October 13, 2021
Several reported injured as Kosovo police clash with Serb crowd around Mitrovica amid rising tensions
Kremlin says US & Russia agree Ukraine must give Donbass special autonomous status as Nuland hails productive meeting in Moscow
Belarus threatens citizens with SEVEN YEARS behind bars just for following opposition social media accounts & news sites online
Fighting escalates in northern Ethiopia with new army offensive
MEP slams US for deal on submarines using bomb grade uranium
Algeria thwarts planned armed attacks by Israeli-backed separatists: Report
French soldier killed in Mali
Western Sahara independence leader vows to continue fight along wall with Morocco
Putin denies weaponising energy amid Europe crisis
Havana syndrome reported at US embassy in Colombia
Al Jazeera
Azerbaijan, Iran agree to mend ties 'through dialogue'
US does not support normalising ties with Syria, Blinken says
Putin: Russia not using energy as weapon
October 12, 2021
'The Americans aren't listening to us,' Russia says as major Moscow talks between Biden's envoy and Kremlin's diplomats break down
US & NATO deliberately trying to 'heat up' crisis in Afghanistan after chaotic exit sparked sharp rise in refugees, Russia claims
Israel greenlights deal to double freshwater supply to Jordan in major new sales agreement between the two states
Russia rejects Japan's claim of sovereignty over disputed islands
Israel moves tanks to occupied Golan after Syria vows to reclaim it
Top UN court rules in favor of Somalia in sea border dispute with Kenya
Russia says no progress in talks with US over embassy row, warns of new tensions
Al Jazeera
Eswatini deploys army to quell pro-democracy school protests
October 11, 2021
At least 5 Indian soldiers shot dead in Kashmir in deadliest violence since February
US Navy nuclear engineer and wife arrested for trying to sell submarine secrets to 'foreign power'
Annexing Kosovo to create 'Greater Albania' would shatter peace in Balkans, Russia warns, telling West to help end 'provocations'
London police to take 'no further action' on sex abuse allegations against Prince Andrew after review
Ethiopian army starts ground offensive against rebellious Tigray forces
At NAM summit, Syrian FM stresses Damascus' right to retake Israeli-occupied Golan Heights
Russian, Serbian warplanes kick off joint drills in Serbia
China conducts beach landing drills in province opposite Taipei
India, China army talks to resolve border dispute fail
Shia ceric Sadr wins Iraq parliamentarian vote: Initial results
Iran says Iraq 'on right path of democracy' after elections
'Bellingcat website funded by US, UK spy contractors aiding terrorists in Syria'
Taliban, US conclude 2-day talks in Doha
US describes talks with Taliban as 'candid and professional'
Al Jazeera
US navy engineer arrested for selling nuclear submarine secrets
The Sun
Russian spies 'stole formula for Oxford/Astra Zeneca Covid jab and used it to create Sputnik vaccine'
Austria chancellor sworn in after Sebastian Kurz quits amid corruption inquiry
How US nuclear secrets were found hidden in a peanut butter sandwich
Massive crowds rally over fears of 'Polexit'
October 10, 2021
Czech President Milos Zeman rushed to hospital by ambulance & placed in intensive care right after meeting with PM Babis
Ghani's 'ex-bodyguard' claims he has video proving exiled president left Kabul with bags stuffed with money - reports
US Navy engineer charged with selling nuclear secrets
Russia: Syria air defenses destroyed 8 of 12 Israeli missiles fired at Homs
Thousands rally in Tunisia against President Saied's 'power grab'
US delivers abrupt message of downgrading ties with Pakistan: Report
Gunmen kill at least 20 people in Nigeria's northwest
US taunts China with plan to sell attack helicopters to Australia
Polish court ruling angers EU, sets stage for 'Polexit'
Iraqis vote in polls triggered by mass protests
Al Jazeera
Several killed in Yemen blast targeting Aden governor
Taliban concludes 'positive' talks with US officials in Doha
'Father of Pakistan's nuclear programme' AQ Khan dies
Austrian Chancellor quits after prosecutors raid his office
Czech Prime Minister's populist party loses grip on power in nail-bitingly close election
October 9, 2021
Mali has evidence French forces train militant groups on its territory, country's prime minister says
Czech PM edged out in narrow election, after corruption claims in wake of Pandora Papers bolster opposition
Syrian air defenses thwart Israeli aggression on Homs: SANA
US dispatches military reinforcements to base in Syria's Hasakah
Ethiopia launches new major offensive against Tigray
Austrian chancellor resigns amid corruption inquiry
US and Taliban hold first talks since withdrawal
Berlin police probe Havana syndrome at US embassy
Billionaire Czech PM looks set to lose power
Al Jazeera
Drone attacks target Saudi airport in Jazan
Peru's President Castillo swears in new prime minister
Caught between US and Iran, Iraqis face choices in elections
October 8, 2021
Beijing calls on US to clarify details of nuclear-powered submarine collision in South China Sea, accusing it of of hiding details
Ukrainian president rallies party to oust speaker of Parliament: Zelensky continues to silence dissent & tighten grip on power
Russia-focused, American government-funded investigative outlet Bellingcat officially labelled 'foreign agent' by Moscow
Brussels to use 'ALL power' to ensure its law reigns supreme over Poland's after landmark Warsaw court ruling - EU chief
'I'd have given it to Navalny, but f**k you, I don't feel any guilt,' Russian editor Muratov says after being awarded Nobel Prize
Mali accuses France of training 'terrorists' in country
'Saudi-led coalition continues hijacking Yemen oil amid UN silence'
UN drops Yemen war crimes probe under intense Saudi lobbying
Suicide attack on Afghan mosque kills at least 50
Al Jazeera
Greece ratifies landmark intra-NATO defence pact with France
US, Pakistani officials hold talks over Afghanistan
October 7, 2021
US Navy confirms attack submarine hit an 'object' while submerged in Indo-Pacific region
US Navy denies any incident in Persian Gulf as Iran claims its ships 'chased Americans' on naval holiday
Taliban invited to Moscow for talks over future of Afghanistan in wake of American troop withdrawal, top Russian diplomat confirms
Russia is ready to beat back potential US invasion with drones & jets, Moscow's military scientists claim in new conflict analysis
Russia is fulfilling ALL its contractual obligations for gas orders & is NOT to blame for soaring prices, Germany's Merkel says
Bombshell announcement ex-Georgian president Saakashvili is in love with sultry Ukrainian politician came as surprise, wife admits
Video shows IRGC speedboats chasing US vessels in Persian Gulf
Colombia deploys 14,000 troops to restive region bordering Venezuela
16 soldiers killed in Mali terrorist attack
Moscow irate after NATO expels eight Russian diplomats
Polish ruling marks major challenge to EU laws
Al Jazeera
US secretly training Taiwan forces since last year: Reports
Russia pledges to boost gas supplies to Europe amid energy crunch
October 6, 2021
Iran has concerns about 'terrorists & zionists' on its northern border - foreign minister
NATO to expel eight Russian diplomats, allegedly over claims of 'undisclosed espionage' at military bloc's Brussel headquarters
Putin instructs Russian energy minister to ensure gas transit through Ukraine is maintained & Gazprom honors existing contracts
CIA airlifted thousands of Afghan commandos accused of war crimes and serious abuses out of country during withdrawal - reports
Outcry as Ukrainian bankers 'ASSAULT' American state-run media reporters, allegedly seizing cameras & deleting interview footage
Yemeni FM: US interests blocking Saudi-led coalition from ending war
US State Department reveals number of nukes in stockpile
US senators urge Biden to expel 300 Russian diplomats amid visa spat
Azerbaijan seeks to expand gas supplies to EU amid energy crisis
Al Jazeera
Iran 'concerned' by Israeli 'presence' in the Caucasus
Iran looking for 'big jump' in Russia relations with Moscow talks
China could mount 'full-scale' invasion of Taiwan by 2025
Russian hackers behind SolarWinds hack are trying to infiltrate US and European government networks
October 5, 2021
Israel plans to build 10,000 new settler units in West Bank: Report
Venezuela opens border with Colombia after more than two years
Algeria dismisses Macron's 'offensive' remarks amid escalating row with France
Al Jazeera
Romania's parliament topples Citu's minority government
British PM's envoy holds talks with Taliban in Afghanistan
Blinken, Macron meet in Paris amid AUKUS tensions
Czechs sign $630m deal for Israeli-made air defence system
October 4, 2021
Russian Navy successfully fires Zircon anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile from nuclear submarine for first time ever
Jailed Georgian ex-president Saakashvili will NOT be handed to Ukraine, despite Zelensky's vow to fight for his return - Tbilisi
Israeli warplanes, gunboats violate Lebanese airspace, territorial waters
PMU repels Daesh attack in northern Iraq
Fumio Kishida takes office as Japan's 100th prime minister
Iran warns 'strategic patience' with terrorist groups in Iraqi Kurdistan over
Iran hails talks with Saudis, says neither side sets preconditions
Iran behind hitman plot in Cyprus, says Israel
Al Jazeera
China flies 56 aircraft near Taiwan in latest record incursion
North and South Korea restore hotline after Pyongyang tests
Ethiopia's PM Abiy sworn in for second five-year term
China sent 52 warplanes into Taiwan defense zone on Monday, Taipei says
Blinken in France for AUKUS damage control
October 3, 2021
US-abandoned Bagram base reportedly operational for first time in two months, as rumors swirl of Chinese military presence
Not stopping at 'provocative military activity,' US demands China halt even 'diplomatic & economic pressure' towards Taiwan
Algeria 'bans' French military aircraft from airspace as visa row deepens
'Terrorists transfer toxic agents to Syria's Idlib for chemical attack'
Thousands rally to back Tunisian president, urge change to political system
'Out with Bolsonaro': Brazilians rally against president
UAE questions US commitment, says time to manage rivalry with Iran
Revealed: Secretive UK base linked to US assassination of Gen. Soleimani
Armenia rules out opening 'sovereign corridor' for Azerbaijan
Al Jazeera
UN peacekeeper killed in blast in Mali's troubled north
Jordan's king receives first call from Syria's al-Assad in decade
UAE official says time to manage rivalry with Iran and Turkey
Voting ends in first Qatar legislative elections
Taiwan says China sends 77 warplanes into its defense zone in two days
October 2, 2021
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte announces retirement from politics
Saudi forces shell residential area in Yemen's Sa'ada, kill civilians
China flies 25 fighter jets after incursion by British warship
US forces relocate Daesh members from camp in Syria to Iraq's Mosul
Algeria chases away spying Israeli submarine near territorial waters
Algeria recalls ambassador to France for consultations
Guinea coup leader sworn in as transitional leader
Turkey warns against warship deal between France, Greece
Erdogan, Putin discuss setting up more nuclear power plants in Turkey
Al Jazeera
Taiwan scrambles jets after largest ever incursion by China
October 1, 2021
Georgia DETAINS controversial ex-President Saakashvili, who fled homeland in 2013 & was sentenced in absentia on criminal charges
Iran kicks off war games amid rising tensions with Azerbaijan and alleged 'Zionist presence'
Lithuania boosts number of border troops & orders them to build barbed-wire fence as migrant crisis worsens on Belarusian frontier
Canadian fashion mogul Nygard consents to US extradition, faces sex trafficking and racketeering charges in echo of Epstein case
Russia renews warning over providing Australia with US nuclear submarines
N Korea backs up warning addressed to US with missile launch
Iran strongly protests attack on embassy in Azerbaijan
Regime forces attack Bahrainis protesting normalization of ties with Israel
Guinea coup leader sworn in as president
Al Jazeera
Georgia arrests ex-President Saakashvili after return from exile
Exiled ex-leader Saakashvili faked return to Georgia: Authorities
Russia says AUKUS pact threatens nuclear non-proliferation regime
Mali receives helicopters and weapons from Russia
Taiwan says it scrambled jets again after Chinese 'air incursion'
N Korea conducts second-known missile test in a week
Ex-Malawi lawmaker shoots himself dead in parliament
September 30, 2021
Serbia inks deal with breakaway Kosovo region to end spat that featured jet flyovers and tanks at border
Ex-CIA chief's call to prosecute sources who outed alleged plot to target Assange 'CONFIRM' story, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief says
China requests emergency power from Russia as coal shortages leave cities without electricity & factories grind to a standstill
Russia urges Tajikistan, Afghanistan to calm, end battle of words
Turkey's purchase of Russian S-400 worth tensions with US: Erdogan
Israeli FM arrives in Bahrain to open embassy despite strong opposition
France threatens retaliation against UK as fishing spat flares again
CIA evacuated officer with 'Havana Syndrome' symptoms from Serbia
Al Jazeera
Ethiopia orders expulsion of 7 top UN officials for 'meddling'
Durham issues fresh round of subpoenas in his continuing probe of FBI investigation into Trump, Russia
September 29, 2021
'They've really left us in a terrible position': American Senator slams Biden as Pentagon reveals US may use Russian bases in Asia
Putin & Erdogan all smiles in Sochi after Turkish leader voiced frustration with Biden & declared intent to move closer to Russia
Saudi Arabia & Iran may re-establish relations after series of discrete meetings - reports
Biden accused of LYING about Afghanistan withdrawal after generals contradict him on troop advice
Japan picks ex-foreign minister Fumio Kishida for PM
North Korea says test-fired new hypersonic missile
Putin hosts Turkey's President Erdogan in Sochi
Dozens of civilians killed as Nigerian air force bombs village
Jordan reopens border, to resume Syria flights for first time in decade
Taliban warn US of 'bad consequences' over violation of Afghan airspace
Taliban yet to be recognized by world countries
Yemen blasts 'act of piracy' after Saudi Arabia seizes fuel ship
MP: Iraq eyes buying Russian S-300 air defense systems
Russia detains cyber-security CEO in treason case
Al Jazeera
Pakistani soldier killed in cross-border fire from Iran: Army
Manny Pacquiao retires from boxing to chase Philippine presidency
Czech vote: President plans to exploit powers to protect Babis
September 28, 2021
Standoff over Kosovo 'going from bad to worse,' Russia warns, calling on NATO to step up & prevent military conflict with Serbia
10 Albanians arrested in Kosovo after attacking Serbs as ethnic tensions flare, drawing in Serbia & NATO
Hungary summons Ukrainian ambassador & blasts Kiev for 'interfering' in its internal affairs as row over Russian gas deal heats up
YouTube deletes 2 channels of RT's sister project RT DE with 600K subscribers over alleged community guidelines violation
Iran rejects 'baseless' UAE claims to trio of Iranian islands
Iran smashes foreign-backed terrorist group, kills ringleader
Saudi-led coalition impounds 4th Yemen-bound oil tanker
France limits visas for Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia in migration dispute
Al Jazeera
US military officials testify on Afghanistan withdrawal
September 27, 2021
Dutch PM receives extra security on high alert over fears of Moroccan Mafia kidnapping plot - media
CDU leader Armin Laschet hopes for coalition, says SPD has no mandate to lead country after narrow victory in German election
NATO expansion into Ukraine would 'cross red lines' & force Russia and Belarus to act, Kremlin says after Putin-Lukashenko summit
'Appalling slander': Stop Antisemitism org ripped after branding GOP congressman 'Jew hater' for voting against Iron Dome funding
Hungary inks new gas supply agreement with Russia, bypassing Ukraine
Serbia-Kosovo tensions brewing as Belgrade deploys armored vehicles at border
34 killed in attack on village in northwestern Nigeria
Belarus warns of joint response with Russia to Ukraine's drills with US, NATO
Tunisia turmoil: Thousands call on Saied to resign as opposition deepens
Taipei says needs long-range weapons to counter China
CIA reportedly plotted to kidnap, kill WikiLeaks founder in 2017
Macron hit with egg during restaurant fair visit
Al Jazeera
Dozens dead after deadly attacks in northeast Nigeria
World leaders speak on final day of UN General Assembly
German centre-left claim narrow election victory
September 26, 2021
Tanks, fighter jets spotted near Kosovo border as tensions flare between Serbia and breakaway region
CIA was ready to wage gun battle in London streets against Russian operatives to kill or snatch Assange, bombshell report claims
Sudanese troops thwart incursion by Ethiopian forces: Army
Russian fighter jets intercept US bomber over Pacific
Mali reaches out to private Russian security firms in snub to France
Al Jazeera
Hundreds gather in Tunisia to oppose president's 'power grab'
Erdogan: Turkey could buy more Russian S-400s despite US warnings
Suicide bomber kills at least eight in Somali capital
September 25, 2021
Lavrov says EU foreign policy head told him to STAY OUT of 'our' Africa, as he denies Moscow's role in mercenaries invited to Mali
'War criminal! Out!' Protesters greet Hillary Clinton as she becomes chancellor of university in Northern Ireland
Puigdemont released after his arrest but must stay in Sardinia, say Italian judges
Former US official: Israel won't exist in 20 years
Israel's Pegasus spyware found on five French ministers' phones
Erdogan says Turkey to proceed with acquiring Russia's S-400 defense system
Taliban: Head of Daesh in Afghanistan killed
'War criminal': Hillary Clinton booed while accepting Queen's chancellorship
Billions of EU cash being squandered in Ukraine
US "concerned" about reports of Iran-Venezuela oil deals
'Yellow Vests' protesters rally in Paris
Al Jazeera
Suicide bomber kills at least eight in Somali capital
Pakistan and India trade angry accusations at the UNGA
Chad's military ruler appoints transitional parliament
Germany set to vote in most unpredictable elections in years
Prince Andrew's attorneys acknowledge he has been served with US court papers
September 24, 2021
Biden not doing enough to fight terrorists, says Turkey's Erdogan, vows closer ties with Russia & Putin despite NATO obligations
Poland has no power to veto certification of Nord Stream 2 - Germany
Catalan separatist leader Puigdemont arrested in Italy
Massive blasts after Yemeni missile hits Saudi militants base
China draws up list of 100 instances of US 'interference' in Hong Kong
Al Jazeera
Quad leaders to tackle 'key challenges' at White House summit
September 23, 2021
US House passes bill allocating $1 BILLION to replenish Israel's Iron Dome system after its battering during recent Gaza conflict
US-Turkey relations 'not healthy' and failed to 'start well with Biden,' Erdogan says
New Litvinenko & Skripal allegations against Moscow timed to distract from West's defeat in Afghanistan, Russia's top spy claims
Algeria closes airspace to Morocco over 'provocations and hostile' actions
US lawmakers file impeachment articles against Biden
Iran says pleased with 'progress' in talks with Saudi Arabia
Sudanese military rulers confiscate alleged assets of Hamas
France says running out of patience with UK on post-Brexit fishing rights
Al Jazeera
Taiwan scrambles jets as Chinese aircraft enter air defence zone
Children 'wasting away' in dangerous Syrian camps, NGO says
Palestinian children traumatised by Israeli home invasions
US House approves $1bn for Israel's Iron Dome after uproar
Erdogan says Taliban lacking 'inclusive, encompassing leadership'
Taliban divisions deepen as hardliners seek spoils of war
September 22, 2021
'Assassination attempt' on Ukrainian presidential advisor leaves driver with gunshot wounds as Zelensky holds meetings in New York
Attempt to kill Ukrainian adviser was meant to intimidate government, aide alleges as Kremlin rejects claim of Russian involvement
France to return ambassador to Washington after Biden's call to Macron in wake of major military contract snub
Leaked docs show DARPA considered funding $14mn project to infect Chinese bats with altered coronaviruses in 2018 - reports
Turkey's Erdogan pledges support for Ukrainian 'territorial integrity,' telling UN that Ankara will not recognize Crimea as Russia
Germany says Russia is fulfilling its obligations under European gas supply agreements
'It's France's and will remain so': Paris denies UK media report claiming it could give up its UN Security Council seat
US demands Russia boost natural gas deliveries to Europe through Ukraine
Politico, which joined MSM chorus dismissing Hunter Biden laptop scoop as 'Russian disinfo,' confirms authenticity of key emails
Saudi military kills Yemeni civilians as rulers highlight need for political solution
Two Taliban among 3 killed in attack in Afghanistan
China, Russia, Pakistan envoys hold talks with top Taliban officials
In Libya, Haftar suspends military role to run for president
Taliban ask to speak at UN General Assembly
Al Jazeera
Top US military general holds talks with Russian counterpart
Tunisia military judge jails two members of parliament
Pakistan's Imran Khan warns of 'civil war' in Afghanistan
UAE, India look to double trade to at least $100B over five years
Biden and Macron agree to meet next month in push to repair ties
Hundreds storm Namibia parliament
September 21, 2021
Sudan thwarts military coup attempt, officials say, after soldiers reportedly tried to seize army HQ and state radio
UK says it will take all possible steps to extradite Skripal suspects, as Moscow claims London shifting blame for 'Novichok' case
Kremlin says ECHR's claim Russia behind Litvinenko poisoning 'unfounded,' arguing court has no evidence of Moscow's involvement
'Unacceptable!': Republicans & Democrats team up for Israel after progressives strike Iron Dome funding from spending bill
New AUKUS nuclear bloc won't just battle China, it will take West into confrontation with Russia too, Moscow's security chief says
Official documents show Australia had warned France for years that submarine deal was in danger
'Wake-up call' for EU: Berlin voices support for France in AUKUS submarine row with US & Australia
'I'm upset you called me a killer,' Putin allegedly told Biden after US president's words sparked diplomatic row - new book claims
No Israeli Iron Dome funding for upcoming US budget
US, Israeli commanders involved in Gen. Soleimani's assassination killed: Report
Russia demands US explanation on cyberattacks targeting online voting platform
NYT: US deploying 2,000 troops to Iraq for nine months
'US spy satellites vulnerable to high-powered lasers'
Yemenis mark anniversary of 21st September revolution
Member of CIA chief's team 'hit by Havana Syndrome' in India
Canada's Trudeau narrowly wins third term as PM
Third Russian accused by UK police in poison attack
Al Jazeera
Macron and Modi vow to 'act jointly' after submarine dispute
Russia responsible for killing ex-KGB officer Litvinenko: ECHR
US officials fear al-Qaeda threat after fall of Kabul to Taliban
UNGA: Qatar's emir urges world to engage with the Taliban
Djokovic pictured with ex-commander of feared paramilitary unit
DNA India
76th edition of UN General Assembly meet kicks off today, US President Biden and China's Jinping to deliver address
Russia responsible for Litvinenko's assassination, European court rules
Prince Andrew served with sexual assault lawsuit after papers sent to US lawyer
September 20, 2021
Ukraine holds joint war games with US, NATO amid tensions with Russia
Houthi: US used to run Yemen's affairs before September 21 Revolution
North Korea slams US for risking 'nuclear arms race' in submarine deal with Australia
Al Jazeera
Boxer Manny Pacquiao to run for Philippine president in 2022
September 19, 2021
Security forces disband terrorist, counterrevolutionary team in northwestern Iran
US, UK discussed nuclear sub pact with Australia behind Macron's back: Report
Thai protesters call to 'kick out' PM Prayut on 15th coup anniv.
