January 16, 2021
Banker Benjamin de Rothschild, owner of the Edmond de Rothschild Group, dies aged 57 - family to media
'America is back': Biden fills State Department slots with more Obama vets, including Ukraine 'coup plotter' Victoria Nuland
Germany's ruling party picks centrist Armin Laschet as its new leader
Belarus risks angering US over order of advanced Russian S-400 missile system that has sparked worries for NATO warplanes
EU wants to shield itself from US sanctions & cut dependence on dollar - reports
'As if it was Baghdad': US Secret Service creates fortified 'Capitol Green Zone' ahead of inauguration
Iran missiles land within 100 miles of Nimitz: Fox News
Trump orders CENTCOM to cover Israel
Saudi-led coalition airstrikes target Yemeni fishermen
US slaps sanctions on China, Cuba
US warns India against S-400 purchase deal with Russia: Report
Trump loyalists planned to 'assassinate' officials at Capitol
Thousands protest COVID restrictions in Vienna
Takfiri terrorists hit Nigeria army base in Borno, take control
Russia: Iran is 'victim of terrorism', among 'pioneers' in fight against terror
Tunisian protesters, security forces clash after police beating of shepherd
Uganda's Museveni wins election opponents claim is rigged
All 50 US states on alert for armed protests
Al Jazeera
Laschet succeeds Merkel as German CDU party leader
UN peacekeeper killed, two others wounded in CAR ambush
Dutch PM Rutte and his government quit over child welfare scandal
Museveni, one-time critic of clinging to power, wins sixth term
Tunisian PM appoints new ministers in cabinet reshuffle
Saudi Arabia to reopen Qatar embassy in coming days
Insider attack: A dozen Afghan militiamen killed by colleagues
'Dear Tayyip': Erdogan, Macron exchange letters
Spain's Juan Carlos accused of threatening ex-lover's life
US now says no direct evidence of 'kill capture teams' at Capitol
Al-Masdar News
Iranian missiles land near US warships in Indian Ocean: media
ISIS-linked group seizes military base in northeast Nigeria: report
Over 50 fighters killed in battle for key city in northern Yemen
Sudan demands Ethiopia to withdraw from 2 border areas amid increased tensions
Rare move: US and Russia agree to reopen important crossing in eastern Syria
January 15, 2021
North Korea unveils 'world's most powerful weapon' at military parade to mark 1st party congress in 5 years
With no sign of US returning to fold, Russia is preparing to withdraw from 'Open Skies' treaty - Foreign Ministry
Saudi warplanes bomb Sana'a airport, 20 other targets in Yemen
US transfers Daesh prisoners to Iraqi-Syrian border: Report
46 killed in suspected Daesh-related attack in eastern DR Congo
Nine Afghan forces killed in Taliban attacks: Officials
US troops level in Afghanistan hits 19-year low: Trump
Greece to purchase advanced French jets amid tensions with Turkey
Russia preparing to leave Open Skies Treaty after US exit
Israeli military jeep runs over, injures Palestinian child in West Bank
Pelosi seeks criminal charges for lawmakers complicit in riots
Belgian king's car hit by projectiles during unrest in Brussels
Colombia closes land, river borders over virus fears
Uganda president in clear lead as rival cries foul
Zero Hedge
Trump Declassifies 'Foot-High' Stack Of Russiagate, Obamagate Documents; Set For Release Within Days
Al Jazeera
Four Pakistani soldiers killed in separate clashes
Al-Masdar News
Jordanian army thwarts infiltration attempt into Syria
Tripartite alliance? Azerbaijan seeks military exercises with Pakistan and Turkey
Russian-made MiG-29 jets spotted near front-lines of Turkish-backed forces in Libya
EU sanctions new Syrian Foreign Minister
Pompeo gives US credit for defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq
January 14, 2021
Red Cross fears US adding Yemen's Houthis to terrorist list will have 'chilling effect' on humanitarian aid
China says 'George Floyd cannot even breathe freely' as it blasts US over Uighur Muslims forced labor claims
