tankers leave Venezuela for Iran after delivering fuel
Libyan Army retakes city from Turkish-backed forces
Egypt is preparing for massive military deal with European country
Russian naval fleet to receive advanced hypersonic missiles
Norway receives new batch of F-35 stealth fighters
May 31, 2020
India expels Pakistani embassy officials over 'SPYING'
Saudi activist reveals formation of council to oust bin Salman
Trump slams China over Hong Kong security law, threatens severe action
Indonesia, Malaysia warn of Israel's West Bank annexation; Jordan urges action
Gunmen kill dozens in eastern Burkina Faso
Trump postpones G7 and wants to invite Russia, Australia, India and South Korea
Al Jazeera
Egypt says 19 fighters killed in Sinai; 5 casualties among troops
Somalia: 10 killed as minibus hits roadside bomb near Mogadishu
Al-Masdar News
Fifth Iranian tanker nears Venezuelan waters to complete mission
May 30, 2020
Russian jets intercept US strategic bombers over Black Sea: Ministry
Unable to stop Iran fuel shipment to Venezuela, US threatens sanctions again
US threatens shipping companies aiding Iran and Venezuela
France, Germany, UK criticize US for ending Iran nuclear waivers
Al Jazeera
Sudan summons Ethiopia envoy over deadly cross-border attack
Al-Masdar News
Sudan warns of all-out war with neighboring Ethiopia
US may send military to Tunisia to counter 'Russian threat' in North Africa
China will attack Taiwan if left no option to prevent independence
Libyan Army shoots down '3 Turkish aircraft' in past 24 hours
Turkey to begin eastern Mediterranean oil exploration despite protests from Greece, Egypt, Cyprus
Pakistani Army shoots down Indian drone near disputed border region
Future threat? Egyptian Navy is developing at 'secret and rapid pace: Israeli media
Military researcher reveals truth about rumors claiming Egypt sunk Turkish frigate off Libyan coast
Iran calls for joint defense of Persian Gulf against US and foreign entities
US 'secretly' threatens any country helping Iran deliver fuel to Venezuela
Qatar complains Gulf blockade threatens security and stability
May 29, 2020
FOURTH oil-filled Iranian tanker reaches Venezuelan shores defying US pressure
Thanks, but no thanks? Trump rebuffed after offering to mediate India-China border standoff
Unable to stop Iran fuel shipment to Venezuela, US threatens sanctions again
Gunmen kill three border guards in northwestern Iran
South Korea 'stonewalling' Iran attempt to use oil money
14 Afghan forces killed in Taliban attack
Qatar dismisses rumors of Arab council exit amid diplomatic spat
Twitter flags China official's claim US military behind virus outbreak
Al Jazeera
Report: US considering charges against Venezuela's first lady
Al-Masdar News
Newly formed US force deploys to Venezuelan-Colombian border
Iran prepares for major confrontation by heavily arming IRGC in Persian Gulf
Fierce clashes breakout between Sudanese, Ethiopian forces: report
Russian military building new base near US forces in northeast Syria
May 28, 2020
US could conduct live NUCLEAR test 'within months' if Trump orders it
'NATO roulette': Norwegian port to host nuclear-powered US subs despite local objections
Venezuela hopes to have gold frozen by Britain returned in order to buy food and medical supplies amid Covid-19 pandemic
Civilians prevent US forces from entering two villages in NE Syria
Armed bandits kill 60 people in northwest Nigeria
Takfiri militants kill 40 civilians in DR Congo
Al Jazeera
Turkey, Greece spat over border policy and treatment of refugees
Ex-Malaysia PM Mahathir Mohamad expelled from own political party
Al-Masdar News
China and India brace for potential conflict as satellite images reveal heavy troop movement
Chinese aircraft carriers prepare for rare naval drills as US warships enter South China Sea
Iran amasses its forces in the Persian Gulf to counteract new US coalition
Russian military reaches Syrian, Iraqi, Turkish border triangle for first time
Powerful missile strike targets meeting of high-ranking Yemeni defense officials
May 27, 2020
Third Iranian tanker enters Venezuela's territorial waters
China's president orders military to prepare for war
Russia denies US claim of sending fighter jets to Libya
'US-led coalition deploys Patriot missile batteries at Syria gas field'
Al Jazeera
'All-out combat' feared as India, China engage in border standoff
Hundreds held as HK police use pepper pellets to disperse protest
Machete massacre in DRC kills 40 villagers
Iran Press
Qatar signs security pact with NATO
Al-Masdar News
Satellite images reveal China is dramatically increasing airbase near Indian border
US ready to conduct first nuclear test in 30 years
US soldiers allegedly wounded in attack by unknown group in east Syria
US denies transferring Patriot defense system to Syria
Syrian Army aggressively blocks US military's path in northeast Syria
Russian jet intercepts US military aircraft near Syrian coast
Turkish Air Force bombs northern Iraq region
Several drones target southern city in Saudi Arabia
Several Israel soldiers enter southern Lebanon amid air cover
May 26, 2020
'These are American policies': US ambassador to Germany clashes with MP who said envoy 'issued threats like a hostile power'
European Central Bank warns coronavirus response could raise fears of eurozone breakup
Israel snubs Beijing to give mega desalination project to local firm days after Pompeo warned about Chinese money
UN reveals secret Western mission backing Libya's rebels against Turkey
EU acknowledged China's rise, 'end of US-led system before our eyes'
Russia begins building first strategic stealth bomber: Report
'Israeli aircraft lands at Sudan airport amid normalization bid'
China's military promises to uphold 'national sovereignty' in Hong Kong
Al-Masdar News
India and China amass forces along disputed border region
Third Iranian tanker approaches Venezuela: report
Iran's IRGC threatens to burn ships smuggling fuel in Persian Gulf
New Egyptian Su-35 jets will have Russian super missile
Egypt chose Russian Su-35 because it outperformed US jets: report
Erdogan vows to now allow Israel annex Palestinian lands
May 25, 2020
Iran's second fuel tanker sails into Venezuela's waters: Telesur
HK security chief: Terrorism on rise amid renewed protests
US asks Israel to sever burgeoning ties with China: Paper
Al Jazeera
Taiwan offers help to Hong Kong activists as China tightens grip
Al-Masdar News
China vows to retaliate if US continues meddling in Hong Kong
May 24, 2020
US militarizes Caribbean to tighten blockade of Venezuela
US asks Israel to sever burgeoning ties with China: Paper
Protest erupts in Hong Kong over proposed security law
Netanyahu: Israel won't miss 'historic' annexation opportunity
3 civilians killed in Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen's Sa'ada
Italian MPs urge action against Israeli annexation plans
Israeli PM Netanyahu goes on trial for corruption
Al Jazeera
HK police fire tear gas at rally against proposed security law
Russian fighters flown out of western Libya after Haftar retreat
Al-Masdar News
Indian Army amasses troops along Chinese border amid heightened tensions
First Iranian tanker enters Venezuelan waters, receives naval escort
Elite US force flexes might in Persian Gulf to send 'message to Iran'
Sudanese Military Council refuses to meet with Qatari FM
Greece accuses Turkey of seizing its border territory
May 23, 2020
US mulls conducting first atomic bomb test since 1992
Egyptian police kill 21 suspected terrorists in North Sinai: Ministry
Johnson considers terminating Huawei role in UK 5G
US successfully tests laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight
Deutsche Welle
NATO allies alarmed, annoyed by US Open Skies exit
Al Jazeera
Israel's PM Netanyahu, unbeaten in elections, goes on trial
Al-Masdar News
First Iranian tanker to reach Venezuela in next 24 hours: report
US threatens Iranian tankers with 'imminent use of military force': Venezuela
US building new military bases in Syria's Raqqa amid Russian expansion
US provoking conflict between China and India: analyst
Libyan Army shoots down 5th Turkish aircraft in last 72 hours
May 22, 2020
Trusted NATO ally Germany set to abide by Open Skies Treaty even after US pullout, calls on others to make it stay
Guaido 'GREATLY MISLED' us ahead of botched Venezuela coup - ex-US Green Beret on interrogation tape
Russia: Israeli annexation may lead to violence escalation in region
Al-Masdar News
Large cyber attack against Israel conducted from Gaza, Turkey, North Africa
Jordanian PM threatens to reconsider relations with Israel over West Bank annexation
May 21, 2020
Syrian army forces block US military convoy in Hasakah
US blocks Russian-proposed Security Council statement on incursion into Venezuela
Venezuela's military to escort Iranian oil tankers
Nepal issues new map claiming contested territories with India as its own
Venezuela sues Bank of England over $1 billion worth of gold reserves
Al Jazeera
Trump to withdraw US from Open Skies arms control treaty
Al-Masdar News
Heavily-armed US convoy enters Syria to expand base and disrupt Russian operation
US threatens China with strong response over Hong Kong
US sells Taiwan 18 heavy missiles amid increased tensions with China
US amasses large aerial force in Japan despite coronavirus crisis
US military aircraft approaches Russia's largest airbase in Syria for 2nd time
Libyan Army to launch largest air campaign in country's history against Turkish military
May 20, 2020
US tells vessels in Persian Gulf to stay 100m away from warships
Al Jazeera
Hundreds killed in inter-communal clashes in South Sudan
Al-Masdar News
Iranian Navy clashes with heavily armed ship in Persian Gulf
Syrian Army intercepts US military convoy in northeast Syria
Tensions rise between Egypt, Turkey as Sisi warns Erdogan over Libya
Indian Army blocking Chinese military along border: report
All 5 Iranian tankers enter Atlantic en route to Venezuela
New US F-35 aircraft crashes during night flight
May 19, 2020
Rocket hits area near US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone
UN alarmed by rising civilian casualties in Afghanistan
'EU won't recognize any Israeli changes to 1967 borders'
Al Jazeera
Protests, clashes in Kashmir after India forces kill top Hizbul Mujahideen rebel
UK, US denounce Russia's role in Libya's war
Al-Masdar News
Russia warns US against deploying nuclear weapons to Poland
India rushes troops to front-lines with China in Galwan
Three missiles land near US embassy in Baghdad
Seven Pakistani soldiers killed in two attacks inside Baluchistan
Israeli forces fire flares along Lebanese border amid infiltration attempt
May 18, 2020
US surveillance aircraft spotted near Russian base in Syria
UK-flagged tanker attacked in Gulf of Aden: Report
Opposition lawmakers provoke brawl at Hong Kong parliament
Bloodshed in Afghanistan: Blast causes dozens of casualties
Al Jazeera
Lesotho PM Thabane says stepping down amid ex-wife's murder probe
Al-Masdar News
Armada of Iranian tankers enters Atlantic amid fears of major showdown with US Navy
Battle for southern Yemen rages as UAE and Saudi-backed forces clash
Turkish-backed forces capture Russian-made air defense system
Egypt challenges US to acquire one of Russia's most powerful weapons
May 17, 2020
Iran's fuel shipment to Venezuela guaranteed by its missile power
Libya's army destroys Haftar's air defense system, drone south Tripoli
UAE dispatched mercenaries to help rebels in Libya: UN report
Afghan President Ghani, rival Abdullah strike power-sharing deal
Pompeo under investigation over sacking watchdog
Rwanda genocide survivors welcome Kabuga arrest
Al Jazeera
