April 18, 2019
US Justice Department releases Mueller report on Trump-Russia 'collusion' investigation
Iran, Oman hold joint military exercises
UN envoy warns of 'widening conflagration' in Libya
Russia warns of false flag chemical attack in Syria's Idlib
Pompeo preparing for war with Iran: Bush-era official
Putin and Kim Jong Un to meet in Russia
April 17, 2019
Trump vetoes bill to end US support for Yemen war
Iraq's prime minister in Riyadh on first official visit
Ex-Peru president kills himself as police come to arrest him
April 16, 2019
It may turn out France was complicit in Saudi war crimes in Yemen - Member of investigative group
Russia recognizes new Sudan authorities: Deputy FM
'Sudan's forces to remain in Yemen' despite Bashir ouster
Egypt's leader could rule until 2030
Egypt's parliament to expand Sisi's powers
April 15, 2019
UK choppers, troops deployed near Russia borders
US 'most warlike nation in history': Jimmy Carter
April 14, 2019
Libya's UN-backed govt. says downed Haftar warplane
US military won't leave Somalia before 2026: Report
Israeli delegation cancels Bahrain visit amid backlash
April 13, 2019
Syria's air defenses intercept Israeli missiles near Hama
Haftar uses jets to bomb Tripoli as troops bogged down
Brazil's Bolsonaro admits working with US to oust Maduro
Sudan military ruler vows to form civilian government
April 12, 2019
Toe the line or go to jail: Tulsi Gabbard says Assange arrest is a message to Americans
Putin hails military progress, says new ICBM almost final
Russia showcases S-400 units in Crimea
Sudanese defy post-coup junta curfew, call for civilian rule
'Germany okays weapon supplies to Saudi Arabia, UAE'
Sudan coup leader steps down after a day
April 11, 2019
Ukrainian adventurism in Black Sea risks pulling NATO into war with Russia - senators
WikiLeaks founder Assange arrested in UK on behalf of US
Iran, Turkey, Russia lawmakers meet in Moscow
Haftar's army downs Libyan govt. military plane
Iran welcomes Egypt's 'withdrawal from Arab NATO'
Sudan military coup topples Bashir
India's marathon election kicks off
April 10, 2019
Turkey, Qatar, China, Iraq decry US blacklisting of IRGC
April 9, 2019
Algeria parliament appoints interim president
Over dozen Saudi mercs killed in Yemeni army attacks
Putin: US recognition of Israel's Golan sovereignty illegal
Several US troops killed in Taliban attack
April 8, 2019
US designates Iran's Revolutionary Guards as terrorist organization - Trump
Several US troops killed in Taliban attack
Tripoli govt. moves to stop advance of Haftar's forces
April 7, 2019
India may attack Pakistan in mid-April, Islamabad says citing 'reliable intelligence'
US pulls troops out of Libya as fighting intensifies
UN calls for 'urgent' Libya truce as clashes escalate
Yemeni schoolchildren killed in latest Saudi airstrikes
Fighting near Libyan capital leaves 21 dead
Violence forces US to pull troops from Libya
Saudi nuclear ambition goes into overdrive
April 6, 2019
UAE, Saudis, Egypt back Haftar in battle for Tripoli
Fears of civil war as Haftar forces seize Tripoli airport
Russia slams Israel's 'inadmissible' shelling of Syria
South Africa downgrades Israel ties, demotes mission
Erdogan: US, EU meddling in Turkey's affairs
April 5, 2019
Trump is 'for socialism' ... but only when it comes to funding US military industry - Tulsi Gabbard
Libya flare-up: Haftar forces 'pushed back' near capital
Russia fires supersonic missile in Black Sea Fleet drill
Russia 'not backing Haftar's Tripoli offensive'
Taliban overrun key district in western Afghanistan
Israel was behind Morsi's overthrow: General
Duterte threatens China with suicide mission
April 4, 2019
Congress votes to withdraw US support from Saudi-led Yemen war
More Russian troops may arrive in Venezuela: Deputy FM
New flare-up threatens Libya as Haftar forces seize town
US: Germany's Russia ties, NATO spending unacceptable
Ankara: US must choose between Turkey, terrorists
First images of Saudi nuclear plant show completion
US Congress rebukes Trump for aiding Saudi war in Yemen
Turkey ignores US threats over Russian S-400