CIA warned about children presence before US deadly drone strike in Kabul: Report
Mossad assassinated Iran's top nuclear scientist with 'killer robot': NYT
Lebanon submits letter to UN after Israel grants offshore contract to Halliburton
Police outnumber protesters at Capitol riots rally
Al Jazeera
France to work with India to promote 'truly multilateral' order
September 18, 2021
'Lying, contempt & crisis in relations': French FM says NATO must take note as he lashes out at US & Australia over AUKUS deal
AUKUS fallout: France pledges to 'defend truly multilateral international order' with India amid diplomatic row with Australia-US
'Do you see an insurrection?': Justice for J6 rally goes off without incident despite warnings of violence, endless media coverage
'Kid gloves are off today': Liberal critics celebrate MASSIVE police response to Justice for J6 rally
Navalny allies say Google demanding they delete 'Smart Voting' list, as Moscow accuses American firm of 'election interference'
US military-industrial complex needs China as an enemy: Ron Paul
Iran confirmed as permanent SCO member
UK 'actively recruiting' Asia spies as anti-China push shifts to higher gear
France declares 'crisis' in its ties with US, Australia
Seven civilians killed in Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen's Shabwa
Israeli forces injure dozens of Palestinian protesters across West Bank
Amid high security, Trump supporters rally at US Capitol
'Why would Americans ensure EU's defense?' French diplomat asks
Russia detects 'cyberattacks' from abroad targeting parliamentary elections
Syrian tribes vow to help army fight foreign troops, separatists
Former Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika dies at 84
US slaps new sanctions on Hezbollah after Iran fuel arrives in Lebanon
France: US and Australia 'lying' over defence deal
Thousands of migrants moved from under Texas bridge
Al Jazeera
Tunisian MP and president critic Makhlouf briefly detained
Somalia accuses Djibouti of detaining national security adviser
China enters Taiwan air defence zone a day after army budget rise
Afghanistan: Several dead as blasts rock Jalalabad and Kabul
Argentina's Fernandez reshuffles Cabinet after crisis week
Drone attack killed 10 civilians in Kabul, US acknowledges
In Germany, debate on trade with China grows as Merkel nears exit
US general defends calls to China in final months of Trump term
US steps up plan to expel Haitian migrants from Texas border city
CIA warned civilians were present seconds before US missile killed 10
September 17, 2021
France RECALLS ambassadors from US and Australia citing 'exceptional gravity' of AUKUS submarine deal
'A mistake': US admits Kabul drone strike killed 10 civilians, incl. 7 children, and NO ISIS-K terrorists; no one will be punished
Second Dutch minister quits after parliament censures cabinet over mishandling of Afghanistan evacuation
Victoria Nuland, key American figure in Ukraine's bloody 2014 'Maidan,' wants meeting with Moscow despite visa ban - Kommersant
US-UK-Australia pact angers France, EU more than China
Shanghai alliance gives go-ahead to Iran's full membership
US judge sets back Prince Andrew's bid to avoid accuser's lawsuit
Al Jazeera
Australia says more US troops to come, plans missile project
Second Dutch minister resigns over Afghanistan evacuation scandal
Argentina vice president leads cabinet revolt against president
US military admits killing 10 civilians in drone strike
September 16, 2021
'Extremely irresponsible': China slams new security pact between US, UK & Australia to arm Canberra with nuclear submarines
France says Biden acted like Trump as UK & US steal huge Aussie submarine deal in 'brutal, unilateral and unpredictable decision'
India may buy Russian S-500 anti-space-weapon defense system in world-first arms deal, despite risk of US sanctions, Moscow claims
Three brothers 2021: Special Forces of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Pakistan conduct joint military drills for first time ever
Biden stabs France in the back on Australia nuclear deal: FM
Russia-led bloc to hold military exercises on Afghan border
Russia completes tests of S-500 air defense system
Three protesters killed in south Yemen as Saudi-led crackdown intensifies
Convoy of tankers carrying Iranian fuel arrives in Lebanon
UK prime minister demotes foreign secretary in cabinet revamp
Korea reveals train-launched missile system
Al Jazeera
Somalia crisis deepens as president withdraws PM's powers
Pakistan calls for world to 'engage' with Taliban government
September 15, 2021
Biden to launch NUCLEAR tech working group alongside UK and Australia in apparent bid to push back against China - reports
Prosecution witness in Netanyahu's corruption trial killed as his plane crashes in Greece
'UAE sets up intel center for Israeli air force on Yemen's Socotra Island'
North Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles into sea: South military
South Korea fires first submarine-launched ballistic missile: Blue House
Putin, Khan to 'coordinate' positions in Taliban-held Afghanistan
Russia demands answers from US over election interference
Israeli PM: Palestinian statehood would be 'terrible mistake'
Tajikistan summons US ambassador over Biden's offensive remarks
September 14, 2021
Syria's Assad makes surprise visit to Russia, meets with Putin
Putin oversees Russia-Belarus drills amid increased NATO activity near borders
Colombia, Venezuela tensions rise as Bogota boosts troop presence on border
Prosecution witness in Netanyahu corruption trial killed in plane crash
Israel delivers 50,000 doses of expired vaccines to Gaza
EU says has no choice but to engage with Taliban
Major Taliban row at presidential palace - sources
China's ambassador banned from UK Parliament
Al Jazeera
Haiti prosecutor seeks charges against PM in president's killing
Greece probes crash that killed witness in Netanyahu trial
Democrats shift blame for Afghanistan withdrawal chaos to Trump
France warns Mali against Russian Wagner mercenary deal
Prince Andrew rejects sexual abuse accuser's lawsuit: Lawyer
September 13, 2021
Latvian military apologizes for GUNFIRE in busy streets of Riga which left civilians terrified amid major NATO war games
Ukrainian's Zelensky claims Biden gave support to Kiev's bid to join NATO but admitted that not all countries in US-led bloc agree
English language of the 'civilized,' Ukraine's chief censor claims, urges Kiev to scrap Cyrillic alphabet to distance from Russia
UK's Prince Andrew ignores pretrial hearing in US sex abuse case, says he was served summons incorrectly
Israeli warplanes, drones strike resistance bases across Gaza
Japan alleges Russian aircraft violated its airspace
North Korea conducts 1st missile launch since March
Gunmen kill 12 in raid on military base in northwest Nigeria
Qatar FM holds first high-level meeting with Taliban in Kabul
Belarus set to buy $1 billion worth of weapons from Russia
Condoleezza Rice laments US losing 'eyes and ears' in Afghanistan
First visit to Egypt by an Israeli PM in a decade
Al Jazeera
Israel hits Hamas targets in Gaza as hostilities escalate
UAE looks to grow Israel economic ties to $1 trillion over decade
September 12, 2021
'We want independence now!' Activists clash with police on Catalonia Day in Barcelona
US military contractors made $7.35 trillion since 9/11
Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza in fresh act of aggression
Kamikaze drones target US forces based at Erbil airport
Catalonia's separatists back on streets ahead of Madrid talks
Al Jazeera
Iraq's Erbil airport targeted in drone attack: Kurdish officials
Two Ukraine soldiers die in clashes with separatists
September 11, 2021
US drone strike in Kabul killed AID WORKER, not ISIS terrorist, NYT investigation shows
Russia to upgrade tanks on Afghan border as part of plan to protect former Soviet states after chaotic US withdrawal from Kabul
Libya risks slipping into new round of civil war & violence if crucial December elections not held - UN envoy
Israel strikes several locations in Gaza Strip
Israel has killed 58 Palestinians, including children, with live fire in West Bank since January: UN
Report: US plans Arab-Israeli drone unit in Persian Gulf for proxy missions
Russia sends military equipment to Tajikistan citing 'growing instability' in region
Ukraine's president says all-out war with Russia possible
Bluff called: US killed innocent Afghan last month, not Daesh
Panetta: US should be prepared for future attacks from Afghanistan
Australia helped CIA in toppling Chile's Allende: Records
Haiti prosecutors seek to grill PM on CIA-linked assassination of president
Prince's team dispute claims accuser served papers
Al Jazeera
Israel hits Hamas sites in Gaza over a rocket firing: Military
Video shows last US Afghan attack may have targeted aid worker
US pulls missile defences in Saudi Arabia amid Yemen attacks
Attack on Turkish troops in Syria kills two soldiers
Uncertainty in Guinea after military coup removes Alpha Conde
September 10, 2021
Russia summons US ambassador over election interference
Russia, Belarus kick off massive joint drills, worrying NATO
Russian soldier killed by roadside bomb blast in Syria's Homs
S Korea tests submarine-launched ballistic missile for first time
Qatari FM in Pakistan to discuss Afghanistan situation
Lebanon gets new government amid deepening crisis
Prince Andrew served with papers, accuser claims
Al Jazeera
Biden and Xi speak on phone for first time in seven months
Lebanon's richest man becomes country's new prime minister
September 9, 2021
'A real disaster': Russian Foreign Ministry slams rumored NATO plan to house Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban in Central Asia
Iran hails attack on 'terrorist' sites in Iraqi Kurdistan
White House praises 'businesslike & professional' Taliban as first civilian flight since Kabul airport CHAOS safely lands in Qatar
UN: 18,000 Yemeni civilians killed in Saudi-led airstrikes since 2015
Rockets hit base housing US occupation forces in Syria's Hasakah
Austin: US ready to combat terrorist groups in Afghanistan
Putin: US left world with a mess in Afghanistan to clean up
Taliban agree to evacuation of remaining US, other foreign nationals: Official
Nujaba slams Iraqi govt.'s silence on deadly Turkish strikes
French presence in Mali reshaped
Al Jazeera
Taliban accuses the US of violating Doha peace deal
September 8, 2021
Was Trump right? Russia expresses concerns over Iran deal after observing 'rapid progress' in Tehran's nuclear capabilities
China warns off US warship sailing close to Spratly islands
BBC owns up to lie about Syria chemical attack
Negotiator: If not for US, Yemen war would have ended in first year
Russia begins military drills on Kuril Islands
Envoy: Iran-Saudi talks 'friendly'; both sides seeking progress
Philippines' Duterte to stand as vice-president
Al Jazeera
Over 120 killed in Ethiopia's Amhara region, officials say
Several civilians killed in Syrian government attacks in Idlib
Somalia on edge as president, PM clash over intelligence chief
September 7, 2021
Taliban announces formation of new government, including some ministers sanctioned and WANTED by US
German police secretly procured & USED controversial Israeli Pegasus smartphone spyware - media
'We will be going back' to Afghanistan: US senator
US convoy targeted amid growing calls for withdrawal from Iraq
Echo from Israeli strikes cause 'entire Gaza to tremble'
Russia says Ukrainian intelligence, outlawed group behind recent Crimea gas pipeline blast
Al Jazeera
Sri Lanka parliament approves state of emergency
Turkey realigning ties with Egypt and Gulf rivals
Taliban announce hardline government
September 6, 2021
Russia & Japan locked in standoff over Moscow's call for firms to move to Kuril Islands, in dispute holding up WWII peace treaty
As the West stokes fears the Taliban might seize Pakistan's nukes, declassified files hint at the CIA's role in their acquisition OP-ED
US military knew dozens of Americans were AT THE GATES of Kabul airport but refused entry during evacuation - journalist to RT
Journalists did not meet own accuracy standards when insinuating Douma attack informant was motivated by money, BBC admits
American efforts to stop Nord Stream 2 have failed & gas pipeline will be completed in next few days - Russian foreign minister
US-led airstrikes killed 22,000 civilians in Africa, West Asia in past 20 years: Report
At least 30 civilians killed in DR Congo by suspected ADF rebels
NGO: Israeli forces arrested 1,000 Palestinian children since January
Iraqi figure: Saudi, Emirati spy agencies run Daesh elements
BBC inaccuracies on Syria gas attacks
'Works on new Russian gas pipeline to Europe to end next week'
Al Jazeera
Taiwan says 19 Chinese military aircraft entered its airspace
September 5, 2021
Heavy gunfire breaks out in Guinea's capital, president reportedly DETAINED by military in apparent coup
Top US general expects civil war, terrorism resurgence & more American airstrikes in AfghanistanTop US general expects civil war, terrorism resurgence & more American airstrikes in Afghanistan
Whole world, including Russia and China, must prevent terrorists from using Afghanistan for attacks abroad - NATO chief
Yemen: 16 drones, ballistic missiles used to hit Saudi targets
Daesh terrorists kill 16 Iraqi security forces in two provinces
BBC admits documentary on Syria 'chemical attack' inaccurate, had serious flaws
Blood samples in Skripals' poisoning case could have been manipulated: Defense min.