Somalia: Governor killed in suicide bombing claimed by al-Shabab
Al-Masdar News
Chinese ambassador to Israel found dead
British ship comes under attack off the coast of Yemen
Israel seeks to restore ties with Turkey over common interests in Syria: report
Turkey resumes airstrikes over Iraqi-Kurdistan region
Another Turkish aircraft is shot down by Libyan Army forces near Tunisian border
Russian military developing new material that enemy radars are unable to detect
Iran summons Swiss envoy over US threats to intercept tankers heading to Venezuela
May 16, 2020
POLAND would gladly host American nukes if Germany refuses, US envoy claims, fanning 'Cuban missile crisis 2.0'
Pentagon: US developing range of hypersonic missiles
US to send oil to Belarus in latest inroad into Russia's orbit
Turkey censures Israel's 'modern vandalism,' warns of more conflict
Al-Masdar News
US considers taking measures against Iranian ships heading to Venezuela
Egypt to become 1st Arab country to operate Russia's Su-35 jet
May 15, 2020
Daesh terrorists confess to cooperation with US in Syria's al-Tanf
Venezuela captures 39 'army deserters' over botched plot
Al-Masdar News
Iranian tankers head to Venezuela as US warships deploy to Caribbean
US considers taking measures against Iranian ships heading to Venezuela
US-backed forces seize Syrian Commercial Bank in Hasakah
Egyptian military unveils new naval frigate
Israeli military focus on developing new F-35
May 14, 2020
'I've never seen a contract for toppling a govt': Venezuelan VP decries Guaido's hiring of US mercenaries to Rafael Correa
Half of world nuclear arms spending last year by US: Report
Boeing secures cruise missile contracts with Saudi Arabia
Al-Masdar News
Iran seeks to break through US blockade to deliver fuel to Venezuela
US-backed forces seize Syrian Commercial Bank in Hasakah
US to supply Saudi Arabia with over 1,000 new missiles
Satellite image reveals Syria's S-300 system is combat ready
Russia's S-400 causes first casualties for F-35 as Lockheed Martin runs out of parts once made in Turkey
May 13, 2020
Oops! FBI accidentally reveals name of Saudi diplomat who helped 9/11 hijackers after years of 'national security' stonewalling
US anti-ISIS chief says his goal in Syria is to create a 'quagmire' for Russia, not battle terrorism
Juan Guaido had White House meeting with boss of US mercenary firm behind bungled Venezuela coup - interrogation tape
Merkel cites 'hard evidence' she was victim of 'Russian hackers', says it doesn't help mend ties with Moscow
In 'giant' blunder, FBI names mysterious Saudi official in 9/11 case
Turkey: UAE fueling Mideast chaos through Libya, Yemen interventions
Pompeo in Israel for annexation talks as Palestinian rage spirals
China warns France against selling weapons to Taiwan
Niger: 75 Boko Haram militants killed in cross-border security operations
Al Jazeera
Ashraf Ghani orders troops to resume offensive against Taliban
Al-Masdar News
US congress seeks answers from Trump about Venezuela 'invasion'
Libyan Army shoots down Turkish aircraft south of Tripoli
Turkey accuses 5 countries of forming 'alliance of evil'
China warns India to avoid actions that could lead to war
May 12, 2020
Venezuela nabs more US-linked mercenaries, Washington in denial
Al-Masdar News
Fighter jet, choppers scramble as standoff escalates between Chinese, Indian troops
India worried China is planning to create artificial islands in Maldives
Two Juan Guaido advisers resign after failed invasion
US mercenaries went through with Venezuela operation despite being outed weeks earlier
Heavy clashes erupt between UAE and Saudi-backed forces in southern Yemen
Syrian civilians block US forces from entering their villages
May 11, 2020
India, China troops scuffle along disputed border: Indian army
Libya rebels intensify campaign to overtake Tripoli
Chinese and Indian soldiers engage in 'aggressive' cross-border skirmish
Al-Masdar News
Venezuelan forces seize '8 mercenaries' attempting to invade from Colombia
US military convoy enters Syria, deploys to large oil field
Five countries slam Turkey's 'illegal' movements in the Mediterranean
China intensifies military presence in South China Sea amid fears of future confrontation with US
May 10, 2020
'Aggressive confrontation' between Indian & Chinese troops causes injuries on both sides, reports claim
US army killed 108 Afghan civilians in 2019: Pentagon
Four Yemenis, including child, killed in Saudi shelling
Riots resume in Iraq after three months of relative calm
Protracted Saudi war draws Turkey to Yemen after Libya
Malta envoy quits after comparing Merkel to Hitler
Al Jazeera
Hundreds gather in Hong Kong malls as anti-gov't rallies reemerge
Al-Masdar News
Indian and Chinese forces involved in fierce clashes along border region
Venezuelan military arrest 3 mercenaries attempting to infiltrate from Colombia
US military blocks Russian Army convoy in northeastern Syria
Libyan Army shoots 3rd Turkish aircraft in last 24 hours
Over 30 Syrian soldiers killed in deadliest attack in 2 months
May 9, 2020
Russia helping Venezuela search for US-linked 'coup' members
US sets up new military base in Syria's oil-rich Dayr al-Zawr: Report
Anti-Russia alliance in tatters as Ukraine, Georgia feud over Saakashvili
France 24
US withdraws support for UN Security Council global ceasefire resolution
Al Jazeera
Libya: Tripoli sustains massive rocket attack; planes ablaze
Venezuela troops seize abandoned Colombian combat boats, weapons
Egypt's el-Sisi expands powers, citing coronavirus pandemic
Belarus holds massive Victory Day parade despite coronavirus
Ethiopia admits shooting down Kenya aid aircraft in Somalia
Al-Masdar News
Breaking: Venezuelan military seizes 3 Colombian naval boats
Six Pakistani soldiers killed near Iranian border
Turkish military HQ in Libya engulfed in flames after alleged Libyan Army attack
Jihadists launch attack on largest Russian base in Syria
May 8, 2020
Venezuela charges two Americans with terrorism and conspiracy over failed mercenary plot
Hong Kong legislature descends into chaos as lawmakers BRAWL
US mercenary says group plotted to seize Venezuela's presidential palace
UAE turns Saudi into its subordinate in Libya war: Report
US pulling Patriot missiles from Saudi Arabia: Report
Australia decries US for promoting Wuhan lab conspiracy
Al-Masdar News
Venezuelan opposition signed $213 million contract with US mercenary group to topple Maduro
Mini Cold War: US and Russia expand bases, buildup forces in east Syria
Turkish airstrike kills 9 Libyan Army officers in western Libya
NATO member Turkey activates S-400 system despite US threats
Russian military to get new S-500 system next year
May 7, 2020
Israel court ignores Netanyahu's crimes, says can form govt.
Daesh terrorists kill 11 govt. forces in eastern Syria: Report
Al Jazeera
US to remove Patriots, other military assets from Saudi Arabia
Russian group's 1,200 mercenaries fighting in Libya: UN report
Al-Masdar News
Juan Guaido takes refuge at European embassy after mercenary arrests: Cabello
Heavily-armed Russian military convoy heads to northeast Syria
Greece to restore ties with Syria amid conflict with Turkey
Chinese President receives warning of potential military conflict with US: report
May 6, 2020
Katyusha rockets land near airport in Iraqi capital
Iran busts 2 terrorist groups, seizes their arms
Russia's Putin awards WWII medal to North Korea's Kim
Al Jazeera
Venezuela broadcasts video of captured US mercenary
Indian troops kill top Kashmir rebel commander
Israel parliament to vote on controversial coalition deal
Al-Masdar News
Captured US mercenary admits plan to kidnap Maduro, take him to US on airplane
US soldier killed in northwestern Iraq
Baghdad Airport attack targeted US Coalition advisers: report
Three Iranian IRGC soldiers killed in border attack
Israeli forces target northern Gaza after missile strike
May 5, 2020
Maduro says 2 Americans 'on Trump's security team' were among 'mercenaries' behind failed invasion attempt
Chinese leaders warned to prepare for armed conflict with US
IRGC kills several terrorists in security operation in western Iran
RAF in new Iraq bombing raid
Iraq steps up anti-terror ops amid warnings of 'US-Daesh plot'
Sudan appoints first ambassador to US in over 25 years
Al Jazeera
Israeli aircraft reportedly pound military outposts in Syria
Al-Masdar News
Venezuela captures 8 'mercenaries' and infamous leader
Israeli warplanes bomb Syria's Aleppo from US-held areas
May 4, 2020
Taliban stage deadly bomb attack in Afghanistan
Al Jazeera
One dead, dozens injured in Lebanon riots with banks smashed
Al-Masdar News
Venezuelan military foils another naval invasion from Colombia
Russian navy trails NATO warships armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles
Russia is ready to sell S-400 air defense system to Iraq
Qatar says rumors about coup in Doha are 'fabricated'
May 3, 2020
'Invasion by sea': Venezuela thwarts 'mercenary' infiltration attempt from Colombia
High-ranking Indian military staff killed in prolonged hostage rescue operation in Kashmir
CIA & MI6 put together 'scientific' dossier 'targeting China's Covid-19 cover-up' - as West readies to demand Beijing COMPENSATION
Covid contradiction? Pompeo believes coronavirus was 'man-made,' also agrees with intelligence that it was not
Fierce gun battles leave 9 dead in India-controlled Kashmir
Russian troops block US convoy in northeastern Syria
Brazil top court blocks president's bid to expel Venezuela diplomats
Israelis seize vast Palestinian land to build cemetery for settlers
Thousands protest Netanyahu-Gantz alliance deal ahead of trial
North and South Korea in rare exchange of gunfire
Al Jazeera
Venezuela says eight killed in foiled 'invasion by sea'
Egypt says 18 suspected armed fighters killed in Sinai firefight
Al-Masdar News
Russia is developing new weapon to destroy enemy satellites: report
Turkish warplanes 'harass' Greek chopper carrying Minister of Defense
US deploys B-1 bombers, troops to Guam for 'China deterrence'
May 2, 2020
Iran to pursue US forces in Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman: IRGC
Major resistance group warns of US plot to transfer Daesh into Iraq
Daesh attack kills 10 Hashd al-Sha'abi forces in Iraq
Saudi-, UAE-backed mercenaries clash again in Yemen's Socotra
Russia to replace human soldiers with robots: Report
US forces shoot dead civilian in eastern Syria
Al Jazeera
Libya war new flashpoint between rivals Turkey and UAE
Tanzania opposition MPs to boycott Parliament after 3 MPs die
Al-Masdar News
Show of force: Russian military blocks US convoy in northeast Syria
Ex-Green Beret was behind failed coup attempt against Venezuelan President: AP
UN-recognized Libyan GNA fighters vow to 'kill every woman' in strategic city
May 1, 2020
'Israeli gunships attack several positions in southern Syria'
S Korea seems denying Trump's claim of deal to pay more for US troops
Pakistan FM lauds Iran Leader's support for Kashmir
Taliban attacks higher than usual following US peace deal -- report
Violent protests erupt in Lebanon as pandemic adds fire to financial crisis
Al Jazeera
India, Pakistan 'nuclear purchase networks larger than thought'
Afghanistan president, feuding rival reach 'tentative' agreement
Bolivia's parliament passes law calling for elections in 90 days
Al-Masdar News
US warships entered Iranian territory during naval drills: IRGC
Turkey tells UAE to stick to its borders in scathing attack
April 30, 2020
'Iran will strike US bases if its security comes under threat'
'Russia ready to provide Iraq with S-400 missiles if requested'
'UAE delegation visits Sudan to recruit mercs for Libya rebel cmdr.'