Kiev bans all Russia flights after opposition's Moscow visit
Libya general tells forces to take capital
April 3, 2019
Turkey must choose between remaining NATO partner or buying Russian S-400 - Pence
US expects Turkey to buy Patriot system instead of S-400
April 2, 2019
Pentagon awards Lockheed deal for Saudi THAADs
'US halts F-35 equipment shipment to Turkey'
Algeria's President Bouteflika resigns
Uruguay leader sacks top military chiefs
Erdogan disputes Turkey poll results in big cities
Netanyahu faces bitter fight in polls
April 1, 2019
US halts F-35 equipment shipments to Turkey over Ankara's plans to buy Russian S-400s - report
Ukraine: Two NATO ships dock in Odessa
Tensions reemerge in Kashmir, '2 Indians killed'
Erdogan's AK Party suffers losses in bruising local polls
Yemen fires 7 missiles at Saudi bases, causing casualties
Algeria's Bouteflika to quit by 28 April
Taiwan confronts Chinese fighter jets
Turkey's Islamist party loses grip on capital after 25 years
March 31, 2019
US, Russia fly nuclear bombers off Norway amid INF tensions
Israeli tanks hit positions in Gaza after 'rocket fire'
Slovakia elects first female president
North Korea seeks probe into attack on Madrid embassy
March 30, 2019
US officials say 'many troops' will remain in Syria
Bolton warns Russia, China against backing Venezuela
Russia opens helicopter pilot training center in Venezuela
'France, Belgium planning false flag Syria gas attack'
Taliban attacks kill over 30 across Afghanistan
Afghan VP escapes unhurt from Taliban attack
March 29, 2019
Venezuela deploys S-300 to key airbase: Satellite imagery
Israel deploys tanks near Gaza ahead of protests
Turkey to honor Russia deal as US vows to ban F-35 jets
Million protesters march against Algeria's Bouteflika
US Air Force grounds B-1 bomber fleet
March 28, 2019
Israel launches air raids on Syria's Aleppo
Russia to keep forces in Venezuela 'as long as needed'
US approves secret sale of nuclear tech to Saudi Arabia
False flag chemical attacks being planned in Syria: Russia
Israel has grabbed 85% of Palestinian land so far: Report
Israel killed 40 kids in year of Gaza fence protests: UN
Russia: Military personnel are in Venezuela
March 27, 2019
Russia must get out of Venezuela, all options open - Trump
India joins space 'super league' as it shoots down satellite with precision missile - Modi
Washington told Ukraine to end probe into George Soros-funded group during 2016 US election - report
India shoots down own satellite, calls self 'space power'
Luxembourg rejects US request to seize Iran assets
March 26, 2019
Trump's Golan gift to Israel condemned by UN, Gulf & European allies
'Dark day for internet freedom': EU lawmakers approve controversial copyright reform
Yemenis mark anniv. of Saudi war with mass rallies
Venezuela confirms landing of Russian planes in country
US tests missile system Putin once called global threat
Turkey defies US with more imports of Iranian gas
Algeria army chief urges leader removed
March 25, 2019
Trump signs declaration recognizing Israel's sovereignty over disputed Golan Heights
IDF confirms targeting Hamas leader Haniyeh's Gaza office in retaliatory strike
3 Russian servicemen died in Syria in February, militants responsible for attack destroyed - MoD
Rocket hits near Tel Aviv after Israel attacks Gaza
Israel strikes Gaza after Hamas denies attack on Tel Aviv
US pro-Israel lobby sees growing partisan rift in Congress
Top US Democrats shun pro-Israel AIPAC amid protests
Trump recognizes Israel's sovereignty over Golan
US military reinforcing in Syria amid Golan plan: Debka
Yemenis kill 20 Saudi troops as war enters 5th year
Erdogan vows to take issue of occupied Golan to UN
Turkish jets 'harassed my helicopter' - Greek PM
US warns Russia over Venezuela
March 24, 2019
Italy defies US to endorse China's new Silk Road plan
Foreign-backed militants launch gas attack on Hama
UK's secret war: British commandos wounded in Yemen
Wary of Iran's missiles, US strikes port deal with Oman
US airstrike kills 14 members of one family in Afghanistan
Trump 'Did Not Conspire With Russia'