Biden authorizes release of declassified 9/11 documents
Taliban holding hostage 6 planes carrying Americans: Congressman
Unrest erupts in Montenegro ahead of Serb cleric's enthronement
Saudis intercept Houthi missiles - defence ministry
Thousands reported killed in Ethiopia clashes
Al Jazeera
Several soldiers killed in southwestern Pakistan suicide bombing
Afghanistan: Panjshir forces claim hundreds of Taliban captured
Thai PM Prayuth survives vote of no confidence, rallies planned
September 4, 2021
'No further powers to Brussels': Hungary's foreign minister calls for more sovereignty within the EU
As US loses airfields, Navy to assume larger role in Afghan strikes: Report
Top US generals lined their pockets off Afghanistan
Russia: Syria destroyed 21 of 24 Israeli missiles fired at Damascus
Lebanese ministers to make highest-level visit to Syria in years
Al Jazeera
Worst Tripoli fighting in a year tests Libya ceasefire
Heavy clashes erupt between Taliban and anti-Taliban group in Afghanistan's Panjshir province
September 3, 2021
Taliban celebrates in Kabul after claiming it has captured Panjshir province, resulting in full control of Afghanistan
Russia reveals it may recognize Taliban as Afghan authorities - but only after formation of government including minority groups
PM Suga steps down as Japan struggles with worst COVID wave
Fighting intensifies in Afghanistan's Panjshir province
Top US military firms spent $1bn on Afghan War lobbying, made $2tn
Al Jazeera
Syrian air defences 'shoot down' Israeli missiles over Damascus
Worst Tripoli fighting in a year tests Libya ceasefire
S Korea developing missile as powerful as nuclear weapon
Lebanon gov't delegation in highest level Syria visit in years
September 2, 2021
US used secret CIA base outside Kabul to evacuate Americans, 1,000 Afghan commandos & their families - media
As Afghan war ends, House approves $24bn bump for Pentagon budget
Poland's president declares state of emergency in regions bordering Belarus over migration surge
DHS fears Taliban takeover could 'inspire' uprising by US insurrectionists & white supremacists, CNN claims
US global wars cost over 900k lives, $8 trillion over two decades
US pledges $60mn in new military aid to Ukraine, citing 'the Russia threat'
Saudi-led warplanes launch dozens of strikes on Ma'rib after Yemen army gains
India deploys troops to Srinagar after Kashmir independence leader's passing
Al Jazeera
Thailand: Thousands join Bangkok rally demanding PM's resignation
Leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian Authority meet in Cairo
Venezuela opposition ends election boycott to run in local polls
September 1, 2021
Dozens of vehicles & Black Hawk flyover: Taliban holds military parade in Kandahar showing off seized US-made weapons
US & Ukraine defense ministers sign agreement for intensified military cooperation ahead of Zelensky's first visit to White House
33k dead, maimed Afghan kids: The outcome of 20-year US war
US likely to accelerate drone war in Afghanistan
US convoy attacked in Iraq as calls grow for expulsion of American forces
US military base in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr targeted by rocket attack
German FM in Pakistan to discuss Afghanistan
Russia to send huge military hardware consignment to Belarus: Lukashenko
Erdogan draws online mockery for assigning outsize status to Turkey
Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli forces in Ramallah
August 31, 2021
7 Taliban fighters killed in clashes with Panjshir valley resistance, as challenges remain for new rulers after US exit
Polish govt calls for president to impose state of emergency on border regions over flow of migrants from Belarus
US troops opened fire into crowd after Kabul airport blasts: Report
Enraged Afghans on US drone strike: They killed innocent kids, not Daesh bombers
Taliban celebrate victory as US officially ends 20 years of occupation
Taliban discussing running Kabul airport with Turkey, Qatar: France
Iran, Russia to hold joint Caspian naval drills in early September
Thai parliament starts no-confidence debate against PM
Japanese ministry demands record military budget over 'security threats'
Al Jazeera
India holds first formal meeting with Taliban in Qatar
Turkey, UAE leaders hold phone call in sign of improving ties
August 30, 2021
Pentagon knew about Kabul suicide bombing 'hours in advance,' report claims, but troops on the ground say they weren't protected
EU foreign affairs chief proposes new reactive force, as Afghan crisis highlights bloc's military shortfalls
Biden-Zelensky meeting postponed AGAIN after Ukrainian president blasts Western states for not sending leaders to Crimea summit
9 members of Afghan family, including 6 kids, killed in US attack on Kabul
Rockets fired at Kabul airport after US drone strike
West openly used terrorists in Syria to try to overthrow Assad: Russia
UK 'willing to engage' with Taliban, says minister
Gazans burn tires near fence for 2nd night to protest Israeli siege
First Iranian fuel tanker for Lebanon enters Mediterranean
Drying Euphrates sounds alarm bells in Syria
Al Jazeera
'Horror scene': Anger as US drone attack kills Afghan children
Israeli police officer shot at Gaza border protest dies
Israel to loan Palestinian Authority $155m after rare talks
10 family members killed in US drone strike
As many as 5 rockets fired on Kabul airport, US official tells CNN
Houthi strikes on Yemen base kill at least 30, spokesman says
August 29, 2021
3 kids killed in US drone strike targeting Kabul suicide bombers - reports
Civilians were allegedly shot & killed by US forces during Kabul airport bombing mayhem, eyewitnesses tell BBC
US airstrike hits suicide bomber vehicle posing 'imminent threat' to Kabul airport - Pentagon
Explosion reported in Kabul, police say child dead
Turkey poised to recognize Taliban as Afghanistan's govt, expected to sign deal to operate Kabul airport after US exit - reports
Despite American objections, Turkey has 'no hesitations' about buying second batch of Russian-made S-400 missile systems - Erdogan
US troops may have shot civilians to death during Kabul airport chaos: Report
Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip over fire balloons, protests
Scores of Saudi mercenaries killed, injured in Yemeni strikes on base
Suspected militants kill 19 in eastern Congo village
Syrians protest US arrest of 300 tribesmen for fighting Daesh
Macron: France, Britain to propose Kabul safe zone to UNSC
Drone attack on Yemeni airbase kills 30 soldiers
Al Jazeera
Pakistani soldiers killed in cross border fire from Afghanistan
Dozens killed in Houthi attack on Yemen's largest base
Erdogan says Turkey to maintain diplomatic presence in Kabul
August 28, 2021
Civilians were allegedly shot & killed by US forces during Kabul airport bombing mayhem, eyewitnesses tell BBC
'Clear attack on Afghan territory': Taliban condemns US strike allegedly targeting ISIS 'planner' behind deadly Kabul blast
Biden says new attack on Kabul airport 'highly likely' within next 24-36 hours
Russia could sell Nord Stream 2 to European Union-based operator to evade Brussels' access limitations - German media
US claims drone strike against Daesh after Kabul carnage
US forces blow up CIA's 'Eagle Base' in Kabul: Report
US warns citizens to 'immediately' leave Kabul airport
Pentagon: China will soon surpass Russia as top nuclear threat
Israel razed, seized over 30 Palestinian-owned structures in 2 weeks: UN
Palestinian teen shot by Israeli troops near Gaza fence dies
Iran warns against any Israeli adventurism amid renewed threats of 'nuclear terrorism'
Iran won't let US assassination of General Soleimani go unpunished: Amir-Abdollahian
Erdogan: No decision yet on Kabul airport help
Al Jazeera
At least 19 civilians burned, hacked to death by rebels in DRC
China condemns US warship transit of Taiwan Strait
Taliban planning 'inclusive caretaker gov't' in Afghanistan
Turkey holds first talks with the Taliban in Kabul
US President Joe Biden said the drone strike against ISIS-K, the group responsible for the deadly Kabul airport attack, 'was not the last'
US strikes back at ISIS-K for Kabul attack that killed nearly 200
August 27, 2021
Russia to kit out warships with new 'aircraft carrier killer' rockets as standoff with West continues to heat up on high seas
With Russia & China cooperating militarily, America must deal with '2 peer opponents' for first time - US Strategic Command head
90 Aghan civilians, 13 US troops killed in Kabul attack claimed by Daesh
After test, US decides not to buy Israel's Iron Dome missile system
Turkey says received request from Taliban to operate Kabul airport
Colombians hit streets to protest against government
Al Jazeera
US warns of 'credible' threats of more Kabul airport attacks
Moqtada al-Sadr says he will participate in Iraq general election
Al-Madar News
Hezbollah's Nasrallah Announces Third Fuel Tanker Will Sail to Lebanon From Iran
August 26, 2021
Dozens killed & injured, including Americans, after Pentagon confirms 2 EXPLOSIONS outside Kabul airport
12 US service members killed in two ISIS suicide bomb attacks on Kabul airport - CENTCOM chief
80% of Afghanistan's budget has disappeared overnight
Republicans demand return of $169mn in aid money allegedly embezzled by ousted Afghan President Ghani
New Russian missile-defense radar system is world-first for helping intercept nuclear warheads, military industry chief reveals
Yemeni forces launch drone strike on SW Saudi Arabia
Britain sets up spy teams in Yemen's eastern province of Mahra: Ex-official
Boko Haram terrorists kill 16 soldiers in Niger
'Quad' countries kick off joint naval exercises in Pacific Ocean
US mercenary firm Blackwater charging people $6,500 to escape Kabul chaos
Pentagon orders military personnel to get vaccinated immediately
Bennett seeks to reset Israel-US relationship
Al Jazeera
At least 60 people killed in two blasts outside Kabul airport
More than 210 killed in violence in western Ethiopia: Commission
Senior UAE official meets Qatar's emir in rare visit: State media
Al-Masdar News
At Least 11 US Marines, a Navy Medic, and Over 60 Afghans Killed in Kabul Blasts
Gunmen kill 36 villagers in Nigeria's divided Plateau state
August 25, 2021
Western media 'complicit in hiding truth' of Afghan war, allowing 'extraordinary lie' to last two decades - WikiLeaks' Hrafnsson
Putin and Xi pledge to keep peace in Central Asia, after US withdrawal from Afghanistan sparks fears of drug trafficking & terror
'Killing for the sake of killing': Disillusioned US drone pilots leak footage of air strikes against unarmed Afghans, media says
'Military resources' take priority in last days of evacuation, US not responsible for Kabul airport after troops leave - Pentagon
Shots fired at Kabul airport as Taliban ward off crowds
Blackwater founder finds new income stream in flying Americans out of Kabul at $6,500 PER SEAT - reports
'Havana syndrome' strikes again? Two US officials to be evacuated from Vietnam over mystery symptoms amid trip by VP Harris
Russia will always be a part of Europe, so it's high time for relations to improve, Austrian foreign minister tells Moscow's envoy
Yemen: UAE, Israel occupying Mayyun Island to exploit its strategic position
Pelosi rebukes two US lawmakers who secretly flew into Kabul
US VP continues Southeast Asia tour in attempt to co-opt countries against China
Algeria cuts ties with Morocco after litany of provocations
Al Jazeera
Niger: At least 16 soldiers killed in Boko Haram attack
Al-Masdar News
Israel's PM Bennett says He Will Continue "Clandestine Attacks" on Iran
August 24, 2021
EU more worried about Russia & China gaining from Western defeat in Afghanistan than future of country, Moscow's FM Lavrov says
Taliban has NOT AGREED extension to evacuation deadline, wants ALL foreign departures finished by August 31 - spokesman
White House and Pentagon stand by 'unlikely' August 31 Afghan evacuation deadline, despite heavy criticism
NATO's vow to 'fight terrorism' while abandoning weapons to the Taliban is straight out of 'Police Academy' comedy, Moscow quips
UN urges Poland to take in Afghan & Iraqi refugees fleeing to EU through Belarus, as Warsaw's officials turn back asylum seekers
Confusion reigns as Ukrainian Foreign Ministry officials contradict each other over alleged hijacking of plane at Kabul Airport
In EU first, Hungary reveals plans to start producing Sputnik V Covid vaccine in 2022 as talks with Russia move to advanced stage
Seven US military convoys come under attack throughout Iraq
Tunisia political limbo: President indefinitely extends suspension of parliament
Russia slams US plans to deploy forces to Central Asia after Afghanistan pullout
Jordan's King Abdullah, Russia's Vladimir Putin discuss Afghanistan, Syria
Lebanese MP breaks ranks with his pro-US party, thanks Iran for fuel supply
CIA head met Taliban leader in Kabul - US media
Al Jazeera
Israel bombs Hamas sites in Gaza over fire balloons: Military
Chaos and violence as crowds keep growing outside Kabul airport
Algeria cuts diplomatic ties with Morocco over 'hostile actions'
Officers killed in attack on Nigeria's elite military academy
Rodrigo Duterte to run as Philippines's vice president in 2022
Al-Masdar News
Israel Unleashes Overnight Airstrikes On Gaza - Officials Fear New 'Collision Course' With Hamas
Taliban Appoints former Gitmo Detainee as Afghanistan's Defense Minister
Zambia inaugurates new President in rare victory for African opposition leader
August 23, 2021
Russia to expand navy with new warships & nuclear subs as Putin says new tech, from AI to robotics, will drive next-gen weapons
Russia will NOT send military contingent to Afghanistan & has no intention of supporting Taliban terrorist group, says Moscow
Russian minister confirms rumors that country is planning replacement for 'doomsday plane' to house officials during NUCLEAR WAR
1 child dies 'every 10 minutes' in Yemen amid Saudi aggression
Kabul international airport under chaotic situation
Over 20 killed in weekend raids across northwest Nigeria
Sana'a: War coalition plunders over 85% of Yemeni oil, gas revenues
US forces abduct civilians in Syria, smuggle stolen oil to Iraq
Israel grabs more land in West Bank to expand settlement
'Iran, Russia, China to hold joint maritime drills in Persian Gulf'
Russia, Turkey set to sign new deal on S-400 delivery
'Groundless': China slams US sanctions against Russian pipeline
Resistance group says ready to take on Taliban
Al Jazeera
Chaos and violence as crowds keep growing outside Kabul airport
Putin warns against 'radical Islam' spillover from Afghanistan
Egypt closes Gaza border amid tensions with Hamas
Ukraine's president pledges to 'return' Russia-annexed Crimea
Bolivia ex-president 'stable' after suicide attempt in jail
August 22, 2021
Israeli airstrikes & heavy blasts hit Gaza after border clashes with IDF troops
Mujahideen v Taliban: Battle for strategic valley looms as anti-Taliban warlord & remnants of Afghan military refuse to surrender
At least 7 civilians killed in crowd surges amid Kabul airport evacuation chaos - UK military
'IMPOSSIBLE' to evacuate Afghan allies by end of August: EU foreign policy chief says Americans create problems
'Everything comes to an end': Sweden's PM announces 2nd resignation in 2 months
'Massive explosion' rocks central Gaza after Israeli attack
Biden, national security team mull counter-terror ops in Afghanistan
Malaysia swears in new PM as scandal-hit party reclaims leadership
Japan FM arrives in Tehran on first leg of Middle East tour
Al Jazeera
Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lofven to step down in November
August 21, 2021
Taliban fighters killed & captured after Afghan militias seize 3 districts just north of Kabul - reports
Bolivia charges ex-President Anez with 'genocide' over death of protesters in 2019
Ukraine shuts down leading independent news site Strana as part of new crackdown on journalists, judges & opposition politicians
Russia: Syria downed 22 out of 24 Israeli missiles targeting Damascus, Homs
Putin, Merkel hold talks in Moscow
Pentagon chief: Americans 'beaten' by the Taliban
Al Jazeera
'Time to show our power': Turkey extols booming defence industry
Malaysia's Ismail Sabri Yaakob sworn in as new PM
More than dozen killed in southwest Niger village attack
August 20, 2021
Biden mulling Afghanistan AIRSTRIKES to destroy US military equipment abandoned to Taliban, but only after evacuations - reports
Pentagon DOES NOT KNOW how many Americans are still in Afghanistan, or how many were among the 7,000 evacuated so far
Biden orders new sanctions against Russian-German pipeline as Merkel meets Putin in Moscow
Nearly half of Ukrainians think life was better in USSR, and even more say they're anti-LGBT in new poll revealing split with West
Afghans who guarded British embassy ditched by UK government, daily reports
Scotland closer to second independence referendum as SNP, Greens confirm agreement
Al Jazeera
Merkel and Putin clash over Navalny during talks in Moscow
Syria says its air defences intercepted Israeli missiles
Qatar's Taliban efforts position Doha as a key mediator: Analysts
Malaysian king picks ex-deputy PM as nation's new leader
US issues Nord Stream 2-related sanctions on Russians
Al-Masdar News
Biden Falsely Asserts the U.S. Doesn't Have a Military Presence in Syria
August 19, 2021
Pentagon: US needs approval from Taliban for evacuations
Billions of dollars of US weapons seized by Taliban
US turned Afghanistan into world drug lab in last 20 years: Russia's security chief
Al-Masdar News
Hezbollah Leader Confirms Iranian Fuel Shipment Will Head To Lebanon Within Hours
August 18, 2021
Exiled Afghan leader Ghani emerges in UAE, denies claims he fled with MILLIONS in cash
Taliban fires shots to disperse crowds outside Kabul airport as US scramble to leave Afghanistan continues
'First come, first serve': Americans warned of limited flights out of Kabul, US embassy 'cannot ensure safe passage' to airport
'Russia is NOT the enemy': After failure in Afghanistan, Czech president calls on NATO to focus on terrorism instead of Moscow
UAE confirms hosting Afghanistan's Ashraf Ghani, his family
Turkish warplanes strike PMU hospital in northern Iraq: Report
Peru's foreign minister resigns after suggesting former rebel group had CIA support
Prince Andrew 'person of interest' in Epstein probe
Al Jazeera
Afghans desperate to leave country remain stuck at Kabul airport
Dozens killed in northern Burkina Faso rebel attack
Polish army deployed to Belarus border amid migrant surge
Al-Masdar News
Ex-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Emerges In UAE, Reportedly Fled With $169 Million
Israel Drops Leaflets Threatening Syrian Army And Hezbollah After Nighttime Strike
Biden on chaotic withdrawal: 'I don't think it was a failure'
Taliban now sitting on $1 trillion of minerals the world needs
New images show Russia may be about to test nuclear-powered 'Skyfall' missile
August 17, 2021
Afghan Vice President Saleh declares himself legitimate caretaker president
White House admits 'FAIR AMOUNT' of US weapons fell into Taliban hands
Thai protesters blasted with water cannon, as they gather for 3rd straight day to demand prime minister's resignation
Two Armenian soldiers killed in border clashes with Azerbaijan: Yerevan
Suspected terrorists crossing US border 'at unprecedented level': Outgoing Border Patrol chief
Dozens killed in militant raid on village in western Niger
Pakistan not to recognize legitimacy of any non-inclusive govt. in Afghanistan
Saudi jets conduct fresh military raids in Yemen, continue ceasefire violations
Poland recalls envoy to Israel amid spat over Holocaust restitution law
Al Jazeera
NATO chief blames Afghan leadership for Kabul collapse
Ethnic Karen commanders in Myanmar admit killing 25 men
August 16, 2021