Germany bans Hezbollah and raids mosques
Al-Masdar News
Russia will respond with nuclear weapons to any US ballistic missile attack: FM spox.
US claims its ready to use nuclear arsenal despite COVID-19 outbreak
US Sec. of State calls on countries to block Iranian airline after flight to Venezuela
US threatens to withdraw military from Saudi Arabia over oil crisis: report
US supports Turkey's presence in northwestern Syria: envoy
Israel's secret activities in Syria are ongoing and successful: army commander
Turkey accuses Egypt of destabilizing Libya, slams accusations of supporting terrorists
Iran to strengthen presence in Persian Gulf via strategic islands
Saudi Arabia, Israel welcome Germany's decision to designate Hezbollah a terrorist entity
NATO chopper goes missing over Mediterranean
April 29, 2020
'It's the Persian Gulf, not Gulf of NY': Rouhani schools US as Iranian military tells America to prepare for 'HARDER SLAP'
'Get him to lie so we can prosecute him': New docs reveal FBI plan to set up General Flynn in perjury trap
Go battle Covid-19 at home! Chinese Navy 'expels US warship from territorial waters'
40 killed, dozens injured in bomb attack in northern Syria
Al-Masdar News
US warship seizes Venezuelan vessel in southwestern Pacific
US military aircraft spotted near Russian bases along Syrian coast: report
Several European fighter jets intercept Russian bombers over Baltic
April 28, 2020
US deploys new military reinforcements to Syria's Hasakah
40 killed, dozens injured in bomb attack in northern Syria
Pentagon admits killing civilians during airstrikes in Somalia
Chinese military warns US warship to leave South China Sea
Al-Masdar News
Russian 'ISIS killer' submarine heads to Syria armed with cruise missiles
ISIS suffers tremendous losses during large-scale Iraqi military operation
Norwegian F-16 intercepts Russian long-range bomber
April 27, 2020
Syrian air defenses repel 'Israeli aggression', down several 'hostile' missiles over Damascus - state media
Two US soldiers go missing after coming under attack in NE Syria
UN warns about 'disturbing' rise in violence after US-Taliban deal
US reports civilian deaths in Somali air strike
Al-Masdar News
Israel launches heavy strikes over Syrian capital
Israeli airstrikes kill 3 civilians in southern Damascus: SANA
Turkish-backed militants clash with one another in northeast Syria
Massive military operation launched along Syrian-Iraqi border
April 26, 2020
China boosts oil imports from Russia, while slashing purchases from Saudi Arabia
UAE-backed separatists quit Saudi deal, declare self-rule in Aden
Pompeo to claim US didn't quit Iran nuclear deal to make UN impose arms embargo
Al Jazeera
UAE taking steps to gain control of Sudan's main port
Al-Masdar News
UAE-backed forces take control of largest airport in southern Yemen
British warplanes carry out first strikes over Iraq this year
Libyan Army attacks Turkey's main base in Libya
Protesters pelt Turkish soldiers with rocks in Idlib as they clear...
US deploys F-35 jets to airbase after Russian aircraft approach airspace
US, Iraq to negotiate American withdrawal from country: report
April 25, 2020
'Nearly 10k Syria militants recruited by Turkey to fight in Libya'
Al Jazeera
Saudi Arabia abolishes flogging as punishment
Al-Masdar News
Russian Su-27 jets intercept Belgian F-16 warplane
US warns Russia to stop testing their air defenses
April 24, 2020
Saudis started oil price war after MBS-Putin shouting match: Report
Al Jazeera
Saakashvili: Georgia's ex-leader set to become Ukraine deputy PM
Brazil justice minister resigns, accuses Bolsonaro of meddling
Al-Masdar News
US warship crosses Taiwan Strait for 2nd time despite China's warning
Iran unveils 2nd military satellite amid US condemnation
April 23, 2020
Al-Masdar News
US military forced to turnaround in northeast Syria after residents block convoy
Turkish-backed GNA accuses Libyan Army of using chemical weapons
April 22, 2020
Trump instructs US Navy to shoot down and destroy all Iranian gunboats that 'harass our ships at sea'
IRGC shoots Iran's first military satellite into orbit
Australian frigate joins US fleet in South China Sea
Militants massacre 52 villagers in northern Mozambique
Hong Kong reshuffles cabinet to revive economy hit by pandemic
April 21, 2020
US threatens Turkey with sanctions again amid S-400 dispute
Syria seizes US-made missiles, ammunition in terrorist redoubts
China slams Vietnam over South China Sea claims, defends sovereignty
Germany rejects suit against Merkel over Soleimani assassination
Al Jazeera
Two US warships in South China Sea amid China-Malaysia standoff
Biden: I would pick Michelle Obama as VP 'in a heartbeat'
Al-Masdar News
Egyptian Army kicks off massive operation in northern Sinai
Kurdish forces, NDF clash in northeastern Syria
Russia's new S-350 missile system to boost military's capabilities: report
April 20, 2020
US oil benchmark goes NEGATIVE for first time after 300% price plummet
Israeli PM Netanyahu and rival Gantz agree to form 'unity' government to avoid another election
Caracas slams Washington for seizure of Venezuela's money in US bank
Russian fighter jet intercepts US spy plane off Syrian coast
US military vehicle attacked in Syria's Hasakah: Report
Taliban kill 23 security forces, 9 civilians in Afghanistan
Iran increases range of naval missiles to 700km: IRGC cmdr.
Al Jazeera
Israeli coalition deal keeps Netanyahu in power
Al-Masdar News
Russia may break Venezuela blockade with subs, warships: media
April 19, 2020
IRGC Navy warns off US warships in Persian Gulf
3 Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir militant attack: India
Anti-Netanyahu rally draws thousands under coronavirus curbs
Al Jazeera
Polls close in Mali election held despite threats of violence
Al-Masdar News
Russian jet flew within 7 meters of US aircraft during incident near Syrian coast: media
April 18, 2020
At least 2 troopers killed in militant attack on paramilitary police in Indian-controlled Kashmir
CIA recruiting mercenaries in Syria as US tightens grip on oil fields
US to scale back CIA presence in Afghanistan: NY Times
Iraqi parliament calls for purchase of Russian S-400 system
Al Jazeera
Under fire, Lesotho PM deploys army on streets to 'restore order'
Al-Masdar News
Syrian villagers expel large US military convoy in northeast Syria
Prominent Palestinian journalist accuses CIA of using COVID-19 crisis to steal Syrian oil
Libyan Army unleashes heavy attack on main Turkish base in Tripoli
Russian missile cruiser heading to Syria: report
April 17, 2020
Syrian villagers force US military convoy to return to base
China denies US claims of holding secret nuclear tests
Israel 'heading towards record fourth election'
Al-Masdar News
Turkey bombs Iraq again despite Baghdad's disapproval
Russian Navy showcases might as US warships enter Black Sea
Russia accuses US of deploying weapons to space
April 16, 2020
'Saudi-led coalition conducts over 200 airstrikes despite truce'
Al-Masdar News
Syrian Army, villagers intercept US military convoy in northeast Syria
Israeli warplanes fly over Beirut and Syrian-Lebanese border for 2nd time this week
US possibly testing nuclear weapons in Nevada: Russia
April 15, 2020
Iraq PM-designate 'resolved to end illegal foreign military presence'
Al-Masdar News
Turkey defies US threats, will keep Russian S-400
No more peace: Tripoli-based Libyan gov't refuses to negotiate with Haftar
ABC News
Armed men seize, release tanker off Iran by Strait of Hormuz
April 14, 2020
Saudi Arabia blocks Turkish state media outlets
Al-Masdar News
Haftar-led Libyan gov't slams Erdogan as 'godfather of terrorism'
NBC News
North Korea fires barrage of missiles from ground and air
April 13, 2020
India, Pakistan troops engage in Kashmir, civilians get killed
Libya's GNA recaptures two strategic cities from Haftar forces
Israeli reconnaissance drones violate Lebanese airspace
Luxembourg court rejects US request to seize Iranian assets
Al-Masdar News
Turkish-backed Libyan forces capture 2 cities west of Tripoli
April 12, 2020
Iraq's new choice for Prime Minister suggests defeat of US pressure
US steps up intrusion as Iraq's new PM seeks to form govt.
