December 31, 2018
US admits killing over 1,100 civilians in Iraq, Syria
Iraqi jets kill 30 Daesh commanders in eastern Syria
Bahrain FM: Syria major regional player
December 30, 2018
Hasina's party wins Bangladesh elections
Afghanistan to postpone presidential election to July
Jordanian MPs urge full restoration of ties with Syria
At least 15 killed in Bangladesh election
December 29, 2018
US troops withdraw from first base in Syria - report
Trump not drawing down troops in Afghanistan: WH
Brazil's Bolsonaro snubs Netanyahu on embassy move
Russia, Turkey agree to coordinate on Syria after US pullout
Bangladesh heads to polls amid high alert
BBC issues formal complaint to Russia over staff data leak
December 28, 2018
Syrian army enters Manbij for first time in years
Kuwait to reopen embassy in Syria after 7 years
Trump's visit unites Iraqis against US military presence
Germany may withdraw troops in Afghanistan: Report
Syrian gov't forces enter Manbij as Kurds seek help
December 27, 2018
Saudi reshuffle: 'Riyadh signals to US foes that it's ready to cooperate'
LinkedIn billionaire 'sorry' for funding 'Russian bot' disinformation campaign against Roy Moore
Russia backs MbS, blasts US calls to interfere in Saudi rule
UAE officially reopens embassy in Syria: Damascus
Bahrain to reopen embassy in Syria after 7 years
Trump greets U.S. troops in surprise Iraq visit
Iraqi politicians denounce Trump visit
December 26, 2018
'Best New Year's gift to Russia': Putin boasts successful test of Avangard hypersonic glider
Israel's airstrikes on Syria threatened 2 civilian flights landing in Beirut & Damascus - Russia
Ukraine army's Chechen allies openly admit having Islamic State links - report
No pullout of Iraq, it can be base 'to do something in Syria' - Trump on first visit to troops
Putin hails test of Avangard hypersonic missile
Russia begins testing of 'Poseidon' nuclear drone
Confirmed: Iran talking to Taliban 'to aid Afghan security'
Ukraine's president announces end to martial law
Trumps greet US troops in Iraq
Russia condemns 'Israeli' Syria strikes
Afghan election delayed by three months
Israel's parliament formally votes to dissolve government
December 25, 2018
Turkey warns France against backing Kurdish militants
Syrian troops enter village near Kurdish-held Manbij
US sets up two military bases in Iraq's Anbar: Official
Pakistan FM in China discusses US Afghan pullout
December 24, 2018
Integrity Initiative is the biggest story of 2018 - but not because of anything it did
The Times names & shames Sputnik journalists in appalling McCarthyist hit-piece
Turkey reinforces Syria border as US drawdown looms
Pentagon signs order for US pullout from Syria
Turkey-backed militants to replace US forces in Syria
Israel to dissolve parliament, hold snap elections
Turkey sends military reinforcements to Syria border
Netanyahu remains popular despite corruption investigation
December 23, 2018
Turkish, Israeli leaders trade heated barbs
Turkey sends new troops to Kurdish-held northern Syria
Outspoken Saudi prince, weakened by hunger strike, dies
Baghdad's Green Zone reopens after 15 years
Macron 'deeply regrets' Trump's Syria plan
German 'fake news' reporter may be charged
December 22, 2018
Russia warns of global conflict if INF scrapped
6 killed by Indian soldiers in new day of Kashmir unrest
Russia offers to host Palestine-Israel meeting
China-India military training concludes in SW China
UN team arrives in Yemen to monitor Hodeida ceasefire
December 21, 2018
'We'll crush them!' Greece threatens NATO ally Turkey over Aegean islets
Psyop which saw Democrats pose as Russians ahead of Alabama poll swept under carpet
Pentagon chief resigns, citing differences with Trump
Israel vows to intensify attacks in Syria after US pullout
NATO engaged in Afghanistan amid US pullout plan
After Syria, US wants 7,000 troops out of Afghanistan
Erdogan welcomes US troop withdrawal from Syria
White Helmets trafficked organs, aided terrorists: Group
Pakistan stands with China in face of US-led claims
US plans to withdraw half troops from Afghanistan
US military ordered to draw down troops from Afghanistan
December 20, 2018
Putin: US raising risk of nuclear war
December 19, 2018
'Russia wins': Fury in Washington as Trump announces withdrawal from Syria
Trump signals US troop withdrawal from Syria
UAE reports 'positive' US-Taliban talks
Saudi warplanes attack international airport in Yemen
US plans 'full', 'rapid' troop withdrawal from Syria
December 18, 2018
US confirms pullout from INF treaty, Moscow will respond if missiles placed in Europe - deputy FM
Trump-Russia dossier was created so Clinton could challenge 2016 election results - Steele
Russia will make new missiles if US quits INF: Putin
US 'no longer seeking to oust Syria's Assad'
Iran, Turkey, Russia attend Syria talks in Geneva
Afghanistan sends team to join US-Taliban talks
Nearly 2,000 on life sentence over failed coup in Turkey
US among deadliest countries for journalists
Arab League condemns Turkish strikes in Iraq
Iran finds new oil, gas reserves, searches for more
Afghanistan ceasefire push in focus in U.S.
December 17, 2018
Russia deploys warplanes to Crimea amid Ukraine tensions
Indian forces lock down Kashmir to stifle protests
Erdogan: East of Euphrates op possible 'any moment'
Sudan president makes historic visit to Damascus
May and Blair spar over second Brexit referendum
December 16, 2018
'Blatant & brazen': Russian lawmaker lambastes US 'interference' in Nord Stream 2 deal
BBC seeks to 'prove' Moscow link to Yellow Vest protests - leaked messages
US preparing for Libya return: Commander
Over dozen Syrians killed in fresh US-led airstrikes
EU calls on Turkey to avoid unilateral Syria action
Thousands protest in Turkey for better living conditions
Trump working on extraditing Gulen: Turkey
12 Nigerian soldiers killed in attack by militants
Thousands of Hungarians protest against Orban's rule
Heavy clashes as Saudi push in Hudaydah repelled
Hamas marks anniversary with parade of new missiles
Turkey ignores Iraqi protests, attacks PKK again
Sri Lanka's former PM returns to post
December 15, 2018
Moscow urges Pentagon to reconsider its Syria strategy & INF Treaty withdrawal
Serbia slams US, threatens Kosovo with military action
7 Kashmir civilians shot dead by Indian troops
China helps Afghanistan, Pakistan bridge divisions
US airstrike kills 20 women, children in Afghanistan
China, Afghanistan, Pakistan agree to promote trilateral cooperation
Australia recognizes West Jerusalem as capital of Israel
Sri Lanka's disputed PM resigns amid crisis
US interior secretary Zinke to stand down
December 14, 2018
Russia, India reach 'unprecedented' military agreements
'Yellow Vest' protests reach Israel amid corruption
Kosovo's army plan risks new conflict with Serbia
Erdogan warns of next move as US-backed militants advance
Iraq summons Turkish envoy over latest airstrikes
Hungary: Anti-government protests held for 3rd night
Assad says Syria reconstruction to cost $400bn
Australia warns citizens ahead of Israel embassy move
Thousands of Syrian rebels ready to back Turkish operation in northeast
China strongly condemns U.S. resolution on Tibet issue
December 13, 2018
UN: Yemen's warring parties agree truce in Hudaydah
December 12, 2018
'Bolton is preparing plan for my assassination, with help from Bogota' - Venezuela's Maduro
US Senate votes to end US support for Yemen war
US-led coalition strike leaves entire Syrian family dead
US defies Turkey, sets up 'observation posts' in north Syria
December 11, 2018
Kiev terminates friendship treaty with Russia
Violence in Kashmir takes toll on civilians
December 10, 2018
May accused of 'stunning display of pathetic cowardice' after delaying Brexit vote
Macron announces state of 'economic emergency' in France, promises small salary increases
EU to launch trade mechanism with Iran soon: Mogherini
'US, France looting artifacts in northern Syria'
Ukraine ends friendship treaty, Russia regrets decision
December 9, 2018
Putin tells Netanyahu of need for 'strict' stability
China warns Canada of 'serious consequences' over Huawei CFO's arrest
December 8, 2018
'US should stay in Afghanistan or face another 9/11'
Israeli military fires shots near border with Lebanon
China warns Canada over Huawei executive arrest
UK announces major investment in nuclear submarines
France calls for lifting Israeli blockade on Gaza
December 7, 2018
Merkel replaced by new Christian Democrat leader
Ukraine quits Russia treaty amid US surveillance flights
Fresh US-led raids kill 8 civilians in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr
Pakistan not 'hired gun' for US anymore: PM Khan
Kiev approves bill to end friendship treaty with Russia
Syria rebels' chemical attack 'fabricated'
US and UK point to Russia and Assad forces for Aleppo attack
December 6, 2018
UK has provided 'guarantees' Assange won't be extradited to face death penalty - Ecuador's president
Russia's Su-57 may get 'Kinzhal-like' hypersonic missile for internal bay - report
US conducts 'extraordinary' flight over Ukraine: Pentagon
Turkey, Russia rap US call for ending Astana talks on Syria
Saudi, Russia leave world guessing after OPEC meeting
'Milestone' Yemen peace talks begin
December 5, 2018
Vast network of US military bases in Africa exposed
Putin: Russia to respond if US withdraws from INF
5 civilians killed in US-led airstrike in eastern Syria
Putin vows 'support' to Venezuela's Maduro
Saudi-backed Yemeni team heads for Sweden peace talks
December 4, 2018
Russia has '60 days to fix compliance with INF' or US will quit - Pompeo
US can't stop Iran oil exports, Persian Gulf will shut if they try - Rouhani
Russia plans to conduct over 4,000 drills in 2019
Yemen's Houthis set to head for peace talks in Sweden
December 3, 2018
Trump laments 'crazy' US defense spending & arms race with 'rivals' China & Russia
Drug-busting Duterte quips smoking pot 'keeps him awake'
UK changes military leadership amid US F-35 row
'Fateh al-Sham obtains 100 drones for chemical attacks'
Iran says OPEC players frustrated with Saudis, Russia
In surprise move, Qatar says to quit OPEC in Jan.