Biden blames Taliban's success & last-minute evacuation from Afghanistan on failures of Ghani's government
As Afghanistan finger-pointing begins, Biden blames Trump and US intelligence say 'no one listened' to their warnings
'They decided not to step up': US national security adviser Sullivan faults Afghans for being overrun by Taliban in exit fiasco
As German military plane FAILS to land in Kabul, Merkel calls US-led Afghanistan mission 'NOT AS SUCCESSFUL' as hoped
Afghan president fled Kabul with cars full of cash & was forced to abandon some loot on airport runway, Russian embassy claims
Afghans reportedly plunge to their deaths after trying to cling to US military plane taking off from Kabul
'US saved dogs over Afghan lives': Washington accused of valuing animals over civilians, after soldiers evacuate K-9s
High-res satellite photos shows Kabul airport chaos as crowds of Afghans swarm runway in desperate effort to flee
'US SecDef has no plan to resign': Pentagon finally reacts to 'troubling' Kabul airport scenes, vows to continue HALTED evacuation
'Safer than before': Russian Embassy in Kabul sees no reason to evacuate as Taliban takes over security, ambassador tells RT
Pentagon: US sending 1,000 more troops to Kabul
Chaos and killings at Kabul airport: US forces open fire as Afghans mob tarmac
China says ready for 'friendly ties' with Afghanistan under Taliban
Report: US military expanding major Iraqi base despite calls for troop withdrawal
Malaysia's PM Muhyiddin resigns amid political turmoil
Zambia's opposition leader Hichilema wins presidential election
Blast kills 3 Turkish soldiers in northern Iraq
Canada's Trudeau triggers snap elections in hopes of winning majority
'India's foot-dragging caused utter failure in Iran's Chabahar'
Al Jazeera
'Utter chaos': Gunshots fired at Kabul airport, flights cancelled
Taliban blocks off Kabul airport as Afghans try to flee
Germany may need to rescue 10,000 people from Afghanistan: Merkel
Rocket fired at Israel from Gaza; first since May assault
DR Congo accepts US military help against ADF militia
Biden puts blame on Afghan political leaders and armed forces
August 15, 2021
Taliban enter presidential palace in Kabul after Afghan president leaves country, say NO transitional government on the table
President Ghani leaves Afghanistan, top official confirms, as US-backed govt relinquishes power to Taliban
Afghanistan's Ghani claims he resigned to prevent Taliban slaughter in Kabul as BLASTS reported at palace & abandoned US embassy
Traffic jams, chaos at Kabul airport as thousands try to flee Taliban takeover
Dominic Raab was ON HOLIDAY as Taliban encircled Afghan capital, reports say, while UK Ambassador said to be remaining in Kabul
Taliban seek peaceful transfer of power in 'next few days': Spokesman
US pulling all personnel from embassy in Kabul
Biden deploys 5000 US troops to Afghanistan, braces for brutal loss
Malaysia PM Muhyiddin plans to resign: Report
Israel recalls envoy in protest at Poland WWII restitution law
North, South Korea irked by Japanese officials' visit to controversial shrine
Taliban on brink of victory in Afghanistan
Polish move on Nazi-seized properties angers Israel
Al Jazeera
Thai protesters plan 'car mob' rally demanding PM resign
Al Masdar News
Iran will be transporting fuel to Lebanon: Hezbollah leader
August 14, 2021
Biden orders INCREASE in US presence in Afghanistan as he threatens Taliban with 'strong' military response if interests attacked
Ukrainian nationalists clash with police during anti-government rally outside president Zelensky's office in Kiev
Israel furious after Poland's president approves law denying victims of Holocaust property claims
UK sends dozens of soldiers to Yemen
Police fire tear gas at anti-government protesters in Bangkok
Russia, China conclude massive anti-terror drills, vow closer alliance
CIA plans 'Mission Center for China' to counter Beijing's rise
Iran MP: 'Good signals' exchanged between Tehran, Riyadh
Zambian president says election was not free
Al Jazeera
Taliban captures key northern Afghan city, closes in on Kabul
Pakistani forces clash with Afghan protesters at border crossing
August 13, 2021
Taliban reportedly just 50km from Kabul as militant group takes Logar province
As Nord Stream 2 nears completion, Germany's Merkel to make farewell Russia & Ukraine visits next week - will meet Putin, Zelensky
Taliban militants seize three more Afghan cities
Convoys carrying combat equipment for US forces attacked in southern Iraq
US convoy of 30 tankers crosses into Iraq with smuggled Syrian oil
Russia set to expel BBC journalist in row with Britain
Al Jazeera
Attack kills eight Egyptian troops in Sinai
Taliban now control half of Afghanistan's provincial capitals
August 12, 2021
Russian hypersonic weapons company chief detained by security services in Moscow on suspicion of passing secrets abroad - reports
Hunter Biden tells prostitute in video he lost ANOTHER laptop containing 'crazy sex' footage, blames the Russians - media
Report: Saudi Arabia mulls purchasing Russian Abakan air defense system
Al Jazeera
Zambia votes in tense presidential and parliamentary polls
Afghanistan gov't offers to share power with Taliban: Official
Israel and Morocco sign three deals on historic visit
Taliban captures two key cities; Kabul increasingly cut off
US considering moving embassy to Kabul airport
August 11, 2021
Taliban fighters now in complete control of Afghanistan's borders with Uzbekistan & Tajikistan, Russia's Defense Minister claims
British embassy worker in Berlin arrested by German security services over claims he passed secret government documents to Russia
Assange extradition: US allowed to challenge key psychiatric evidence in bid to reverse UK refusal to hand him over
Faizabad falls: Taliban now controlling 9 provincial capitals
Ukraine asks for US missile systems, troops; Russia warns of retaliation
Belarus tells US to cut embassy staff due to 'hostile actions'
Scale of Russian mercenary mission in Libya exposed
Al Jazeera
Israel and Morocco sign three deals on historic visit
August 10, 2021
Thousands of Russian, Uzbek & Tajik troops rehearse turning back enemy offensive on Afghan border amid fears of Taliban incursions
US invited to station troops & rocket systems in Ukraine in potential major escalation of tense standoff across border with Russia
Uproar after German parliament committee head suggests preparing for INTERVENTION in Afghanistan...again
Amnesty International calls on Biden to drop 'politically-motivated' charges against Julian Assange ahead of hearing
Russian, Chinese forces kick off massive joint military drills in Ningxia
Libya's rebel commander makes U-turn on support for interim government
Israeli submarine on heavily discouraged op potentially targeting Iran
China asks Lithuania to recall envoy over decision to let Taipei open embassy
In new purge, Saudi Arabia's MBS orders arrest of 207 rivals, dissenters
Japan's FM planning Iran visit for high-level talks
Ethiopian PM calls on civilians to join war effort
Al Jazeera
Taliban seizes eighth Afghan provincial capital in five days
Nicaragua recalls ambassadors to 4 countries in tit-for-tat move
Virginia Giuffre files lawsuit against Prince Andrew alleging sexual abuse
August 9, 2021
Taliban captures 6th provincial capital weeks after rejecting reports of a ceasefire, amid fallout from US withdrawal
Over 50 reported dead in terrorist attacks by suspected jihadists in Mali
UK planned for NATO-led force of 'like-minded' allies to remain in Afghanistan after US troop pullout, defence minister admits
UK Special Forces team allegedly deployed to Yemen to hunt for suspects in 'Mercer Street' tanker attack
Mozambican, Rwandan forces retake key port city from rebels
CBS News: Mental trauma lingers 18 months after Ain al-Asad attack
SANA: US tanker trucks transport stolen Syrian oil to Iraq
Sudan summons ambassador to Ethiopia as tensions mount
Defense Secretary Wallace blames US and NATO for UK defeat in Afghanistan
Al Jazeera
At least 12 soldiers killed in northern Burkina Faso ambush
Germany rejects calls to send military back to Afghanistan
Jeffrey Epstein abuse survivors awarded $125M as claims end
August 8, 2021
Taliban overruns most of Kunduz as Afghan military clings to strategic city's airport - reports
Tanks, choppers and drones aid Russian & Indian troops perfecting their skills at Indra-2021 joint anti-terrorist drills
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to meet athlete & armed forces sergeant after she hugged Russian rival who beat her to Olympic gold
Taliban make rapid advances, overrun three northern Afghan cities
Mozambique port retaken from rebels, officials say
Al Jazeera
Taliban captures three more Afghan provincial capitals in a day
Four children killed in northwest Syria government shelling
Nicaragua's upcoming election 'has lost all credibility', US says
August 7, 2021
Thousands protest across France over Macron's Covid-19 health pass & mandatory vaccination
Israeli warplanes hit sites in Gaza Strip in overnight aggression: Reports
Paramilitary group kills at least 20 people in Sudan
Russia plans military drills with China, Belarus on Far East, West borders
SANA: US military transfers Daesh prisoners to base in Syria's Hasakah
US offers Brazil NATO partnership, 5G tech to dump China's Huawei
Al Jazeera
Israel attacks Hamas sites in Gaza in response to fire balloons
Hezbollah launches rocket fire in response to Israeli air raids
Taliban captures second Afghan provincial capital in 24 hours
Deadly fighting erupts between South Sudan party's rival factions
Police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at Bangkok protesters
G7: Iran behind tanker attack, 'threatens international peace'
August 6, 2021
Russia sends troops to Armenian border with Azerbaijan after cry for help from Yerevan following altercations with Azeri forces
US seeks to entice Brazil with prospect of joining NATO 'global partnership' if it bans China's 'untrustworthy' Huawei - reports
Outraged Lebanese villagers block rocket-launching Hezbollah trucks, fearing risk of Israeli reprisals
Hezbollah retaliates against Israeli bombing with rocket barrage
Militants kill 26 soldiers in Chad despite presence of Western troops
China blasts US offer of 'safe havens' for Hong Kong residents
Al Jazeera
At least 30 killed in attacks across northern Burkina Faso
Hungary's Orban braces for US 'interference' in 2022 election
After unrest, Ramaphosa makes major S Africa cabinet reshuffle
Poland, Lithuania call for EU help amid Belarus migration row
Pentagon investigative team says Iran was behind attack on tanker off coast of Oman
August 5, 2021
NATO is 'provoking conflict' in Black Sea, top Russian diplomat warns, saying confrontation could be on cards over naval drills
India hails launch of 1st indigenous aircraft carrier for sea trials
Israel is ready to strike Iran, says defense minister, amid simmering tensions with enduring foe
Israel conducts airstrikes against southern Lebanon
US occupation forces continue to plunder Syrian oil: SANA
Taliban say targeting Afghan provincial cities in retaliation for US raids
Iraqi lawmaker warns against Turkey's bid to 'invade Mosul, annex it'
Biden administration approves first arms sale to Chinese Taipei
China slams US arms sale to Chinese Taipei, says will take counter-measures
Russia: Afghan Taliban offensive running out of steam
Epstein meetings a huge mistake, says Bill Gates
Al Jazeera
Uneasy calm in Kashmir on second anniversary of losing autonomy
Biden offers temporary 'safe haven' in US to Hong Kong residents
Bill Gates says he regrets his time spent with Jeffrey Epstein
August 4, 2021
'Psychological warfare': Iran blasts Western and Saudi reports blaming it for hijacking UAE tanker
Unknown assailant threatens to detonate GRENADE in Ukrainian cabinet building as security officers plead with him to stand down
India deploys warships to South China Sea, joining US in countering China
Indonesia, US stage joint military drills
Israeli-occupied territories hit by three rockets fired from Lebanon
Powerful blasts rock Kabul; Afghan Defense Minister's house targeted
US holding largest amphibious exercise in 40 years
Four family members killed in Syria by Turkish forces: SANA
Malaysia PM rejects mounting calls to quit, seeks confidence vote
Iran rejects rumors about military forces entering foreign ships in Persian Gulf
'Israel moves cyber sabotage units to UAE to turn Persian Gulf into crisis hub'
Seven Arab states denounce African Union for granting Israel observer status
Tunisia's president launches new round of dismissals
Al Jazeera
Israeli artillery shells Lebanon after rockets fired over border
August 3, 2021
Germany sends frigate to contested South China Sea on Indo-Pacific mission
Four ships report losing command off UAE coast
Militants kill 16 hostages in DR Congo's restive east
Russia expels second Estonian diplomat amid espionage dispute
Singapore warns US against hardline view toward China
Endorsed by Leader, Ebrahim Raeisi becomes Iran's 8th president
No indication of Iran's involvement in Israeli tanker attack: Russia
US asks that 24 Russian diplomats leave by September
Warning of 'potential hijack' of ship off UAE
Al Jazeera
Huge blast hits Afghan capital Kabul near defence minister's home
More than dozen people killed by rebels in east DR Congo
Evidence points to secret Indian navy base on Mauritian island
India to send warships into South China Sea
August 2, 2021
Tehran vows 'strong' response to any 'adventure' as UK summons Iranian ambassador over attack on tanker off Oman
'Flying the flag': Germany sends warship to South China Sea for first time in two decades amid rising tensions
Secret documents expose London's plans to infiltrate the Balkans... while undermining Russia OP-ED
Poland 'expects' to participate in Nord Stream 2 certification after failing to stop Russian pipeline project
Disaffected Belarusian Olympic athlete Timanovskaya granted urgent visa by Poland after refusing to fly home under duress
Russian, Uzbek troops begin joint Afghan border drills
15 Niger troops killed in ambush, subsequent blast
Territorial dispute between Qatar, Bahrain takes turn for worse
US Russia engage in talks amid deteriorating relations
Malaysia opposition lawmakers march on parliament, demand PM resign
Iran summons British, Romanian envoys to protest false tanker attack claims
Warship positions faked including UK carrier
Al Jazeera
Malaysia deploys riot police as MPs attempt march to parliament
US airstrikes hit Taliban positions as militants threaten key cities in Afghanistan
Myanmar's military ruler declares himself Prime Minister, pledges elections by 2023
August 1, 2021
Several rockets hit Afghanistan's Kandahar airport amid ongoing Taliban assault
'Highly likely': UK & US accuse Iran of 'deliberate & targeted attack' on Israeli-operated tanker off Oman, threaten a response
Israel has 'proof' Iran behind deadly ship attack off Oman, PM Bennett claims
Algeria throws out Saudi-owned al-Arabiya news channel
14 African countries forming group to expel Israeli regime from AU
Myanmar's junta chief extends coup with promise of 2023 election
Al Jazeera
Egypt: Eight soldiers killed in Sinai 'anti-terrorism' operations
Six civilians killed, several wounded in CAR rebel attack
Zambia deploys army to curb violence ahead of elections
July 31, 2021
Deadly attack on Israeli-operated ship off Oman coast was carried out by drone, US Navy says
US seizes North Korea fuel shipment; Kim tells army to be ready
14 African countries agree to expel Israel from AU
US embassy in Moscow dismisses 200 staff over Russian 'retaliation'
Taliban attack major Afghan cities
Al Jazeera
UN compound attacked as battle for Afghanistan's Herat rages
Hundreds take to Kuala Lumpur's streets in anti-gov't protest
Deadly drone attack on tanker escalates Iran-Israel maritime tension
July 30, 2021
Two sailors killed in attack on Israeli-operated ship off coast of Oman
China's military warns UK of 'counter-measures' as British vessels sail in South China Sea
Russia urges UK, France to join wider nuclear talks with US
One killed in attack on UN compound in western Afghanistan
Informed sources: Raid on Israeli-managed vessel was retaliation for Israeli raid on Syria
Thousands of Guatemalans rally to demand president's resignation
'CIA accounted for most media leaks Trump referred for criminal probe'
World-first nuclear reactor shut down over damage
Al Jazeera
Israeli forces wound more than 250 Palestinian protesters
UN compound attacked as battle for Afghanistan's Herat rages
Duterte restores Philippines's key military agreement with US
Two Koreas in talks to reopen joint office, hold summit: Report
At least 18 civilians killed as Syrian gov't forces bombard Deraa
Report reveals illegal detention and torture in Colombia protests
'Absolute nonsense': Khan rejects claim Pakistan helping Taliban
UK and Romanian crew killed in attack on tanker off coast of Oman
UK aircraft carrier seen in South China Sea
US and China say they want to avoid military conflict, but no one can agree on how
July 29, 2021
Armenia asks Russia to deploy soldiers to frontier with Azerbaijan, as shootout kills three soldiers & sparks fear of new conflict
'Biggest destroyer of peace': China lashes out after US Navy warship sails through Taiwan Strait for SEVENTH time under Biden
Russia, US hold 'substantive' nuclear talks after Putin-Biden summit in June
Rockets fired at US embassy in Baghdad's heavily-fortified Green Zone
Roadside bombs target US-led coalition convoys in southern, central Iraq
US trying to take root in Central Asia after Afghanistan fiasco: Russia
Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is almost finished: Operator
New wave of Ethiopian refugees crossing into Sudan
Israel allows extremist settlers to seize vast swathes of Palestinian land in West Bank
Fighting escalates in Ethiopia despite ceasefire
Al Jazeera
Tunisia political turmoil deepens as president sacks more officials
Croatia celebrates joining of controversial Adriatic Sea bridge
Israeli troops shoot dead 12-year-old Palestinian boy: Ministry
July 28, 2021
Biden has no plans to end US military presence in Syria: Report
Russia says Daesh terrorists moving into Afghanistan, pledges to boost Tajik army
New flare-up in Nagorno-Karabakh dispute kills 3 Armenian soldiers
Israeli soldiers continue killing Palestinian minors
US special envoy for Yemen visits Saudi Arabia as fighting heats up
North, South Korea in talks over reopening liaison office, holding summit
Top-level Taliban delegation visits China, 'offers assurances'
Saudi FM visits Pakistan
Myanmar's junta cancels 2020 election results
Bosnian Serbs react furiously to genocide denial ban
Al Jazeera
Ethiopia: Somali region says hundreds 'massacred' by Afar militia
China is building a 2nd base for nuclear missiles, say analysts
Chinese officials and Taliban meet, in sign of warming ties
Amid tensions, US and Russia hold 'substantive' arms talks
Ecuador revokes WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's citizenship
'Shocking': South Africa slams Israel's AU observer status
Peru swears in new President Pedro Castillo
US and Russia hold 'substantive' talks as Moscow raps Biden for comments
July 27, 2021
Countdown to Great Deplatforming part 2? PayPal partners with ADL against 'extremism & hate'
Lebanon names 3rd PM since August 2020
In response to balloons, Israeli jets unleash hellish strikes over Gaza
Occupation of Iraq rebranded: US military going to stay
Indian state set to deploy 4,000 commandos after border clashes
3,000 Ethiopians fleeing conflict cross into neighboring Sudan
France killed 19 civilians in Mali in Jan., violated intl. human rights law: Report
Tunisian president dismisses more officials amid political crisis
Russia, two other states to hold joint drills near Afghanistan