March 23, 2019
Malaysian PM Mahathir: Israel 'a state of robbers'
Italy joins China's New Silk Road project
March 22, 2019
Russian jets chase away US nuclear bomber over Baltic
Algerians rally to demand Pres. Bouteflika's resignation
Pompeo: 'Trump sent by God to save Israel'
Pompeo: It's possible God raised Trump to protect Israel from Iran
March 21, 2019
It's time for US to fully recognize Israel's 'sovereignty' over disputed Golan Heights - Trump
Trump: Time to recognize 'Israeli sovereignty' over Golan
Brazilian ex-President Temer arrested
Italy rolls out red carpet for China's President
March 20, 2019
Trump says ISIS to be defeated 'by tonight' - but 400 US troops will stay in Syria
Orban's party suspended from European parliament bloc over ongoing feud with Brussels
Russia to US: Resume disarmament to avert nuclear war
In Kazakhstan, interim president takes oath of office
Algeria's Bouteflika to step down after new vote
March 19, 2019
US strongly looking at NATO membership for Brazil - Trump
'Our tolerance has limits!' Expel US envoy for acting like 'occupation commissioner', says German MP
Aussie PM calls for global internet crackdown in wake of Christchurch attacks
Kazakh president resigns after three decades in power
Austria: Europe must not dance to Trump's tune on Iran
Iran, Russia vow to help resolve Venezuela crisis
Iran, Iraq, Syria bound by battlefield blood: Assad
'MbS absent from meetings, stripped of some powers'
Opposition seizes Venezuelan diplomatic properties in US
China 'to build island city' in disputed sea, US cries foul
Algerians protest Boteflika's bid to stay in power
British MP to push for Palestine recognition by UK
Kazakh leader resigns after three decades
AP News
Brazil's far-right president visits CIA on first US trip
March 18, 2019
Russia deploys Tu-22M3 bombers & Iskanders to Crimea in response to US missile launchers in Romania
Russia to deploy nuclear-capable bombers in Crimea
To Bolton, Turkey likely a foe due to 'very bad' Israel ties
March 17, 2019
India, Pakistan threatened each other with missiles: Report
10 Syrian civilians killed in new US-led airstrikes
Dozens of Afghan border police surrender to Taliban
Yemeni army kills Saudi, Sudanese forces in Saudi Arabia
March 16, 2019
US-led airstrikes kill many civilians in eastern Syria
US angry as China plans nuclear deal with Argentina
March 15, 2019
Russia warns of potential false-flag attacks in Syria
US presses Turkey not to buy Russian missiles
US imposes bans on ICC over Afghan war crimes probe
March 14, 2019
Gaza rockets hit Tel Aviv after evading Iron Dome
Airstrikes kill over 30 people in southeast Afghanistan
US drops reference to 'Israeli-occupied' Golan Heights
Senate urges Trump to end support for Yemen war
New rallies jolt Sudan capital after Bashir offers dialogue
March 13, 2019
Erdogan lashes out at Netanyahu as tyrant, child murderer
US drops reference to 'Israeli-occupied' Golan Heights
Iran, Iraq hail 'turning point' in 'strategic' ties
March 12, 2019
EU warns US against military action on Venezuela
US working on banned missile after suspending INF treaty
'Iraq won't let anyone use its soil against neighbors'
March 11, 2019
Fresh US-led air raids kill dozens civilians in Syria
Azerbaijan kicks off large-scale military drills
Algeria's Bouteflika drops re-election bid amid protests
March 10, 2019
US, France, UK in talks to prolong Syria presence: Bolton
US warns Italy against joining China's new Silk Road plan
Saudi warplanes kill nearly two dozen women in Yemen
March 9, 2019
Forces loyal to Libya's Haftar eyeing Tripoli
US warns Turkey of 'grave consequences' over S-400 deal
'Iraq says no to foreign forces, bases on its soil'
Turkey's naval ship at Port Sudan to boost 'security'
South Africa to 'downgrade' its embassy in Israel
India calls on US to investigate Pakistan's alleged use of F-16 jets
March 8, 2019
Obama was a smiling murderer, says Ilhan Omar
Israel is Pakistan's number one enemy: Pakistani minister
Iraqi popular forces urge ouster of US troops after ban
India, Russia ink sub deal; Turkey to get S-400 in Oct.