Amid Russia standoff, Ukraine turns to NATO for help
NATO treads carefully in Russia-Ukraine sea spat
Chinese President Xi arrives in Panama for state visit
December 2, 2018
US-led coalition attacks Syrian Army in Homs
US-led coalition strikes kill 206 in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr
'Iran among world's top missile powers'
Key Taliban commander killed in US strike
Brexiteer: New referendum could happen
December 1, 2018
Putin and Trump talked briefly at G20 summit
George Bush Senior dies at the age of 94
November 30, 2018
S-400 blowback? Turkey seeks replacement for US-withheld helicopter engines in $1.5bn export deal
US official: Military action on the table against Iran
US-led air raids leave 30 Syrian civilians dead
EU snubs Ukraine call to send ships to waters off Russia
South Korea train enters North for first time in a decade
CNN sacks pundit over support for Palestine at UN
Trump cancels Putin meeting, cites Ukraine crisis
China protests illegal entry of U.S. warship in South China Sea
Ukraine bars Russian men aged 16 to 60
November 29, 2018
Syria shoots down 'Israeli war plane' near Damascus
Iran, Russia, Turkey vow to protect Syria's sovereignty
Saudi Arabia to get US-made THAAD missile system
Trump cancels Putin talks over Ukraine
November 28, 2018
ISIS to launch false flag chemical attack on Syrian Kurds - and Russian military is watching closely
'Kiev would get away even with eating babies': Putin says Kerch Strait standoff is a provocation
Truth is dangerous! Former Homeland Security official laments RT's truth-telling
US to keep forces in Mideast for Israel's sake: Trump
Russia 'to deploy new S-400 missiles in Crimea'
US airstrikes kill 30 civilians in Afghanistan
'US encouraging provocation between Russia, Ukraine'
Putin voices 'serious concern' over martial law in Ukraine
Erdogan urges trade in national currencies
US impeding UN bid to broker peace in Yemen
Turkey warns US of 'action' if support for YPG continues
Pakistan's Imran Khan seeks to mend frosty ties with India
India's oil imports from Iran rise 36% in face of US bans
Round 11 of Syria peace talks in Astana
US defends backing for Saudi-led Yemen war
Woman 'to win Georgia presidential vote'
Ukraine President warns: 'Full-scale war'
November 27, 2018
Trump to meet Putin at G20, but not MBS - Bolton
3 US soldiers killed in bomb attack in Afghanistan
Saudi Arabia, Egypt to maintain blockade on Qatar
'Yemen missiles hit targets in Saudi Arabia's Asir, Jizan'
'France, Germany may host Iran payment channel'
Syria reshuffles cabinet as anti-terror fight nears end
Putin warns against 'reckless' moves after Ukraine declares martial law
China, India achieve 'positive progress' at border talks
President Xi arrives in Spain for state visit
Tanzania 'prefers Chinese aid to West's'
Pompeo pledged military assistance to Ukraine, says President Poroshenko
November 26, 2018
Election ploy? Poroshenko declares martial law in Ukraine after Kerch standoff
Russia impounds transgressing Ukraine ships
New US-led airstrikes kill several Syrian civilians
India's navy chief in Russia despite US warnings
Ukrainian president decrees martial law amid Russia standoff
November 25, 2018
Russian vessel blocks Kerch strait after Ukrainian Navy ships violate border
Syria blames foreign states for Aleppo 'toxic gas attack', calls for UN to step in
EU leaders endorse contentious Brexit deal at emergency summit
Fresh US-led airstrikes leave 14 Syrian civilians dead
Russia bombs militants behind chemical attack on Aleppo
'Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi base in Asir'
Russia 'fires on and seizes Ukraine ships'
Russia blocks Kerch Strait in naval confrontation with Ukraine
November 24, 2018
US service member killed in Afghanistan - NATO
'US, Russian troops fought repeatedly in Syria'
20 Syria civilians, kids included, killed in US-led strikes
Iraqi lawmakers call for end to US military presence
5 Emirati soldiers killed in attack in southern Yemen
US sees Daesh as ally in Syria regime change: Russia
Russia warns US, Europe over Azov Sea dispute
Gibraltar deal clears way for Sunday Brexit summit
November 23, 2018
Anonymous blows lid off huge psyop in Europe and it's funded by UK & US
Militants attack China consulate, kill dozens in Pakistan
China to resume imports of oil from Iran soon
Friday prayers bombing kills 26 Afghan security guards
Trump turning 'blind eye' to Khashoggi murder: Turkey
CIA has recording of MBS call to 'silence' Khashoggi
UN: Israel has escalated violations of Lebanon airspace
Israel admits sinking Lebanese refugee boat in 1982
November 22, 2018
UK in fight to stop Trump from leaking Russia secrets
'US-led coalition again uses white phosphorus in Syria'
Iran, Italy discuss non-dollar based trade system
US bases within reach of Iran's missiles: IRGC
Over 2,000 Syrian refugees return from Jordan
November 21, 2018
Senators propose change of doctrine so Russia could respond with nukes to any 'strategic strike'
Head of GRU dead 'after long and serious illness'
Stop being 'Saudi Arabia's b*tch,' Tulsi Gabbard tells Trump, critics pounce
Russia calls for change in rules of nuke use
US-led jets drop white phosphorus bombs on Syria town
US sanctions Russia, Iran firms for Syria oil sales
S Korean beats Russian rival in Interpol election
Iran official rejects Iraqi gas payment in dinar
India seeks more joint ventures with China in Afghanistan
Kosovo hits Serbia with 100% trade tarrifs
November 20, 2018
Bomb blast kills over 50 at Kabul religious gathering
Britain enraged at EU army idea
Turkey, Russia strengthen alliance through energy cooperation
A Russian may be the new head of Interpol. The West isn't happy
November 19, 2018
Russia won't be dragged into new arms race, but will respond to US withdrawal from INF - Putin
17 years into Afghan War, US admits 'Taliban not losing'
Russian troops arrive in India for joint military drills
Spain demands Gibralter veto in Brexit deal
Israel avoids snap elections as key minister stays
November 18, 2018
Life in fear: Report says 1 in 3 US drone-strike deaths in Yemen are civilians, including children
US making 'big mistake' backing YPG militants: Turkey
Photos of US troops dining with militants anger Turkey
Dozens of civilians killed in Syria in strikes on ISIL
Russian vets seek to out Kremlin's private mercenaries
November 17, 2018
US to expand Pacific military base together with Australia in bid to stop China's growing influence
Russia: 6,000 US-backed militants at Syrian camp
40 Syrians killed in fresh US-led coalition airstrikes
Iran says ready to fight terror on Pakistani soil
US prepares criminal case against WikiLeaks' Assange
Prague rallies against embattled Czech PM
November 16, 2018
Japan vows no US bases if Russia returns disputed isles
US has spent $6 trillion on wars since 9/11: Study
Netanyahu becomes Israel military affairs minister
North Korea to deport CIA agent amid weapon test
In first, US endorses Israeli occupation of Golan
Saudi warplanes hit Hudaydah, kill nine Yemenis
November 15, 2018
US-led coalition strikes kill 23 in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr
US discusses 'Arab NATO' plan with Qatar
US using white phosphorous bombs in Syria: Russia
Sri Lankan lawmakers fight in parliament over PM dispute
US military 'losing its competitive edge'
November 14, 2018
Bomb Egypt, behead disloyal Arabs: Israel parts ways with 'Jewish ISIS' defense chief
Israel's Lieberman steps down over Gaza ceasefire
US drone strikes killing more civilians in Yemen: Report
Saudi-backed militants pause Hudaydah attack
Gaza-Israel frontier calms as enemies warily cease fire
November 13, 2018
'US-led coalition airlifts Daesh terrorists in east Syria'
November 12, 2018
Israel bombs TV station in Gaza amid massive border flare-up
Trump, Putin hold brief meeting in French capital
Israel kills Hamas commanders in sting op.
Ethnic Russians in east Ukraine defy West, re-elect leaders
Yemeni forces shoot down Saudi-led bloc drone in Jizan
Hamas commander killed in Israeli operation
A barrage of rockets hit Israel after a secret IDF operation in Gaza went awry
November 11, 2018
Iraqi MPs plan motion to seek expulsion of US troops
Poles mark independence amid far-right row
Gabon's president 'seriously ill'
November 10, 2018
US halts refueling Saudi jets but keeps military aid
France and Germany mark WW1 Armistice
Turkey shares Khashoggi recordings with Saudi, US and others
Sri Lanka's president dissolves parliament
November 9, 2018
Fresh US air raids kill 26 Syrian civilians, mostly children
Saudi mercs mount new raid to seize Yemen's Hudaydah
China unveils stealth drone as race with US heats up
November 8, 2018
Yemeni father, five children killed in new Saudi strikes
Russia should let Israel attack Iranians in Syria: US
UK refusing Venezuela's request to return $550mn in gold
Car bomb blast kills 3, wounds 12 in Iraq's Mosul
November 7, 2018
LA celebs cough up $60 million for Israel Defense Forces at gala event
Israel threatens to hit Russia-manned S-300s in Syria
Battle for vital Yemeni port intensifies
Polish capital bans nationalist march
November 6, 2018
Macron wants 'real European army' to combat Russian threat & end reliance on US
Pentagon rejects military boost in Persian Gulf
Russia, Germany slam US re-imposition of Iran bans
Erdogan: Turkey will not abide by US sanctions on Iran
Stakes high as Americans vote in midterm elections
MbS launches nuke plant project amid Khashoggi crisis
Egypt postpones Brazilian FM's visit over Israel embassy
Newly elected Cameroonian president is sworn in
November 5, 2018
Afghan delegation to attend peace talks in Russia
Iran foils Israeli cyber attacks on communications networks
US reimposes sanctions on Iran
China calls to strengthen cooperation with Russia
US fails to shut down Iran oil exports
Russian jet intercepts US Navy plane in 'unsafe' manner
November 4, 2018
Utah mayor killed in Kabul the latest victim of perpetual US presence in Afghanistan
Yemen foils Saudi push for port, inflicts heavy casualties
Yemen: Child dies among 3 others in Saudi raids
French territory rejects independence
November 3, 2018
New US-led airstrikes kill 15 Syrian civilians
Iraq sends reinforcements to border amid Syria clashes
Russia to host talks with Afghan leaders, Taliban delegation
November 2, 2018
'Fresh Israeli attacks on Syria deepen crisis with Russia'
'Father of Taliban' killed in Pakistan
Cuba president in Russia to revive 'strategic partnership'
Russia vows to continue oil trade with Iran
November 1, 2018
Report: US losing ground to militants in Afghanistan
India gets US waiver to continue Iran oil imports
'Over 7 million Yemeni kids face serious famine threat'
'Syria militants readying for false flag chemical attack'
October 31, 2018
US supplying weapons to Daesh terrorists in Syria: Report
'Syria militants readying for false flag chemical attack'
India, Iran, Russia push alternative to Suez Canal
October 30, 2018
China's Xi tells military to prepare for war as US Navy warns of high seas encounters
Erdogan: Turkey plans larger operations in northern Syria
Russia: White Helmets filming fake gas attack in Syria
Thousands of Saudi-led forces sent to Yemeni port'
October 29, 2018
Tropical Trump wins Brazil presidential polls
Iran's major oil buyers set to defy US sanctions
Israeli intel minister to visit Oman after Netanyahu
Far-right Jair Bolsonaro wins Brazil's presidential election
Angela Merkel to step down in 2021
Sri Lanka constitutional crisis turns deadly
October 28, 2018
New US-led strike kills five civilians in eastern Syria
Yemeni missiles hit Saudi-paid mercenaries' base
1 dead in Sri Lanka shooting as political crisis escalates
Trump declines India's Republic Day invite amid rift
October 27, 2018
Yemeni army forces unveil new high-precision missile
Daesh kills 60 US-backed SDF militants in eastern Syria
Albania's Interior Minister Xhafaj resigns
Riyadh rejects Ankara call to extradite Khashoggi killers
Four-nation summit on Syria begins in Istanbul
Modi departs for Japan just after Abe's China visit
Higgins wins second term as Irish president
Right-wing candidate set to win in Brazil
October 26, 2018
PM's 'sacking' leaves Sri Lanka in turmoil
October 25, 2018
Moscow alarmed that US spy plane coordinated drone attack on Russia's Syria base
'US staged massive drone attack on Russia base in Syria'
Israeli fighter jets bomb Gaza Strip
Pakistan frees top Taliban commander 'at US request'
Turkey to begin installing Russian S-400s in Oct. next year
Iraq's new PM, 14 ministers sworn in
Sahle-Work Zewde appointed Ethiopia's first female president
NATO hunts for Russian submarines in the Arctic
October 24, 2018
India, Afghanistan defy US on Iran's Chabahar plan
Russia to reciprocate if US quits INF treaty: Putin
Saudi airstrike on Hudaydah kills 15 Yemeni civilians
Iran, Russia, Turkey hold Syria talks in Moscow
Explosive remarks from Turkey: MBS has blood on his hands
NATO to show military muscle in massive Norway exercises
Taliban co-founder 'freed by Pakistan'
October 23, 2018
Ecuador likely to turn Assange over to US - ex-president Correa to RT
'US-led forces killed over 3,200 Syrians since 2014'
Bolton faces Putin's dismay amid INF exit tension
Russia's Putin orders sanctions against Ukraine
Putin meets US security adviser amid tensions
Putin, Trump to meet in Paris on Nov. 11: Kremlin
October 22, 2018
NATO soldier killed in Taliban attack in Afghanistan
Russia curbs Israeli flights near Syrian skies: Paper
IRGC confirms 12 forces abducted near Pakistan border
China opposes US withdrawal from INF Treaty
Trump threatens nuclear buildup until other nations 'come to their senses'
US sails warships through Taiwan Strait
October 21, 2018
Terrorist attacks aimed at derailing Afghanistan election
Five more Yemeni civilians killed in new Saudi strikes
'Uncertainty remains over Lebanon govt. formation'
Germany angry after US snatches Siemens deal in Iraq
Afghan polls day 2: Roadside bomb kills 11
October 20, 2018
Trump 'confirms' he's pulling US out of nuclear deal with Russia
1,000s gather in London for 'biggest' anti-Brexit rally seeking final say
KSA's Khashoggi fable devoid of any credibility: W. Post
Canada welcomes fleeing White Helmets from Syria
China takes in major Iran oil cargo despite US threat
Saudi Arabia says Khashoggi died in Istanbul consulate
Assange sues Ecuador for violating fundamental rights
Australia's government loses its majority
Afghans defy deadly poll violence
Massive dam threatens Egypt's portion of Nile
October 19, 2018
'Breakthrough' & 'message to US': France & Germany to join Russia & Turkey in Syria summit
New US-led airstrikes kill over 30 Syrian civilians
Putin: Russia to use nuclear weapons if attacked
'US, S Korea cancel major military exercise'
October 18, 2018
One killed, 3 injured as Taliban raid top US general's meeting
Putin: Daesh expanding in US-controlled parts of Syria
Iran urges joint op. with Pakistan to save abducted forces
Putin says Trump wants to repair US-Russia ties
October 17, 2018
6 killed as US-led coalition F-15 jets bomb Kurdish forces fighting ISIS
Saudi delivers $100mn to US as Khashoggi crisis deepens
Hundreds of Syria 'White Helmets' leave for West: Jordan
Israel rains down bombs on Gaza again
Palestinian rocket attack on Israel draws Gaza air strikes
US flies B-52s near contested islands in South China Sea
October 16, 2018
Bin Salman has to go: Top US senator
China slams US claims on South China Sea
October 15, 2018
'Turkish police say audio shows Khashoggi killed'
Yemen on brink of 'worst famine in 100 years'
October 14, 2018
Yemeni forces kill 3 Saudi soldiers in border areas
October 13, 2018
US trying to create 'quasi-state' in Syria: Russia
'US-led jets drop white phosphorus bombs on Syria'
Saudi jets attack buses in Yemen's Hudaydah, kill civilians
US envoy for Afghan peace meets Taliban officials
October 12, 2018
Russian nuclear forces hold drills on Putin's order
Erdogan threatens new incursion into northern Syria
Israel follows US in grounding F-35 fighters after crash
Iran's presence in Syria none of Israel's business: Russia
Amnesty 'shocked' by ruin caused by US strikes in Raqqah
Russia says Putin might meet Trump in Paris in Nov.