Cuba Embassy attacked in Paris, Havana holds US responsible
Iran arrests armed Mossad agents plotting urban riots, terror
North, South Korea restore severed hotline
Pentagon chief 'deeply concerned' by alarming surge in suicides among US troops
Al Jazeera
Afghan soldiers flee attack, cross border: Pakistan army
Gunmen on motorbikes raid Niger village, kill 14
Bosnian Serbs to boycott country's central institutions
July 26, 2021
US vows to continue airstrikes in Afghanistan, as general insists 'Taliban victory is not inevitable'
Lebanese billionaire Mikati appointed PM with backing of Hezbollah & Amal after months of stalemate
Russia building high-tech replacement for secretive nuclear 'doomsday plane' with boosted range & improved capabilities - reports
Tunisia in turmoil: President ousts PM, suspends parliament
Israeli warplanes bomb several locations across Gaza
Syria defenses smash through Israeli missiles near Damascus: Russia
Afghan civilian casualties hit record high in May-June: UN
Pentagon chief heads to Southeast Asia to rally allies against China
Moscow rejects Japan's protest over Russian PM visit to disputed islands
Pakistan reopens Afghan border crossing seized by Taliban militants
Iran's participation in Russia parade signals deepening of relations
US combat forces to leave Iraq by end of year
Tunisian president accused of coup after firing PM
Al Jazeera
Najib Mikati named Lebanon's new prime minister-designate
China blames US for fraught relations as talks begin
July 25, 2021
Russian navy capable of conducting 'unpreventable strike' if needed: Putin
No need for US-led combat forces in Iraq: Prime Minister Kadhimi
PMU: Footage available of US choppers transferring Daesh terrorists across Iraq
Two Turkish soldiers killed, two wounded in attack in northern Syria
Macron pressed to apologize, compensate for nuclear tests in Polynesia
Al Jazeera
US vows continued air support for Afghan forces fighting Taliban
Tunisia's president dismisses prime minister after protests
Another Nicaraguan presidential hopeful arrested in crackdown
Qatar's foreign minister visits Iran to meet top officials
July 24, 2021
Venezuela accuses US military aircraft of violating its airspace from Colombia, warns it might 'respond forcefully'
China blacklists former US Commerce Secretary Ross & other officials in tit-for-tat reply to restrictions over Hong Kong
Biden doubles funding for 'unexpected needs' of Afghan refugees as ex-interpreter abandoned by Pentagon is BEHEADED by Taliban
US govt fights to keep alleged spy's job details secret after she was charged with killing British teenager Harry Dunn and fled UK
US military presence in Iraq not 'expected to change': Report
US military carries out strikes against Taliban in Afghanistan
US dispatches fresh reinforcement to base in Syria's Hasakah
US delegation flees Haiti after gunshots fired at Moise's funeral
Iran urges restraint amid Azerbaijan-Armenia border clashes
Yemeni armed forces seize control over strategic hilltop in Shabwah
Activists fume at $25bn increase to Biden's already bloated Pentagon budget
Ilhan Omar demands answers from White House on US strike in Somalia
Top international official in Bosnia bans denial of genocide
Curfew across Afghanistan as Taliban advances
Al Jazeera
Coalition says Iraq base housing US troops hit in drone attack
Two Turkish soldiers killed in attack in northern Syria: Ministry
July 23, 2021
Russian-made air defense systems shot down ALL Israeli missiles targeting Syria's Homs - military
Instagram restores posts issuing DEATH THREATS against Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei, claiming these are in 'public interest'
French hospital goes on INDEFINITE strike to protest Covid-19 vaccination mandate
Pentagon confirms training assassins; French held for Madagascar plot
Russia: US, NATO colluding with Daesh in Afghanistan
US-sanctioned Cuba extended a helping hand by Mexico
Anger over France's new COVID rules re-energizes Yellow Vests
China calls on US to immediately lift embargo on Cuba
Al Jazeera
French person among 6 held over plot to kill Madagascar president
Sixteen civilians killed in eastern DRC ambush
China's President Xi makes rare Tibet visit
July 22, 2021
Russia files first ever ECHR complaint against Ukraine, over Maidan massacre, censorship, discrimination & Crimea water blockade
CIA taps Bin Laden hunter to probe mystery 'Havana syndrome' plaguing spies & diplomats, as US says cases hit 200 - reports
US aerial assault kills three in Syria's Hasakah
Israel targets 'military positions' near Homs; Syria reacts with force
Taliban militants claim to control '90 percent' of Afghanistan's borders
Russia deploys military machinery to base close to Afghan border
Yemeni army troops, allies conduct major offensive near Saudi border
UN: Israeli occupation of Syrian Golan 'illegitimate, invalid'
Iraqi politicians slam Turkey's interventionist remarks, vow strong response
Attacks by Tigrayan forces displace over 54,000 in Ethiopia's Afar region
Colombia police detain dozens in renewed protests
US, Germany strike deal on Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline
US probe of Jan. 6 attack falls apart after Pelosi boots two Republicans
New front opens in Ethiopia war as aid fears grow
Al Jazeera
Madagascar says it foiled plot to kill President Andry Rajoelina
South Africa unrest death toll jumps to more than 300
Iran opens oil terminal to bypass strategic Strait of Hormuz
July 21, 2021
US confirms deal with Germany to 'allow' completion of Nord Stream 2 pipeline with Russia
Washington shoots down Turkey's two-state solution for Cyprus, as stand-off on disputed island intensifies
Pelosi boots two Republicans off Capitol Hill riot committee, GOP responds by pulling out of 'sham' investigation altogether
Britain to permanently deploy 2 warships in South China Sea
Haiti swears in new PM after US-linked assassination of former leader
US conducts 1st drone strike under Biden 'against al-Shabab' in Somalia
Syria shot down seven of eight Israeli missiles targeting Aleppo: Russia
Turkey says Cyprus town of Varosha to reopen amid Greek objection
France accuses Erdogan of 'provocation' over Cyprus visit, remarks
EU slams Turkish plans for Cyprus as 'unacceptable'
US deploys more F-16 warplanes to major Saudi air base
Sen. Rand Paul: Fauci, NIH could be partly responsible for Covid-19 pandemic
Iranian, Indian FMs discuss Afghanistan, bilateral ties
July 20, 2021
'We'll sail where intl law allows': UK to permanently deploy naval vessels to South China Sea amid regional tensions
Russia shows off new high-tech S-500 rocket system designed to take down enemy SPACE WEAPONS high above planet Earth
Five countries interested in Russia's state-of-the-art Su-57 fighter jet
'You don't know what you're talking about!': Fauci LOSES IT with Sen. Rand Paul over Wuhan lab funding accusations
Israel shells southern Lebanon after airstrikes on Syria's Aleppo
Syria defenses fend off Israeli missiles: SANA
Syria warns of 'serious repercussions' after Israel launches airstrike on Aleppo
Rockets land near Afghan presidential palace during Eid prayers
US to send F22 fighter jets to Pacific as signal to Russia and China
Russia successfully test-fires S-500 missile system
Leftist Castillo declared Peru's new president after lengthy election standoff
Peace talks on 'two-state' basis only way to resolve Cyprus issue: Erdogan
Indian MPs disrupt parliament over Israeli Pegasus spyware scandal
'Israeli spyware Pegasus helped MBS spy on Lebanese, Hezbollah officials'
Israeli spying scandal: Amazon shuts down accounts linked to Israeli NSO Group
US lawmakers introduce new bill extending Congress's war powers
EU Commission slams use of spyware against journalists after Israeli scandal
UAE de facto leader arrives in Riyadh shortly after oil quota spat
US says no easing of sanctions as WSJ unveils plans to choke off Iran China oil sales
Rouhani warns Iraq against 'complicated US game,' foreign meddling in region
Al Jazeera
Israel shells Lebanon after rockets fired over border
Syrian air defences 'intercept' Israeli attack over Aleppo
Mali interim president says he is 'very well' after knife attack
UK government backs Guaido in Venezuela gold dispute
Erdogan calls for US support for Turkey to protect Kabul airport
July 19, 2021
Russian warship reports successful test-fire of hypersonic Zircon missile in tense Arctic waters, hitting target at 350km
Afghanistan recalls ambassador, top diplomats from Pakistan in wake of envoy's daughter kidnapping and torture
Norway accuses China of carrying out cyberattack on parliament, as UK & US condemn broader 'Chinese hacking'
Netanyahu tells Israelis 'NOT to buy' Ben & Jerry's ice cream after company stops sales in 'Occupied Palestinian Territory'
Russia successfully tests 'invincible' Zircon hypersonic missile
Bomb attack kills at least 30 people in Iraqi capital
Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan to hold drills near Afghan border
Algeria recalls envoy to Morocco over 'Berber support'
Report lays bare role of terrorists, not Syrian govt., in 2013 killing of rights activists
UK refuses to return Venezuelan gold at start of Supreme Court hearing
EU Commission slams use of spyware against journalists after Israeli scandal
UK accuses China of 'hacking' Microsoft Exchange servers
Saudi dissidents call for mass anti-regime protests on Day of Arafah
China: Establishment of independent Palestine shouldn't be delayed
Bandits shoot down Nigeria fighter jet - military
China accused of cyber-attack on Microsoft
Al Jazeera
Turkey's Erdogan visits Northern Cyprus amid tensions with EU
South Korea's Moon cancels Japan trip amid spat over insult
Interim Haitian Prime Minister Claude Joseph to step down
Israeli malware used to 'spy on journalists, activists' worldwide
Ethiopia's Tigray forces enter neighbouring Afar region
Nepal's new PM Sher Bahadur Deuba wins confidence vote
Israel-Palestine conflict looms large as Biden meets Jordan King
Belarus arrests 3 journalists in media crackdown
July 18, 2021
OPEC+ members agree to ramp up output by 400,000 barrels per day amid soaring oil prices
Merkel's potential successor Laschet apologizes after LAUGHING during German president's speech about deadly floods
Accuracy at any cost? Gamer leaks British military secrets to company founded in Russia to prove its tank model is wrong
Fox News mocked for blurring pro-government slogans in footage of Havana rally shown alongside fiery Ted Cruz tirade
Kamala Harris will not quarantine after being in contact with two Covid-19 positive Texas Democrats
Turkey's Erdogan set to visit Northern Cyprus amid tensions
Putin, Biden discussed how to 'coordinate actions' in Afghanistan: Report
David Petraeus: Afghanistan falling apart after 20 years of US war
'Israeli military-grade spyware used to hack phones worldwide'
Police fire rubber bullets, tear gas at protesters denouncing Thai PM
China says ready to work with Iran against unilateralism, bullying
Ethiopia police arrest hundreds for alleged support for Tigray forces
Kenyan fuel tanker explodes killing at least 13
N Korea warns youth against using S Korean slang
Al Jazeera
Police clash with protesters demanding Thailand PM's resignation
Afghanistan recalls envoy, diplomats from Pakistan over abduction
Oil producers reach deal on output, ending UAE-Saudi standoff
'Looking at a friend': Jordan's king meets Joe Biden post-Trump
Fuel truck explosion kills 13 people in Kenya
Gunmen kidnap Chinese, Mauritanian workers in Mali
Core Group urges Haiti's designated PM to form a government
July 17, 2021
Top diplomat's comment on Moon 'masturbating' causes scandal as South Korea summons Japanese envoy
US sending two dozen F-22 fighters to Pacific in 'signal' to China
Kabul, Taliban delegates begin talks in Qatar as clashes rage
Russia: Terrorists plot to stage false flag chemical attack in Syria's Idlib
'Saudi-led coalition plunders up to 4mn barrels of Yemeni oil every month'
King Salman, MBS murals defaced ahead of protests in Saudi Arabia
Saudi activists to hold anti-regime protests on Day of Arafah
Russia says working with China on removing unipolar world
US warns against American business operations in Hong Kong
Trump: Gen. Milley 'should be court-martialed and tried'
Mystery illness scare among Vienna US diplomats
Al Jazeera
President Bashar al-Assad sworn in for 4th term in war-hit Syria
High-stakes talks between Afghan gov't, Taliban as fighting rages
Colombia's 'ghost towns' threatened by new wave of violence
Biden to host Iraqi PM al-Kadhimi at White House
South Africa's Ramaphosa says deadly unrest was 'instigated'
July 16, 2021
Risk of Afghan instability 'overflowing' across region, Russian FM says, as Taliban insurgents gain ground following US withdrawal
Death toll in South African unrest jumps above 200 as looting and violence continues in KwaZulu-Natal
Miami mayor calls for US to bomb Cuba... because airstrikes have worked so well in the past
Russia warns of risk of violence in Afghanistan spilling over to neighboring countries
US transfers convoys laden with stolen Syrian oil from Hasakah to Iraq: SANA
Two-thirds of Republicans in South want to secede from US
Biden, Merkel fail to resolve differences about Russian gas pipeline
Al Jazeera
King of eSwatini appoints new PM as anti-monarchy protests flare
Sudan gets $14bn in debt relief from Paris Club
July 15, 2021
US military helped train some of the Colombian suspects in assassination of Haitian president, Pentagon admits
US Army Black Hawk helicopter makes emergency landing amid Bucharest street traffic in Romania
Russia accuses US of 'staging' anti-government protests in Cuba, saying Washington must now 'end hypocrisy' of economic blockade
Russia scrambles four fighter jets as US Air Force B-52H bombers fly over Bering Sea heading towards country's border
White House admits to 'flagging problematic posts' for Facebook, says it's necessary to fight medical 'misinformation'
66% of Republicans in southern US & nearly half of West Coast Democrats want to secede from country as division grows
Russiagate' redux: The Guardian's spooky anonymous 'sources' claim Putin put Trump in power, but there's still no hard evidence
Kremlin says claims Putin ordered campaign to put Trump in power are 'fundamentally untrue' after supposed expose in The Guardian EXCLUSIVE
US military flying planeloads of illegal immigrants around America in secret - media
Lebanon's Hariri resigns, says cannot form cabinet over disagreement with president
Israeli billionaire embroiled in $360-million graft scandal thought to be country's biggest ever - reports
Haiti assassination suspects trained by US military: Pentagon
'Pentagon using air force base to secretly fly, resettle illegal migrants across US'
Russia: US attempting to incite color revolution in Cuba
Ethiopia conflict heats up as Amhara region vows to attack Tigray forces
Israel's new PM approves more than 3,400 new illegal settler units on Palestinian land
Afghan govt. says retakes Pakistan border crossing; Taliban, Pakistan deny claim
Israeli settlers build mobile homes on Palestinian land to expand illegal settlement
Ex-lawmaker: Joe Biden 'took direct benefit' from Hunter's dealings
'350 Takfiri terrorists, Saudi mercs killed in Yemeni army offensive in Bayda'
French police fire tear gas as thousands protest new coronavirus rules
US Senate passes bill to ban all products from China's Xinjiang
Al Jazeera
South Africa deploys more than 20,000 troops as death toll tops 100
Israeli club calls off match with Barcelona over Jerusalem
Cuba musicians support protests, government softens stance
Lebanon: PM-designate Saad Hariri resigns as crisis escalates
Top US general feared Trump was attempting a coup: Book
Ethiopia regions send troops to back fight with Tigray rebels
Some accused in Haitian assassination had US military training
EU takes legal action against Hungary, Poland over LGBTQ rights
Poland's top court rejects EU court injunctions as invalid
July 14, 2021
Putin's warning to the West: Moscow sees Ukraine as part of 'Russian world' & this is meant to be taken seriously by outsiders OP-ED
George W. Bush is HEARTBROKEN over Biden's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, frets over dangers to women and girls
Sanctions against Taliban could be lifted as part of Afghan peace process, top Russian diplomat tells RT in wake of US withdrawal
Taliban claim key Afghan border crossing with Pakistan as insurgent group nets new territories
'The pass shall not pass!' Protesters take to streets across France after Macron drops vaccine passport bombshell
Western media use images of PRO-government rally, protest in Miami to illustrate Cuban unrest as Havana warns of 'soft coup'
US forces occupy southwestern Yemeni airbase after leaving Afghanistan
Think hard before you test us again: Russia on UK naval provocation
Russia warns Taliban against undermining regional security
MI5 head requests 'public' help to contain foreign espionage threat
Russia slams US silence on suspected role in murder of Haiti president
China urges Pakistan to 'severely punish' attackers behind bus blast
Any foreign interference in Afghanistan doomed to failure, China's FM says
Afghan Taliban claim control of strategic border crossing with Pakistan
UAE inaugurates embassy in Tel Aviv as part of normalization deal
US 'waives oil trade sanctions to give Iran limited access to frozen assets'
Rebels in Ethiopia's Tigray say have made more advancements
In West Bank, Israel demolishes more Palestinian residential units
More than 70 dead as looting, violence roil South Africa
Al Jazeera
More than 300 Afghans flee into Tajikistan as Taliban advances
India to China: 'Unilateral change of status quo not acceptable'
China asks Pakistan to probe 'blast' that killed its nationals
Afghan gov't delegation, Taliban to talk peace in Qatar: Official
Turkey's Erdogan, China's Xi discuss Uighurs in phone call
Turkey, Israel want to improve ties after presidents' call: AKP[
Bosnia's intelligence chief arrested over fraud allegations
Bush says consequences of Afghanistan withdrawal will be 'unbelievably bad'
Biden administration looks to set up 'red phone' to China for emergency communications
July 13, 2021
As Taliban runs riot in Afghanistan, new commander of withdrawing US & NATO troops vows to support 'abandoned' Afghan forces
China hits back at Japan over hostile posture in military document
China 'drives away' US warship trespassing in South China Sea
Russia warns against US troop deployments in Central Asia
Pakistan stands firm against allowing US access to bases: Minister
Former FBI informants among suspects in assassination of Haiti president
Violence intensifies in South Africa amid grievances over Zuma's jailing
Explosion hits Israel's Ashdod reactor facility
Venezuela says 10 Colombian paramilitaries killed in Caracas clashes so far
EU distances itself from Slovenia PM's remarks at anti-Iran terror group's event
Yemeni army pummels Saudi-backed mercenaries, reclaims swaths of territory
Latin America voices support for Cuba in face of US interference
Russia: OPCW report exposes Germany's involvement in anti-Moscow provocation
'Afghanistan withdrawal shows limits of American military power'
Afghanistan on brink of humanitarian crisis amid Taliban surge: UNHCR
Daesh established via US induced post invasion chaos
Death toll mounts in raging South Africa riots
Al Jazeera
Death toll climbs to 72 as South Africa violence continues
Taliban fighters kill 22 unarmed Afghan commandos
July 12, 2021
Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to be completed in August - project coordinator
Russian envoys in Afghanistan evacuated 'temporarily' as Taliban fighters gain ground in troubled nation after US forces withdraw
Cuba's president blames Washington for protests, says US sanctions responsible for shortages and 'social unrest'