UAE buys Israeli missile system for Libya rebels: Report
Turkey's interior minister resigns over lockdown decision, Erdogan rejects
Al Jazeera
Three civilians killed as India, Pakistan trade fire across LoC
Israel president denies Gantz more time to form government
Al-Masdar News
Russian military expands presence in northeast Syria to challenge US forces
US and Saudi officials hold talks after threat of withdrawing American forces
New Russian S-500 system capable of repelling attacks from space: expert
April 11, 2020
US keeps forces in Iraq, puts missile systems into operation
Iraq's new choice for Prime Minister suggests defeat of US pressure
US dispatches fresh military convoy to oil-rich northeastern Syria
US senators threaten to review Saudi ties, warn of 'lifeline' loss
Saudi declares Yemen truce, then promptly breaks it with air raids
'Turkey sends 100s allied militants from Syria to Libya'
Al-Madar News
Heavy clashes reported between Indian and Pakistani armies in Kashmir
US military sends large convoy of reinforcements to northeast Syria
China holds naval drills near Taiwan in preparation for military struggle : experts
April 10, 2020
UN chief warns of biological terrorist threat amid pandemic
Israel threatens Hezbollah in Syria days after assassinating member in Lebanon
China slams 'venomous' attack as US sides with Taiwan in row
Chad army says 52 troops, 1,000 Takfiri militants killed in offensive
Al-Masdar News
Turkish-backed GNA forces bomb LNA airbase in southern Tripoli
US thwarts Russia's effort to form new force in Syria
April 9, 2020
Turkish military dispatches another convoy to northern Syria
Al Jazeera
Chadian troops 'kill 1,000 Boko Haram fighters' in Lake Chad
Al-Masdar News
Venezuelan warplanes intercept US military aircraft: Russian media
ISIS launches heavy attacks on Syrian Army positions in east Syria
Egypt delivers military equipment to Libyan Army
April 8, 2020
US gives Israel army 1mn masks while Americans have to make their own
'Some 300 Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen in 7 days'
Canada threatens retaliation over US's cancellation of medical supply delivery
'US attempt to block Iranian funds in Europe nullified'
ABC News: US intelligence warned of China's spreading contagion in November
Al Jazeera
UN watchdog rules Syrian government behind 2017 toxic attacks
Al-Masdar News
Turkish military expands presence in northeastern Syria
US allegedly threatens withdraw military, air defenses from Saudi Arabia over oil prices: media
OPCW accuses Syrian military of using chemical weapons in Hama
April 7, 2020
'There may be retaliation': Trump says India may face US wrath if PM Modi fails to overturn export ban on Covid-19 treatment
Syrian army, civilians block US military convoy in Hasaka
Venezuela's Maduro pens open letter to Americans
US forces to withdraw from another military base in Iraq
Ecuador ex-president Correa jailed in absentia
Al-Masdar News
Russian reinforcements pour into northeast Syria after US convoy enters from Iraq
Turkish military attacks Syrian Army troops in northern Syria
US to hold 'strategic talks' about military presence in Iraq: Pompeo
April 6, 2020
Rockets hit near foreign oil firms in Basra amid alert in Iraq
'US military dispatches 35 trucks to oil-rich eastern Syria'
US planning to target Iraqi PMU commanders: Lawmaker
Turkish-backed terrorists in Syria protest salaries
Al Jazeera
Up to 20 Malian soldiers killed in attack on military base
Al-Masdar News
Large US military convoy enters northeast Syria from Iraq
Russian military to test new hypersonic missile
Unidentified object violates Iranian airspace and activates air defenses
US military testing capabilities of Russia's S-400 system in Syria
April 5, 2020
Iraq's anti-terror forces vow to end US 'occupation'
'US-led coalition airdrops munitions to Syria's largest oil field'
Fierce gun battles leave a dozen dead in Indian-controlled Kashmir
Al-Masdar News
Venezuela mobilizes forces for potential confrontation with US
Iran deploys missile launchers along Strait of Hormuz as tensions with US increase
Ansarallah forces strike important oil facility in northern Yemen
April 4, 2020
CENTCOM confirms deploying new Patriot missiles to Iraq
US-led coalition hands over another base to Iraqi army
UAE backs anti-Saudi groups in Yemen as rifts widen: Report
Al-Masdar News
Greece and Turkey enter war of words at NATO meeting
US military withdraws from 5th military base in Iraq
Iraqi factions vow to attack US forces in Iraq until they fully withdraw
April 3, 2020
'US breaching Iraqi sovereignty by deploying Patriot missiles'
Iraqi anti-terror groups say on alert for false-flag US operations
India mulls buying submarines from Russia after MiG-29 jets
Al-Masdar News
NATO plans to expand mission in Iraq: report
Turkish military launches attack against Syrian Army troops in northern Aleppo
China responds to US naval incursion by flexing might in Pacific
Chinese-made high-end missile sees first export despite pandemic
Ansarallah forces confront enemy warplane with new air defense missile
April 2, 2020
'US transfers 20 truckloads of military equipment from Iraq to Syria'
Turkish forces, militants shell Syrian villages, kill civilians
UK, Germany, France use INSTEX to circumvent US sanctions
Al Jazeera
Philippines ambassador to Lebanon dies of COVID-19
April 1, 2020
Amnesty International: US air strikes killed civilians in Somalia
US forces withdraw from strategic airbase in Iraq's Anbar
US lawmakers press Trump to lift Iran sanctions amid virus fight
Afghan government, Taliban hold face-to-face talks for first time
Yemen warns Saudi jets airdropping virus-infected masks
Al Jazeera
Russian plane takes off for US with coronavirus help on board
Iran warns US after Patriot missile deployment to Iraq
Al-Masdar News
US forces intercept Russian military convoy in northeast Syria
US military preparing to withdraw from oldest base in Iraq
Several NATO countries withdraw troops from Iraq: report
Turkish warship attacks Libyan Army after shooting down aircraft
March 31, 2020
'Iraq to take back more bases from US-led coalition in coming days'
Iraqi resistance forces say fully prepared ahead of reported US operation
First deal conducted under EU trade mechanism with Iran: Germany
Al-Masdar News
US prepares for major escalation with Iran as they deploy Patriot missiles to Iraq
US military allegedly intercepted enemy missiles at Ayn Al-Assad Base in Iraq
Libyan Army captures important area near Tripoli as Turkish-backed forces suffer heavy losses
Saudi Arabia enters peace talks in Yemen after massive attack by Ansarallah forces
European countries to send medical aid to Iran in first INSTEX transaction
March 30, 2020
US-led forces pull out of Nineveh base in northern Iraq
Taliban kill 6 soldiers in southern Afghanistan
Hungarian parliament votes to let Viktor Orban rule by decree
Al Jazeera
Saudi-UAE coalition carries out air raids on Yemen's Sanaa
Hungary's PM Orban gets sweeping powers to tackle coronavirus
Al-Masdar News
US military withdraws from 4th base in Iraq
March 29, 2020
US forces pack up and leave Kirkuk airbase... but pulling out of Iraq still off the table
Yemen says hits sensitive sites in Saudi capital by missiles, drones
Riyadh targeted in Yemen's first missile reprisal since Sept.
US forces pull out from strategic K1 Air Base in northern Iraq
Turkey deploys US-made air system to Idlib despite truce: Report
Libyan government airstrike kills senior rebel commanders
Taliban reject Afghan government's negotiating team
North Korea launches 2 unidentified projectiles: South
Al Jazeera
US-led forces pull out of third Iraqi base this month
Saudis not bowing to Trump admin pressure to end oil price war
Al-Masdar News
Ansarallah forces launch largest attack inside Saudi Arabia since start of Yemen War
Saudi Arabia accuses Yemen's Ansarallah forces of attacking Riyadh
March 28, 2020
'US to send equipment to terrorists in camp in Syria'
Assad receives phone call from UAE leader as Syria wins war
Iran to enhance explosive power of missile warheads: Minister
Turkey accuses Saudi Arabia of concealing coronavirus cases
Al Jazeera
Taliban refuses to talk to newly-formed Afghan government team
Al-Masdar News
US military ordered to plan for major escalation with Iran in Iraq: report
Israel attacks several areas inside Gaza
US plans to transfer cargo to Syrian militants disguised as aid to refugees: Russian military
Turkish military sends US-made air defense system to Idlib: video
UAE Crown Prince expresses support to Syria in phone call with Syrian President
Russia's S-500 system will be deployed this year after successful tests
March 27, 2020
Trump signs TAIPEI Act, threatening 'consequences' for nations that fail to toe US line on Taiwan
Syrian army, civilians block US military convoy in Hasakah
Iraq's PMU holds drill in preparation for possible war with US
Deutsche Welle
NATO: North Macedonia becomes 30th member
Al-Masdar News
Russia tests self-propelled anti-missile system
Turkish-backed forces fight each other in northern Syria
March 26, 2020
Washington brings NARCO-TERRORISM charges against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
US puts NEW sanctions on Iran, despite calls for relief amid massive coronavirus outbreak
'US-led coalition hands over base in northern Iraq to army forces'
Mali opposition leader goes missing with 11 others
Coronavirus: Mike Pompeo insists G7 use 'Wuhan Virus' - but world officials refuse
Al Jazeera
In shock move, Benny Gantz elected speaker of Israel's parliament
Al-Masdar News
Rockets land near US embassy in Baghdad
US warship armed with Tomahawk missiles enters Taiwan Strait amid row with China
British Navy intercepts 7 Russian warships in North Sea waters
Russia completes test of S-500 missile defense system
Turkish-backed Libyan forces take advantage of ceasefire to launch big operation
March 25, 2020
Trump secretly seeks 'urgent' covid-19 help
US urged to release health info of military athletes who came to Wuhan in Oct. 2019
Pentagon warns coronavirus crisis could last for months in US
US cuts $1 billion in Afghan aid over leaders' impasse: Pompeo
Boko Haram militants kill at least 92 Chadian soldiers
Al Jazeera
Netanyahu ally resigns, deepening Israeli political turmoil
Gunmen kill 25 in raid on Kabul Sikh temple
Al-Masdar News
French forces withdraw from Iraq after several years inside the country
Russian military testing new hypersonic missile
Russian Navy tracks NATO ships in Black Sea waters
March 24, 2020
US appeals for foreign aid as coronavirus crisis deepens
Syrian soldiers, residents force US military convoy to retreat
Al Jazeera
At least 50 Nigerian soldiers killed in Boko Haram ambush
Al-Masdar News
Breaking: Explosions reported at Iraqi base hosting US troops
US displays military might in Persian Gulf after Iran nearly attacks F-18 jets
US carries out large-scale military exercises in UAE
Turkish forces come under attack in southern Idlib
Russia showcases new Buk-M3 air defense system
March 23, 2020
Iran examining possibility of coronavirus being biowarfare
'US to build new base in western Iraq for Patriot deployment'
Pompeo rushes to Afghanistan to help salvage US-Taliban deal
Al Jazeera
Dutch MH17 trial suspended until June
Al-Masdar News
Libyan Army strikes airbase hosting Turkish troops in Tripoli
Libyan Army killed 4 Turkish soldiers, Syrian militant leader near Tripoli
Syrian Army, civilians block US military convoy near Qamishli
Pompeo accuses Iran of spreading coronavirus to 5 countries
March 22, 2020
Pakistan PM urges US to lift Iran sanctions amid virus outbreak
UAE-, Saudi-backed militants clash in Yemen's Aden again
Al-Masdar News
Iranian military nearly fired on US F-18 jet: video
US officials admit killing Qassem Soleimani has backfired: report
March 21, 2020
N Korea fires two projectiles into Sea of Japan: South