October 11, 2018
Kashmir tense as Indian troops kill key militant leader
US military grounds all F-35 jets after crash
Turkey, Kuwait sign 2019 military cooperation agreement
Saudis had plan to lure Khashoggi, US intel shows
October 10, 2018
Russia, China, North Korea agree on five-way talks
Turkey accuses Saudi murder squad of killing journalist
October 9, 2018
US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley resigns
October 8, 2018
Ukraine launches air exercises with NATO countries
Taliban vow to disrupt upcoming Afghan elections
Five more Yemeni civilians killed in fresh Saudi airstrikes
Shinzo Abe: UK welcome to join CPTPP after Brexit
October 7, 2018
US copters evacuate Daesh elements from Dayr al-Zawr
Netanyahu says to meet Putin soon amid rising tensions
'Yemeni forces killed 42 Saudi soldiers in September'
Pro-Russia party wins Latvia vote ahead of populists
Bosnians vote in polls haunted by nationalist rivalries
October 6, 2018
US to give F-35 stealth fighter jets to Israel
October 5, 2018
Russia, India leaders sign S-400, nuclear plants deals
India buys 75% less US oil, loads up on Iran crude
US developing bioweapons in secret Georgia lab: Russia
Afghans angrily reject Blackwater plan to privatize war
China seeks regime change in US: Mike Pence
October 4, 2018
'New reality'? Israel may increasingly use F-35s in Syria raids after Russia's S-300 delivery
US Navy planning global show of force against China
US says soldier killed, Taliban claim several casualties
Putin: No major military action needed in Syria's Idlib
Ukraine, Hungary expel consuls as passport row deepens
Pompeo: US terminates 1955 treaty with Iran
October 3, 2018
Skripal is a 'traitor & scum,' not some rights activist - Putin
'Israel won't stop ops in Syria despite S-300 delivery'
Russia completes delivery of S-300 system to Syria
Kremlin confirms: Russia to sign India S-400 deal shortly
Scores of Saudi soldiers, mercs slain in Yemeni army offensives
Far-rightists, counter protesters hold rally in Germany
October 2, 2018
'We'd take out Russia's nukes,' US NATO envoy says, claiming 'banned' missiles are being developed
'49 pieces of hardware': Syria gets S-300 missile system & more from Russia in wake of Il-20 downing
'Iran coordinated ballistic missile strikes with Syria'
NATO to conduct biggest military drill since Cold War
Iraqi parliament elects new president
October 1, 2018
Iran says it launched missiles into Syria targeting parade attack 'ringleaders'
Iran strikes Ahvaz attack ringleaders near Euphrates
'US building new military base near Iraqi-Syrian border'
September 30, 2018
Dubai airport hit in second Yemeni drone strike: TV
US warship sails near Chinese islands amid trade war
Russia's S-300 delivery to Syria 'serious challenge': Israel
September 29, 2018
S-300 delivery to Syria already started: Russia
India approves S-400 missile system buy from Russia
US approves sale of tactical missiles to Bahrain
September 28, 2018
Russia: Israel downing of military plane 'cowardly'
US did not abide by deal on Syria's Manbij: Erdogan
Merkel, Erdogan hold tense talks in shadow of protests
September 27, 2018
'Yemeni ballistic missiles hit targets in Saudi Arabia'
Israel's Netanyahu claims Iran has a 'secret atomic warehouse in Tehran'
US ramps up plans to forge Arabic anti-Iran alliance
Blasts kill eight in Mali as France parachutes troops
September 26, 2018
10 Afghan children, 2 women killed in new US airstrike
'Israel will have to think twice before attacking Syria again'
Erdogan vows to import gas from Iran despite US threat
September 25, 2018
Israel will continue striking Syria: Netanyahu
Saudi-led strikes kill 3 Yemenis, including child
Turkish military vehicles enter Idlib after militant snub
In his UN address, Trump urges world to isolate Iran
China urges US to stop selling weapons to Taiwan
Second Brexit referendum now more likely
September 24, 2018
Russian MoD: S-400 data shows Israeli F-16 hid behind Russian Il-20 to avoid Syrian missile
US to stay in Syria so long as 'Iranians' are there - Bolton
Russia to give Syria S-300; plane incident 'to harm' Israel ties
Yemeni forces shoot down Saudi spy drone in Hudaydah
Five militants, one Indian soldier killed in Kashmir
Brazil receives first Russian LNG cargo
Italy govt. adopts hard-line anti-refugee decree
Iran accuses Saudi Arabia, UAE of financing military parade attackers
September 23, 2018
'Criminal negligence' or disregard to Russia-Israel ties: MoD details chronology of Il-20 downing
Russia: Israel responsible for downing of plane in Syria
Russia to release details on downing of plane in Syria
Turkey invites Venezuela to trade in local currencies
Indonesia kicks off presidential race as currency slumps
September 22, 2018
Terrorists attack military parade in Iran's Ahvaz
Russia rejects Israeli findings on downed plane
US warns India over plan to buy Russia's S-400
At least 29 killed in attack on military parade in Iran
Iran blames Gulf rivals for deadly attack
September 21, 2018
'Remedy the mistake or bear the consequences': China hits back at US over sanctions on military
Russia asks for Israel's explanation on plane downing
US targets China for buying jets from Russia
US creating new areas of conflict: Ex-CIA officer
Russia says US 'playing with fire'; China issues warning
US threatens Syria's territorial integrity: Russia
Germany breaks Saudi arms ban promise
Iran launches aerial drills in Gulf, Sea of Oman
September 20, 2018
Russian embassy blasts Israel for Syria plane tragedy
'Hezbollah has now precision rockets to Israel's dismay'
'Yemeni ballistic missile hits military base in Saudi Arabia'
Germany approves arms sales to Saudi
September 19, 2018
US prolonging Daesh's life in Syria: Nasrallah
Egypt, Cyprus ink accord for gas pipeline
Second Brexit referendum possible: UK minister
Poland offers $2B for US military base
September 18, 2018
Russian Il-20 downed by Syrian missile after Israeli F-16s used it as cover during attack - MoD
Putin on Israel's role in Il-20 downing: 'Looks accidental, like chain of tragic circumstances'
Russia: Deliberate Israeli provocation led to plane downing
'Syria intercepts missiles attacking Latakia from sea'
'Turkey to reinforce troop deployments in Syria's Idlib'
September 17, 2018
Syrian port city Latakia 'attacked by missiles from sea' - local media
India clears way for $2.2bn Russian frigate deal after similar agreement with US
'NATO warships getting closer to Syria coast'
New Saudi airstrikes kill nearly dozen Yemeni civilians
Yemeni drone targets Saudi forces, mercs in Hudaydah
Russia and Turkey to create Syria buffer
Dutch ask Russia to submit new MH17 claims
September 16, 2018
'Chlorine delivered': Idlib militants 'readying false flag attack' in Syrian village - Russian MoD
Flightpath of US high-altitude drone near Crimea revealed by tracking website
Macedonians gather to support EU, NATO membership
Yemeni forces shoot down Saudi spy drone in Jizan
Saudi-led strike kills 4 employees in Yemen's Hudaydah
Hungarians protest against PM Orban at pro-EU rally
September 15, 2018
Syria thwarts Israel attack on Damascus airport
September 14, 2018
US marines hold joint drills with Syria militants
Top UAE official secretly visits Israel: Report
Erdogan blasts 'heinous economic attack' by US
Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi Aramco oil refinery
Spain backs down, says to give Saudis 400 bombs
Erdogan to meet Putin on Monday for Syria talks
Xi calls for bringing China-Venezuela ties to a higher level
September 13, 2018
Dozens of Saudi mercs killed in Yemeni army attacks
Saudi Arabia buys Israeli 'Iron Dome' system: Report
September 12, 2018
White Helmets making films of 'chemical attacks' with orphans in Idlib - Russian military
Saudi airstrikes kill 15 civilians in Yemen's Hudaydah
September 11, 2018
Filming of staged chemical attack in Syrian Idlib begins - Russian MoD
300k troops & thousands of war machines: Russia starts biggest military drill in decades
Bolton threatens 'much stronger' attack on Syria
Spain moves to appease Riyadh after halting bomb sale
'Netherlands provides logistic support for Syria terrorists'
Sudan's Bashir appoints new PM as cabinet sacked
September 10, 2018
UK's MI6 planning chemical attack in Syria: US senator
US warplanes drop phosphorous bombs on Syria: Russia
Fighting rages in north Afghanistan
September 9, 2018
US jets strike Syrian town with banned white phosphorus bombs - Russian Defense Ministry
Pentagon sends marines for snap live-fire drill in Syria as 'strong message' to Russia - reports
US forces fire shots to warn Russians in Syria
US sends more forces to Syria after Russia alert
IRGC confirms missile attack on Iraq-based terrorists
Turkey urges nations to form united front against US
India not to fully comply with Iran oil sanctions
Iran own version more precise than S-300: General
September 8, 2018
Terrorists & White Helmets met in Idlib to prep for final stage false flag chem attack - Russian MoD
US forces fire shots to warn Russians in Syria
Iran, Russia, Turkey agree to ditch dollar in trade
Warship deal in balance as Saudi, Spain row deepens
China defies US with record 874,000 bpd Iran oil intake
Yemen peace talks collapse due to absence of Houthis
DPRK top leader Kim confirms readiness to visit Russia
Rockets target Basrah airport near US consulate
'Fiercest raids in weeks' in north Syria
Swedish PM's fascism warning as vote nears
US officials secretly met with Venezuelan military officers plotting coup against Maduro
September 7, 2018
US to send 1,500 more soldiers to Germany by late 2020
37 Saudis injured in Yemeni missile attack on military base
US jets shadow Russian bombers patrolling Arctic airspace
US begins military exercise in Syria
September 6, 2018
Now in India, US pursuing pressure campaign against Iran
37 Saudis injured in Yemeni missile attack on military base
American trainer killed in Riyadh copter crash
'US may recognize Israel's annexation of Syria's Golan'
Israel, Paraguay in diplomatic row over embassy move
China knocks UK provocation in its territorial waters
September 5, 2018
Israeli army provides weapons to terror groups in Syria
Erdogan warns against missile strikes on Syria's Idlib
'Israel admits bombing Syria 200 times in 2 years'
Paraguay to move embassy back to Tel Aviv
Twin blasts hit Shia neighborhood of Kabul, 20 killed
China slams Nauru for 'violating international norms'
Novichok attack Russian 'agents' named
September 4, 2018
Saudi king's brother slams 'devastating war' in Yemen
Spain cancels sale of 400 bombs to Saudi Arabia
Palestine recognition irreversible: Colombia president
'Yemeni missiles target Saudi Aramco facilities in Jizan'
Pakistani lawmakers elect Imran Khan ally president
Masked militia sparks alarm in Slovenia
September 3, 2018
US soldier killed in Afghanistan 'insider attack'
'Israel to act on Gaza, West Bank issues unilaterally'
US receives advanced air defense radar from Ukraine
Spain offers referendum on greater Catalan autonomy
September 2, 2018
US military can intervene in Venezuela: Senator Rubio
Saudi, UAE hectoring Oman over Iran ties: Report
Philippines eyes more Israeli weapons
Turkey will ban dollar in trade transactions: Erdogan
Russia, Iran, Syria military chiefs meet in Baghdad
US military to cancel $300m Pakistan aid
Thousands mourn Ukraine rebel leader
September 1, 2018
9/11 hijackers were brought to US by CIA: Scholar
US-trained militants to attack Syria's Palmyra: Russia
'Yemeni forces target Saudi vessel off Jizan coast'
Iraqis rally to vent anger at US over 'interference'
US lists targets, threatens Syria over Idlib offensive
US blocks train project linking North, South Korea
China, Egypt vow to advance comprehensive strategic partnership
Nations call for calm after Libya clashes
August 31, 2018
New Israeli missiles could target places further away than Lebanon
Russia submitted proof of false-flag chemical-weapons plot to OPCW & UN
Leader of self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic killed in E. Ukraine blast
Turkey working with Iran, Russia on Idlib: Erdogan
Saudi Arabia mulling over new canal to isolate Qatar
Turkey to buy Russia's S-400s soon: Erdogan
Israel says not bound by post-war Syria deals
August 30, 2018
Qatari envoy: Saudi, UAE working with al-Qaeda in Yemen
Israel controls UK politicians' speech: Corbyn
Venezuela's migrant crisis worsens amid economic collapse
August 29, 2018
US, Israel form taskforce to counter Iran
Turkey's decision to buy S-400 'concerns' US
Pakistani protesters call for expulsion of Dutch envoy
Yemeni forces down Saudi spy drone over Hudaydah
August 28, 2018
Russia 'to hold biggest military drill since 1981'
Bin Salman threatens to target Yemeni women, kids
Intense air strikes target Yemen airport
August 27, 2018
Austrian FM Karin Kneissl faints in public shortly after being grilled on Putin wedding invitation
'Tajik aircraft bombs Afghan border after fatal clashes'
Russia says Afghan peace talks postponed
Yemeni combat drone strikes Dubai Intl. Airport
Rouhani to host Erdogan, Putin for Syria talks
August 26, 2018
'Foreign specialists' may stage chemical attack in Syria in 2 days to frame Assad - Russian MoD
Yemeni drone, missile hit Saudi mercs in Bayda, Jizan
Afghan IS leader 'killed in air strike'
August 25, 2018
Russia warns US against 'reckless steps' in Syria
Yemeni missiles hit Saudi military bases in Jizan
Russia claims staged chemical attack will occur in Syria
Afghan national security advisor resigns
China, Iraq to deepen strategic partnership
Trump calls off Pompeo's planned trip to DPRK
Peru acts as Venezuelans flee to border
August 24, 2018
Terrorists readying chemical attack to frame Damascus & provide pretext for US strikes - Russian MoD
Putin: Russian-Turkish relations growing deeper
August 23, 2018
Saudi strike kills 31 civilians, mostly children, in Yemen
US to drive Iranian oil exports to zero: Bolton
Scores of Saudi mercs slain in Yemeni army attacks
Australia could have a new leader by Friday
August 22, 2018
Fierce clashes erupt in Kashmir after Eid prayers
Saudi warplanes hit Yemen's Hajjah, Sa'ada
Putin and Nato trade barbs over troops
August 21, 2018
Swift turn: German FM says Europe needs bank transactions system independent from US
Bahrain stops issuing visas for Qatari nationals
Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet
China, Russia to conduct co-military drill in mid Sept.