Haiti arrests 'Florida doctor' as alleged mastermind in president's murder, while US dispatches 'security team' to help the probe
South Africa deploys military to two provinces amid looting and violence after ex-pvresident Zuma's jailing
Journalist dies after being beaten by homophobic mob while covering canceled Tbilisi LGBT Pride march, Georgia erupts in protest
120 politicians, journalists, and artists sign letter urging Merkel to confront Biden over Assange's extradition, citing concerns
Thousands of Afghans displaced as fighting rages between Taliban, govt. forces in Kunduz
One after another: Taliban, Afghan forces in battle for Ghazni
Top US general in Afghanistan steps down
Moise's assassination: 3rd American nabbed in plot to replace Haiti president
Diaz-Canel says US mercenaries provoking unrest in Cuba
China 'drives away' US warship trespassing in South China Sea
Pakistan stands firm against allowing US access to bases: Minister
Cuba president: US uses 'economic suffocation policy' to provoke social unrest
Israel plans to build new illegal outpost in northern West Bank
Dozens arrested as violence surges in South Africa over Zuma jailing
'Saudi war on Yemen caused more than 43,000 civilians casualties'
Bulgaria faces instability as anti-elite group eyes narrow election win
Report: Fringe European states warming ties with Syria despite general EU policy
US forces bring reinforcement to northeast Syria following rocket attack
Two top Jordanian officials handed 15-year jail terms over 'coup' bid
Massive protest demands Palestinian Authority's overthrow
Documents detail US pressure on ex-Yemeni regime to normalize ties with Israel
Iran says it has recovered $335bn worth of gas from South Pars
Cubans risk jail in biggest protests for decades
Al Jazeera
Nepal's Supreme Court reinstates dissolved parliament
US warns China over South China Sea, sends destroyer near Paracel Islands
July 11, 2021
Venezuela reports crushing heavily armed gang in Caracas, blames US, Colombia for instigating violence
Billionaires Gates & Soros reportedly step in to cover fraction of foreign aid cut by UK, but some question their intentions
India pulls diplomats from Afghanistan's second-largest city as Taliban boast rapid territorial gains
US logistical convoys hit in several locations across Iraq
US forces in Eastern Syria come under rocket barrage using 'new projectile'
US troops stationed in Syrian gas refinery under mortar fire attack
Riyadh new MKO sponsor
Iran summons Slovenian envoy over PM's participation in anti-Iran terrorist group's meeting
Al Jazeera
Oman's Sultan visits Saudi Arabia on first overseas trip
Thousands join rare anti-government protests in Cuba
July 10, 2021
'How is it even possible?' Russia asks OPCW after report claims team was sent to Germany the same day Navalny fell ill in Siberia
Leaked docs reveal senior MI6 operative implicated in torture led British propaganda efforts in Syria OP-ED
Turkey will not be silent about Israel's 'atrocities', Erdogan tells Palestinian President Abbas
US nuclear energy industry urges Biden to reverse Trump policy
Ex-Mossad chief becomes head of new Saudi-backed SoftBank office: Report
Saudi Arabia funds digital news platform in US for lobbying: Report
Senior US lawmakers to address summit of anti-Iran MKO terror outfit
'Just leave us alone': US official pleads with Iraqi resistance
'Four mercenary firms involved in Haitian president's murder'
US says rejected Haiti's request amid suspicion of role in assassination
Russia: All foreign troops to leave Syria soon as situation stabilizes
France to withdraw 2,000 troops from Africa, close bases
Over 1,250 Irish artists pledge to boycott Israel in support of Palestine
Jamaica demands reparations from Britain's Queen over UK role in slavery
Al Jazeera
Rwanda deploys 1,000 soldiers to Mozambique's Cabo Delgado
Haiti's assassinated president 'riddled with bullets', says wife
Israeli settlements amount to 'war crime': UN expert
Biden urges Putin to act on ransomware attacks, hints retaliation
Myanmar coup leader says Russia to supply two million COVID shots
July 9, 2021
Leaked docs reveal senior MI6 operative implicated in torture led British propaganda efforts in Syria OP-ED
Taliban militants won't be allowed to run riot in Tajikistan after Americans pull out of Afghanistan, top Russian General tells RT
Macron announces French bases in Mali to begin closing in coming months amid restructuring of Sahel mission
'Wasteful spending!': Bipartisan committee approval of $3.3 billion in US security assistance to Israel slammed on Twitter
US $1.5 trillion nuclear upgrade
NATO cuts address by leaders, scrambles jets to counter Su-24s
'War in Afghanistan not been won militarily': US admits failure after 20-year adventure
GCC future in tatters as UAE-Saudi alliance fades
Two Americans accused of role in Haiti president's assassination
Calls made for MKO to be included on EU terrorist list
Report: Israeli PM secretly met with Jordan king in Amman last week
Heart inflammation link to Pfizer and Moderna jabs
Al Jazeera
'Playing with fire': Analysts warn of escalating war in Iraq
Two Indian soldiers among several killed in Kashmir gunbattles
July 8, 2021
US orders amphibious assault ship into Black Sea after Moscow warns tensions escalating dangerously in waters off coast of Russia
Russian bomber jets practice taking out targets with cruise missiles in Arctic, just weeks after warning US to steer clear
Multiple gunmen killed & arrested in firefight with suspected assassins of Haitian President Jovenel Moise
Fox News host Tucker Carlson says NSA spies tried to paint him as 'traitor' for seeking interview with PUTIN
Lithuania to build border wall with Belarus as illegal immigration skyrockets causing Vilnius to declare state of emergency
Katyusha rockets land near US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone
Sudan condemns Ethiopia unilateral filling of Nile Dam
600 world academics call for end to 'Israel's apartheid regime'
Israeli troopers get text messages asking them to stop serving Israel or get killed: Report
EU votes for action over Hungary's anti-LGBT law
Al Jazeera
India's Modi drops 12 cabinet ministers in major reshuffle
UNSC to discuss Ethiopia dam amid strained ties with Egypt, Sudan
July 7, 2021
'State of siege': Haitian PM declares nationwide state of emergency following president's assassination
Following British warship incident, Moscow warns next foreign power to violate Black Sea borders 'will get a punch in the nose'
Russia scrambles two fighter jets as American P-8 Poseidon plane flies over Black Sea during NATO military exercises
Huge explosion rocks Dubai as container catches fire aboard ship anchored at local port - govt
US granted permission to appeal UK court decision blocking Julian Assange's extradition
'It's confirmed, it's true': Fox News host Tucker Carlson says NSA leaked his emails to journalists
Russia's sovereign wealth fund cuts US dollar reserves to ZERO
Haitian President Moise assassinated at his private residence
Rockets fired at major US base in Iraq, wounding American personnel
Yemen: US mobilizing al-Qaeda, Daesh terrorists against army in Bayda
Australian MPs call on US President to drop charges against Assange
Russia expels Estonian consul for spying
UN urged to act against Israel's systematic targeting of journalists
Jamaica demands reparations from the Queen for 'damaging effects' of slavery
Modi unveils biggest reshuffle since he took power
Al Jazeera
Jovenel Moise: Haiti's president assassinated at age 53
Sweden's Lofven re-elected PM in narrow parliamentary vote
Israel swears in Isaac Herzog as 11th president
Palestinian community in West Bank demolished for seventh time
Ethiopia resumes filling mega-dam, infuriating Egypt
Saudi Arabia supports Egypt, Sudan 'water rights' in dam dispute
Daniel Ortega cracks down on his opposition in Nicaragua
July 6, 2021
Estonian consul in St. Petersburg detained after being 'caught red-handed' by Russia's FSB 'receiving classified secret documents'
'Fully-fledged' British force training Saudi troops in Yemen, report says, hinting at extent of UK involvement in civil war
Beijing issues protest after Japan signals that it would join US to defend Taiwan in case of Chinese attack
Armenia reports shootout with Azerbaijani troops at volatile border
US Embassy in Baghdad targeted in multiple drone attacks
US military base at Erbil airport targeted by 'explosive-laden drones'
Unending violence in Indian-administered Kashmir claiming lives
US, UK attempted to hijack Russia's coast guard system in Black Sea encounter: Official
Biden reaffirms US support for Venezuela failed coup leader, calls Guaido 'president'
Bolivia's ex-presidet Anez facing charges of genocide
US weighs drone strikes, commando raids in Afghanistan after exit: Report
France investigating slavery claims against Saudi prince
Al Jazeera
Estonia condemns 'set-up' detention of its diplomat in Russia
Saudi, UAE conflict is just the latest in history of OPEC spats
July 5, 2021
Airbase housing US occupation troops in Iraq comes under new rocket attack
3 Pakistani troops killed in militant attack along Afghan border
EU lawmaker urges bloc to stop supporting US imperialism
Report: Moroccan military aircraft lands in Israel for drill
MKO terrorist group hires top US lobbying firm BGR in fight against Tehran
Afghan troops flee country after Taliban clashes
Al Jazeera
Pakistan NSA accuses India of orchestrating Lahore bomb attack
UAE at loggerheads with Saudi Arabia about OPEC output caps
OPEC+ calls off meeting as UAE, Saudi spat continues
July 4, 2021
Taliban captures key Kandahar district as Afghan troops suffer wave of defeats in wake of US withdrawal
Over 300 Afghan troops fleeing from Taliban cross over to neighboring Tajikistan after heavy fighting, border forces tell media
45 dead, dozens rescued after military transport plane crashes in the Philippines
Slovenian PM says EU's 'imaginary values' could trigger 'collapse' of bloc, amid Hungary LGBT row
US troops may not leave Afghanistan, Gen. Miller suggests
US's biggest Syria base hit by 'massive' explosions: Reports
US Air Force grants Raytheon $2bn to develop nuclear cruise missile
Israel attacks Gaza again, kills youth in West Bank in fresh aggression
Russia warns against relocation of US bases after Afghan pullout
Egypt opens strategic Mediterranean naval base close to Libya border
Al Jazeera
Taliban seizes key districts in Afghanistan as gov't forces flee
Burkina Faso protesters demand gov't response to rising bloodshed
July 3, 2021
Israeli ship struck by 'unknown weapon' in Indian Ocean: Report
Report: UAE issues Emirati ID cards for residents of Yemen's Socotra
Al Jazeera
France resumes joint military operations in Mali
Al-Shabab suicide attack at Mogadishu tea shop kills 10
Pakistan's Khan backs China on Uighurs, praises one-party system
July 2, 2021
Ukraine's Zelensky slams Russia's Putin for claiming both nations 'are one people'... despite once saying the same thing himself
Orban blasts Dutch 'colonial' mentality after Rutte tells Hungarian PM to respect LGBTQ+ or leave the EU
Israel launches fresh, fierce violation of Gaza ceasefire
US says China's buildup of nuclear arsenal 'concerning'
German FM: Isolating Russia 'wrong and dangerous' for Europe
Hamas, PA slam Germany for opposing ICC probe into Israeli war crimes
Report: 5,000 Israelis obtained UAE citizenship in 3 months
UK, Germany sign post-Brexit agreement
Belarus closes border to Ukraine over coup claim
Al Jazeera
Israeli air raids target Gaza for third time since May ceasefire
As tension prevails, relatives mourn Eswatini crackdown victims
July 1, 2021
US signals may keep 1000 troops in Afghanistan
Pakistani prime minister rules out partnering with US in war
US, Japan conducting 'top secret' war games for possible conflict with China: Report
Tortured in detention, ex-Saudi crown prince unable to walk unaided: Report
June 30, 2021
Swiss govt announces bid for 36 F-35A fighter jets and Patriot missiles from US despite political pushback at home
Russia scrambles fighter jets over Dutch vessel in Black Sea: Interfax
Fierce clashes rage between Taliban, Afghan forces in battle for Ghazni
Ethiopia conflict: Rebels gaining ground as govt. declares ceasefire
Germany completes troop pullout from Afghanistan, US mulls keeping 1,000
Putin says Ukraine run by West; no use in meeting with Zelensky
Ex-US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld dead at 88
Al Jazeera
Pakistani soldiers killed in firing along Afghanistan border
June 29, 2021
Dutch navy ship intercepted by jets after turn towards Russian waters, Moscow says - Amsterdam blasts 'dangerous' flyover
As Belarus ends partnership with EU, Minsk plans to merge tax system with Russia & establish common markets for energy, transport
US forces in Syria hit after Biden-ordered attacks on Iraqi resistance
US forces, allied SDF militants injured in Syria rocket attack: Report
Democrats criticize Biden's Iraq airstrikes, reignite war powers debate
US military brings two major convoys into Syria's Hasakah after air raids
Russia tests Crimea air defenses, as NATO, Ukraine kick off drills nearby
Israel, Poland in bitter row over Holocaust restitution law
Al Jazeera
Taliban fighters launch attack on Afghanistan's Ghazni
June 28, 2021
Rockets and mortars fired at US base in Syria, reportedly in reprisal for airstrikes against Shia militia
'Blatant violation of sovereignty': Iraqi PM, military condemn US airstrikes on its soil against 'Iran-backed' militia groups
Blinken says US airstrikes on Iraq & Syria send 'clear' message to Iran-backed militias
Czech President Zeman calls transgender people 'disgusting' & says heterosexuals should hold their own Pride march in Prague
Child killed in US airstrikes on Iraq-Syria border
Iraq PM: US raids on PMU 'flagrant violation' of country's sovereignty
'India moves 50,000 troops to China border in new offensive posture'
India says two drones intercepted over Kashmir military base
At least 30 killed in al-Shabab attack in Somalia
Report: Ex-Saudi commander in Yemen sentenced to death over coup attempt
Israel destroys Palestinian Bedouin village for 189th time
China, Russia agree to extend friendly cooperation treaty
Swedish Prime Minister resigns
Al Jazeera
US forces in Syria attacked after air raids on armed groups
Israel and Poland in diplomatic row over Holocaust property bill
June 27, 2021
Secret British military docs allegedly found near BUS STOP reveal UK foresaw furious Russian reaction to Crimea incursion - media
Air force station rocked by blasts in suspected drone attack in India's Jammu and Kashmir
NATO-Russia row: UK destroyer docks in Georgia, US warship enters Black Sea
'Key witness in Assange case admits he lied in testimony'
Yemen launches retaliatory drone, missile strikes on Saudi Arabia
Over 110 killed as Yemeni forces, Saudi-led mercenaries clash in Ma'rib
Four police, five others dead in Colombia attacks
Nicaragua rebukes Spain over interference, US-like imperial posture
Egypt, Jordan and Iraq hold tripartite summit to mend frosty ties
Pakistan's High Court upholds corruption charges against ex-PM Sharif
Al Jazeera
Thousands flee Kunduz as fighting rages between gov't, Taliban
June 26, 2021
Helicopter carrying Colombia's president & top government ministers comes under fire
Russia sends fighter jets capable of firing hypersonic 'Kinzhal' missile to Syria for first time as part of Mediterranean training
Amazon acquires secure messaging app Wickr used by Pentagon
US: Troops to stay in Syria to prop up anti-Damascus allies
Russian vessels set to hold drills near UK warships in Black Sea
US media-intel nexus seeks American troops to remain in Afghanistan
Helicopter carrying Colombia's President Duque struck by bullets in attack
Al Jazeera
Peru vote review to resume as country braces for protests
June 25, 2021
British PM Boris Johnson personally ordered warship into Crimean waters, ignoring warnings of his foreign secretary - media report
Car bomb attack wounds 15 German UN peacekeepers in northern Mali
US to leave hundreds of troops in Afghanistan after withdrawal: Report
Russia: UK warship's violation impossible without US consent
Al Jazeera
Russia launches Mediterranean drills amid rift with UK
French-German plan for EU-Putin talks collapses
Taliban gains drive Afghanistan gov't to arm local volunteers
Hungary 'has no place in the EU anymore,' Dutch PM says
June 24, 2021
Russia could DROP BOMBS on foreign ships that ignore coast guard's warnings & cross into country's territorial waters, Moscow says
NATO is completely refusing all military cooperation with Russia, despite Moscow's offer of dialogue, says Foreign Minister Lavrov
EU leaders split over whether to push for summit with Russia, France & Germany back plan but some other members voice opposition
Russia warns Britain: Do not provoke us again in Black Sea
Fierce fighting kills dozens of Afghan civilians in Kunduz
Thai protesters return to streets demanding constitutional changes
Dutch PM: No place for Hungary in EU with LGBT law
Al Jazeera
Hungary's Orban defends LGBTQ law as EU anger rises
Algerian prime minister resigns following election results
Civilians fear abductions as Sudan-Ethiopia border row deadlocked
UK says it'd sail into Crimean waters again as Russia warns it has right to 'bomb on target'
June 23, 2021
British destroyer violates Russia's border in Black Sea, Russian ship & fighter jet respond with warning shots - Defense Ministry
BBC journalist on British ship HMS Defender says vessel made 'deliberate' move in passing through Russian waters 'to make a point'
'Sabotage attempt' foiled at Iranian nuclear agency building - media
Merkel and Macron to propose revival of EU-Russia relations & meeting with Putin - reports
Former Ivory Coast PM sentenced to life in prison in absentia over plotting alleged coup
Russian troops hold drills as US, NATO warships enter Black Sea
US Justice Dept.: Iranian news websites blocked for violating sanctions
80 people die in airstrike in Ethiopia's restive north: Local reports
Belarus defense minister: Evidence shows US plotted coup in my country
Surge in Taliban attacks as Afghan tribal leaders mobilize to fight
Russian jets and ships target British warship
Al Jazeera
World powers meet in Berlin to discuss Libya crisis
Southern African nations agree to deploy forces to Mozambique
Pardoned Catalan separatist leaders freed from Spanish prisons
UAE-produced film slammed for depicting Qatar a 'terrorist state'
June 22, 2021
US government 'SEIZES' website of Iran's Press TV, two other media outlets
Britain makes deal to supply warships & build naval bases for Ukraine as NATO prepares to conduct Black Sea war games with Kiev
PressTV domain seized by US government
Yemen's victory, US resorts to direct intervention in war
US military base near Baghdad airport comes under drone attack
Russian forces block US military patrol in northeast Syria
Pakistan says will no more allow US to use territory for ops in Afghanistan
Taliban seize Afghanistan's main border crossing with Tajikistan: Officials
Putin warns of risk of new arms race in Europe
Heavy fighting reported in Ethiopian Tigray region
Al Jazeera
Burkina Faso says 11 police officers killed in ambush, 4 missing
Putin accuses US of orchestrating 2014 'coup' in Ukraine
'COVID vaccine or jail?': Duterte warns as Delta variant surges
Vote count under way in Ethiopia after contentious election
US government seizes dozens of US website domains connected to Iran
Spain pardons 9 Catalan leaders for their roles in failed independence bid
June 21, 2021
Frustrated Ukrainian Foreign Minister claims NATO has refused to take 'a single step' towards allowing Kiev join bloc since 2008
Russia and US to work towards restarting issuance of visas as ambassadors return to Moscow & Washington, reveals senior diplomat