Assassination reports rise amid rift among Saudi royals
Germany vows retaliation for US trade war on EU
March 7, 2019
Breakup of EU 'can't be ruled out' if Brussels tries to enforce pro-immigration policies - Orban
Netanyahu threatens to block Iranian oil shipments
'US, UK bombs caused 1,000 civilian casualties in Yemen'
American people turning against Israel: Poll
Algeria's Bouteflika warns of 'chaos' as protests continue
March 6, 2019
Trump cancels reports on civilian deaths in US drone strikes
Venezuela expels German ambassador for meddling
Erdogan: Turkey won't cancel S-400 deal with Russia
Trump revokes Obama order on reporting civilians killed in US airstrikes
March 5, 2019
India shoots down Pakistani drone: Media
Pakistan 'wards off Indian submarine'
'Russia to train 100 China troops to operate S-400'
US warns Turkey against purchase of Russian S-400s
North Korea restoring destroyed missile site, South claims
March 4, 2019
Russia suspends INF over US treaty 'violations'
'Israel pushing for Africa foothold with military training'
Committed to Tel Aviv, US deploys THAAD to Israel
Israeli helicopters strike Hamas posts in Gaza
Qatar: Arms deal with Russia 'none of Saudi business'
March 3, 2019
US wants 'broad' regime-change coalition on Venezuela - Bolton
Pentagon warns Turkey; senator hints at NATO expulsion
Russia will block US intervention in Venezuela: Official
Russia warns Japan over new military alliance with US
Syria attends 1st Arab meeting after eight years
US probing Pakistan's 'misuse' of F-16s to down Indian jet
Algeria's leader to run for 'last time'
March 2, 2019
8 killed in fresh India-Pakistan fighting
March 1, 2019
India-Pakistan tensions flare as gunbattles escalate
Venezuela moves closer to staunch ally Russia
Six soldiers killed as Taliban attack US-Afghan base
Chief Houthi negotiator meets British FM Hunt in Oman
Pakistan returns captured Indian pilot in 'peace gesture'
US to end large-scale military drills with S Korea: Official
February 28, 2019
Indian Air Force confirms its Mig 21 Bison shot down a Pakistani Air Force F-16
Israeli PM Netanyahu to be indicted in corruption cases, pending hearing - Justice Ministry
Israeli aircraft launch fresh air raids on Gaza Strip
Israel complicit in India-Pakistan conflict: UK Analyst
Russia says 'ready' to mediate between India, Pakistan
Iraqi MP: Daesh leader in Anbar, protected by US forces
Netanyahu discusses Syria with Putin amid tense ties
Pakistan 'to free Indian pilot on Friday'
February 27, 2019
India says it shot down Pakistani warplane, lost MiG-21 fighter as border crisis escalates
'Pakistan shoots down Indian warplanes, captures pilots'
India-Pakistan flare-up sends Kashmir folks to bunkers
Four Pakistanis killed in India shelling of Kashmir
Trump meets Kim as pressure mounts at home
Egypt in spat with Turkey over EU-Arab summit
'US giving Daesh safe passage in Syria in return for gold'
February 26, 2019
India bombs Pakistan, saying it targeted terrorist camps in cross-border air raid
Indian jets strike 'militant training camp' inside Pakistan
Pakistan vows retaliation after Indian airstrikes
Rouhani rejects Zarif's resignation: Foreign Ministry
Turkey: Purchase of Russian S-400 system 'a done deal'
February 25, 2019
Iran's FM Zarif resigns in Instagram post
US increases pressure on Venezuela with sanctions
EU rejects military intervention, use of force in Venezuela
Iran hacked US drone command center: IRGC
Israel burying nuclear waste in Syria's Golan: UN
Iran's foreign minister suddenly quits
February 24, 2019
Maduro's 'days are numbered' in Venezuela, Pompeo warns
Afghan civilian deaths hit record high in 2018: UN
Turkey wants control over Syria safe zone: Erdogan
Dozens of Riyadh mercenaries killed in Yemeni missile
February 23, 2019