'Correction of the day': CNN says congressman fled office with CROWBAR amid Capitol riot, clarifies it was actually an energy bar
Four UN peacekeepers killed, five injured in Mali attack
Turkey says no going back on S-400 deal with Russia
20,000 US troops to deploy for Biden's inauguration as FBI warns of 'extremist violence'
Syria: US claim of Iran, al-Qaeda link American hallucination
Belgian king's car hit by projectiles during unrest in Brussels
Al Jazeera
As coalition breaks down, Italian PM battles to keep gov't afloat
Vote count under way in Uganda after hotly contested election
Five civilians killed in Algeria roadside bomb blast
'Irresponsible': Bangladesh slams Pompeo's al-Qaeda attacks claim
Venezuela mulls letting private firms operate state oil fields
China possibly committed 'genocide' against Xinjiang Muslims
'It could be never': Parler CEO says social app may not return
Al-Masdar News
Iran reveals new military step in coordination with Turkey
US sanctions Iranian pharmaceutical company that produced Coronavirus vaccine
January 13, 2021
Latvia wants to criminalize any contact with Moscow, activist prosecuted for penning articles for Russian media outlets tells RT
Interventionist Samantha Power is latest pick to serve in Joe Biden administration as USAID head
US threatens sanctions against European firms working on Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline
Congressman says House is considering EXPELLING or CENSURING pro-Trump members who back election fraud 'conspiracy theories'
Outside Netanyahu's house, Israelis push for his resignation
Israel launches fresh airstrikes on Syria
US official: Israel carried out Syria strikes using American intelligence
Ethiopia warns Sudan against igniting war at disputed border region
Estonian government collapses over massive corruption probe
Venezuela's Maduro rejects ICJ ruling on Essequibo territory
Iran rejects Pompeo's preposterous claims of al-Qaeda ties
Iran: US blacklisting of Ansarullah will stifle Yemen political solution
Chinese-Iranian bitcoin farm switched off amid blackouts
EU decries US blacklisting of Yemen's Houthis
Trump impeached again
Trump's manhood at issue here: Kelly
NYC terminates all contracts with Trump company
Several House Republicans join Democrats' bid to impeach Trump
US state Capitols brace for armed protests
Troops keep watch at Capitol, one week after riots
Trump impeached for 'inciting' US Capitol riot
New York City moves to end contracts with Trump Organization
Al Jazeera
Israel carries out air raids in Syria killing 57: War monitor
Over 80 civilians killed in latest west Ethiopia attack
US unveils plans to counter China's rise in Asia
Pompeo says al-Qaeda's 'new home base' is Iran, with no evidence
Tigray: Ethiopian army kills ex-Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin
Sudan says Ethiopian military plane crossed its border
Ethiopia warns Sudan over military build-up amid border tensions
Oldest son of Oman's sultan becomes country's first crown prince
Putin critic Navalny plans to fly home to Russia on Sunday
Malawi declares state of disaster as two ministers die of COVID-19
Mexico moves to create world's largest legal cannabis market
US House impeaches Trump for 'incitement to insurrection'
Republican support for Trump impeachment grows after Capitol riot
Top US generals condemn Capitol assault in rare message to troops
US House votes to urge Pence to use 25th Amendment against Trump
US vice president rejects use of 25th Amendment to remove Trump
January 12, 2021
Pompeo claims Al-Qaeda has new home base in Iran, but doesn't provide evidence
PBS lawyer fired after championing 'REEDUCATION CAMPS' for children of Trump supporters in latest Project Veritas sting
CNN says it will NOT carry Trump's speech live from Texas, calls on 'responsible networks' to censor the president
Facebook reinstates Press TV page with 4 million subscribers, hours after mysterious 'FINAL' deletion