Israel's defense ministry claims success in downing drones using plane-mounted laser
Armenia PM party wins landslide victory in snap elections
French far-right irked by poor election results
Ethiopians vote in delayed national vote
Israel targets Gaza infrastructure including sewage treatment stations
Al Jazeera
Armenia's Pashinyan claims 'convincing victory' in snap polls
US, EU, Canada and UK slap sanctions on Belarus
Macron, Le Pen fail to gain traction in French regional elections
Argentina, Mexico withdraw envoys over Nicaragua crackdown
'We love you Catalonia': Spain to pardon jailed separatists
Swedish PM ousted in no-confidence vote
Fifth presidential candidate detained in Nicaragua
June 20, 2021
Emergency shutdown reported at Iranian nuclear plant, officials say power facility offline for 'technical overhaul'
Russian ambassador returns to the US days after Putin-Biden summit, as Washington teases NEW sanctions
Rocket targets Iraqi base hosting US troops: Security source
Tight race as Pashinyan, Kocharyan compete in Armenia snap vote
Morocco's major Islamic movement demands expulsion of Israeli ambassador
US prepares more Russia sanctions over Navanly poisoning and imprisonment
Afghan President Ghani to meet Biden as violence surges
June 19, 2021
After two months back home, US ambassador announces he'll return to Moscow 'soon' following progress made at Putin-Biden summit
Fears of Bolivia-style coup in Peru as ex-officers reject Castillo's win
Russia will fully quit Treaty on Open Skies late this year: Moscow
US approves replenishment of Israel's Iron Dome after Gaza defeat
Al Jazeera
Afghan president replaces security ministers amid Taliban advance
Pentagon pulls missile defense, other systems from Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries
June 18, 2021
Sound familiar? Biden froze military aid to Ukraine ahead of summit with Putin, US media reports
Report: Bolivian ex-minister plotted second coup using US mercenaries
Russia closely monitors talk of Turkish military base in Azerbaijan
Zambia's anti-apartheid founding father Kenneth Kaunda dies
Concerns about Biden's cognitive health rise
Al Jazeera
US pulls antimissile batteries from Middle East: Report
June 17, 2021
Tapes leaked to media reveal Bolivian coup government was plotting to overturn 2020 election loss with help from US mercenaries
Media hushes up report suggesting FBI involvement in Capitol riot, as White House turns anti-terrorism efforts on American people
US House votes to repeal 2002 Iraq war authorization, bill moves on to Senate
To be eligible for prisoner swap with US, Washington would have to confirm Navalny works for American intelligence, says Kremlin
Yemeni forces launch new drone strike against Saudi Arabia's Abha airport
US military dispatches new convoy to Syria's oil-rich Hasakah
Highly infectious disease sends Israeli special forces home
Netanyahu not handing over prime minister's residence
Zambia's first president Kenneth Kaunda dies
Al Jazeera
Israeli air raids target Gaza for second time since ceasefire
Zambia's founding father President Kenneth Kaunda dies aged 97
Israel military strikes Gaza for second time this week
June 16, 2021
Putin hails 'constructive' talks with Biden in Geneva, tells press Russian & American ambassadors will soon be returned to posts
Israel strikes Gaza, 1st time under new government & after ceasefire that ended 11-day war
Ruble strengthens to 11-month high as Russia squeezes out US dollar from its economy
Ceasefire broken, Israel resumes airstrikes on Gaza
Villagers block US convoy in northeast Syria, force it to retreat
Afghanistan's media: 100 Taliban militants, 80 Afghan soldiers killed in 24 hrs
Car bomb blast at Colombia military base injures dozens
Training of Israeli F-35 pilots on Italian soil stirs outrage
UK minister visits Saudi on same day regime executes Shia youth
Russia: Terrorists plan false flag chemical attack in Syria's Idlib
Ethiopia says Eritrean troops will soon leave Tigray as UN warns of famine
Israel strikes in Gaza after fire balloons launched
Germany withdraws Nato platoon over 'racist' party
Al Jazeera
Israel launches air raids on Gaza, first since truce with Hamas
China condemns 'wanton intervention' in Taiwan, deploys aircraft
Peru: Pedro Castillo claims victory, his opponent fights results
German soldiers recalled from Lithuania over Hitler birthday song
All eyes on Ivory Coast as Laurent Gbagbo set to return home 10 years after arrest
New York Times
China Denies Radiation Leak at Nuclear Reactor, Admits Fuel Rod Damage
Balloons strapped to explosives are latest flashpoint in Israel-Hamas tensions
Saudi Arabia executes man who allegedly committed crimes as a minor
June 15, 2021
28 Chinese military planes enter Taiwan's air defense zone in largest fly-over to date, Taipei says
Anti-lockdown movement is breeding ground for far-right extremism, says German intelligence agency
Hungary bans 'promotion' of homosexuality and transgenderism to under-18s amid protests
Afghan forces retake two northern districts from Taliban
Yemen releases pics of Saudi troops, Sudanese mercs captured in Jizan
Biden, Erdogan meet face to face amid unresolved rifts
Nicaragua says detained opposition 'usurpers' funded by US
Anger in Japan as S Korea begins annual war games near disputed islands
US, Saudi forces hold anti-drone drill amid fear of resistance power
Block the Boat: Protesters prevent Israeli ship from docking at Canadian port
Al Jazeera
At least 15 killed in suicide attack at Somalia's army camp
US Navy aircraft carrier USS Reagan enters South China Sea
June 14, 2021
Fewer nukes stockpiled in 2021, but more of them primed for launch, as US and Russia upgrade arsenals, arms watchdog reports
Ukraine gaining access to NATO's waiting room 'remains to be seen' says Biden, after Kiev's Zelensky claimed it was 'confirmed'
Paper details US, Israel, Saudi role in coup plot against Jordan king
'One child dies every 5 minutes in Yemen; 50% of hospitals out of service'
Spokesman: Yemeni drone conducts new strike on Saudi Arabia's Abha intl. airport
Unidentified drone targets US military base in Baghdad
4 killed as Turkey intensifies attacks on 'PKK' in Iraqi Kurdistan
Israel plans to expand settlements fivefold in southern Nablus
Bolivia's Anez admits she lacked legal authorization to assume presidency
June 13, 2021
Netanyahu removed from power after Israeli MPs support 'change' government coalition
'He's clearly suffering from dementia': Conservatives jeer as Biden mistakes Syria for Libya ahead of talks with Putin
'Painful to watch': Joe Biden apparently gets lost at G7 summit, wanders into cafe
Tens of thousands gather in Madrid to protest plans to pardon jailed Catalan independence leaders
Jordan's former royal court chief & king's distant relative face decades in prison over plot to 'destabilize' monarchy
Iraq's Kata'ib Hezbollah: US forces must leave, or we take them by surprise
US forces training terrorists in Syria: New evidence shows
'Missile attack' on border city in Syria's Aleppo kills 18
Azerbaijan swaps 15 Armenian prisoners for map of landmines
Al Jazeera
Israel swears in new government, ending Netanyahu's 12-year rule
More opposition leaders arrested in widening Nicaragua crackdown
June 12, 2021
Explosions hit two buses in Kabul, at least 7 killed & 6 injured
Biden to hold solo press conference after Putin, avoiding risk of mistakes while sharing stage and keeping control of narrative
Boris Yeltsin had entourage of 'hundreds' of CIA agents who instructed him how to run Russia, claims former parliamentary speaker
Don't you dare compare us to US aggression & Israeli crimes, Hamas tells Ilhan Omar
Pentagon announces $150 million in military aid to Ukraine
Ex-UN official lambasts UAE as 'dark police state' over rights violations
Al Jazeera
Gunmen storm villages, kill 53 in Nigeria's Zamfara state
June 11, 2021
Ex-Mossad chief indicates Israel was behind Iranian nuclear facility explosion and military scientist assassination
Gaddafi's son seeks Libyan presidency 10 years after NATO-backed campaign plunged country into chaos - media
Russia begins massive drills amid US plan of largest war games
Pompeo: Soleimani assassination, F-35s for UAE linked to Israel deal
Al Jazeera
Mali coup chief names new cabinet with army officers in key posts
'A catastrophe': UN warns of intensifying violence in Myanmar
Henri Marie Dondra named Central African Republic prime minister
Israel forces kill Palestinian teen at occupied West Bank protest
Israel's Netanyahu lashes out as end of his era draws near
Iran says its naval vessels have reached the Atlantic for the first time
June 10, 2021
Iran military vessels enter Atlantic Ocean for first time
US weighs possibility of airstrikes in Afghanistan after troops withdrawal
Bases housing US forces hit by rockets in Iraq's Salahuddin, Baghdad
Six Afghan security forces killed in Taliban bomb attack in Baghlan
US continues plundering Syrian wealth to support militants: Russia FM
US threatens Venezuela, Cuba to reject 'Iranian ships'
Mexico votes to continue president's 'transformation' in biggest elections ever
Anti-government protests continue in Colombia
Rouhani: Iran building two nuclear power plants in cooperation with Russia
France to scale down W Africa military operations
Al Jazeera
Yemen air raids halted to boost peace efforts: Saudi-led forces
June 9, 2021
Embattled Armenian leader Pashinyan offers son in exchange for prisoners-of-war captured by Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh war
Pakistan will not allow US to use its bases: Foreign minister
North Korea rips Israel over turning Gaza into 'human slaughterhouse'
Report: Riyadh signals change of approach toward Tehran, Damascus
Delegation from Oman holds talks with Yemeni officials
Iran, Azerbaijan agree to build bridge on border river
Al Jazeera
El Salvador approves Bitcoin as legal tender
Albania parliament impeaches president for violating constitution
Former Mongolian Prime Minister Ukhnaa Khurelsukh wins presidency
Dozens of children, mostly girls, abducted by Mozambique fighters
June 8, 2021
Explosions over Damascus: Syrian air defenses light up sky in response to 'Israeli aggression' - state media
Moscow to QUIT International Space Station in 2025 unless Washington lifts restrictive sanctions, says Russian space boss
France's Macron slapped in face during walkabout
Tight race for presidency: Fraud claims surface amid ballot counting in Peru
French president slapped in face on official visit
June 7, 2021
NATO calls for crunch talks with Russia as Moscow unveils armed forces shakeup in response to military bloc's activity on borders
Zelensky accuses America of paying for NS2 pipeline with Ukrainian lives & blasts Biden for not meeting him before Putin summit
Ukraine's Euro 2020 soccer shirt to carry slogan of Holocaust perpetrators, weeks after arena named for WWII Nazi massacre leader
Over 150 Afghan troops killed or injured in 24 hours: Senior official
Tribal clashes in Sudan's Darfur leave 36 dead, dozens injured
Russia threatens to exit space station unless US lifts sanctions
Nuclear weapons spending swelled $1.4 bn amid pandemic: Report
Mali coup leader Goita sworn in as interim president
Poll: Turkish citizens prefer Russia to US as strategic partner
Angela Merkel's CDU party gains victory in key state poll
Al Jazeera
Israeli Knesset to vote on approving new government by June 14
Putin signs law taking Russia out of Open Skies treaty
Russia protests Ukraine's Euro 2020 kit
Peru on edge as vote counting begins in tight presidential runoff
Process to replace Netanyahu drags out as Israeli security chief warns violence could follow
President loses his grip in Mexico's largest election in history
June 6, 2021
'Shot heard around the world': El Salvador aims to become first nation to adopt bitcoin as LEGAL TENDER, may set global precedent
US-run Ain al-Asad Airbase in Iraq comes under drone strike
US-run diplomatic center comes under rocket attack in Baghdad
US military fears rising cases of 'sophisticated' drone attacks in Iraq
Death toll from Burkina's Takfiri terrorist attack hits 160
Taliban kill 14 Afghan security forces in raid on police HQ
Yemeni drones hit King Khalid Airbase after Saudi bombing
US vows to replenish Israeli regime's Iron Dome supply
Syria condemns illegal entry of Dutch, French delegations into areas held by SDF militants
Belfast urges expulsion of Israeli envoys from UK, Ireland
Al Jazeera
Roadside bomb kills 11 people in northern Afghanistan
Several killed as Myanmar forces fight villagers in delta region
Somaliland opposition wins first parliamentary polls since 2005
Peru heads to the polls to elect president in polarised race
Mexico votes in widely anticipated midterm elections
June 5, 2021
Turkey 'strikes' Iraqi refugee camp that Erdogan threatened to target, Kurds say civilians killed - reports
Israelis protest outside Netanyahu's Jerusalem residence
Armed assailants kill 100 civilians in Burkina Faso
Roadside bomb kills 11 people in Afghanistan's Badghis: Officials
US port workers refuse to unload Israeli ship
Qatari FM rules out normalization with Israel after Kuwait
June 4, 2021
First stretch of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline completed on Friday morning Putin reveals, despite vehement US objections to scheme
Russia scrambles fighter jet to intercept US military plane
Israeli forces injure dozens of Palestinians in occupied West Bank
Israel's new leaders vow to press ahead with settlement expansion
Pakistan, Afghan, Chinese FMs meet to discuss Afghanistan situation
Al Jazeera
UN says ADF rebels killed 57 civilians in DR Congo's restive east
Nigeria bans Twitter after President's tweet deleted
June 3, 2021
France suspends joint military operations with Mali in bid to force ruling junta to transfer power back to civilian leaders
Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline serves Austria's economic interests - Chancellor Kurz
Austrian leader Kurz laments state of EU/Russia relations, says real peace in Europe can only be achieved if they work together
US military admits killing 23 civilians in 2020; NGOs dispute figure
SANA: Ankara-backed militants transfer Syria's cultural heritage to Turkey
Netanyahu seeks block on deal to oust him
June 2, 2021
Bibi's done? Anti-Netanyahu coalition notifies Israeli president that it has formed new government after Arab party joins
Iranian Navy's largest vessel catches fire & sinks in Gulf of Oman
Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell's FIFTH bail plea denied as lawyers condemn her 'torture' in New York jail cell
UN human rights commissioner slams Ukraine for closure of opposition TV channels, attacks on politicians & crackdown on activists
South China Sea drama: Malaysia scrambles jets to intercept Chinese aircraft
Israeli minister backs calls for Jews to arbitrarily open fire on Arabs
At least 10 killed, 12 wounded in bomb attacks in Kabul
Iranian naval vessel IRIS Kharg sinks after blaze in Gulf of Oman
Russia says NATO plans to transfer modern weapons to Ukraine
Military ties discussed as Iran's deputy defense minister visits Russia
Western Sahara independence leader lands in Algiers amid diplomatic row
Erdogan warns US could lose 'reliable partner by cornering Turkey'
Bahrain pressing on with political oppression, human rights violations: NGO
US and allies send message to Russia with NATO state flyover
Kim Jong Un gets new second-in-command
US troops accidentally storm olive oil factory
Al Jazeera
Israeli opposition leaders agree to form gov't, oust Netanyahu
Military chief says Sudan reviewing naval base deal with Russia
Protesters back on the streets of Colombia amid stalled talks
New Caledonia to hold third independence referendum
Israel will ask US for $1bn to 'replenish' Iron Dome
June 1, 2021
Russia's top security chief sends stern warning: Moscow willing to use real force against foreign adversaries, not just sanctions
Venezuela rescues 8 soldiers kidnapped by armed groups on Colombia border
Hundreds of Afghan civilians killed, wounded in recent months
Israel starts building hundreds of new settler units in West Bank
Saudi crown prince under fire at home after major Yemeni military operation
Morocco, Spain trade accusations over Western Sahara
Report: Several European countries to reopen embassies in Syria
Biden continues Trump's anti-Cuba policy: Report
Colombia sends in troops to combat protests
Al Jazeera
At least 10 killed as blasts rock Afghan capital Kabul
May 31, 2021
Russia to marshal 20 new military formations, armed with latest weaponry, in response to heightened NATO activity near its borders
Going with the flow: Russia doesn't plan to shut off gas to Ukraine after Nord Stream 2 pipeline complete, top diplomat insists
Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn says coup similar to one in Myanmar 'should happen' in US
China allows couples to have a 3rd child in order to fix the country's aging population problem
Israeli 'change' bloc to end Netanyahu's 12-year reign as prime minister
Russia says will deploy military units near border in response to NATO
Yemeni forces launch fresh retaliatory drone strike against Saudi air base
Hamas starts producing thousands of new rockets: Politburo official
Mob boss: Turkey sent arms to Syria's al-Nusra through private military contractor
Oman congratulates Syria's Assad; Qatar rules out normalization
Al Jazeera
US spied on Merkel, EU officials through Danish cables: Report
Somaliland: Breakaway Somali region votes in parliamentary polls
Egypt's intelligence chief holds talks with Hamas in Gaza Strip
Pakistan PM: Relations with India would be 'betrayal' to Kashmir
May 30, 2021
Exports of Russian crude to US soared to 12-year high despite ongoing political tensions
Yemeni forces launch drone strike against Saudi airbase
Colombia city reports 13 'possibly protest-related' deaths
Key Israeli party backs deal to oust Netanyahu
Tens of thousands attend Ethiopia's anti-US rally
Benjamin Netanyahu could be ousted as Israeli Prime Minister in days after rivals agree to work to form unity government
May 29, 2021
US reports it has imported sanctioned oil from Iran, a first after 30 years of sanctions
US soldiers mistakenly exposed locations of nuclear weapons in Europe
10 Taliban militants killed in airstrikes in northern Afghanistan
Azerbaijan soldier wounded in Armenia shelling: Baku
Brookings: Saudis, UAE entrenching hold on Yemen's strategic parts
Mali's top court declares coup leader Goita as interim president
Iranian tanker seized by Indonesia released after four months
May 28, 2021
IDF brags of waging 'first AI war,' lending credence to view that Gaza serves as testing ground for Israel's fighting techniques
Berlin pledges payments after recognizing Namibia 'genocide' carried out by German colonial troops
Pakistan rejects US request for military bases
NATO chief: No need for foreign troops to back Afghan army
Oman hosting new round of talks between Yemen warring sides
Without apology, Germany admits 'genocide' in Namibia
Brits protest outside BAE Systems for weapons sales to Israel
Al Jazeera
Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of shooting as border tensions rise
Azerbaijan captures six Armenian soldiers as border tensions rise
May 27, 2021
Syrian President Bashar Assad wins re-election with 95.1% of votes
'We don't know': Months after ruling out lab leak as origin of Covid-19, US intel agencies say it's one of two 'likely scenarios'
No going back to Open Skies, US tells Russia ahead of Biden-Putin summit
British warship 'expelled from Crimean coast by Russia', FSB reveals
Russia has 'concrete complaints' about US nuclear weapons upgrade
After humiliation in Gaza, Israel threatens Lebanon with war
3 civilians killed in shelling by Saudi-led forces in Yemen's Sa'ada