Intense fighting erupts in Kabul after rockets fired
Ugandan police disperse protests as tension escalates
August 20, 2018
'Who are you to warn us?': Duterte hits back after US warning to stay away from Russian arms
Erdogan: US attack on economy same as attack on our flag
US chopper crashes in Iraq; soldier dies, several hurt
After US, UK stops funding militants amid Syria victory
Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi base in Najran
Turkey, Qatar ink currency swap deal
Taliban kidnap at least 100 bus passengers in Afghanistan
August 19, 2018
Saudi airstrike kills over dozen fishermen in Yemen
August 18, 2018
Turkey will not surrender to US economic coup: Erdogan
Yemeni forces hit Saudi base with ballistic missile
'Who are you to warn us?' Philippines' Duterte to US
Russia, China reaffirm commitment to Iran nuclear deal
UN chief proposes military force to protect Palestinians
Chinese, Turkish FMs discuss current situation over phone
Putin attends Austrian minister's wedding
August 17, 2018
UAE hits out at Qatar's pledge to invest in Turkey
Saudi Arabia pledges $100 million to US-backed Syria campaign
Imram Khan confirmed as Pakistan PM
August 16, 2018
Deadly blast rocks Shia area of western Kabul, 48 killed
Russian bombers land in Arctic for first time
China, Pakistan pledge to push forward all-weather strategic cooperative partnership
European countries reach migrant-sharing deal
Mali's president Keita wins re-election, officials say
August 15, 2018
Turkey favors switching from dollars to national currencies in trade with Russia & China
Germany, Qatar vow support for Turkey amid US pressure
Russia: UK poisoning incidents reminder of Iraq WMDs tale
Taliban attack another army base in north Afghanistan
6 civilians killed as Saudi frigates hit northern Yemen
India's Modi announces space mission
Chinese leaders congratulate Cambodian People's Party over election victory
China urges Japan to reflect on its invasion history
Kabul bomber kills 48 in tuition centre
August 14, 2018
Westminster targeted by terrorists for 3rd time in 18 months
Telesur page takedown: Facebook becoming 'US govt's censorship vehicle'
Russia downs 5 drones in skies near Syria base
Yemeni snipers shoot dead 3 Saudi troops in Jizan
Turkey to boycott US electronic goods: Erdogan
Trump delays F-35 jets delivery to Turkey
Netanyahu secretly traveled to Egypt in May
China slams US defense act's 'full of Cold War mentality'
Mali waits for results after presidential runoff vote
August 13, 2018
Israel drills for war with Hezbollah near Lebanon's border
ran team in Syria for 'transformation' in post-war ties
Iraq will not abide by anti-Iran US bans: PM
Leader: Iran will not negotiate with cheating, bullying US
Turkey accues US of 'stab in the back'
Elon Musk says Saudis back Tesla buyout
August 12, 2018
US can't force trade rules on others, Germany must invest more in Iran - economy minister
Turkey blames Trump for attack on lira, says it won't 'kneel' and has counter-measures ready
Germany: US can;t tell us with whom to do business
Caspian states sign landmark legal status convention
Syria militants forming 'army' with Turkish support
Maduro permits FBI agents Venezuela entry
Sikhs rally in London demand independent state in India
Fight for Afghan city rages for third day
Second night of huge protests in Romania
August 11, 2018
Is Merkel saving face? Controversial Germany-Spain deal on migrants comes into force
Turkish lawyers want US soldiers arrested for 'ties to coup movement'
May, Hunt silent as UK's best arms customer kills dozens of children in Yemen bus attack
Iran says will stand by Turkey amid US pressure
Israeli minister urges assassination of Hamas leaders
Israel fires at Gaza fishing boats
6 civilians killed in DR Congo militant attack
Syrian, Russian air defenses confront 'hostile' targets
Erdogan warns Turkey's partnership with US 'in jeopardy'
Iran FM: There will be no meeting with US
US, Russian FMs discuss sanctions, ties over phone
Zimbabwe presidential inauguration halted after result challenged
August 10, 2018
Russia to view new US sanctions 'declaration of war'
Yemeni missiles target Saudi bases, key positions in Jizan
Turkey to defy US sanctions on Iran: FM Cavusoglu
Taliban raid Ghazni, seize parts of central Afghan city
Israel 'surprised' by Colombia's recognition of Palestine
US cuts military training programs with Pakistan: Report
US takes aim at Turkey as lira falls
August 9, 2018
50 dead, mostly kids, in Saudi-led coalition's 'legitimate' airstrike on Yemen bus
Bloodstains & debris: Israeli airstrike killed pregnant woman, her toddler
Bloodbath in Yemen: Saudi air raids kill 50, mostly children
Israel strikes Gaza 140 times, threatens new war
Russia downs drone near its Syria airbase
Saudi Arabia crucifies Myanmar national
Saudi industrial city targeted by Yemeni ballistic missile
Strike on Yemen bus kills 29 children
Dozens of children dead as school bus hit by airstrikes
Assange 'seriously considering' testifying before US Senate
Colombia sees Palestine as sovereign state
August 8, 2018
'World is a complicated place': US Senator Rand Paul delivers letter from Trump to Putin
Saudi Arabia to dump Canadian assets 'no matter the cost' as diplomatic rift spirals - report
US Senate Intelligence Committee calls Julian Assange to testify - WikiLeaks
Rand Paul delivers letter from Trump to Putin
Israeli minister says Iran should 'disappear' from world
Yemeni army forces, allies target Saudi border posts
Israel bombs farm in Gaza Strip
Turkey to continue importing Iran's gas despite bans
Saudi says no room for mediation in Canada row
Iran clients tweaking US sanctions as $90 oil looms
China, Russia pledge to protect Iran trade despite US
EU threatens firms that comply with US sanctions on Iran
China 'successfully tests first hypersonic aircraft'
Russia faces US action over Skripal attack
Spanish jet accidentally fires missile
August 7, 2018
Russia: Georgian NATO membership 'to spark conflict'
Saudi-Canadian tensions rise to new heights
Russia 'deeply disappointed' by US bans on Iran
New cholera outbreak spreading fast in Yemen: UN
August 6, 2018
US deploys Special Forces to Farah near Iran border
Saudi Arabia severs ties with Canada
August 5, 2018
In post-attack speech, Venezuela's Maduro blames 'ultra-right' & Colombia
'CIA involved in Maduro assassination attempt'
Maduro escapes explosive drone attack
3 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan
Israeli aircraft hits Gaza Strip over 'arson balloons'
South Sudan archfoes sign final power-sharing deal
Venezuela's Maduro says Colombia was behind drone attack
Russia names Steven Seagal as humanitarian envoy to US
Iran confirms military exercise in world's oil choke point
Seagal becomes a Russian diplomat
August 4, 2018
Russian MoD 'disappointed' by US leak, but confirms confidential offer on Syria cooperation
'We had patience until yesterday': Erdogan orders US asset freeze amid Pastor Brunson row
Turkey to freeze assets of 'US justice, interior ministers'
Turkey to freeze assets of US officials
August 3, 2018
Turkey vows retaliation against US sanctions
US defense bill mainly targets Russia, China and Turkey
Shia mosque bombing kills nearly 40 in Afghanistan
Yemen 'at risk of third cholera epidemic'
Inside the CIA's secret defector unit: Hundreds of former spies live in the US with new identities
August 2, 2018
Dozens of victims in reported Saudi-led coalition bombing of Yemen hospital
US Treasury sanctions 2 Turkish officials
Turkey vows response to US sanctions in pastor case
Saudi attack on Hudaydah hospital, fishing harbor kills 55
August 1, 2018
US showing 'Zionist mentality' in pastor's case: Erdogan
US sanctions Turkish ministers over pastor
July 31, 2018
'Skripal spoke to UK spies about the Russian mafia' - Seymour Hersh doubles down on Salisbury theory
Russia's envoy to Israel defends Iran's mission in Syria
Iran, Russia, Turkey say against Syria's disintegration
Russia, Turkey slam US threatening over arms deals
July 30, 2018
4 Saudi soldiers killed in Yemeni attack in Najran, Jizan
Trump 'ready to meet Iran's Rouhani'
July 29, 2018
Russia repels drone attack by militants on Latakia base
Turkey won't 'step back' in face of US threat: Erdogan
Yemeni troops kill four Saudi soldiers, capture two
July 28, 2018
Kurds reach deal with Damascus to end Syria conflict
China gets first S-400 regiment from Russia, plans test
US seeks to create anti-Iran 'Arab NATO': Report
Imran Khan wins Pakistan vote but falls short of majority
July 27, 2018
UAE says wants 'bigger military role' in Middle East
Israel says to build 400 units after 'stabbing attack'
Yemen's Hudaydah goes through another day of airstrikes
July 26, 2018
Yemeni drone pounds Abu Dhabi International Airport
Israel targets undisclosed region in Syria
Israeli minister admits 'mistake' over apartheid law
Imran Khan claims victory in Pakistan's elections
Trump threatens to sanction Turkey if they don't release US pastor
July 25, 2018
Still 'world policeman': US expands overseas military presence with 300k troops in 177 states
Trump delays second Putin summit for 2019 over 'Russia witch hunt' - Bolton
'Who will heat us during winter?' Turkey rejects US plan to torpedo Iran's oil exports
Trump delays meeting Putin amid pressure
221 killed in terrorist attacks in southwestern Syria
US expanding biggest Mideast military base in Qatar
Yemeni drone targets Saudi mercs' command center
Houthis target Saudi warship off Yemen's western coast
South Sudan rivals ink preliminary power-sharing deal
Pakistan election: 31 dead in bomb attack
July 24, 2018
Israeli army targets Syrian jet over occupied Golan
Israeli regime 'most fascist, racist' of all: Erdogan
Yemeni snipers shoot dead seven Saudi mercenaries
Turkey 'won't abide by US sanctions on Iran'
No F-35s sales to Turkey: US defense bill
July 23, 2018
Shabab claims killing 27 soldiers in Somalia
300 White Helmets still trapped in Syria
July 22, 2018
Netanyahu: Trump & Trudeau asked Israel to evacuate White Helmets from Syria
Ecuador's president to hand Assange over to UK during London visit - Greenwald
Israeli warplanes hit post in Syria's Hama
White Helmets evacuated from Syria to Israel: Report
Afghanistan's vice president escapes deadly bombing
July 21, 2018
'Fake revolution': Kiev summons Italy envoy after Salvini rips into 'foreign-funded' Ukraine unrest
1 year of liberation: Mosul people living among rubble & dead bodies while ISIS still around
Iran supreme leader threatens to block all Gulf oil exports if its own are stopped
Israel strikes Hamas position in Gaza despite truce
Terrorist attack leaves 10 Iranian forces dead: Fars
UK sending aircraft carrier to China sea in 'show of force'
Afghanistan may sign new Eid truce with Taliban: Kabul
Saudi Arabia arrests lecturer in crackdown on dissent
Egypt condemns as racist Israeli 'nation-state' law
Russia raids space research lab over 'spying for West'
Hamas, Israel agree on Gaza ceasefire
July 20, 2018
Israel launches massive air raid on Gaza - IDF
Ecuador to hand over Assange to UK 'in coming weeks or days,' own sources tell RT's editor-in chief
Russian hypersonic weapon files leaked to West, intel agents seek mole - report
4 Palestinians killed as Israeli jets, artillery hit Gaza
Putin-Trump talks 'good for all': Merkel
Afghanistan probes 14 civilian deaths after US airstrikes
Turkey, Netherlands agree to normalize relations
Syria moves to retake control over Golan Heights
Mossad admits cooperating with MKO over anti-Iran plot
Putin warns NATO against closer ties with Ukraine, Georgia
US sends team to Turkey to discuss Iran sanctions
UK's May demands new deal from EU on Irish border backstop
Israel launches strikes as soldier killed
Novichok victim leaves hospital
Israel launches 'wide-scale attack' against Hamas targets in Gaza
July 19, 2018
Trump invites Putin to Washington this autumn - White House
Putin warns NATO against closer ties with Ukraine, Georgia
EU, Palestine rail against Israel's new apartheid law
Yemeni ballistic missile targets Saudi Jizan Airport
July 18, 2018
Yemeni drone targets Aramco refinery in Riyadh
UK Labour Party rejects Israel's anti-Semitism definition
UK PM May threatens rebels with a national election
July 17, 2018
New US-led aerial raids kill two Syrian civilians
Tajikistan, Russia begin joint anti-Taliban drills
Maradona to Abbas: I am Palestinian in my heart
Poland chides Trump over Russia overture
Iraqi unrest gathers pace as police disperse protesters
July 16, 2018
Outrage in US after Trump-Putin summit
Israel targets Syria's Aleppo with missiles
Bolton: US to stay in Syria as long as Iran is there
'US seeking to sell Turkey Patriot instead of S-400'
Chinese refiner stops buying US crude, turns to Iran
Syria captures strategic hill overlooking Golan Heights
Trump sides with Russia against FBI
Russian national charged with 'infiltrating' US political groups
July 15, 2018