US says 'disappointed' by Iraq, blames govt. for mysterious strikes
US forces reportedly planning to withdraw from two bases in Iraq
EU abandons Italy in viral crisis while China sends supplies
Al Jazeera
New Slovak government sworn in amid coronavirus pandemic
March 20, 2020
US military 'successfully' test-launches hypersonic glide body - Pentagon
Taliban 'infiltrators' kill dozens of Afghan troops, policemen
Coronavirus halts weekly Algeria protests
Al-Masdar News
Russian military kicks off naval exercises off Syrian coast
Trump refrained from launching,larger attack in Iraq over coronavirus
March 19, 2020
India & Russia plan to open new trade route via Iran despite threat of US sanctions
Al-Masdar News
Turkish military sends convoy to Idlib, builds new base in Aleppo
US Coalition troops withdraw from Syrian border base: official
March 18, 2020
Rouhani vows Iran will take further action to avenge US assassination of Soleimani
Al-Masdar News
Russian military sends reinforcements to northern Syria amid tensions with US forces
Ansarallah forces bomb several Saudi oil facilities
US Navy showcases might by testing advanced aircraft off Iranian coast
India to buy more Russian MiG-29 fighter jets
March 17, 2020
US halts deployment & recalls troops from NATO's biggest drill 'Defender Europe 2020' due to coronavirus threat
US bases under attack
Al-Masdar News
US forces intercept and block Russian military in northeast Syria
Russian military carries out large-scale naval drills off Syrian coast
March 16, 2020
In hawkish remarks, Pompeo threatens Iraq with more aggression
Sweden plans to send troops, helicopters to Mali
US pulling out of key Iraq bases
Al-Masdar News
US military withdrawing from bases near Syrian border
Breaking: US Coalition to withdraw from several bases in Iraq after rocket attacks
Turkey prepares to receive extra S-400 system despite US threats
March 15, 2020
Ukrainian nationalists fire FLARE GUN at Russian embassy in Kiev, threaten to storm diplomatic mission
'Iraq will take different approach if US troops refuse to exit'
US vows to keep 2 aircraft carriers in PG to deter Iran
US military dispatches new convoy to Syria's oil-rich northeast
UK's Prince Andrew helped spruce up Saudi image: Report
Al-Masdar News
Large US military convoy enters Syria from neighboring Iraq
Russian-Turkish patrols on M-4 Highway blocked by protesters
Libyan Army attacks strategic airport in Tripoli, Turkish soldiers killed
March 14, 2020
Multiple rockets hit US base in Iraq for 2nd time in a week
Iraq military calls for immediate withdrawal of US-led forces
March 13, 2020
Iraqi airport under construction in Karbala province damaged in US 'precision' strikes on militias
Baghdad summons US & British envoys after condemning their strikes on Iraqi targets as 'violation of sovereignty'
US conducts airstrikes against Hashd Sha'abi positions in Iraq
Iraq condemns US strikes; says soldiers, police, civilians killed
Iraq summons US, British ambassadors over airstrikes on PMU
Iran warns US over 'dangerous' claims after Iraq base attack
US summons Chinese envoy over coronavirus comments
Afghanistan summons UN official over meeting with president's rival
Greece hands reins to first female president
Canada facing 'danger' posed by China and Russia
South African king arrested after 'axe rampage'
Al-Masdar News
US deploys 2 aircraft carriers to Middle East amid heightened tensions with Iran
Turkey will keep military presence in Syria: DM
Jihadists clash with Turkish-backed militants in northern Idlib
March 12, 2020
Trump authorizes Pentagon 'to do what we need to do' after deadly attack on US & UK troops in Iraq - Defense Secretary Esper
US military likely behind coronavirus outbreak: China
Warplanes hit Syrian-Iraqi border area, kill 18 Iraqi forces
US, UK deploy hundreds of forces to Yemen's Aden: Reports
UAE pouring arms into Libya despite UN ban: Report
Venezuela to hold elections this year despite attack
Al-Masdar News
Russia slams Israel over recent attacks in Syria
March 11, 2020
Two US, one British troops killed in rocket attack on Iraq's Taji base - report
Merkel is stirring up panic by warning that up to 70% of Germans could contract Covid-19 - Czech PM Babis
'US forces begin building airport near Iraq's Ain al-Asad base'
'US offers Turkey Patriot missiles if it ditches Russia's S-400'
UK set to quit Afghanistan
US drone kills six civilians in Somalia
Former president Karzai blames US for crisis in Afghanistan
Al-Masdar News
US Air Force attempt to intercept Russian jets near Alaska
Turkish military begins withdrawing heavy weapons from observation posts in Idlib
Turkish special forces open fire on Greek military vehicle: report
March 10, 2020
US bringing missile defense systems to Iraq in bid to protect troops against 'potential Iranian attack' - CENTCOM
Turkey proposes running Syria oilfields jointly with Russia
Egypt, UAE establish Libyan naval commando unit to fight Turkey
Russia's lower house of parliament votes to scrap presidential term limits
US jets intercept 2 Russian aircraft off Alaska
Al Jazeera
Germany's Merkel meets Libyan military commander Haftar
Israeli court rejects Netanyahu's request to delay trial
Al-Masdar News
Russian military expands presence near US forces in northeast Syria
US deploys B-2 stealth bombers to Europe amid massive drills
March 9, 2020
Pyongyang launches THREE 'unidentified projectiles' - South Korean military
Two US troops killed by 'enemy forces' in Iraq: Pentagon
Afghanistan holds two separate swearing-in ceremonies
'US-led forces moved from western Iraq base to Ain al-Asad'
Sudan PM survives assassination attempt
At least 43 killed in attacks on Burkina Faso villages
US begins to withdraw some troops from Afghanistan
Al Jazeera
Afghans dismayed as both Ghani and Abdullah claim presidency
Al-Masdar News
US forces allegedly block large Russian military convoy in northeast Syria
US aircraft spotted near Russia's Hmeimim Airbase in western Syria
UK Air Force attempts to intercept Russian warplanes
March 8, 2020
Syrian forces, residents block US military convoy in Hasakah
Concern mounts over SAS presence in southern Syria
Russo-British tensions continue to mount
Al Jazeera
Saudi crackdown widens amid reports of further arrests of royals
Afghan political rivals to hold parallel inaugurations
March 7, 2020
Afghanistan refuses to free Taliban prisoners under US peace deal without 'executive guarantee'
China denies Pentagon claim it fired laser at US Navy plane
US scraps plans to buy Israeli Iron Dome missile systems
Thousands protest Indian PM Modi's upcoming visit in Bangladesh
Lebanon says cannot pay Eurobond debt, sets for sovereign default
US to provide additional military aid to Ukraine including armed patrol boats
Al-Masdar News
Turkey to deploy S-400 air defense system in April
March 6, 2020
Starting a nuclear conflict now 'a political option' for Washington, Moscow believes
US 'BLOCKS' UN from supporting Russian-Turkish ceasefire in Syria's Idlib
Erdogan vows to keep migrants flowing as THOUSANDS keep trying to storm Greek border
Top Afghan leader escapes attack that kills dozens in Kabul
Explosion hits near US embassy in Tunisia, one killed
Erdogan calls for revision of Turkey-EU migration regulations
Brazil's pro-US govt. recalls diplomats from Venezuela
South Korea to suspend visas for Japanese in tit-for-tat move
32 dead in Kabul attack
March 5, 2020
Russia & Turkey agree on de-escalation in Idlib, Syria, after Putin-Erdogan talks in Moscow
Human shield tactics again? 'Israeli jets' striking Syria force TWO civilian planes to change course
Arctic military force & coastal security system created as Putin approves state policy for key region
ICC gives green light to probe into US crimes in Afghanistan
Breaking: Two rockets land near US embassy in Baghdad
March 4, 2020
US strikes Taliban as Trump's Afghanistan peace deal risks collapse
Terrorists tried to use chemical weapons in Idlib against Syrian army, got BURNED after substance leaked - Russian MoD
US carries out airstrike on Afghan Taliban, days after signing 'peace' deal
Fists fly in Turkish parliament after opposition MP criticises Erdogan
Confusion and controversy about UK's Mali deployment
14 killed in militant attack on Nigeria military base
Netanyahu bloc fails to secure majority in Israel
Al-Masdar News
US forces storm Syrian government oil pumping station
Dutch FM calls for no-fly-zone over Idlib
Moscow Times
Russia Sends 4th Warship to Syria Amid Turkey Tensions
March 3, 2020
Idlib escalation: Turkey confirms it has downed Syrian fighter jet
US 'willing' to give Turkey ammo amid Ankara's military standoff with Syrian army in Idlib
Austrian Chancellor Kurz blasts Turkey for migration 'attack' against EU
Taliban raid Afghan army bases nationwide shortly after signing deal with US
UK sends marines to Belarus
UK to send 250 troops to Mali
Clashes shatter partial Afghan truce after US deal
Netanyahu claims victory in Israel election
Putin wants God and traditional marriage made law
Trump's Middle East plan could jeopardize Jordan-Israel peace treaty, Jordan PM says
Al-Masdar News
US will support Turkey's operation in Idlib by supplying ammunition
March 2, 2020
FIERCE clashes, tear gas at border as Greece vows to 'turn back' flow of migrants from Turkey
Pyongyang launches TWO projectiles towards Sea of Japan, South Korean military says
Rockets hit near US embassy in Iraq, missing their target again
Turkey says millions of migrants may head to EU
Taliban to resume attacking Afghan forces
Israeli PM battles for survival in tight election
US cancels major military exercise with Israel
Al Jazeera
Uncertainty looms as Iraqi PM-designate Allawi steps down
Al-Masdar News
US will not provide air support to Turkey in Syria: Pentagon
Israeli chopper strikes Syrian Army post in Al-Quneitra
Libya to reopen embassy in Syria for first time since 2012
March 1, 2020
US strike group enters Mediterranean amid Libya, Syria conflicts
Israel admits assassinating Palestinian leader's son in Syria
EU border force on 'high alert' as migrants push to enter continent
Political crisis grips Malaysia as Mahathir says 'betrayed' by new PM
Tajiks go to polls in parliamentary elections
Several US Democratic candidates skip pro-Israel conference
Greece blocks 10,000 migrants at Turkey border
Anti-corruption party wins Slovakia election
Greece stands firm on migrants, as Turkey opens floodgates to Europe
Al Jazeera
Turkey shoots down two Syrian fighter jets over Idlib
Al-Masdar News
Turkish forces strike military airport in southern Aleppo
February 29, 2020
Doors SHUT: Greek police stop wave of refugees with closed border gates & tear gas
US set to withdraw ALL troops from Afghanistan in 14 months if deal with Taliban is upheld - statement
Tulsi to MSM: Stop referring to Al-Qaeda in Syria's Idlib as 'rebels' to make them seem like 'freedom fighters'
Over 100,000 flock to watch exiled ex-Catalan leader Puigdemont speak
US selling Syria's oil to Turkey, other countries: Damascus
Ukraine's prime minister submits resignation again: Report
Malaysia's king appoints Muhyiddin Yassin as prime minister
'Thousands' of migrants leave Turkey for EU
Al Jazeera
Erdogan, Putin discuss Syria as Turkey demands truce in Idlib
February 28, 2020
'We fought Russia 16 times and will fight it again,' warns Erdogan's adviser amid Idlib escalation
Even NATO is unwilling to touch Turkey's Idlib mess with a ten-foot pole
Turkish soldiers were with 'terrorist groups' when they were hit by Syrian military - Russian MoD
Israeli helicopters strike targets near Golan, injuring at least 3 Syrian troops
'OAS misled public': MIT study finds 'NO evidence of fraud' in Bolivian election that saw Evo Morales ousted in military coup
'Aggressive designs': Pakistan blasts India's $3bn arms deal with Washington for 'destabilizing already volatile region'