Tensions flare at Venezuela-Colombia border amid aid row
Maduro breaks relations with Colombia, expels its diplomats
India vows all options to win 'decisive battle' over Pakistan
President Putin: Our weapons do not have any analogs
In new reversal, US says 400 troops to remain in Syria
Bandar's daughter named Saudi envoy to US
Nigeria's delayed elections get underway
Trump reveals his pick for UN ambassador
February 22, 2019
Weaponized water: India threatens to divert 3 rivers away from Pakistan
Russia, China back Maduro as US-led showdown nears
Pakistan army vows 'full force' response if India attacks
Poland in escalated row with Israel after anti-Iran event
Sudan leader declares state of emergency
February 21, 2019
Burnt tires & clashes with police as pro-independence protests grip Catalonia
Venezuela closes border with Brazil, may do the same at Colombia border - Maduro
'Venezuela has advanced arms supplied by Russia, China'
Car bomb kills nearly two dozen in eastern Syria
February 20, 2019
First Venezuela, now Nicaragua? Bolton says Ortega's days 'numbered' & people 'will soon be free'
Russia warns Guaido against inviting US invasion
Jordan urges expulsion of Israel envoy over al-Aqsa
China pledges all-time 'strategic' partnership with Iran
February 19, 2019
Poland calls for Israel to apologize for 'racist' comments
'Saudi could use sensitive US tech to make nukes'
Erdogan: NATO gives arms to Syria Kurds but not to Turkey
Pakistan spy agency involved in Kashmir bombing: India
Khan urges dialog, warns India against military action
February 18, 2019
Spanish warship stands-off with British navy in Gibraltar
Deadly gunfight in Kashmir amid India-Pakistan flareup
Saudi minister Jubeir's secret ties with Mossad revealed
Scandal-hit MbS visits cash-strapped Pakistan with fanfare
Summit scrapped amid Israel-Poland spat
Rubio visits Venezuela border, vows aid will get through
February 17, 2019
India to continue buying Venezuelan oil despite US warning
US 'won't stand idly by' as Turkey buys S-400: Pence
China to develop missiles as West ups military spending
Polish PM cancels trip amid Holocaust row
February 16, 2019
Munich brawl: Pence clashes with Merkel and Mogherini over Iran deal, Russian pipeline
US to ask allies to send 'hundreds of troops' to Syria
Saudi crown prince delays Pakistan visit amid protests
Israel training mercs in UAE camps in Negev: Haaretz
US-backed forces seize enclave in Syria after Daesh deal
No going back on S-400 deal despite US: Erdogan
Iran warns Saudi Arabia, UAE of retaliatory measures
Bolton pledges support to India's 'heavy price' response
Poland calls in Israeli envoy over Netanyahu remarks
February 15, 2019
Tulsi Gabbard presents bill to stop Trump from pulling out of INF treaty
US moving special forces closer to Venezuela: Cuba
India vows 'heavy price', calls Pakistani envoy after attack
Spanish PM sets snap election for April
February 14, 2019
Car bomb kills dozens of Indian troops in Kashmir
Israel attempts to walk back PM's 'war with Iran' gaffe
US won't unilaterally withdraw from Afghanistan: Pentagon
February 13, 2019
Netanyahu issues rallying cry to Arabs for 'war' with Iran
Iraqi PM to US: No foreign bases allowed on our soil
Japan's Abe hails Tokyo-Tehran 'friendly' ties
Suicide attack kills dozens of Iran's Revolutionary Guard
February 12, 2019
70 Syrian civilians dead, injured in US-led strikes
February 11, 2019
Venezuela launches large-scale drills amid US threats
Russia, Turkey 'agree on decisive measures' in Syria's Idlib
Eight Saudi troopers killed in Yemeni surprise attack
US warships test China's territorial claims again
February 10, 2019
China, India clash over PM Modi's visit to disputed state
Madrid mass protest over Catalonia talks
February 9, 2019
Guaido says may ask US military intervention in Venezuela