'Israeli rockets' strike Syrian military positions near Aleppo - state media
West scrambles to evacuate White Helmets from Syria
Israel wants to close embassy in Ireland
Turkey's purchase of S-400 risk for NATO: US general
India OKs plan for Iran bank to set up Mumbai branch
Emirati prince accuses UAE rulers of blackmail
Boko Haram overruns Nigerian military base
Afghan civilian deaths 'hit record high'
US and allies are discussing evacuating White Helmets from Syria
July 14, 2018
'US law doesn't apply here': India's defense chief resists pressure over S-400 deal with Russia
Israeli warplanes bombard southern Gaza Strip
US to open new military bases in Iraq, Kuwait: Reports
Pakistan election rally bombing kills 128
Erdogan warns Putin over Astana violation
Abbas meets Putin, voices concern over US policy
Russia rejected Israeli demand on Iran: Paper
Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi National Guards camp
Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan agree to fight Daesh
Israel deals 'hardest blow' to Hamas
July 13, 2018
Iran, Russia to continue to protect Syria: Official
US airstrikes kill 30 civilians in Syria's Bukamal: SANA
Pakistan election rally bombing kills 128
Nawaz Sharif, daughter arrested upon arrival in Lahore
Turkey to sell 30 attack helicopters to Pakistan
Russians indicted over US election hack
12 Russians indicted days before Trump meets Putin
July 12, 2018
Worried by Syria gains in south, Netanyahu turns to Putin
RAND details US ties with anti-Iran MKO terrorists
Russia bashes Trump over gas pipeline comments
Yemeni forces shoot down Saudi warplane: Ministry
Ukrainian activists demand release of prisoners
July 11, 2018
Syria thwarts Israeli strike on Quneitra
Germans want US troops pullout: Poll
Trump calls Germany 'captive of Russia' at NATO summit
Turkey to get 1st batch of S-400 systems next year
July 10, 2018
Saudi Arabia, France sign new military agreement
Yemeni ballistic missile targets Jazan Economic City
US targets Iran's tourism; airlines halt service
July 9, 2018
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigns amid cabinet squabbling over Brexit
EU3 to open dollarless trade with Iran: Russia
Israel draws 'red lines' on Saudi nuclear ambitions
July 8, 2018
Iran to remain in Syria to keep Israel out: Official
Syrian troops liberate town in Dara'a province
Syrian air defenses repel missile attack on airbase
Italy to demand ports closure to international missions
South Korea denies halt in Iran oil imports
July 7, 2018
Qatar, Russia discuss S-400 sale despite Saudi threat
Italy not to buy more F-35s, may cut existing order
Netherlands expulsion of Iran diplomats 'unconstructive'
July 6, 2018
Israeli aircraft bombs Syrian army position in Golan
Syria advances in Dara'a, close to taking strategic border
EU slams UAE for 'destabilizing' Somalia
Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi industrial target
Italy's closure of ports to worsen refugee crisis: MSF
July 5, 2018
US to send next generation nukes to Turkey
'UAE military delegates visited Israel over F-35 fighter jets'
Turkey to build four corvettes for Pakistan Navy
Scores of Saudi mercs killed in Yemeni drone strike
'Syria militants to resume talks with Russia'
UK calls on Russia to explain latest nerve gas attack
Merkel and Orban clash over migrant policy
July 4, 2018
Turkey: Decree grants Erdogan more power
'Russia in new talks with militants to secure deal in S Syria'
'Yemeni forces shot dead 38 Saudi soldiers in June'
President Xi: China-Russia ties at best in history
Wiltshire pair 'poisoned by nerve agent'
July 3, 2018
Ecuador judge orders arrest of ex-president Rafael Correa
11 Yemenis killed as Saudi jets hit wedding convoy
US senators on rare visit to Moscow ahead of Putin-Trump summit
Austria says ready to protect borders if Germany moves on migrants
July 2, 2018
Rouhani begins key trip to Europe amid US threats
British jets bombed Syrian forces in al-Tanf: Paper
July 1, 2018
German interior minister Seehofer offers resignation in migration clash with Merkel - reports
UAE halts Hudaydah push amid stiff Houthi resistance
Israeli PM says Syrian refugees will not be allowed to enter Israel
Two French soldiers killed in Gao attack in Mali
Suicide blast targets Sikhs in Afghan city
Mexico votes after violent campaign
US and North Korean officials meet at DMZ to discuss their agreement
June 30, 2018
Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi-led forces in Hudaydah
June 29, 2018
Russian weapons decades ahead of rivals: Putin
Turkey vows to keep Iran ties despite US pressures
EU leaders claim summit victory on migration, short on detail
3 babies among 100 drowned off Libya
June 28, 2018
Italy blocks new EU policies over refugee crisis
Israel against easing US nuclear limits on Saudi
1,140 troopers, 13 warplanes pulled out of Syria: Putin
'Malaysia pulling forces out of Saudi-led coalition'
Chinese Premier Li to visit Bulgaria, Germany
Chinese defense minister accepts invitation to visit US
June 27, 2018
Israel hit by retaliatory projectiles fired from Gaza
Seven more Yemeni civilians slain in Saudi raids
Russia, US agree to hold summit in 'third country'
June 26, 2018
Israeli missiles target Damascus airport
Saudi jets kill 9 Yemenis in strike on passenger bus
US aircraft carrier docks in Manila amid China tensions
European countries formalize EU defense force plan
June 25, 2018
Fresh Saudi airstrikes kill 9 Yemeni civilians
Syria condemns US financial support to White Helmets
Turkey 'entering era of one-man rule'
June 24, 2018
Erdogan wins presidential election: Govt. spox
Italy wants all of EU to share refugee burden
Divided EU leaders to meet for talks on refugees
June 23, 2018
Zimbabwe president 'inches' from explosion
Lethal grenade attack at Ethiopia rally
June 22, 2018
Syrian government forces besiege US base in al-Tanf
Yemenis protest against Saudi-led attack on Hudaydah
'Dozens of Saudi troopers, mercs slain in western Yemen'
US gives Turkey first F-35 despite opposition at home
MOFA: Laser attacks in East China Sea are 'baseless'
Suspected Chinese lasers target US aircraft over Pacific
Finally, Saudi women get behind the wheel
June 21, 2018
'US training terrorists at 19 camps inside Syria'
Houthis in control of Hudaydah airport: Yemeni officials
Israeli warplane bombards southern Gaza Strip
Kushner meets bin Salman on Mideast 'peace' process
June 20, 2018
Israeli bombs rain down on Gaza
Malaysia to end involvement in Yemen war
Saudi-backed forces claim control of Hudaydah airport
South Sudan president, rebel leader in Ethiopia for talks
Senegalese foreign minister visits China
June 19, 2018
US links deadly Syria airstrike to Israel
Syrian, Iraqi forces say US bombed military border
US, S. Korea suspend joint military exercises
Trump criticizes Merkel, says US will not be 'migrant camp'
June 18, 2018
US airstrikes target Syrian military position
European Union extends sanctions against Crimea
'Turkish forces enter outskirts of Syria's Manbij'
Iraq's popular forces say 22 fighters killed in US raid
US Air Force to be ripped by Trump's space force
Israeli aircraft strike Hamas targets in Gaza Strip
Bavarians give Merkel two weeks to reach EU deal on migrants
Right-wing candidate Duque wins Colombia presidency
June 17, 2018
Turkish jets target PKK meeting in Iraq
India to resume military operations in Kashmir
'Saudi-led forces bogged down outside Hudaydah'
Israel to outlaw filming of anti-Palestinian atrocities
Colombian voters await presidential run-off
Taliban ends truce despite pleas
June 16, 2018
'Turkey-Russia S-400 deal in response to US threats'
Blast kills 26 at Afghan-Taliban Eid gathering
'Trump request for tete-a-tete with Putin ignored'
Thousands flee as battle intensifies near Yemen airport
June 15, 2018
Bin Salman, Putin discuss oil in Moscow
Dozen Saudi-backed mercenaries slain in western Yemen
Nicaragua renews talks to quell protests, death toll at 164
Macron meets Italy PM as migrant crisis splits Europe
Xi, Putin hold talks on phone over ties, World Cup
China and Turkey to boost infrastructure cooperation
June 14, 2018
US to shell out $6.6mn for White Helmets 'vital operations' weeks after promising funding freeze
120 nations at UN slam Israeli killing of Palestinians
Sweden urges UN to call for halt to Yemen port offensive
Erdogan offers Putin joint production of S-500 system
June 13, 2018
Georgia's prime minister resigns in wake of protests
Iraqi PMU fighters hit Daesh positions in eastern Syria
Greece's PM faces impeachment over Macedonia deal
Erdogan, rivals woo Turkey's crucial Kurdish vote
Italy-France talks halted over ship row
US Marines to Norway amid Russia tensions
Saudi-led forces ignore UN and attack Yemen
June 12, 2018
New US-led aerial raids kill dozen Syrian civilians
Iraq's Sadr teams up with Fatah alliance
Erdogan: Turkey will use S-400 systems if necessary
Trump, Kim wrap up historic summit
June 11, 2018
US-led airstrike kills 18 Iraqi refugees in NE Syria
Iraq's Sadr rejects election rerun, warns of civil war
Qatar takes UAE to ICJ as Doha-Abu Dhabi rift widens
Haftar forces close to complete capture of Libya's Derna
ISIL suicide bomber kills 13 in Kabul
June 10, 2018
Trump, Kim in Singapore for historic summit
Yemeni missiles kill scores at Saudi mercenaries' camps
No Russia-Israel coordination on Syria strikes: Assad
US grounds entire B-1 bombers fleet
Trump calls Trudeau 'weak,' rejects G7 communique
Putin: Russia and US in close negotiations on Putin-Trump meeting
June 9, 2018
Turkey troops deployed 30km inside Iraq: Ankara
'Civilians deaths increased in US drone strikes'
June 8, 2018
'Russia should be in G7, whether you like it or not' - Trump says on way to summit
Saudi, UAE plan coup against Bahraini PM: Report
Yemenis target Saudi positions with ballistic missiles
Chinese hackers steal sensitive US naval data: Report
US urges India to buy American missiles, not Russian
'Turkey will buy S-400 systems to ensure own security'
Oman says running out of patience with UAE
DPRK's Kim Yong Nam to visit Russia
Panama: US approves extradition of ex-Panama president
G7 dogged by rifts between US and allies
June 7, 2018
'No leader is forever': Macron strikes hostile tone against Trump, says US can be kicked out of G7
Russia produces missiles faster than Mach 20: Putin
Slovenia's anti-refugee party to form next govt.
Iraq launches air strike against ISIL in Syria
Netanyahu confronted over Gaza deaths by prominent UK politician
Cameo appearance: Dennis Rodman may attend summit
June 6, 2018
NATO rejects Qatar membership demand
EU moves to shield companies doing business with Iran
Argentina cancels Israel soccer friendly after Gaza killings
China, Kyrgyzstan upgrade ties to boost cooperation
June 5, 2018
No need for Europe to buy US gas at triple the price, will continue imports from Russia - Austria
Large fire ravages Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, tons of water poured in by planes
YPG militants to pull advisors out of Syria's Manbij
Iran begins 'preparations to build advanced centrifuges'
Iraq bashes Turkey for 'political' dam filling
Saudis issue first driving license to women
Putin says he and Trump 'regularly talk'
June 4, 2018
Kurds left in the cold as US & Turkey agree on 'roadmap' for Syrian city pullout
'US mulls UAE call for support to seize Yemeni port'
'US to cut Africa ops to focus on China, Russia'
Suspected Saudi attack targets UN boat off Yemen
Russia jails Ukrainian journo for 12 years over spying
Jordan's PM resigns after days of protests
Netanyahu starts European tour to persuade leaders to quit Iran deal
June 3, 2018
Nine Yemeni civilians killed in new Saudi airstrike
Israeli jets fly over Yemen amid Saudi blitzkrieg: Houthi
NATO begins drills in eastern flank
Israel strikes Hamas sites in Gaza after militants fire rockets
Syria's Assad to meet Kim Jong Un in DPRK: KCNA
No Podemos ministers in new Spanish government: PM's aide
June 2, 2018
12 Syrian civilians killed in new US-led strikes
Abu Dhabi 'no longer safe' from missiles: Yemen army
Russia to send new missile cruiser to Mediterranean
Soros sending roadmap to MPs to avoid Brexit
Pedro Sanchez sworn in as new Spanish PM
Sisi sworn in with vow on terrorism
June 1, 2018
'Saudi king threatens to attack Qatar over S-400'
Spain's parliament ousts PM Rajoy over corruption
US warns of ability to 'take down' China's islands
US mulls providing Germany air base with THAAD
German prosecutors seek Puigdemont extradition to Spain
Italy's new government sworn in
May 31, 2018
'Your time is up. Resign!' Spain's PM Rajoy to be ousted over corruption scandal
Attackers kill Saudi officer, raid military facility
Court finds Lithuania, Romania complicit in CIA torture
Italy to be led by populist, euroskeptic government
May 30, 2018
'UAE ruler's son seeks asylum in neighboring Qatar'
Zimbabwe to elect new president, MPs in July
Protesters call for overthrow of Jordanian govt.