Zionist US casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson dies
'Pompeo meets with Mossad chief ahead of anti-Iran speech'
India says trust with China deeply impaired after border flare-up
Kuwait's cabinet members resign en masse
2 female officers killed in Afghanistan as Taliban talks show no progress
US military continuing Afghan troop withdrawal despite new law
US mission hosts Taiwan envoy in Netherlands after curbs on ties lifted
"Designating Ansarullah as 'terrorist' meant to justify Saudi aggression"
Iran, South Korea should not allow US to harm growing ties: MP
Armed protests to hit 50 US states: FBI bulletin
Stay away from US capital Jan. 20: Washington leaders
Facebook briefly shuts down Press TV's page
Amazon and Facebook staff warned of threats to safety
Israel isn't a democracy, it's an 'apartheid regime,' rights group says
Exclusive: Luxembourg, EU snub Pompeo in final Europe trip, diplomats say
Al Jazeera
Sheldon Adelson, conservative megadonor and casino magnate, dies
Pompeo says al-Qaeda's 'new home base' is Iran, with no evidence
'This is apartheid': Rights group slams Israeli rule
India says China ties 'profoundly disturbed', on upswing with US
Trump re-designates Cuba as 'state sponsor of terrorism'
Ethiopia warns Sudan over military build-up amid border tensions
Uganda's Museveni says social media shut down ahead of tense vote
Softened stance: Erdogan promises to put EU ties 'back on track'
Al-Masdar News
Israeli warplanes fly over Beirut for 2nd time in 4 days
No surprise: Pompeo accuses Iran of harboring Al-Qaeda
Iran begins 'major missile exercises' in Persian Gulf
Seized South Korean tanker was 'slap in face' for withholding Iranian money: report
Cuba joins Iran and Syria on US state sponsor of terrorism list
Iran reveals it exports heavy water to 8 countries
January 11, 2021
In first meeting since bloody 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, Putin brings together leaders of Armenia & Azerbaijan for Moscow talks
William Burns, ex-envoy to Russia who accused Putin of using judo-like tactics to 'sow chaos' in US, named as Biden's CIA director
Netanyahu orders govt to advance construction of 800 homes for Jewish settlers in West Bank
Ukrainian neo-Nazi 'thought leader' fired from prestigious Vienna fellowship as outcry over far-right links goes viral
FBI bulletin claims threat of 'armed protests' and 'huge uprising' if Trump is removed - reports
House impeachment resolution accuses Trump of 'incitement of insurrection'
Merkel says Trump Twitter ban 'problematic' due to 'fundamental right' to freedom of opinion - spokesperson
US to designate Yemen's Ansarallah as 'terrorist' group
'Two-thirds of Yemenis lack access to safe water'
Ethiopia says TPLF members killed, captured in fresh Tigray operation
Pyongyang residents watch news as Kim elected general secretary
China threatens 'counterstrike' against US move over Taiwan
Taiwan unveils new passport in latest provocation aimed at China
US troops recall misery under Iran's missile attack on Aid al-Assad
Netanyahu to appear in court as corruption trial resumes in February
BDS movement urges continuation of boycott against Israel in 2021
Hamas warns of Israeli scheme against Dome of Rock
Mauritanian opposition seeks to criminalize normalization with Israel
After Arab-Israeli normalization, Al-Aqsa is in danger of destruction
Yemen: France silent on secret UAE prison
Families of Iran's assassinated nuclear scientists sue US over Israel support
South Korea should unfreeze Iran's assets at earliest: Zarif
'Iran won't let South Korea play tricks on frozen funds'
Pakistan PM: Iran capable of becoming regional economic power
Turkish government urges citizens to abandon WhatsApp
Pelosi to give Pence 24 hrs to invoke 25th amendment
Facebook shuts Uganda government-linked accounts
Al Jazeera
Ethiopia says it killed 15 Tigray forces, captured 8
India says PLA soldier caught in Ladakh handed back to China