Israeli helicopters attack Syrian army positions in Quneitra
German MPs sue Merkel govt. for Gen. Soleimani assassination role
Russia sends two warships armed with cruise missiles to Syria's coast - Ifax
Turkey lets refugees exit towards Europe
Tensions escalate between Kremlin and Ankara after dozens of Turkish troops killed in Syria
Chinese destroyer fires laser at US jet, US Navy says
Al Jazeera
Europeans tighten borders as Turkey 'opens the gates' to refugees
US, Taliban set to sign deal to end war in Afghanistan
Pakistan's Imran Khan holds talks with Qatari emir in Doha
Al-Masdar News
Turkey 'puts all known targets of Syrian regime under fire' in retaliation for airstrike
February 27, 2020
33 Turkish soldiers confirmed killed in Idlib airstrike as Erdogan chairs emergency meeting on Syria
At least 30 killed, 250+ wounded in Delhi riots over citizenship law as UN chief urges 'maximum restraint'
Biden treated Ukraine 'as his private property', says purged prosecutor Shokin on Burisma scandal - UkraineGate documentary
'Turkish military firing at Russian, Syrian aircraft in Idlib'
Duterte says Philippines can survive without US help
'US behind annihilation of Yemeni air defense missiles'
Turkey will no longer stop Syrian migrant flow to Europe: Turkish official
Al Jazeera
Three Turkish soldiers killed as Syrian rebels regain key town
African Union to deploy 3,000 troops in restive Sahel region
Klobuchar, Buttigieg join other 2020 Democrats in skipping AIPAC
Al-Masdar News
Russian-Turkish meeting ends with no agreement, Syrian Army to resume southern Idlib offensive
Russia test launches new Tsirkon hypersonic missile from naval ship
Turkey requests access from Russia to use armed drones in Syria's airspace
Putin will not meet with Erdogan in Turkey amid ongoing tensions in Syria
Syrian Army, Palestinian forces advance across southern Idlib
Israeli military choppers fire rockets in southwestern Syria: SANA
February 26, 2020
'We're the hosts there': Erdogan says Turkey won't pull back from Syria's sovereign territory, gives Assad ultimatum to retreat
There are 'no Patriots' US could give Turkey, Erdogan says as its S-400s get prepped for deployment
Erdogan Hints Might Challenge Russian Control of Syria Skies
Al Jazeera
24 dead in Delhi's worst religious violence in decades
Malaysia in turmoil as Mahathir, Anwar vie for power
Al-Masdar News
Russian military introduces S-350 air defense system
February 25, 2020
Israel's Netanyahu threatens Gaza with ALL-OUT WAR if missile attacks continue
Bloody protests rock New Delhi as Trump arrives on first visit
Turkey confirms first troops deaths in Libya
13 dead, 150 injured in New Delhi clashes
Al Jazeera
Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak dies at 91
Kazakhstan's crackdown on opposition dashes hopes for fair polls
Mosque set on fire as violent protests continue across New Delhi
Al-Masdar News
Turkish-backed militants retake key town in eastern Idlib after costly battle
February 24, 2020
Israel intercepts 12 out of 14 missiles fired from Gaza in latest cross-border flare-up - IDF
'Best weapons on the planet': Trump confirms $3bn weapons deal with New Delhi during massive rally in India
Israeli warplanes pound Gaza in new act of aggression
Malaysia's PM hands in shock resignation
Al Jazeera
Six killed in Israeli air raid on Damascus: Monitor
Al-Masdar News
Russian military to conduct observation flight over Turkey
February 23, 2020
Tripoli govt invites Pentagon to redeploy troops to NATO-ravaged Libya... to 'deter Russia'
UK is the '51st state'? Uproar as Britain's secret deal to buy nuclear warheads from US without Parliament's consent is revealed
Russia isn't only behind election hacking! They're also trying to smear US over coronavirus... according to State Department
Al-Masdar News
Syria reopens Aleppo-Damascus Highway for first time 8 years
As many as 16 Turkish soldiers, 100+ Syrian militants killed by Libyan Army: report
February 22, 2020
Pentagon raises number of troops injured in Iran attack
US conducts 'mini exercise' to brace for nuclear exchange with Russia
Al Jazeera
Erdogan to meet leaders of Russia, France and Germany over Idlib
South Sudan's rival leaders form coalition government
February 21, 2020
Erdogan says Turkey will not withdraw from Syria's Idlib until attacks by Damascus stop
Reports of 'hundreds of thousands' of civilians heading to Turkish border because of hostilities in Idlib not true - Russian MoD
Iraq regime needs to be changed again, argues ex-aide for Cheney and Bolton... referring to something he helped to install
Withdrawal of mercenaries and Turkish troops from Libya is a condition for end of hostilities - General Haftar
'Yemeni forces hit Aramco oil facilities in western Saudi Arabia'
US and Afghan Taliban to start partial truce
Al Jazeera
Turkey's Erdogan confirms sending Syrian fighters to Libya
February 20, 2020
Russian warplanes repel attack on Syrian army in Idlib as militants launch offensive aided by Turkish artillery - Moscow
Idlib is a 'magnet for terrorist groups', says US military spokesman - contradicting MSM narrative on Syria
Al-Masdar News
Turkish forces launch offensive against Syrian Army in eastern Idlib
Turkey requests US Patriot missile system to stop Russia in Idlib: report
February 19, 2020
Turkish military op in Idlib only 'matter of time', Erdogan warns Damascus
'Worst case scenario': Kremlin slams Turkey's threat of military operation against Syrian government in Idlib
Saudi Arabian cargo ship met with anti-war protest at Italian port
Al Jazeera
Erdogan threatens 'imminent' Turkish operation in Syria
Al-Masdar News
Erdogan vows to retake all of Libya from Haftar
Yemeni Defense Minister narrowly survives assassination attempt in Marib
February 18, 2020
Libyan General Haftar's forces claim they've bombed Turkish ship 'loaded with weapons & ammo' at Tripoli port
It's official! India overtakes UK & France to become world's 5th LARGEST economy
Al Jazeera
Ukrainian soldier killed, several wounded in Donbass flare-up
Dodik's repeated calls for Republika Srpska secession raise alarm
Israeli PM Netanyahu's corruption trial to begin on March 17
February 17, 2020
US openly paves way for INF-banned missiles to be placed in Europe & Asia - Lavrov
Russia will support Syria's fight against terrorism in Idlib despite Trump's calls to stop it - Kremlin
EU agrees new Libya patrols to stop arms flow
February 16, 2020
US-led coalition military base 'impacted' after multiple rockets fired at Baghdad's Green Zone
US military rejects Iraqi demand, offers partial pullout: Report
NATO rejects France's offer to extend nuclear protection to whole Europe
Al Jazeera
Mixed signals as Pompeo begins three-stop Africa tour
South Sudan's Machar rejects President Kiir's peace offer
February 15, 2020
Shifting rationales: White House memo says Soleimani strike was 'response' to past attacks instead of 'imminent' threat
At least 30 civilians killed in Saudi airstrikes in Yemen
Erdogan visits Pakistan in bid to reduce its dependence on Saudis
Al Jazeera
Saudi fighter jet crashes in Yemen, Houthis say plane shot down
'Don't interfere in internal affairs,' India tells Turkey after Erdogan's Kashmir comments
South Sudan president offers compromise as gov't deadline looms
Dozens killed in attacks in central Mali
Al-Masdar News
Erdogan demands Syrian Army immediately leave Idlib, refuses to wait until end of February
February 14, 2020
Israel meddling in US elections: Former CIA officer
NATO decides to expand presence in Iraq
Al Jazeera
Russia accused of using oil supplies to annexe Belarus
Deutsche Welle
Munich Security Conference opens as chairman laments political failures
Al-Masdar News
Russian Air Force unleashes heavy attack near Turkish border
Syrian Army announces Aleppo-Damascus Highway is fully secured for first time in 9 years
February 13, 2020
We WILL protect you - or else: NATO members agree to expand Iraq mission, without regard for Baghdad's permission
New deadly clashes hit Libyan capital after UN call for truce
Al Jazeera
Rocket attack hits northern Iraq base hosting US troops
February 12, 2020
Lebanon's new government wins vote of confidence
Protesters manhandle Guaido on return to Venezuela
Al Jazeera
Syrian killed in rare clash between US troops, government forces
Al-Masdar News
Israel successfully tests new air defense system
February 11, 2020
'It's about time we rely on ourselves': Philippines tears up key military treaty with US
Russian oil & gas firms plan to invest $20 BILLION in Iraq's energy industry
Millions of Iranians mark Islamic Revolution's 41st anniversary
Iran marks 41st Revolution anniversary: Where is Bolton?
NATO mulling over expanding Iraq mission: Report
India, Iran ditch US dollar and then see rise in trade
Deutsche Welle
North Macedonia's parliament ratifies NATO membership
After Germany's far-right scandal, Left party surges as Merkel's CDU sinks
Friedrich Merz: The Merkel critic eyeing Germany's top post
Al-Masdar News
US official denies withdrawal of American troops from Iraq
Hundreds of Thousands Mark Islamic Revolution Anniversary Amid High U.S. Tensions
Thousands of Iranians mark revolution anniversary amid peak tensions with U.S.
February 10, 2020
'Over 100 US forces diagnosed with brain injuries from Iran strikes'
Turkey says 5 soldiers killed as Syrian army advances in Idlib
Sudan reconsidering role in Saudi war on Yemen
Sinn Fein surges as Irish await vote result
Yahoo News
Greece aims to outflank Turkey in Mediterranean
Al Jazeera
India to buy $2.6bn of US military gear ahead of Trump visit
Al-Masdar News
Russian S-500 capable of destroying targets hundreds of kilometers above Earth: developer
US troops already begun withdrawing from Iraq: lawmaker
February 9, 2020
'Warsaw is closer to Moscow than to Washington': Ex-president Walesa vows to break ice in Poland-Russia ties
Irish election too close to call as 'historic' surge by left-wing nationalist Sinn Fein stuns establishment
Iran unveils new missile with composite engine block
Turkey warns of 'Plan B' amid Syria's anti-terror op in Idlib
Al Jazeera
Iran unveils missile, launches satellite which fails to reach orbit
US soldiers killed after man in Afghan army uniform opens fire
Al-Masdar News
Iran to acquire more Russian military equipment, possibly S-400s: report
Turkey accuses US of building new military base in northern Syria
Fierce clashes break out between LNA and GNA forces in southern Tripoli
February 8, 2020
'End that son of a b*tch': Duterte confirms US-Philippines military collaboration agreement is toast
Iraq, Russia discuss boosting military ties amid US tensions
Israeli troops ambushed in West Bank as Intifada looms
'Ethnic clashes' in Kazakhstan kill eight
Al Jazeera
Confusion, violence in Iraq after al-Sadr's power play
Philippines' Duterte moves to terminate defence pact with US
February 7, 2020
Israeli airstrikes on Damascus suburbs put at risk civilian flight with 172 passengers on board - Russian MoD
'We will be independent,' Catalonia's regional leader vows
Russia: Israeli jets used civilian flight as shield to raid Syria
'Turkish forces construct military base in Syria's Idlib'
Two top Sadrist commanders killed in 24 hours in Iraq
Al Jazeera
French soldiers kill more than 30 fighters in Mali operations
Al-Masdar News
Iraqi intel believes ISIS carried out attack used by US as pretext to assassinate Qassem Soleimani
February 6, 2020
US Space Force conducts first ICBM launch after Moscow warned of threat of renewed arms race
Syria's air defense intercepts Israeli missiles over Damascus
'Turkey military convoy entered Syria simultaneously with Israel aggression'
'Militants attack Russians from Turkey's zone in Syria's Idlib'
Israel 'hits Iran-backed fighters in Syria'
Al Jazeera
Iraq protesters rally in Najaf after deadly clashes with Sadrists
February 5, 2020
UN chief says fighting has escalated in Libya