Bomb blast kills 2 Pakistani soldiers in North Waziristan
Israel approves 2,000 new settlement units
Indonesia, India to uplift bilateral ties
May 29, 2018
Israel attacks over 30 targets in Gaza
'1,000-plus Saudi forces killed in war on Yemen'
Lebanon starts offshore oil, gas exploration
May 28, 2018
Poland offers $2bn for permanent US base, Moscow warns of 'dangerous' consequences
Nothing to hide? Israel considers ban on filming IDF soldiers, 5yr jail terms for offenders
Israel urges US not to offer F-35 upgrade to Turkey
India will not follow US sanctions on Iran: FM
Italian president names ex-IMF official as interim PM
May 27, 2018
Militant shelling kills 4 Russian soldiers in Syria
'Turkey may replace US F-35 jets with Russian Su-57'
UK selling Israel record amounts of arms: Report
China warns US warships to leave South China Sea
May 26, 2018
US, Turkey agree on 'roadmap' over Syria's Manbij
'Yemeni drones target Saudi airport in reprisal attack'
US threatens 'firm' action as Syria plans to retake Dara'a
Putin slams US for bullying Turkey to give up S-400 deal
Colombian election to decide the future of peace deal
Korean leaders meet in surprise summit
Women's arrests cast doubt on Saudi reforms
May 25, 2018
US-led strike hits government targets in Syria - state media
We may have to use nukes if I don't get more cash - UK Defence Secretary Williamson
Russia 'absolutely' rejects Dutch & Aussie accusations it's responsible for MH17 downing
40 years after the Bahrainis kicked them out, the Royal Navy returns to the Gulf
US House bans Trump from declaring war on Iran
US bill bars F-35 sales to Turkey over S-400 deal
Six more Yemeni civilians killed in new Saudi strikes
Assange's refuge in embassy 'in jeopardy'
Saudis: OPEC and Russia to pump more oil
May 24, 2018
Syrian air defenses intercept missiles near Homs
US jets target Syrian military positions
Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi Jizan port
Lebanon's Hariri gets third time as PM
Turkey says Greece protecting 'terrorists' after coup
Trump cancels Kim summit
May 23, 2018
US presence in Iraq amounts to occupation: Sadr's adviser
Israeli jets attack Gaza ports, destroy boat
Palestine joins 2 UN bodies, global treaty
Netanyahu moves meetings to underground bunker
Giuseppe Conte approved for Italy PM
AL cancels deal with Guatemala over Israeli embassy move
Venezuela expels US diplomats in response to sanctions
Beware odd sounds, US warns staff in China
Poisoned Russian speaks out on 'extremely painful" recovery
May 22, 2018
Israeli tanks shell Hamas position in Gaza Strip
Saudi royal urges coup to depose Salman, save kingdom
Russia, Japan threaten to retaliate against US tariffs
German court refuses to jail Puigdemont
Russia, India vow to work toward multipolar world
At least 16 killed, 38 injured by car bomb in Afghanistan
Exclusive: Foreign media in DPRK for nuclear site closure
May 21, 2018
US anti-tank missiles found at former Al-Nusra facility in Syria - Russian MoD
France steps up military presence in Syria: Report
3 dead as fighting spikes in east Ukraine
UK PM rejects Scottish independence vote for now
Syrian army clears all ISIL insurgents from around the Damascus
Paraguay opens its Israel embassy in Jerusalem
S.Korea's military says to continue joint war games with US
May 20, 2018
'Ice age' must end: Anti-Russia sanctions harm EU companies, says chair of German Left Party
Yemeni ballistic missile targets Saudi base
US says won't recognize Venezuela election
Erdogan takes campaign to Bosnia after EU snub
May 19, 2018
Spend on schools or bow to US demands? German politicians debate NATO strategy
China to buy more American goods, but not as much as Trump wants
Putin: Our new arms make foreign systems 'useless'
Yemeni ballistic missile targets Saudi base
Russia unveils world's first floating nuclear power station
Sadr's alliance wins Iraq's elections
India's ruling party fails to form govt. in Karnataka
US slaps new sanctions on Venezuela
China lands bombers in South China Sea
May 18, 2018
Merkel meets Putin, stresses Germany-Russia ties
Israel vilified at UN body for Gaza killings
China, Spain vow to strengthen cooperation under Belt and Road Initiative
May 17, 2018
Putin & Assad hold 'extensive' talks in Sochi, discuss political settlement - Kremlin
Israeli warplanes bomb northern Gaza
Extradite Gulen or key base will close: Turkey's Ince to US
May 16, 2018
Bin Salman not seen in public since alleged coup attempt
Anti-Israel protests held worldwide against Israel massacre
Turkey, Israel trade barbs, expel envoys over Gaza
Russia's Lavrov slams Israeli propaganda on Gaza
Putin orders S-500 production, nuclear boost
India halts military ops in Kashmir for Ramadan
EU to ditch dollar for Iran oil payments: Report
Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim walks free after royal pardon
May 15, 2018
Turkey's Erdogan slams Netanyahu, calls Israel an 'apartheid state'
North Korea cancels talks with South, threatens to call off US talks over military drills - reports
Yemeni forces target Saudi base with ballistic missile
German furore over Erdogan football photos
May 14, 2018
Turkey recalls ambassadors from US, Israel after over 50 Palestinians killed in Gaza
US opens Jerusalem embassy on 'great day for peace' as dozens of Palestinians shot dead
Spy plays politics: MI5 chief uses terrorism and Russia threat to beg for Brexit clemency
China's petro-yuan 'thundering into action' as Iran ditches US dollar in oil trade
$21 trillion lost: Largest theft in history buried under guise of US national security - Lee Camp
Israeli warplane strikes Hamas positions in N Gaza
'Yemeni missile hits Saudi oil facilities in Jizan'
Moqtada al-Sadr frontrunner in Iraqi elections
May 13, 2018
Israel pushing Middle East to war: Erdogan
Hamas leader in Cairo ahead of US embassy move
Libya tribal clashes leave more than 31 dead
Catalan secessionists poised to elect leader in 2nd vote
At least nine killed as blasts, gunfire rock Afghan city
Trump delegation arrives in Israel
Chinese aircraft carrier starts sea trials
May 12, 2018
Israeli jets target power station, farm in Gaza
'Yemenis hit Saudi base with ballistic missile'
Saudis use US-supplied cluster bombs against Yemenis
Militants hand over Israeli-made arms to Syrian forces
Catalan secessionists fail to elect new leader
US stealth jets intercept Russian bombers
May 11, 2018
April deadliest month for civilians in Yemen: UN
Turkey 'concerned' by UAE deployment in Yemen
Taliban kill over 30 police in western Afghanistan
China launches new Iran train route
World leaders call for restraint after Israeli raids in Syria
US imposes new sanctions on Iran
Iran-US tensions loom large as Iraqis head to polls
May 10, 2018
28 Israeli jets fired about 60 rockets in overnight strikes on Syria - Russian MoD
Trump says he will meet Kim in Singapore on June 12
Europe can no longer count on US for protection: Merkel
Netanyahu meets Putin over Iran and Syrian crisis
Mahathir Mohamad sworn in as Malaysia's new prime minister
Hungarian parliament elects Viktor Orban prime minister
Li wants China, Japan to boost pragmatic cooperation
May 9, 2018
Netanyahu compares Iran to Nazi Germany during V-Day talks with Putin
Netanyahu heads to Russia after Israel strikes Syria
'US sets up base in Syria's Manbij after Turkish threats'
Yemeni forces launch missiles at Saudi capital
Israeli missiles target Syrian army positions
EU pledges continued commitment to Iran deal
China, Japan agree on security hotline amid maritime row
Malaysia opposition in historic poll win
North Korea frees US detainees
Trump rules out DMZ as summit location
May 8, 2018
North Korea's Kim visits China for second time
US lawmakers warn Turkey over Russian missiles
Armenian opposition leader Pashinyan elected as new PM
Protesters killed as Indian troops move on militants in Kashmir
Premier Li wraps up three-day Indonesia visit
Xi holds phone conversation with Trump on trade, DPRK
Trump pulls US out of Iran deal
May 7, 2018
Hezbollah, allies make major gains in Lebanon elections
Israel almost shot down Russian jet: Former minister
Trump to announce decision on Iran deal Tuesday
Yemeni forces fire 4 missiles at Saudi base
Israel will kill Assad if attacked by Iran: Minister
Nearly 100 Yemenis killed, injured in Saudi strikes
Putin sworn in for fourth term as Russia's president
Italy faces fresh vote after talks fail
May 6, 2018
Turkey to launch further offensives into Syria: Erdogan
Israeli warplane launches airstrike on northern Gaza
Yemeni ballistic missile 'destroys' Saudi positions in Asir
Bombing kills 19 at mosque in eastern Afghanistan
Thousands attend funeral of Hamas soldiers in Gaza Strip
Pakistan's interior minister injured in assassination attempt
May 5, 2018
Lebanon to hold first general election in nine years
US revives Second Fleet to counter Russia
May 4, 2018
Israeli forces shoot, injure 1,100 protesters in Gaza
Sending Arab troops to Syria a possibility: Egypt
UAE deploys troops, tanks to Yemen's 'jewel of Arabia'
Saudi plot to manipulate Lebanon polls exposed
Syrian army uncovers Israel-made weapons caches
First time Japan, China leaders talk on phone
May 3, 2018
'US commandos help Saudi troops in Yemen war'
Russian jet crashes in Syria; 2 pilots killed
Syrian rebels prepare to quit south Damascus
May 2, 2018
US troops to remain in South Korea even if peace treaty signed with North - Moon
Russian Su-27 intercepts US spy plane over Baltic
Saudi overtakes Russia in military spending
Iran, Azerbaijan to form JV over Caspian prospects
At least 14 killed in suicide attack in Libya
May 1, 2018
Over two dozen Syrians killed in fresh US-led strikes
Brazil's ex-president Lula faces fresh corruption charges
Mosque bomb blasts kill dozens in Nigeria
At least 15 killed in CAR church attack
April 30, 2018
Missiles target Syrian military bases in Hama, Aleppo
Italy's Five-Star calls for snap elections
At least 25 killed in Afghan attacks, including journalists
Scandal fallout piles pressure on May as UK minister quits
Trump deserves Nobel Prize, South Korean leader says
April 29, 2018
8 more civilians killed in Saudi airstrikes on Yemen
'US, Zionist proxies behind bid to rename Persian Gulf'
Russia launches world's 1st floating nuclear plant
April 28, 2018
Iran, Russia, Turkey to boost Syria settlement efforts
'Riyadh mulls purchase of Israeli Iron Dome'
South Korea scrambles jets to intercept Chinese flight
China, India reach 'comprehensive' consensus
April 27, 2018
Pentagon vows to 're-energize' invasion in east Syria
Anti-government protesters rally in Armenia's Gyumri
Romanian president urges PM to resign after Israel visit
Modi hails 'fruitful talks' with Xi in Wuhan
US flies bombers over South China Sea
April 26, 2018
US secretly tests nuclear-capable missile
Yemeni ballistic missile targets Saudi base in Najran
China vows further action against 'Taiwan independence'
Xi-Modi meeting to promote free trade and unity
Pompeo confirmed as secretary of state
April 25, 2018
Israel reassured of U.S. presence in Syria
Israel says will destroy Russian missiles in Syria
Send troops to Syria or lose US support: Saudi to Qatar
Syria shot down 46 US missiles: Russia
Macron says France won't leave Iran nuclear deal
3 soldiers, 30 militants killed in Sinai fighting
April 24, 2018
US, France call for changes to Iran nuclear deal
April 23, 2018
Israel attacks Syria's Golan, cites alleged mortar fire
Yemen: Saudi airstrikes kill at least 20 at wedding
South Korean villagers block supplies to THAAD base
Russia: No decision yet on S-300 delivery to Syria
Head of Yemeni Political Council killed in Saudi strike
North and South Korean officials hold working level talks
April 22, 2018
Saudi Arabia raises number of beheadings by 70%
US lawmakers urge Pentagon to buy Israeli missiles
Armenia nabs opposition leaders amid protests
Nicaragua unrest leaves 26 dead
Greece rejects soldier swap with Turkey
China, India agree to set aside differences
Over 60 killed in Afghan blasts
April 21, 2018
US has sent 5,000 trucks of arms to Syria: Erdogan
Mass grave found in Syrian city held by US forces
At least four killed, 15 injured in Kabul explosion
South Korea, US to kick off annual military drill
Chemical experts finally see Syria site
April 20, 2018
Trump invites President Putin to White House
Nearly two dozen civilians killed in new Saud air raid
German parliament condemns US-led Syria strikes
Kyrgyzstan names Abylgaziyev as new prime minister
Putin 'ready' to visit US and meet Trump, Lavrov says
April 19, 2018
New US-led airstrikes kill nearly dozen Syrian civilians
Chinese aircraft fly around Taiwan amid tensions
Fresh Saudi raids kill 5 Yemeni civilians in Hudaydah
Iraq carries out airstrikes on ISIL in Syria
Trump, Abe end summit united on DPRK, but divided on trade
Erdogan praises China's objectivity in global affairs
April 18, 2018
Yemenis target Saudi airport with ballistic missile
Turkey to hold presidential, parliamentary elections on June 24
Saudi Arabia prepares to send troops to Syria
April 17, 2018
Saudi Arabia open to sending troops into Syria: FM
Nigerian police attack Shia protesters for 2nd day
Russia to weigh S-300 delivery to Syria: Lavrov
OPCW inspectors enter Douma: Syrian state media
NATO to hold largest-ever drills in Norway
'Israel has secret info on Graham's homosexuality'
US in direct talks with N Korea - Trump
April 16, 2018
Syrians rally in Damascus to support Assad, slam US strikes
UAE ends Somali military training mission as tensions soar
New York citizens protest against US strike on Syria
China says strikes on Syria were against UN Charter
Djukanovic: Montenegro to join EU within five years
April 15, 2018
'Morocco to pull warplanes from Saudi-led coalition'
Airport standoff escalates tensions between UAE, Somalia
US troops not leaving Syria until goals accomplished
April 14, 2018
Syria intercepted 71 of 103 missiles fired at it: Russia
Russia may give Syria S-300, calls for urgent UN meeting
One Turkish soldier killed, five injured in PKK clashes
Thousands demand Japanese PM's resignation
April 13, 2018
Syria shoots down Western missiles, says attacks will fail
Foreign secret service behind Syria gas attack: Russia
US, France, Britain launch strikes on Syria
US and allies launch strikes on Syria
US and allies strike Syria
April 12, 2018
Russia: War with US over Syria a possibility
Syria strike could spin out of control: Pentagon
Spain, Saudi ink warship deal amid outcry over Yemen war
US military aircraft spotted near Russian bases in Syria
Russia warns of war over Syria strikes
UK, France back Trump on Syria
April 11, 2018
Moscow to Trump: Are 'smart' missiles an attempt to destroy alleged chem attack evidence in Syria?