You don't get to authorize US interventions, congressman Ro Khanna tells Venezuela's Guaido
3 Syrian civilians killed in fresh US-led strikes
Iranian FM to visit Lebanon amid rising Israeli threats
February 8, 2019
Morocco leaves Saudi-led coalition of war on Yemen
US to complete Syria pullout by April: WSJ
China deploys 100 ships to counter US buildup: Report
Russia objects to 'arbitrary' Israeli airstrikes on Syria
Thai king condemns sister's bid to be PM
February 7, 2019
France recalling ambassador from Rome after Italy's deputy PM meets Yellow Vest leaders
Iran Navy to hold large-scale drills in Indian Ocean
Deutsche Welle
France set to undermine Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal
February 6, 2019
Russia successfully test-fires long-range missile
Venezuela seizes large shipment of US weapons
Macedonia signs NATO accession accord
February 5, 2019
US Senate votes against Syria, Afghanistan withdrawal
Russia to build new cruise, hypersonic missiles to face US
February 4, 2019
Italy vetoed EU recognition of Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido
Iraq: Trump did not ask permission to watch Iran
Comedian ahead in Ukraine presidential poll
February 3, 2019
Turkey says Venezuela crisis 'fueled from the outside'
2 Syrian soldiers injured in US-led attack
February 2, 2019
Italy not recognizing Guaido as Venezuelan interim president
Iran unveils long-range Hoveyzeh cruise missile
Saudi pivot to east for missiles alarms US: Report
Separatists launch fresh attacks in Northern Ireland
February 1, 2019
US suspends obligations under INF treay with Russia
UN rejects Guaido, will only work with Maduro govt.
Taliban: Trump administration 'appears serious' in talks
US calls on Lebanon to block Hezbollah
Turkey warned over Venezuela gold trade
US stops all aid to Palestinians
January 31, 2019
EU parliament urges member states to recognize Guaido as Venezuela's interim president
EU countries move to evade US' Iran sanctions by setting up payment channel for 'humanitarian' trade
Lebanon forms new govt., breaks political impasse
US secretly shipped plutonium from S. Carolina to Nevada
January 30, 2019
Maduro claims Trump ordered Colombian government and mafia to kill him
Trump rips into US intel's Iran report, calling spies 'wrong' & 'naive'
CIA challenges Trump's anti-Tehran claims
New US-led airstrikes leave 8 Syrian civilians dead
US warns Israel against keeping up strikes on Syria
Afghan president claims 'keys to war' are in Pakistan
Lima Group opposes military intervention in Venezuela
US intelligence chief contradicts Trump on ISIS defeat
January 29, 2019
US gives opposition leader Guaido control over some Venezuelan assets
Houthis slam Saudi plundering of Yemeni oil
January 28, 2019
Syria repels drone attack on Russian base
Turkey to set up safe zones in Syria: President Erdogan
UAE strategic mistakes made ties 'unacceptable': Iran
January 27, 2019
Venezuela 'coup' grew from secret talks in US: Report
US not ruling out military action in Venezuela
Venezuela's Maduro rejects Europe's call for new election
Iran 'may use offensive military tactics to defend interests'
January 26, 2019
France, Germany & Spain issue 'identical' threats to recognize Venezuela's self-appointed president
US to keep troops at Iraq-Syria border base: Report
January 25, 2019
Maduro orders US embassy closure after botched 'coup'
Russia offers to mediate in Venezuela
Russia: US igniting arms race in space by weaponizing it
Greek MPs narrowly approve name deal with Macedonia
Staggering Afghan death toll revealed
January 24, 2019
Iran, Russia, Turkey warn US not to meddle in Venezuela
Pompeo: US to remain in Syria until Daesh defeated
Fear in Israel: 'Iron Dome' in Tel Aviv after Syria warning
January 23, 2019