About 11,000 Afghan civilians killed or wounded in 2019
Al Jazeera
Romanian legislators topple centrist government
Al-Masdar News
Palestinian-led forces capture air defense base in eastern Idlib
February 4, 2020
VIDEO of fake chemical attack in Syria already complete, White Helmets co-produced footage - Moscow
Russia starts production of S-400 missile defense systems for India, 'all commitments being fulfilled' despite US pressure
Ankara failed to separate 'armed opposition' from terrorists in Syria's Idlib - Lavrov
'Moment of truth has come,' says Belarus' Lukashenko as he prepares for Putin showdown this week
Russia warns of potential false-flag chemical attack in Syria's Idlib
Israel, Sudan leaders 'secretly meet, agree on normalization'
US military deploys new type of nuclear weapon seen as key to countering Russia
Al-Masdar News
Russian military may have shot down US drones off the Syrian coast: media
February 3, 2020
Turkey failed to notify of convoy movements in Syria's Idlib before getting shelled by Damascus troops - Russian military
Contradictory reports as Turkey claims bombing Syrian troops
Iran bashes Ukraine for leak related to downed plane
India hails 'strong' ties with Israel after welcoming US Mideast plan
Venezuela slams Colombia over diplomatic break-up
Iran ends downed jet co-operation with Ukraine
Turkey suffers first deaths in direct combat with Syria since start of war
Al-Masdar News
Turkish F-16 fighter jets bomb Syrian troops inside Idlib
February 2, 2020
France to send 600 more troops to Africa's Sahel as frustration on the ground grows & allies cut back participation
Al Jazeera
Turkey deploys tanks to Syrian border amid fresh Idlib violence
Al-Masdar News
Israeli forces launch large-scale military exercises across multiple fronts
Japanese warship heads to Middle East: report
February 1, 2020
It's official: Britain leaves the European Union as 'transition period' comes into effect
Pompeo says US can cover 100% of Belarus' oil needs amid Minsk row with Moscow
Britain officially leaves the European Union
Israel, US ramp up nuclear weapons testing, deployment
Takfiri militants kill 62 civilians in string of attacks in DR Congo
India hails 'strong' ties with Israel after welcoming US Mideast plan
Al-Masdar News
Several rockets reportedly hit Iraqi base housing US forces
January 31, 2020
Turkey 'will not hesitate to use military force' if attacks by Syrian govt forces don't stop in Idlib - Erdogan
Mission incapable? Pentagon review finds gun on F-35 fighter jet can't hit targets & 800+ software glitches - report
Hillary Clinton dodges attempt to serve her with Tulsi Gabbard's defamation lawsuit...twice
US raises number of troops injured in Iran attack to 64
Clinton: I feel 'urge' to run against Trump again
Al-Masdar News
Breaking: Syrian Army captures town near Turkish military post
Israel tests new rocket propulsion system
Jihadists struggle to hold ground as Syrian troops score new advance in Aleppo
January 30, 2020
US House votes to block funding for military action against Iran
Pentagon still 'working on' deploying Patriot missiles to Iraq, admits Baghdad's 'permission' hasn't been granted
Al-Masdar News
US forces block another Russian military convoy in northeast Syria
Turkey deploys warships and air defense systems to Libya: LNA
January 29, 2020
Trump's 'deal of the century' is about ignoring Palestinian rights & legitimizing Israel's occupation - Turkish President Erdogan
Big leap for India's nuclear forces? New Delhi to develop 5,000km-range K-5 missile following successful test of sub-launched K-4
Indian PM Modi says it would take Indian Army 10 days max to 'make Pakistan bite dust'
'Goodbye!' Farage trolls EU Parliament with Brexit one last time, waving Union Jack flag before mic is cut off for 'hate'
Catalan pro-independence leader Torra promises snap election, refuses to give up seat over disobedience charges
EU defies US' calls to ban Huawei, granting Chinese tech firm limited role in 5G rollout
US dropped record number of bombs on Afghanistan in 2019
Trump's pro-Israel Mideast deal sparks shock and ire
Al-Masdar News
Ansarallah forces launches new attack on Saudi Aramco facilities
Macron accuses Turkey of transferring Syrian mercenaries to Libya
Russian air defense system took down 100 drones around the world
January 28, 2020
Trump proposes a two-state solution for Israel-Palestine in 'win-win opportunity' for both sides
Hamas calls Trump's Mideast plan 'aggressive,' Jerusalem proposal 'nonsense'
Israeli PM Netanyahu officially indicted over corruption charges after he withdraws immunity bid
Palestinians rage as Trump unveils Mideast plan
Iran, Russia hold joint commission on parl. cooperation
Al-Masdar News
Important battle taking place in northern Yemen for key roadway: details
January 27, 2020
Taliban claims plane carrying high-ranking US officers crashes in Afghanistan
'No indication of enemy fire': US forces in Afghanistan confirm loss of recon plane
Russia detains Japanese citizen in Vladivostok on suspicion of SPYING - Foreign ministry
Britain reportedly ready to approve limited 5G access to Huawei despite US pressure
FBI requested interview with Prince Andrew on Jeffrey Epstein case, but received 'zero cooperation'
Syria terror groups plan false-flag gas attacks: Military
Syria to UN: Turkey helping terrorists stage fake gas attacks
Saudi wants US troops to stay in Iraq
Al Jazeera
US strike targeting Taliban commander causes civilian casualties
Al-Masdar News
Syrian Army prevents US military convoy from passing checkpoint in Hasakah
Syrian Army captures new ground in Idlib, advances towards Turkish post
Turkey is transporting Nusra Front jihadists to Libya: LNA spox.
January 26, 2020
5 rockets land near US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone
Nearly 20 soldiers killed in terrorist attack on Mali army camp
Peruvians head to polls for legislative elections amid political crisis
'Militants on motorbikes' kill 20 troops in Mali
Al Jazeera
At least 10 killed in two days of violent protests across Iraq
Deadly clashes erupt in Libya rendering ceasefire 'useless'
Al Masdar News
Muqtada Al-Sadr calls for new protests against US presence in Iraq
Libyan National Army captures more ground as they inch closer to Misrata
January 25, 2020
Pakistan PM warns world of danger of all-out war over Kashmir
Israel prevents gas from entering Gaza and begins selling it to Egypt
Merkel, Erdogan discuss Libya
Irish Unity marches return to Glasgow
Al Jazeera
Tensions high in Baghdad as police fire tear gas, live bullets
Al-Masdar News
Skirmishes reported between Russian and US troops in northeastern Syria: Al-Mayadeen
January 24, 2020
34 US troops suffered brain injury in Iran's revenge strike for Soleimani's killing - Pentagon
'Million-Man March' kicks off in Baghdad to demand US troop pullout
Turkey sending military to train UN-backed govt's forces in Libya - Erdogan
Merkel's Turkish delights: Erdogan showers German chancellor with gifts as the two meet in Istanbul
Iraqis rally in 'millions' to call for expulsion of US troops
Trump mounts pressure on EU to shun Iran
January 23, 2020
'Targeted and governmental terrorism': Iran slams US for threat against Soleimani successor
Up to 40 Syrian troops killed, 80 injured as militants stage SIX attacks in Idlib - Russian military
'I received an invitation to the US. Will I go? No,' Philippine's Duterte tells RT
'Patriot missile system deployment violates Iraq sovereignty'
Guaido in Europe to shore up support for Venezuela regime change
Libya rebel forces threaten to hit civilian planes
January 22, 2020
'Obvious malicious intent': Tulsi Gabbard hits Clinton with defamation suit over 'Russian asset' smear
More US troops 'treated' after Iran attack
US troops block Russian forces access to Syrian oil fields
Iraq, US presidents discuss partial troop withdrawal
No action yet on American nuke missing off Greenland
Iran slams South Korea for misnaming, militarizing Persian Gulf
EU to sanction Turkey over 'illegal' gas drill in Mediterranean
UN experts call for probe into MBS hacking of Bezos phone
Macron shouts at Israeli security officers in altercation in Jerusalem
January 21, 2020
Multiple rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone, trigger sirens at US Embassy
Iranian MP offers $3 million to 'anyone' who takes out Trump
Defense, Foreign and Finance ministers retain their positions in new Russian government
South Korea to dispatch 'anti-piracy unit' to Strait of Hormuz
Russian, Syrian naval forces hold joint drills in Mediterranean
Apology after French textbook links CIA to 9/11
Al Jazeera
At least 10 killed in two days of violent protests across Iraq
Al-Masdar News
Russian military deployed S-400 system near Iraqi border, tracked F-35s: media
January 20, 2020
Hour of reckoning looms for Lebanon as violent anti-government protests hit Beirut
Libyan UN-backed PM says he will respect Berlin summit's call for ceasefire, but won't sit down again with Haftar
First squadron of Su-30MKI fighter jets inducted in South India, set to watch over Indian Ocean
Turkey has not yet sent troops to Libya, only 'advisers' - Erdogan
Attack kills over 100 Saudi-backed forces in Yemen's Ma'rib
Turkish forces house 1,500 militant family members in Syria town
Al Jazeera
Iraqi security forces kill five protesters
Al-Masdar News
India successfully tests nuclear capable ballistic missile
Iraq sends officials to Russia, China discuss buying air defense systems
US forces block Syrian, Russian troops from access to key highway
ISIS launches heavy attacks against Syrian Army troops in eastern Syria
Syrian militants attack Libyan Army forces in Tripoli to violate ceasefire
Russian military activates air defenses after unknown aircraft attack Hmeimim Airbase
January 19, 2020
Putin & Erdogan set stage for Libya peace talks at Berlin meeting
German FM blasts US policy on Iran, says Europe wants to prevent 'firestorm' in Middle East without regime change
UK may deploy 'peacekeepers' to Libya
Jordan parliament votes to ban gas imports from Israel
Iran says will soon launch Zafar satellites into orbit
Germany hosts Libya rivals in renewed peace bid
Yemen missile attack kills at least 80 soldiers
Africa's richest woman 'ripped off her country'
Pompeo meets Sisi and expresses outrage over 'pointless' death of US citizen in Egypt
January 18, 2020
Lebanese president calls on ARMY to intervene as massive protests turn violent in Beirut
Libyan National Oil Corporation declares 'state of emergency' after Haftar's forces close eastern oil ports
France deploys radar system, aircraft carrier in Saudi Arabia
The US operation in Iraq could come to a humiliating end as Trump's Iran moves backfire
January 17, 2020
US military says 11 troops injured & flown out of Iraq for medical checks after Iranian strike on base
Putin to take part in Libya peace conference in Berlin - Kremlin
Greek offer to send peacekeeping troops to Libya could spark 'indirect' conflict between Ankara and Athens
Enemy of my enemy is my friend? Greek 'forces' ready to deploy to Libya after Turkish troops set out to reinforce Haftar rivals
'Remember the past & honor the dead': Former president Walesa slams Poland's failure to commemorate Warsaw's WWII liberation
Nearly a dozen troops wounded by Iran missiles: US military
6 F-35s were reportedly on Iran borders at time of plane crash: Russia
Israeli aircraft bomb Gaza Strip for 2nd time in 24 hours
Al Jazeera
En route to Berlin, Haftar holds talks with top Greek officials
'Not the time to shake the country': Ukraine president rejects PM's resignation
January 16, 2020
Erdogan sending Turkish troops to Libya ahead of Berlin peace talks
Russian political earthquake: Putin sets out plan for Kremlin departure & Medvedev resigns
Russian MPs confirm Mikhail Mishustin as new prime minister after cabinet resignation