World situation chaotic, getting worse: Putin
Russia to US: Save your missiles for terrorists
Israeli army strikes Hamas positions in Gaza Strip
China, India discuss disarmament, non-proliferation
Trump tells Russia missiles 'will be coming' at Syria
April 10, 2018
US deploying Truman aircraft carrier strike group to Middle East, Europe - Navy
Russia to respond to any 'illegal action' in Syria
China opposes military response over Syria issue
Trump abandons trip to focus on Syria
April 9, 2018
2 Israeli warplanes carried out strikes on Syrian airbase - Russian MoD
Trump needs as long as 2 days for Syria decision
Yemeni forces target Saudi base with ballistic missile
Over 60 people killed in alleged chemical attack in Syria
Viktor Orban re-elected as Hungarian PM
China demands US stop selling arms to Taiwan
Japan unveils first marine unit since WWII
April 8, 2018
Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi radar station
UK opens permanent naval base in Bahrain
Tensions mount amid Syria 'chemical attack'
April 7, 2018
Yemeni forces ambush Sudanese mercenary convoy
Turkey accuses France of aiding terrorists in Syria
UK troops in Kenya for training mission
'Yemeni rockets kill more Saudi troops in Jizan'
Corbyn blasts Israel's 'outrage' against Palestinians
'Saudis to build border canal to turn Qatar into island'
India seeks to buy 110 fighter jets worth $15 billion
DPRK, ROK hold talks on establishing telephone hotline between leaders
US and North Korea hold direct talks
April 6, 2018
'Unimpressed' by US Patriot, India turns to Russian S-400
'Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi base in Najran'
Britain opens military base in Bahrain
Djibouti grounds US military flights, suspends joint drill
April 5, 2018
Saudi troopers killed in Yemeni retaliatory attacks in border regions
Google employees protest work for US military drones
Russia, Turkey, Iran seek 'lasting ceasefire' in Syria
April 4, 2018
Russia delivers first S-400 regiment to China
Yemenis target Saudi Aramco storage tanks
Saudi troopers killed in Yemeni retaliatory attacks in border
Trump 'backs off immediate Syria pullout'
April 3, 2018
Yemeni forces target Saudi warship
US 'plans more troops in Syria' as Trump urges pullout
China, Zimbabwe agree to a strategic partnership of cooperation
April 2, 2018
Trump suggested meeting with Putin in Washington, DC
Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi base in Asir
Over dozen Yemeni civilians killed in new Saudi raids
Egypt's presidential election: Sisi wins 97 % of votes
Gaza toll rises to 17 after Palestinian dies of wounds
Xi sends congratulations to Sisi on re-election as Egyptian president
April 1, 2018
Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi base in Jizan
Erdogan calls Netanyahu 'terrorist, occupier'
Anti-India protests erupt in Kashmir amid deadly clashes
March 31, 2018
Saudi crown prince wants US to stay longer in Syria
US and British troops killed in Syria: Officials
Iraqi forces deployed in Sinjar after Turkey's threats
Yemeni forces target Saudi base with ballistic missile
Israeli spy drone crashes in southern Lebanon: TV
March 30, 2018
Turkey to 'target' French troops if they back militants
US and British troops killed in Syria blast
March 29, 2018
We're coming out of Syria very soon, let others take care of it - Trump
Mattis says US involved in planning Saudi war in Yemen
Turkey calls on Kurds to leave Manbij 'immediately'
Croatia unveils deal to buy Israeli F-16 fighter jets
Russia slams Poland's purchase of US-made Patriot
Ethiopia to swear in new prime minister Monday
Egypt's Sisi re-elected with more than 90% of vote: state media
DPRK and ROK to hold leaders' summit on April 27
March 28, 2018
Spread of Wahhabism was done at request of West during Cold War - Saudi crown prince
Israel deploys 100 snipers to Gaza border
Poland buys Patriot missiles for $4.75bn
March 27, 2018
'I want to see facts': Czech president urges UK to provide some evidence on Skripal case
Petro-yuan helps Russia & China dump US dollar in oil trade
'Eying Syria's oil, US builds military base'
March 26, 2018
14 European states announce coordinated expulsion of Russian diplomats over Skripal case
Death of US dollar? China launches petro-yuan to challenge greenback's dominance
Trump expels 60 Russian diplomats
Yemen targets Saudi airports with ballistic missiles
Turkey still seeks full EU membership: Erdogan
Egypt: Presidential election kicks off in Cairo
Saudi Arabia intercepts missiles over capital
March 25, 2018
Ex-Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont detained in Germany
Chinese bombers & fighter jets conduct drills in South China Sea & Western Pacific
Turkey begins operations in Iraq's Sinjar region
Spain: Catalans clash with police in Barcelona
March 24, 2018
Turkish military 'takes full control of Syria's Afrin'
Israeli warplanes attack Palestinian city of Rafah
7 more Yemeni civilians killed in new Saudi strikes
France and Turkey want more Syria talks
March 23, 2018
Unlike US-led coalition, Russia not hitting civilian homes in Syria with incendiary bombs - MoD
Islamic terrorism': 3 killed, 16 injured, gunman dead in France after shooting & hostage situation
Turkish offensive displaces 167K in Syria's Afrin: UN
Blast kills at least 14 in southern Afghanistan
March 22, 2018
'No collusion': House Intel Committee votes to end Russia probe
Russian & US top generals discuss situation in Syria following Trump's call to Putin
Turkey says Manbij ops. likely if no deal with US
Pentagon urges de facto Saudi leader to end Yemen war
Yemenis fire missile at oil giant Aramco's HQ in Najran
Explosion in Somali capital kills over dozen people
China pledges more investment in Cameroon
Trump replaces McMaster with Bolton
March 21, 2018
Yemeni forces shoot down Saudi F-15 warplane
Kashmir gunfight kills 10 soldiers, fighters
Peru's president Kuczynski announces resignation
March 20, 2018
Senate to vote on ending US war on Yemen
Rocket fire kills 29 in Damascus suburb: State TV
Turkey vows to extend offensive in northwestern Syria
Document: US paying militants to capture territory in N Syria
Trump plans to meet Putin in 'not too distant future'
Trump praises US military sales to Saudi as he welcomes crown prince
Trump congratulates Putin over election
March 19, 2018
Syria demands Turkey's 'immediate' withdrawal from Afrin
Turkey vows to expand Syria op to eastern regions
ISIS rebuilding in shadow of Turkish offensive, US says
March 18, 2018
'Putin decisively wins fourth term as Russia's president'
Kiev protesters demand Poroshenko resignation
Israeli warplanes bombard Gaza Strip
UK claims Russia has stockpiles of nerve gas for terror
Turkish army seizes control of Afrin in Syria
UK: Russia's been stockpiling nerve agent for last decade
March 17, 2018
US plans chemical false flag to attack Syria: Russia
Turkish attacks kill over 20 civilians in Afrin
Yemeni snipers kill six Saudi troops in Jizan
Israeli tanks shell Gaza Strip, injure Palestinian
March 16, 2018
Turkish attacks kill 36 in Syria's Afrin, UN sounds alarm
Bombing kills 14 Saudi mercenaries in southern Yemen
Hariri: Lebanon to boost army presence on border with Israel
March 15, 2018
Yemeni forces down Saudi-led spy drone in Asir
North Korean FM heads to Sweden ahead of US talks
S. Korean ex-president Lee admits taking $100,000 from spy agency
China calls for Russia and UK to solve disputes via dialogue
Saudi Arabia warns it could go nuclear
Slovakia PM resigns after journalist killing
March 14, 2018
West launches massive campaign to kick 'inconvenient' Russia out of UN Security Council - Senator
'Godmother of Torture' Haspel should be in dock at The Hague, not head of CIA - John Kiriakou
Russian firm to re-develop Iranian oil fields
Bomb attack kills 9 near Pakistan's Lahore
Slovak PM 'ready to quit' amid scandal
UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats
March 13, 2018
No British outlet will work in Russia if London shuts down RT - Foreign Ministry
Russia to respond if US strikes Syria: Top general
Syria uncovers chemical weapons workshop in E Ghouta
Turkish forces surround Afrin city: army
Trump names Gina Haspel to be CIA's first female chief
Trump fires Tillerson as secretary of state
March 12, 2018
Russia to begin delivering S-400 to Turkey in 2020
Merkel signs coalition agreement with Social Democrats
March 11, 2018
'Turkey not a NATO country?' Erdogan slams allies' refusal to support his offensive in Syria's Afrin
Russia test fires new hypersonic missile
Riyadh enlists US lobbyists to fight for its nuclear dream
China's Xi cleared to rule indefinitely
March 10, 2018
'US won't even sell us rifles': Turkey's FM explains purchase of Russian S-400 air-defense systems
US drone spotted near Russia's Crimea
NATO conducts large-scale artillery drills in East Germany
Secret talks between Israel, Saudi Arabia
Hungarians rally for more autonomy in Romania
Iran, Serbia resume direct flights after 27 years
March 9, 2018
'Urgently engage with Russia': US senators call for dialogue after new nuclear arsenal unveiled
US, NATO flex muscle with 'largest artillery drill' in Europe
Rights groups express concern over Trump drone policy
Hashd al-Sha'abi integrated into Iraq security forces
Xi, Trump hold phone talks on Korean Peninsula issue
New German government forms as SPD names ministers
Africa's only female president to quit
Turkish troops 'positioned' to enter center of Kurdish-held Syrian city
March 8, 2018
Ankara considers joint op with Baghdad against Iraqi Kurds - FM
'Trump to meet North Korea leader by May'
Bin Salman: Turkey, Iran part of 'triangle of evil'
March 7, 2018
Ukraine begins seizure of Russian energy giant Gazprom's assets, citing Stockholm court decision
Saudi crown prince in UK amid protests
Saudi jets kill mother, child in Yemen's Sa'ada
Turkey calls on US to stop YPG from moving to Afrin
Rouhani, Erdogan discuss Eastern Ghouta on the phone
Syrian forces retake another village in Eastern Ghouta
US Secretary of State Tillerson in Africa for the first time
US-backed Kurds go from battling ISIS to fighting US ally Turkey
March 6, 2018
39 killed in Russian plane crash in Syria
US-led strikes killed 150 Syrians in March 2017: UN
Iran, Russia, Turkey to meet on Syria in Astana
Yemeni snipers kill 4 Saudi troopers in Jizan, Najran
Sri Lanka declares emergency after attacks on Muslims
Turkey plans Syria camps for 170,000 people
Kim's meeting is his first with South since taking power
March 5, 2018
'Yemeni forces shot dead 45 Saudi soldiers in Feb.'