Nepal: Pro-monarchy protesters clash with police in Kathmandu
Policeman killed, dozens injured in southern Iraq clashes
Afghanistan probes Nimroz air raid that killed civilians
Facebook shuts down Ugandan accounts ahead of general elections
Conservative website Parler forced offline
Turkey says maritime talks with Greece to resume on January 25
'Toothless tiger': Impeachment could bar Trump from future office
Al-Masdar News
'We will not hesitate to declare jihad against Israel': Houthis
IRGC naval commander says Iran is in 'full control' of Persian Gulf region
US trucks loaded with stolen grain head to Iraq: SANA
Egyptian military receives new stealth weapon
January 10, 2021
US shelling in Dayr al-Zawr kills Syrian child, injures mother: SANA
'Afghanistan war killed 98 Americans, 40,000 Afghans in 5 years'
Afghanistan probes claims of civilian deaths in anti-Taliban strike
US Intel community expands with Space Force unit
China confirms India's apprehension of border guard, calls for swift return
US escalates China tensions by lifting Taiwan restrictions
Kyrgyz nationalist wins landslide victory in presidential poll
Al Jazeera
Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt talks on mega-dam break down, again
Al-Madar News
US military reinforcements enter Syria with heavy weapons and tanks
Houthi forces threaten to strike 'sensitive targets in Israel'
January 9, 2021
France sends warplanes to Central African Republic
Iranian ship arrives at Venezuelan port in defiance of US sanctions
Suicide bombing, gun attack in Cameroon kill 13: UN
India to go ahead with purchase of S-400 system despite US sanctions threat
Saudi Arabia, US wrap up war games in Persian Gulf region
Al Jazeera
India apprehends Chinese soldier at disputed Ladakh border region
Al-Madar News
Azerbaijan denies reports of Turkey building 3 airbases inside country
January 8, 2021
Republican Senator David Perdue concedes vital Georgia election to Democrat Jon Ossoff, giving Dems Senate control
French drone strike in Mali kills 19 civilians at wedding event
Over 30,000 flee CAR over election violence: UN
Qatar to maintain ties with Iran, Turkey despite Saudi reconciliation
Algerian MPs seek to criminalize promoting normalization with Israel
North Korea's Kim vows to expand overseas relations
US diplomats draft memo calling on Pompeo to denounce Trump
Al Jazeera
Children among civilians killed in northern Cameroon attack
After unrest, Kyrgyzstan heads to presidential vote
Al-Masdar News
Israeli warplanes intensify air operations along Syrian-Lebanese border
Israel deploys Iron Dome system in preparation for possible Houthi attack: report
Large US Coalition convoy enters in northeastern Syria
US deploys B-52 bombers to Persian Gulf in another strong message to Iran
'Our missiles can now shoot down US planes': Iranian Supreme Leader
Iran: 'We dealt a slap to the US that has not happened since World War II'
Erdogan mocks US unrest 'in so-called cradle of democracy'
Siege of Qatar ends as UAE, Saudi Arabia reopen land, sea and air routes
January 7, 2021
Congress confirms Joe Biden as president-elect after Trump supporters stormed US Capitol building
US cabinet discusses Trump's removal as four killed in Capitol riot
Los Angeles police clash with pro-Trump rioters in 'unlawful assembly'
Syrian air defenses thwart Israeli aggression: SANA
Al-Madar News
Israel launches first attack on Syria in 2021
Azerbaijani President threatens Armenia with 'iron fist'
January 6, 2021
US Congress goes into LOCKDOWN as pro-Trump protesters storm Capitol
Trump supporters in ARMED STANDOFF with police inside US Capitol as offices evacuated & lawmakers told to don gas masks - reports
Victoria 'F**k the EU' Nuland to make a comeback in Biden's cabinet - media
Ukrainian nationalists launch anti-Semitic attacks on Israeli envoy after he condemns march to honor Nazi collaborator Bandera
Julian Assange denied bail by the Old Bailey