Trump recognizes US-backed head of Venezuela's opposition Juan Guaido as country's interim president
Venezuela breaking diplomatic relations with US after its attempt to stage coup - President Maduro
US refuses to withdraw diplomats from Venezuela, vows 'appropriate action' if they're harmed
No need to install: Microsoft has controversial fake news filter NewsGuard built into mobile browser
Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi released from US jail
Syria warns of strike on Tel Aviv airport if UN fails to act
Russia calls on Israel to stop 'spontaneous' Syria strikes
Russia snubs 'unacceptable' anti-Iran US confab in Poland
'US in reverse gear on Iran summit as boycott widens'
January 22, 2019
UK to pull fighter jets from Syria after US withdrawal
January 21, 2019
Syria downed over 30 Israeli missiles, bombs: Russia
Stay away from Russian coast, Moscow warns US warship
Russia rejects US demand to destroy new missile system
January 20, 2019
Syria repels IDF air raid on intl airport south of Damascus, shot down 7 missiles - Moscow
Merkel calls for EU weapons system independent of US
Clashes in Greece over Macedonia name
January 19, 2019
Docs claim US trained UAE pilots for combat in Yemen, signaling deeper involvement in conflict
'Russia successfully test fires anti-satellite missile system'
Blackwater mercenaries want to replace US troops in Syria
Iran backs Venezuelan government amid US meddling
Yemeni snipers kill 14 Saudi troops in Jizan
Trump, Kim to hold second summit in late February
'Yellow Vests' gather in Paris for tenth weekend
January 18, 2019
Fresh US-led strikes kill 20 civilians in eastern Syria
French troops to remain in Syria despite US: Macron
China firmly opposes U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense Review
January 17, 2019
US Army to acquire Israeli Iron Dome missile systems
January 16, 2019
US to begin INF Treaty withdrawal from February 2, Washington confirms
Jailed without justice: Press TV's anchor in US custody
Russia worried by US talk of military option for Venezuela
Blast kills 4 US servicemen, 14 others in northern Syria
EU's Tusk hints UK should cancel Brexit
UK government survives no confidence vote
ISIS claims deadly Syria attack that killed US troops
Turkey seeks warrant for NBA star Kanter
January 15, 2019
Israel finally admits supplying arms to militants in Syria
Hashd al-Sha'abi stops US recon mission on Syria border
Venezuela to refine tons of gold in Turkey
Brazil's Bolsonaro is Hitler: Venezuela's Maduro
UK lawmakers reject Brexit deal in 432-202 vote
Trump mulls recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader as President
January 14, 2019
Trump to 'devastate Turkey' if it hits Kurds
Several Saudi troops killed in Jizan
'Russia may build Red Sea base after deal with Sudan'
Russia says disagreements still hampers peace talks with Japan
January 13, 2019
'We struck thousands of targets': IDF chief of staff on Israel's 'near-daily' strikes in Syria
'Consider the danger': US ambassador threatens to sanction German Nord Stream 2 companies
US warns German firms of sanctions over Russia ties
Saudi prince attacks US Syria pullout
Venezuela opposition leader briefly detained
January 12, 2019
Syria intercepts Israeli missiles fired toward Damascus
Turkey sends new military reinforcements to Syrian border
Russia warns UK over military bases in Southeast Asia
China's Huawei fires employee arrested in Poland
Macedonia parliament agrees to change country's name
January 11, 2019
'Israeli jets' target Damascus airport warehouse, 'most' missiles intercepted - Syrian media
Syria intercepts Israeli missiles fired toward Damascus
US says Syria withdrawal has begun; Russia doubtful
US troop deployment in Kirkuk angers residents
Russia mulls opening military base in Africa