Turkish strikes kill 13 more civilians in Syria's Afrin
Trump welcomes Netanyahu to White House
Italy's Renzi steps down after election defeat
Catalan parliament in search of new leader
Saudi Crown Prince visits Egypt, inks $10 bln mega-city deal
March 4, 2018
4 Egyptian soldiers killed amid Sinai offensive
Bin Salman in Cairo after islands transfer
March 3, 2018
41 Turkish soldiers killed in Afrin operation
'Turkish jets kill at least 36 Syrian forces in Afrin'
Scores of Syrian civilians slain in new US-led strikes
Egyptian court finalizes islands transfer to Saudi
March 2, 2018
'US deploys 600 additional troops in Syria's al-Tanf'
'Turkish helicopters hit pro-Damascus forces in Afrin'
Armen Sarkissian elected as president of Armenia
March 1, 2018
'Listen to us now': Putin unveils new Russian nuclear arsenal
Croatia hails Iran's role in restoring stability to Mideast
February 28, 2018
Saudi strikes kill 9 more people in Yemen
US training EU armies to nuke Russia: Lavrov
February 27, 2018
Over dozen Yemeni civilians killed in new Saudi raids
Thousands of US troops in Israel for joint drill
February 26, 2018
Turkey deploys special forces to Afrin, Syria in 'preparation for new fight'
Turkey gains control of border strip inside Syria's Afrin
France urges Turkey to observe Syria ceasefire
February 25, 2018
US airstrikes kill 29 civilians in Syria
Syria truce not to affect Afrin offensive: Turkey
February 24, 2018
'Russia sends most advanced fighter jets to Syria'
UNSC votes in favor of Syria ceasefire resolution
Militants attack Afghan army camp killing 22 soldiers
February 23, 2018
US warns Iraq against buying Russian S-400 systems
Afghan, Pakistani, Indian officials launch gas pipeline
UAE angry after Djibouti seizes Dubai-operated port
US to open embassy in Jerusalem al-Quds in May
February 22, 2018
Afrin residents celebrate arrival of pro-govt. forces
US making biological weapons around world: Report
Israel okays 3,000 new settler units in al-Quds
February 21, 2018
Saudi strike kills at least 15 in northern Yemen
Dems want over $300mn to face Russia
Philippines slams US intelligence report that tags Duterte as 'regional threat'
February 20, 2018
Erdogan: Turkey Will Soon Lay Siege To Syria's Afrin
February 19, 2018
Turkey threatens to confront Syrian forces in Afrin
Terrorists recovering in US-controlled zone in Syria: Russia
Hashd al-Sha'abi vows revenge for Daesh ambush
Israel, Egypt sign multi-billion-dollar gas deal
Iraqi delegation to visit Turkey over water dispute
Syrian Kurds and Damascus 'strike deal' to counter Turkey
New British centrist party seeks to overturn Brexit
Turkey warns Syria against helping Kurds
US allies 'to fight alongside Assad's forces'
February 18, 2018
Syria Kurds claim cross-border attack on Turkish forces
12 Emirati soldiers killed in failed attack on Yemeni base
Israel pounds Gaza after blast wounds soldiers
Canada's Trudeau begins India trip with Taj Mahal visit
US airstrikes killed dozens of Russians in Syria, but Moscow doesn't want to talk about it
Sri Lanka in crisis after ex-leader's return
February 17, 2018
Israeli tanks, warplanes strike Gaza Strip
18 killed in fresh Saudi strikes on Yemen's Sa'ada
Pakistan MPs rap plan to send troops to Saudi
Jordan foils terrorist smuggling plot along Syria border
Turkey denies use of chemicals in Syria's Afrin, says accusations baseless
US Special Counsel indicts 13 Russians for election meddling
February 16, 2018
Turkey hits Kurds with toxic gas, 6 civilians injured - Syrian media
Turkey, US agree to work together in Syria occupation
NATO agrees to US demand for larger Iraq deployment
Turkish military plane crashes, 2 pilots killed
US must 'prepare' for war with China: Admiral
EU military pact no threat to NATO: Mogherini
Israelis call on 'crime minister' Netanyahu to resign
Russia tests the latest version of its TOR air defense system
Ethiopia declares state of emergency
China: Modi's visit 'complicates' border dispute
EU will not lift visas unless Turkey eases terror laws
US election tampering charge for Russians
US President to host embattled Israeli PM
February 15, 2018
Ramaphosa named S Africa president after Zuma quits
Tillerson meets Lebanese PM amid worries over Hezbollah
UN: More than 10,000 Afghan civilians killed or wounded in 2017
February 14, 2018
China's military modernization challenges US air power - report
Pro-government tank destroyed in second 'defensive' US airstrike in Syria this week
Syrian anti-aircraft fire repels Israeli drones
Turkey threatens US for role in Syria ahead of Secy. visit
'Russia set to give Turkey new batch of S-400s'
Tillerson: Hezbollah 'part of' Lebanon political process
February 13, 2018
Erdogan threatens US with 'Ottoman slap,' says all NATO countries created equal
Dutch FM resigns after admitting lie about meeting Putin
'France will strike' if proof found chemical weapons used in Syria - president
Tip-off received on Al-Nusra, White Helmets plotting chemical weapons provocation in Syria - Moscow
Britain sending warship to challenge China at sea
Erdogan warns Greece, Cyprus as boats, interests collide
Damascus warns Tel Aviv of 'more surprises' in Syria
Russia warns of US plan for 'quasi-state' in Syria
'Russians killed' in US Syria air strikes
Police seek Netanyahu corruption charges
February 12, 2018
Breaking point? Turkey demands 'concrete steps' from US while Washington wavers
'Syrian Kurds shoot down Turkish drone over Afrin'
'Israel deploys missile batteries on Syria border'
Turkish FM: Turkey-US ties at risk of breaking down
Ukraine deports Saakashvili to Poland
February 11, 2018
US to deploy 1,000s of troops near China's border
Another Turkish trooper killed in northern Syria: Military
McMaster in Istanbul amid US-Turkey tensions
Russia, Israel to continue military coordination in Syria
February 10, 2018
War on Syria: Israeli F-16 shot down
Turkish helicopter downed near Syria: Erdogan
'Yemenis destroy Saudi missile system in Ta'izz'
Yemeni sharpshooters kill 4 Saudi troopers
Kim Jong Un invites ROK's Moon to Pyongyang
Israel launches large-scale attack against Syria
February 9, 2018
Senator Rubio calls for military coup in Venezuela
Turkey bombs US-backed Syria militants with impunity
US-led coalition, pro-Assad forces clash in east Syria
February 8, 2018
US coalition attacks pro-Damascus forces in Syria
Europe-Russia clash warning as EU targets western expansion
February 7, 2018
Syrian military responds to Israeli strike near Damascus - state media
China, Netherlands to enhance ties under Belt and Road Initiative
Merkel clinches Germany coalition deal
February 6, 2018
US B-52 drops record number of bombs in Afghanistan
Iraq: War on ISIS won so US can cut troops
February 5, 2018
Russia deploys nuclear-powered missiles to Kaliningrad
US redeploying troops to Afghanistan from Iraq
Turkey sets up military post in northwest Syria
Fresh Saudi airstrikes leave 6 Yemenis dead in Sa'ada
Azerbaijan calls snap presidential elections
February 4, 2018
US troops in Kurdish uniform may be targeted by Olive Branch forces - Turkish Deputy PM
Turkey: US soldiers possible targets in Syria operation
Israel, Lebanon in new war over energy
Afrin calls on world to halt Turkish incursion
Turkey says to expand operation to Manbij
February 3, 2018
Russian Su-25 jet downed in Syria, pilot killed - Defense Ministry
Russia strikes back after jet downed, pilot killed in Syria
Five Turkish soldiers killed in Syria's Afrin: Military
Bomb attack kills 11 troops in northern Pakistan
Turkey suffers deadliest day in Afrin
Turks firing on refugees at border, group says
February 2, 2018
US has no evidence Syria government used sarin: Mattis
Barrage of rockets hit Turkish border towns
Turkey denounces US blacklisting of Hamas leader
US wants smaller nukes to counter Russia
February 1, 2018
Israel threatens Lebanon with 'full strength' ground invasion in case of conflict
US uses 'routine' aerial incidents to stir up Russophobia, avoids dialog - Moscow
Devin Nunes is a 'Russian agent' & other ways media peddle 'Russiagate' fables
Turkey slams France's 'insulting' warning on Syria op
Syria decries Turkey's offensive as 'assault, occupation'
'Yemenis target Saudi base with ballistic missile'
Yemeni snipers shoot dead five Saudi troopers
January 31, 2018
Nunes a 'Russian agent'? House intel chairman under fire from media & Democrats
9 Yemeni civilians killed in fresh Saudi airstrikes
France's Macron warns Turkey over Syrian operation
Putin, Erdogan 'satisfied' with Sochi Syria congress
January 30, 2018
Russiagate escalates: As Republicans vote to release the memo, Democrats bring up '2nd dossier'
5 Turkish soldiers killed in Afrin military campaign
Russia says Su-27 fighter jet intercepts US spy plane
Yemen separatists 'take most of port city'
Taliban 'threaten 70% of Afghanistan'
Taliban control of Afghanistan 'on the rise'
January 29, 2018
Syria showdown: Turkey takes aim at Manbij, but Washington says US forces aren't leaving
US: Troops won't leave key Syrian city
January 28, 2018
Netanyahu & Putin to discuss better coordination on Syria & Iran in Moscow
Turkey to clear entire Syria border of terrorists: Erdogan
Army and separatists clash in south Yemen
January 27, 2018
US troops must leave Syria's Manbij - Turkey's Foreign Minister
Russia's new pipeline to Germany irks US
At least 95 dead, 158 injured in Kabul blast
US tells Turkey it will end weapons support for Syrian Kurdish YPG
Pro-Russian Zeman re-elected Czech president: official results
Honduran president starts new term as fiery protests erupt
January 26, 2018
Erdogan threatens to expand Syria incursion
Yemeni snipers kill 3 Saudi troopers in Jizan
China unveils plans for 'Polar Silk Road'
January 25, 2018
Germany calls on NATO to discuss Turkey's military operation in Syria's Afrin
US calls on Turkey to halt military action in Syria
Germany suspends Turkish tanks upgrade amid Syria ops
Kurds call on Syria for help against Turks
January 24, 2018
'Avoid conflict with US,' Trump warns Erdogan
Iran seizes bombs, explosives in Saudi terror plot
January 23, 2018
US urges Turkey to show restraint in Syria ops.
At least 260 Kurds, Daeshis killed in Afrin: Turkey
China raises concerns over Japan's actions in E. China Sea
German outcry over tanks used by Turkey
January 22, 2018
Turkish forces seize several Syrian villages
Turkey airstrikes on northern Syria claim civilian lives
Yemenis' missile kills scores at Saudi mercenaries' camp
UK business leaders call for reversing Brexit
Turkey: Campaign against YPG in Afrin will be swift
January 21, 2018
Mattis says Turkey warned Pentagon before attacking US-backed Kurds
Iran urges immediate end to Turkey's ops in Syria
Spain wants ex-Catalan leader nabbed in Denmark
Turkish artillery fires in northern Syria after border town hit
Turkish ground troops enter Syria enclave
Turkish troops enter Syria to fight US-backed Kurdish militia
January 20, 2018
'Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi base in Najran'
Turkish jets strike Kurds in north Syria
January 19, 2018
Turkey starts shelling northern Syria
Cross-border clashes escalate between India, Pakistan
Yemeni snipers shoot dead 8 Saudi troopers
Gunmen kill 12 soldiers in eastern DR Congo
Ex-Catalan leader says can govern region from Belgium
January 18, 2018
Turkey seeks Russia approval for Afrin attack
India test-fires nuclear-capable ICBM: New Delhi
Sisi expresses 'extreme concern' over Ethiopia's Nile dam
Yemeni snipers kill 4 Saudi servicemen in Jizan
January 17, 2018
US will keep military forces in Syria
Yemenis fire two ballistic missiles at key Saudi
January 16, 2018
Erdogan demands NATO take stand on US Syrian Border Force
Erdogan vows to eliminate Kurdish militias in Syria
Kosovo Serb leader shot dead in northern town
January 15, 2018
Erdogan: Turkey to crush US-backed Kurdish force
Madrid to keep ruling Catalonia if Puigdemont re-elected
January 14, 2018
'Unacceptable': Turkey slams US-led coalition's new Syria 'border force' using Kurdish militias
US plans 30,000-strong Syria border force: Report
Erdogan: Turkey to attack Syria's Kurdish town soon
Volley of controversy surrounds Netanyahu's India visit
Netanyahu in India for first visit by Israeli PM in 15 years
January 13, 2018
7 times Trump critics called Russia a 's***hole' & worse, and no one cared
Whistleblower Chelsea Manning files to run for US Senate seat in Maryland
Turkey deploying tanks to Syrian border
False alert of incoming ICBM causes panic in Hawaii
January 12, 2018
Merkel clinches deal on coalition government, finally
January 11, 2018
Yemeni forces capture Saudi military base
3 soldiers killed in east Ukraine violence
Ecuador gives citizenship to WikiLeaks founder Assange
Tunisia hit by third night of protests over price hikes
President Xi meets former British PM Cameron
January 10, 2018
'New Yemeni missile system used to hit Saudi-led jets'
Yemeni snipers kill 2 Saudi servicemen
January 9, 2018
Dozen more Yemeni civilians killed in fresh Saudi raid
Syrian army: Israeli jet hit, missiles intercepted
'Saudis seeking to buy Israeli Iron Dome missiles'
2 killed in renewed anti-India protest in Kashmir
7 killed in bomb blast in southwestern Pakistan
DPRK, ROK kick off their first high-level talks in two years
January 8, 2018
Xi: Sino-French ties in new era have much to accomplish
January 7, 2018
'Yemeni forces shoot down Saudi-led warplane'
Iranians rally for 5th day in support of Islamic establishment
Car bomb kills over 20 in northwestern Syria
'Yemenis firing own missiles at Saudi Arabia'
Syria blast kills 23 in Idlib monitors say
January 6, 2018
Trump ready to speak with Kim under certain conditions
Sudan troops on Eritrea border after Egyptian build-up
China to build naval base in Pakistan: Report
11 Saudi princes put away as purge widens
January 5, 2018
Georgia sentences Saakashvili in absentia to 3 years
MKO cell busted in western Iran
Daesh declares war on Palestinian resistance
Tony Blair calls for second Brexit referendum
Divided UN Security Council meets on Iran unrest
Macron rules out chances of Turkey's EU membership
January 4, 2018
France blasts stance of US, Saudi, Israel on Iran
Russia, Turkey reject foreign meddling in Iran affairs
Pakistan ditching US dollar in trade with China
Daesh bomb attack kills 11 in Afghan capital
China rejects border violation claims in Indian media
US suspends security assistance to Pakistan
January 3, 2018
'Yemeni forces killed nearly 400 Saudi soldiers in 2017'
Iranians rally to condemn violence, back establishment
Turkey voices support for Iran's stability, security
US: 2 terrorists killed in Somalia airstrike
January 2, 2018
'Saudi war on Yemen killed, injured 35,000 people'
Violence leaves over a dozen dead in Iran cities
January 1, 2018
Fresh Saudi airstrikes kill 23 civilians in Yemen
Yemeni forces seize Saudi autonomous underwater vehicle
Jordan's royal palace denies coup rumors