Pence won't interfere in election count despite pressure from Trump
Democrats take control of US Senate with Georgia wins
Iran says has serious evidence of Israeli role in scientist assassination
IRGC says US adventurism led to Ukrainian plane crash, vows revenge
Massive hack of US systems likely originated in Russia: Security agencies
After eight years of Mali campaign, France seeks exit strategy
Al Jazeera
At least 22 civilians killed in rebel attack in eastern DRC
Witnesses say 20 killed in air strike in central Mali
Sudan signs deal to normalise relations with Israel
January 5, 2021
'If there is any hostage taking, it is Seoul': Iranian govt demands $7bn returned after seizing South Korean tanker
Cold War-era Russian nuclear trains could be on track to make return, expert says, sparking fresh fears of confrontation with US
Iran asks Interpol to help arrest Trump and 47 other US officials over 2020 killing of General Soleimani - judiciary spokesman
South Korea to dispatch delegation to Iran over seized tanker
Republicans vow to block electoral college vote count
Iraq sues US for disastrous uranium bombings
Al Jazeera
Saudi Arabia, allies restore full ties with Qatar: Saudi FM
Al-Qaeda branch claims killings of French soldiers in Mali
Central African Republic President Touadera re-elected
Large US airlines back global COVID-testing requirements: Report
January 4, 2021
Assange WON'T be extradited to US on spying charges in shock decision at London's Old Bailey
'We'll give him protection': Mexican president promises asylum for Julian Assange
Iran's Revolutionary Guards seize South Korean-flagged tanker for 'oil pollution' in Persian Gulf
Seoul dispatches anti-piracy unit to Persian Gulf after South Korean-flagged tanker seized by Iran
Not even a 'highly likely'? Cybersecurity group admits SolarWinds hack came FROM WITHIN THE US, but doubles down on blaming Russia
UK court blocks Assange extradition to US, citing 'suicide fears'
'Yemen launched 253 retaliatory missile strikes against Saudi forces in 2020'
Israel demolished 729 Palestinian buildings in 2020: Report
Saudi Arabia and Qatar agree to reopen airspace and maritime borders
Al-Masdar News
Satellite images reveal IRGC warships near Strait of Hormuz as US aircraft carrier remains in Persian Gulf
Iraqi Navy foils potential attack on its only port
January 3, 2021
Border row reignites between Estonia & Russia as Baltic country's top MP reopens WW2 territorial claims, ignoring NATO objections
Militants kill hundred in simultaneous attacks on two Niger villages
Rebels seize city in CAR weeks after alleged coup attempt
Two French soldiers killed during operation in Mali
Russia will soon test Sarmat ICBM capable of beating any defenses
Al-Madar News
Powerful explosion hits Saudi HQ in southern Yemen: report
January 2, 2021
'Beware of trap': Iranian FM warns Trump 'Israeli agents' are preparing 'attacks' on US forces in Iraq to spark war against Tehran
'Naval BOMB' prone to 'sudden explosion' found on hull of Iraqi tanker as Iran warns US may use false-flag attack to start war
Launch voter fraud commission or we won't certify election results, Ted Cruz & 10 other Republican senators say
US court tosses lawsuit by Republicans to give Pence 'sole discretion' to decide which electoral votes to count on January 6
Over 70 civilians killed in militant attacks in Niger
Qatar asks UN to stop violation of its territorial waters by Bahrain
Israel security companies hacked, Iran blamed
China sees 'no limit' in developing strategic ties with Russia in 2021
Al Jazeera
DR Congo army says lost two soldiers, killed 14 ADF fighters
Ethiopian troops killed dozens following musician murder: Report
January 1, 2021
Senate votes to override Trump's veto of defense spending bill
140 House Republicans to vote against Biden's victory: Report
At least 25 killed in east DR Congo, ADF militia blamed
Al Jazeera
Mali charges prominent figures with 'attempted coup'