U.S.-led coalition says Syria withdrawal has started
Russia condemns UK foreign army base plans
January 10, 2019
'Turkey to launch Syria offensive if US delays pullout'
India will receive S-400 systems without delay: Russia
Maduro sworn in as Venezuelan president for 2nd term
Dozens killed as Taliban attack troops in four provinces
'Daesh rocket attack kills 5 British soldiers in Syria'
Trump willing to take military action again in Syria: Pompeo
US to 'expel every Iranian boot' from Syria
January 9, 2019
Pompeo makes unannounced visit to Iraq
Iran to continue aerospace program despite US warnings
'Top Syrian official visits Riyadh amid thaw in Arab ties'
Pompeo: U.S. committed to countering Iran
Kim Jong Un visits China before meeting Trump, Moon
January 8, 2019
'Turkey won't accept Israel's YPG message given by Bolton'
No reason for US base in Brazil: Defense minister
Erdogan to US: Syria exit must be done with right partners
Iran turns to India, China, Russia as EU remains indecisive
Turkey restarts oil imports from Iran
India begins commercial activity at Iran port
Erdogan: Bolton's comments on Syria 'grave mistake'
January 7, 2019
'Boycott Israel, we'll boycott you': How US Senators & state lawmakers put foreign power first
China military warns off US warship in disputed sea
'Dems to block pro-Israel bill over shutdown'
US to upgrade Saudi missiles despite Khashoggi backlash
China urges U.S. to stop 'provocative actions' in sea
January 6, 2019
Israeli choppers strike Hamas posts in Gaza Strip
Iran, Russia to hold joint military drill in Caspian Sea
Pakistan navy fleet docks at Iranian port
Malaysia's King Muhammad V steps down
US withdrawal from Syria 'conditional'
January 5, 2019
'Brazil military uneasy with US base in country'
Iran to send its most advanced warship to Atlantic
Syrian Kurds seek deal with govt. regardless of US
Bashir laments Israeli ties advice as unrest continues
Yemeni troops hit Saudi bases in retaliation for air raids
U.S.: No timeline for Syria withdrawal as fighting continues
Mexico urges regional bloc not to meddle in Venezuela
Yemen clashes erupt ahead of UN envoy's visit
Thousands march against Serbian president
January 4, 2019
Trump ignoring Israel's demands about Syria: Report
'US has no timeline for troop withdrawal from Syria'
Nearly dozen Syrian civilians killed in new US-led strikes
Over 500 militants killed as infighting spreads in Syria
India slams US 'sermons' after Trump mocks PM Modi
Japan's Abe plans to pursue peace treaty with Russia
Israeli flag trampling spreads in Jordan; Sisi faces fallout
China unveils footage of own 'Mother of All Bombs'
Seven more Yemenis killed in new Saudi-led strikes
Saudis face revolt in occupied parts of Yemen: US daily
Iran to send warships to the Atlantic, closer to U.S. waters
Abe plans to push for peace treaty with Russia
Afghanistan tells Trump to get history lessons after 'library' jibe
January 3, 2019
Pro-war 'Trump circus': Veteran reporter quits NBC with biting critique of corporate newsroom
Iran can do whatever it wants in Syria: Trump
Israeli military almost completes 'sea barrier' off Gaza
Turkey, Iraq to deepen anti-terror cooperation: Erdogan
Syria's Assad will remain in office: British FM
Netflix under fire for censoring criticism of MbS
Britain deploys army to tackle refugee crisis
China's Chang'e-4 makes landing on Moon's far side
January 2, 2019
Kurdish fighters withdraw from Manbij: Syria
Lebanon 'close to forming government early in new year'
Bolsonaro takes office in Brazil, targets corruption
January 1, 2019
Now it's official: Ukraine marks birthday of Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera
Bolsonaro sworn in as Brazil's new president
Taliban kill 21 security forces in north Afghanistan
Egypt mulls breaking two-term limit for President Sisi