Roscosmos engineers develop plan to BLIND foreign spy satellites flying over Russian territory
Iran is now enriching MORE uranium than before the 2015 nuclear deal - President Rouhani
Evidence suggests US lied about Iranian strikes on US facilities in Iraq
Iraq denies resuming joint operations with US
Iraqi MP dismisses US threats over S-400 purchase
'PMU to inflict heavy loss on US forces if they stay in Iraq'
Israeli airstrike hit Hamas sites in Gaza
Spain's prime minister to meet with Catalonia's president
January 15, 2020
Germany to build new warships as rivalry with US rises
Russian government resigns after President Putin's state-of-the-nation address proposes changes to the constitution
Outgoing PM Medvedev to become deputy head of Russia's Security Council
Five nuclear-armed states must work together to neutralize threat of 'global war' - Putin
Five PKK-linked militiamen slain as unknown aircraft hits Iraq
'Rockets target US airbase north of Baghdad'
Trump's Iran policies criticized in EU parliament
US failed in bid to take Iranian assets in Italy: CBI
Negotiations on Libya in Moscow ended without results
January 14, 2020
Can the US bomb Iran? Defense chief Esper says no, then changes mind
Libya's Haftar positive about outcome of Moscow talks, but needs 2 days for discussions with tribal leaders - Russian MoD
London rejects Scotland's request for second independence referendum
Al Jazeera
France, Germany, UK pull diplomatic trigger on Iran deal dispute
Protesters block roads in Lebanon as anti-gov't rallies resume
Al-Masdar News
Breaking: Moqtada Al-Sadr calls for one million person march against US military presence in Iraq
Jihadists are moving from Syria's Idlib to Libya: Russian FM
Iraq will not sign agreement to keep US forces inside country
Erdogan vows to teach Libya's Haftar a lesson over Tripoli offensive
January 13, 2020
Moscow talks offer chance for peace in Libya's post NATO-intervention bloody civil war
Trump defends killing of Soleimani regardless of 'imminent' threat, says he had a 'horrible past'
'Stop buying Iranian oil or face sanctions': US in talks with China over Iran
UK summons Iran's ambassador over brief detention of British envoy accused of taking part in 'illegal rally' in Tehran
Report: Damage from Iran strikes 'much greater' than US admits
Trump authorized Soleimani's assassination in June: Report
US failed in 2nd terror bid to kill another Iran commander
Pakistan court overturns Musharraf death sentence
China slams US for congratulating Tawain's Tsai on election win
Saudi cadets expelled from US after gun attack
France and Sahel nations step up jihadist fight
US troops describe terror of Iran missile attack
89 soldiers killed in attack on military base
January 12, 2020
Forces of Libya's Haftar and Tripoli-based GNA join ceasefire suggested by Putin & Erdogan
Several rockets hit Iraqi base hosting US forces: Iraq's military
All US bases in West Asia within reach of Iranian missiles: Hezbollah
Rockets fired at Iraqi air base, wounding four officers
Saudi servicemen to be expelled from US
January 11, 2020
Merkel and Putin agree Iran nuclear deal should be preserved by all means
Iran admits shooting down Ukrainian flight over Tehran in 'unintentional' missile launch
ISIS praises US murder of Iranian general Soleimani as 'divine intervention' that will help them rise again
'Scotland's right to choose': Thousands join pro-independence march in Glasgow
'Queen of Battle': Indian aircraft carrier deployed to closely watch over Pakistan-China 'Sea Guardian 2020' naval drill
Putin holds talks with Merkel in Moscow
Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be completed by first quarter of 2021: Putin
2 US forces killed in Taliban 'roadside blast' in S Afghanistan
Iran: Oman ruler's death 'loss for region'
120 countries 'strongly' protest US visa refusal to Iran's Zarif
January 10, 2020
US won't heed Iraq's call for troop withdrawal, calls military presence there 'appropriate'
At least 14 killed in blast at Pakistani mosque
IRGC: Operation in Iraq start of more strikes against US across region
Israel kills several PMU forces in air raids on Syria: Report
Russia fires hypersonic missiles in Black Sea drills
Haftar rejects Libyan ceasefire call by Turkey, Russia
US threatens India with sanctions over purchasing Russia's S-400
Sinn Fein will re-enter devolved government
Islamic State welcomes killing of Soleimani
Northern Ireland to restore power-sharing government after years of deadlock
January 9, 2020
Baghdad revived deal to buy Russian S-300 following US strikes - Iraq's Security & Defense Committee chairman
No Sunday truce: Libya's Haftar rejects Putin-Erdogan ceasefire call
Trump confirms more sanctions against Iran, says Tehran plane crash may have been 'mistake'
Canada's Trudeau claims 'intel from multiple sources' points at Iran shooting down Ukrainian Boeing over Tehran
Iraqi foreign minister calls for foreign troops to leave
'Iraq in talks with Russia to purchase S-300 system'
Russian, Turkish presidents meet in Istanbul
Venezuela's Guaido sworn in as parliament speaker after stand-off
US strike kills dissident Taliban commander in Afghanistan
Over 180 rallies planned across US to protest Trump's 'march to war' with Iran
US House to vote on limiting Trump war powers
Epstein jail CCTV erased by 'technical errors'
Putin oversees hypersonic missile test
How Pompeo convinced Trump to kill Soleimani and fulfilled a decade-long goal
US officials say Iran downed the airliner using Russian-made missiles as they increasingly believe it was accidental
Iran invites US to be present for crash investigation
January 8, 2020
'No lives lost': Trump holds fire on 'big missiles,' talks peace after Iran's strikes on US bases in Iraq
Kicking all US troops out of Middle East will be Iran's 'final answer' to Soleimani's assassination - Rouhani
Full stream ahead: Russia & Turkey launch TurkStream gas pipeline
Iran won't hand over black box to the US, as Boeing offers help after Ukrainian airliner crashes near Tehran
IRGC: No missiles intercepted in attack on US bases, casualties reported
Rouhani: Ultimate revenge is to end US presence in region
Ukrainian plane crashes in Iran killing 176
Al Jazeera
Iran fires missiles at US targets in Iraq
January 7, 2020
Iraqi militias threaten to send US troops home in coffins & target civilians if they re-elect Trump
Netanyahu backs away from Soleimani assassination, warns ministers to 'stay out' of purely 'American event'
Putin makes surprise Christmas visit to Syria, holds security talks with Assad
Evidence? What evidence? Pompeo shows no proof of 'imminent' Soleimani attacks
Massive crowds bid farewell to hero general in hometown funeral
Iran parliament designates Pentagon, subsidiaries as terrorist
Maybe US will send a drone and have a shot at me: Malaysia PM slams US
NATO to withdraw some troops from Iraq after Soleimani assassination
Pressure sought on Pakistan to complete Iran gas pipeline
Guaido storms parliament to be sworn in as Speaker
Al Jazeera
Libya: GNA-aligned forces say they quit Sirte to avoid bloodshed
Al-Masdar News
Thousands of Syrians gather in Aleppo to condemn assassination of Qassem Soleimani
Turkey not seeking war with Egypt: official
Tunisia will not allow Turkey to use its territory to intervene in Libya
January 6, 2020
US deploys reinforcements to Kenya airfield after Al-Shabaab attack kills three
Trump threatens Iraq with 'very big sanctions' unless it pays back BILLIONS for an airbase if US troops are forced to withdraw
'We are trying to prevent open war,' Iraqi PM tells US ambassador as tensions mount
Democrats to introduce House resolution limiting Trump's military actions against Iran
Millions pack Tehran streets to pay homage to Gen. Soleimani
US announces 'movement out of Iraq'
Haftar calls on 'all Libyans' to take up arms against Turkish troops
Jeremy Hunt backs General Soleimani assassination
Libya rebel forces 'take over strategic city'
Pentagon chief of staff will resign as Iran tensions mount
Al Jazeera
Haftar forces announce capture of large parts of Sirte
Liberian police fire tear gas, water cannon to clear protesters
January 5, 2020
Iraqi parliament passes resolution asking government to cancel request for assistance from US-led coalition
3 rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone not far from US embassy, nearby areas
Bibi gets Freudian by calling Israel 'nuclear power' during cabinet meeting
Islamist group Al-Shabaab attacks military base in Kenya that houses US & local troops
NBA coach: Pence lying about Soleimani's involvement in 9/11
Iran ends commitment to 2015 nuclear deal
Al Jazeera
Trump: 52 sites to be targeted if Iran retaliates over Soleimani
Dozens killed in attack on military academy in Libya's Tripoli
Al-Masdar News
Iraqi Parliament votes to end US military presence in Iraq
UK sends 50 SAS troops to Iraq amid increased tensions over Soleimani assassination
January 4, 2020
Iraqi air base housing US troops comes under rocket fire north of Baghdad
Libyan forces claim to have shot down Turkish aircraft after Haftar declares 'jihad' on Ankara
US-led coalition members suspend Iraq operations as region submerged in outrage over Iranian general's killing
35 'vital US & Israeli targets' within Iran's reach for potential REVENGE for General Soleimani's death - senior IRGC commander
Haftar-backing Libyan parliament votes to cut ties with Turkey over military deal, accuses PM of treason
'Rockets, mortar shells hit US base, near American embassy in Iraq'
Iraq blasts US 'aggression', Sadr tells forces to be ready
Anti-US protests rock Kashmir over Soleimani's assassination
Huge crowds of Iraqis join funeral for Soleimani in Baghdad
Rocket strikes Baghdad's Green Zone
Al Jazeera
Rockets target Baghdad's Green Zone, base housing US troops
Al-Masdar News
Update: US airstrike targeted Hashd Al-Shaabi convoy north of Baghdad - Iraq TV
US denies carrying out attack that killed 6 members of Hashd Al-Shaabi
Debka File
In a fresh air strike, US targets Iraq's pro-Iranian militia chiefs after terminating their master
January 3, 2020
Thousands march in Tehran to mourn 'beloved' military commander Soleimani, killed by US drone strike
3,000 more US troops headed to Middle East after Baghdad strike that killed Soleimani
Corbyn calls on UK govt to 'stand up to the belligerent actions' of US after assassination of Iran's Quds chief Soleimani
Catalan president barred from holding office by Spain's electoral board
US assassinates Iran's Gen. Soleimani, Iraqi PMU deputy head
Iran summons Swiss envoy for second time in single day
January 2, 2020
Baghdad airport engulfed in fire after reported missile attack forces it into shutdown
Pentagon chief threatens Iran with 'pre-emptive action' if embassy attacks continue
Foreign interference could 'complicate' Libya, Turkey's Erdogan is told by Trump
'US Black Hawk hovers over Iran Embassy in Iraq'
Turkey to send troops to Libya
January 1, 2020
Iraqi protesters withdraw from US Embassy in Baghdad
Heil Bandera: Ukrainian nationalists hold torchlight parade to celebrate Nazi collaborator's birthday
Netanyahu says he'll seek immunity from prosecution in corruption cases
Russia foils militant rocket attack on its base in Syria
India says 2 soldiers killed in gunfight with militants in Kashmir
Protesters rally in Hong Kong on New Year's Day
Militia orders protesters to withdraw from the area around the US embassy in Baghdad after two days of unrest
Al Jazeera
US deploys 750 troops to Middle East after Baghdad embassy attack
Pompeo postpones Ukraine trip to focus on Iraq
North Korea's Kim ends freeze of nuclear and missile tests
Al-Masdar News
ISIS suffers heavy losses after launching several attacks against Syrian Army troops
Al-Qaeda linked jihadists launch attack on largest Russian base in Syria
Turkish and Syrian armies trade attacks in Idlib as situation worsens