Biden orders intel agencies to pinpoint COVID origins as lab leak theory debated
Russian authorities deny entry to EU airlines
Al Jazeera
Azerbaijan captures six Armenian soldiers as border tensions rise
A month on, Colombia continues to grapple with protest violence
Mali: Ousted president, PM freed from military detention
Germany to fund projects in Namibia to atone for colonial crimes
May 26, 2021
Biden gives intel agencies 90 days to pinpoint Covid origins - after report he torpedoed Trump-era probe of Wuhan lab leak theory
Sanctions against Russia just aren't working, says French President Macron, calling for dialogue & review of EU's stance on Moscow
CIA commemorates 60-year anniversary of one of its most infamous failures in history - Bay of Pigs invasion - with 'victory' coin
Mali's ex-junta chief seizes power after military nabs interim president
Japanese fishing boat, Russian ship engaged in deadly collision
Kyrgyzstan refuses entry to Tajik citizens, sends back passenger plane
Lukashenko says responded lawfully to protect people after bomb scare from Switzerland
Iraq seeking to recoup $150bn stolen since US invasion
Taliban warn Pakistan over increased military cooperation with US
US judge speaks up against pro-Israel law in Georgia
Al Jazeera
Another candidate assassinated in Mexico ahead of June 6 vote
Syrians voting to elect president as anti-terror fight nears end
Ivan Duque least popular Colombian president on record: Poll
May 25, 2021
Much anticipated first presidential summit between Putin & Biden will take place in neutral Swiss city of Geneva, on June 16
Israeli settlers raid Aqsa Mosque yet again, raising fears of new flare-up
Peru massacre revives fears of violence ahead of presidential poll
'Mysterious' airbase being built on island off Yemen linked to UAE
US bases do not exist in Pakistan: Islamabad
Mali's coup leader seizes power again
Mali's vice president ousts president and PM from office and assumes power
Al Jazeera
Armenia says soldier killed in border shoot-out with Azeri forces
May 24, 2021
L for Logic: UK considers action against Russia's Nord Stream 2 over Belarus landing Ryanair plane
Rocket attack targets western Iraqi base housing US occupation troops
Militants planning false flag attack in Syria ahead of election: Russia
Russia accuses US of surpassing New START arms limits
50 Taliban members killed in operation in Afghanistan's Laghman
West threatens reprisals after Belarus diverts plane over bomb scare
Belarus took 'reasonable' approach to plane incident: Russia's Lavrov
'US military forces smuggle wheat crops from Syria's Hasakah into Iraq'
US has provided total $146bn in aid to Israeli regime, $3.8bn military aid in 2020
US military considered using nuclear weapons against China in 1958
Al Jazeera
Military 'arrests Mali's president, PM' following gov't reshuffle
Samoa's elected leader locked out of parliament, deepening crisis
Russia warns Turkey over ties with Ukraine
Preparations under way for 'planned' Biden-Putin summit
May 23, 2021
Four US logistics convoys targeted by roadside bombs in Iraq
US occupying forces dispatch more logistic equipment to Syria's oil-rich Hasakah
Demoralized Saudi Soldiers defect to Yemen
US considered nuclear strikes 'deep into China': Top-secret document
Russia begins mass production of autonomous war robots
Gunfire erupts between Myanmar junta, ethnic armed groups in border town
Iraq estimates that $150 billion in oil money has been stolen from the country since the 2003 US-led invasion
May 22, 2021
Terrorists plotting chemical attack in Idlib to blame Damascus: Russia
Taliban reportedly seizes key district in central Afghanistan
China's top general rebuffs Pentagon chief's requests for military talks
Al Jazeera
Hundreds arrested as Algeria cracks down on protest movement
Nepal president dissolves parliament, new election in November
Qatar pledges to help stop Israeli attacks on Palestinians
May 21, 2021
Violent clashes erupt between Palestinians & Israeli police at Al-Aqsa mosque, hours after ceasefire agreed
US officially sanctions 13 Russian ships and RESCUE service over Nord Stream 2 pipeline
Ukrainian counterintelligence officers could have been behind murder of Russian journalist Sheremet, reveals President Zelensky
South African workers refuse to unload Israeli ship over Gaza aggression
UAE procures Palestinian land for Israel
Biden reaffirms US support for Israel, vows to replenish its Iron Dome
Copa America games moved from Colombia after civil unrest
May 20, 2021
Israel, Hamas agree on gaza ceasefire proposed by Egypt to end 11-day conflict
Over 50,000 sign petition calling for expulsion of Israeli ambassador to Ireland
Israeli tourists flocking to Yemen's Socotra with UAE-issued visas: Report
May 19, 2021
Biden's 'killer' comments won't scupper summit with Putin, Kremlin insists, as US & Russia reportedly close to agreeing on talks
52 Israeli jets bomb Gaza overnight; Palestinians fire 50 rockets
Palestinian resistance groups launch fresh retaliatory attacks on Israel
Biden tells Israel: De-escalate Gaza conflict today
Israeli airstrikes kill 11 children in Gaza being treated for trauma, aid agency says
Al Jazeera
China says US threatens peace as warship crosses Taiwan Strait
US-Russia showdown looms as top diplomats meet in Iceland
May 18, 2021
EU Parliament report says regime change needed in Russia, recommends Brussels launch propaganda TV channel to help it happen
Pentagon uses world's largest 'secret army' of 60,000 undercover operatives to carry out 'domestic & foreign' operations - media
Saudi Arabia summons Lebanese ambassador, condemns foreign minister for blaming Gulf states for rise of ISIS
Battle against Israel spreads to entire occupied territories
Israel keeps up relentless bombing of Gaza; Palestinians respond with rockets
US arms supplies to Israel add fuel to fire of conflict in Gaza: China
Israeli military fires shells at southern Lebanon
US Military's 6000-troop secret force with operations in US and abroad exposed
China offers to host intra-Afghan talks amid spike in violence
Mystery illness in Washington raises concerns over 'directed energy attacks' on US soil
Al Jazeera
Hong Kong closes Taiwan office amid rise in diplomatic tensions
Duterte bans Philippines cabinet from speaking on South China Sea
May 17, 2021
Israeli strikes on Gaza hit Red Crescent building, killing 2, aid group says
Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza killed by Israeli airstrike as Netanyahu vows there'll be no end to conflict
Turkey's Erdogan asks Pope to help end 'massacre' of Palestinians, calls for international sanctions against Israel
Czech politics in crisis over 2014 ammo depot explosions as President Zeman refuses to accept intelligence reports blaming Russia
Palestinian resistance fighters target Israeli warship off Gaza coast
Rockets fired at Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva after deadliest Israeli raids
Italian port workers refuse to load arms shipment destined for Israel
China: US choking criticism of Israel at UNSC
For third time, US blocks UNSC statement on Israeli regime's crimes in Palestine
RAF in latest Iraq bombing raid
Al Jazeera
At least 200 killed in Gaza as Israeli air raids continue
May 16, 2021
Hamas chief's house in Gaza bombed as Israel looks for exit
Clashes erupt in Afghanistan as Eid ceasefire with Taliban ends
Russia 'monitoring' Royal Navy vessel in Black Sea
Venezuela says 8 troopers kidnapped by Colombian armed groups
Al Jazeera
Gaza death toll nears 200 after deadliest day of Israeli raids
US legislator AOC calls Israel an 'apartheid state'
May 15, 2021
Israeli airstrike levels Gaza tower housing AP, Al Jazeera & other international media
Israel Defense Forces say false Gaza invasion report to foreign media was 'mistake' and not manipulation to lure Hamas into trap
Weaponizing fake news? IDF accused of misleading Western media about 'Gaza invasion' to bait a deadly trap for Hamas
Israeli airstrike kills 8 children, 2 women from same family in Gaza
We oppose our money being used to fund Israeli aggression: US lawmaker
UK troops seize IS weapons in Mali operation
Al Jazeera
Israeli forces wound dozens of Palestinians at Nakba Day marches
May 14, 2021
Israel DENIES sending ground troops to Gaza as cross-border attacks intensify
'It's not over,' Netanyahu says, as Israel continues to pound Gaza with airstrikes
Israeli ground forces roll into Gaza after Hamas warning of 'heavy response'
Hamas targets Israeli air base, Iron Dome stations, chemical plant
10 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in West Bank
Explosion in mosque kills 12 near Afghan capital
US plans 'large exercise' in central Europe, attacks Russia
US Embassy in Moscow to temporarily resume consular services as ties seem to thaw
US lawmakers agree on 9/11-type commission to probe Jan. 6 attack
Mysterious brain injuries hitting US diplomats, military officials, spies
Al Jazeera
Gaza death toll jumps to 126 as Israeli air raids continue
Mali to form new 'broad-based' transitional government
May 13, 2021
IDF 'approves' plan for possible ground invasion into Gaza as Netanyahu reportedly rejects Hamas truce offer
Armenian PM sounds alarm over 'incursion' by Azerbaijani troops, sparking fear of fresh conflict after bloody Nagorno-Karabakh war
Hamas rockets hit heart of Tel Aviv, fly far beyond to Haifa, Nazareth
Hamas hits Israel's Ramon Airport in repose to regime's bloody onslaught
Yemen strikes Aramco facility, other 'sensitive targets' on Saudi soil
Multiple blasts kill about dozen Afghan civilians despite temporary truce
US military deploys more weapons, logistics to oil-rich northeastern Syria: SANA
Russia, US top diplomats agree to meet in Iceland next week
Al Jazeera
Israel masses forces near Gaza as air strikes continue
Gaza death toll over 100 as Israel escalates aerial bombardment
Armenia accuses Azerbaijan of new territorial 'infiltration'
May 12, 2021
Al-Shourouk high-rise building in Gaza COLLAPSES to the ground after Israeli missile strike
Israel rains down bombs on Gaza, resistance responds with 1000-plus rockets
World needs to teach Israel 'strong lesson': Erdogan
China shares Russia's concern over US biological weapons
IRGC forces disband terror team in northwestern Iran, kill 7 terrorists
Protests continue in Colombia, more deaths reported
Russia expels Romanian diplomat in tit-for-tat move
Fears of war as Israel-Gaza violence escalates
Taliban capture Afghan district ahead of ceasefire
Al Jazeera
Hamas fires more rockets after Israel destroys third Gaza tower
Death toll at 35 as Israel bombardment of Gaza escalates
Uganda's President Museveni takes oath to kick off his sixth term
Iran's Ahmadinejad registers to run for president - again
May 11, 2021
Gaza tower block COLLAPSES after Israeli airstrikes respond to Hamas rockets
Israeli TV reports DIRECT HIT on Tel Aviv building as Palestinians launch 'hundreds' of rockets from Gaza
Huge BLAZE at Israeli oil pipeline reportedly hit by rocket strike from Gaza
Netanyahu vows to step up 'might and frequency' of Israel's attacks on Gaza
Russia intercepts French jets over Black Sea as country detects four foreign military aircraft near border in just one day
Putin submits bill for Russia to quit Open Skies Treaty, confirms Moscow to withdraw from 'spying agreement' a year after US left
Emails show US Justice Dept THREATENED to subpoena MIT researchers who refuted claims of voter fraud in Bolivia's 2019 election
Biden says 'no evidence' Russia responsible for pipeline cyberattack... but Russia has 'some responsibility'
Hamas targets Israel settlements in massive rocket attack; raids to grow in scale
Palestinian resistance launches Operation al-Quds Sword as Israel kills 25 in Gaza raids
150 rockets fly towards occupied territories as Israel persists violence
Roadside bomb hits US logistics convoy in western Iraq
Rocket attack kills Turkish soldier in Syria's Idlib
US sub docks in Norway, protesters fear becoming 'bomb target'
Rockets target Tel Aviv after Gaza tower destroyed
Al Jazeera
Gaza tower block collapses after Israeli strike
Rockets fired towards Tel Aviv after Gaza tower block destroyed
US Coast Guard fires warning shots at Iranian vessel: Pentagon
Cali emerges as epicentre of unrest in ongoing Colombia protests
France: Macron gov't, soldiers clash over 'civil war' warning
Qatar's emir visits Saudi Arabia, holds talks with crown prince
Melinda Gates met divorce lawyers when Epstein ties revealed: WSJ
May 10, 2021
Rockets fired on Jerusalem in attack claimed by Hamas after clashes between Israelis and Palestinians
FIRE erupts outside Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem amid clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police
Gaza health ministry says 9 Palestinians killed in Israeli air strikes, including 3 kids, multiple injured
Hamas rockets land in Israel after deadline for troop withdrawal expires
Hamas to Israel: Brace for escalation if forces remain at al-Aqsa
Al-Quds flare-up: Hundreds injured as Israeli forces attack Palestinians
Civilian injured as Israel attacks Syria's southern Quneitra province
Yemeni forces' drone hits Saudi Arabia's Abha Intl. Airport: Spokesman
Top US security agency confirms Darkside hacking group behind pipeline attack
Deadly air strikes hit Gaza after rocket attacks
Hundreds of Palestinians injured in Israeli police clashes as tensions soar in Jerusalem
Al Jazeera
Palestinians report several killed in Israeli air raids on Gaza
At least 11 killed in Afghanistan bus bombing
Turkey's foreign minister in Saudi Arabia for talks to mend ties
May 9, 2021
Kabul school attack: Death toll climbs to 68, over 165 hospitalized with many in critical condition
Israel denied involvement in the killing of Iran's general Soleimani, but a new report says it helped the US in the assassination
France threatens retaliation towards UK's financial services as fishing row escalates
Fresh from victory, Nicola Sturgeon says she'll 'lead Scotland to independence'
Israeli airstrike, artillery fire target Gaza amid tensions in al-Quds
Yemeni forces launch retaliatory drone strike on Saudi airbase
Al Jazeera
Libya: Gunmen storm hotel used as Presidential Council HQ
Gunmen kill seven Nigerian police officers in oil hub: Police
Fighters of breakaway Muslim group storm southern Philippine town
South Sudan president dissolves parliament as part of peace deal
May 8, 2021
At least 30 killed, 50+ injured as multiple blasts rock school in Kabul
Iraqi base housing US forces targeted by drone in 2nd attack in less than a week
Fire breaks out at Iran chemical factory hours after media reports of massive blaze near Bushehr's nuclear power plant
Saudi strike kills at least 7 civilians preparing for Quds Day rally in Yemen's Ma'rib
Taliban killed, injured hundreds of Afghan civilians during Ramadan
Israel playing overt role in Ma'rib battle: Expert
US military to destroy more missiles carrying deadly VX nerve agent
Iran dismisses Morocco's baseless accusations at AIPAC
May 7, 2021
US general: China's Africa outreach poses threat to America
Gaffe-prone Biden advised to avoid impromptu questions
Al Jazeera
Afghanistan: Nearly 1,600 children killed in the past five years
Pakistani Prime Minister Khan visits Saudi Arabia to reset ties
May 6, 2021
Taliban seize key dam in Kandahar as fighting rages across Afghanistan
Israel stages 2nd round of airstrikes against Syria in 24 hours
Another US military convoy crosses into Iraq with smuggled Syrian wheat
Russian jet wards off US spy plane over Chukchi Sea
US's Blinken visits Ukraine in show of support against Russia
Netanyahu misses deadline to form cabinet, putting his rule in doubt
Turkey, Egypt discuss bilateral ties after years of tensions
Jersey standoff escalates between UK, France over fishing rights
UK media beat war drums between France and Britain
Al Jazeera
Morocco recalls ambassador to Germany over Western Sahara
Qatar orders arrest of finance minister amid probe
In Washington, a debate grows over conditioning aid to Israel
May 5, 2021
Syrian air defenses intercept Israeli missiles near port city of Latakia
Turkey, Egypt kick off diplomatic talks in Cairo to mend relations
UK sends patrol ships to British island in escalation of post-Brexit row with France
Al Jazeera
Turkey's Erdogan and Saudi King Salman discuss ties over phone
May 4, 2021
'He has to go': Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu labeled 'power-hungry tyrant' by potential coalition ally in hidden-camera recording
US-run Ain al-Assad Airbase in Iraq comes under rocket attack
Afghan forces fighting back huge Taliban offensive after missed US withdrawal
DR Congo imposes military rule in two violence-hit eastern regions
Leader rebukes Foreign Minister Zarif over leaked remarks on foreign policy
Russia says ready to leave SWIFT, plans to join Iran's Sepam
Al Jazeera
Fighting erupts in Afghanistan after US pullout deadline
May 3, 2021
Blinken: Afghanistan troop pullout 'doesn't mean we're leaving'
Yemen targets Najran airport, King Khalid airbase with fresh strikes
China's new submarine missile capable of reaching US: Report
Unknown attackers kill 16 soldiers in Niger
'Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan complete troops withdrawal from border'
Leader rebukes Foreign Minister Zarif over leaked remarks on foreign policy
Chad military rulers name new government after Deby's death
Al Jazeera
Rockets target Baghdad airport base housing US troops
In arms race for air superiority, Russia challenges US hegemony
May 2, 2021
Yemen reports another 'accurate hit' against Saudi airbase
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan agree on new ceasefire after bloody border clashes
US convoy smuggles Syrian grain to Iraq: Report
May 1, 2021
Streets set on fire as police and May Day protesters battle in Berlin
Taliban say they will attack US forces after deadline
Tajik forces fire on Kyrgyz homes, death toll rises: Bishkek
Report: Saudi port of Jeddah targeted in Yemeni retaliation
US audit admits: Aid to Venezuela part of plot to oust Maduro
April 30, 2021
Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan sign ceasefire agreement after violent border clashes that injured scores and killed at least 30 people
US Embassy in Moscow cuts visa services as tensions rise
Car bomb kills 30 at Afghan guesthouse
April 29, 2021
US agency in charge of nukes approves multibillion-dollar project as Washington urges Iran to curtail its own nuclear program
White House reviewing allegation of 'energy attack' in Washington, DC reportedly similar to past 'Havana Syndrome' cases
8 Venezuelan soldiers killed in clashes with Colombian militia
Iraqi resistance group stages drone attack on base housing US warplanes
Two air bases in Myanmar attacked, reports say
US-Russia ties worse than during Cold War: Lavrov
Report: Israel's Iron Dome missile system causing cancer among soldiers
US Postal Service admits to spying on Americans: Report
Al Jazeera
Kyrgyzstan says ceasefire agreed with Tajikistan after clashes
April 28, 2021
EU Parliament mulls block on Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline & banning Russia from SWIFT system, despite leaders' calls for dialogue
Washington rejected Moscow's offer of complete reset in Russia-US relations shortly after inauguration of Biden, FM Lavrov reveals
Northern Ireland's first minister and DUP leader Arlene Foster quits after internal party revolt
Yemeni army conducts new drone strike against Saudi air base
Myanmar military bombs rebel-held territory near Thai border
Russia says its fleet monitoring US warship movements in Black Sea
Somali president calls for election, pulling country back from brink of civil war for now
Somali president rolls back plans to extend term
Al Jazeera
Moldova's President Maia Sandu calls early election for July 11
April 27, 2021
Czech senators mull lawsuit accusing President Milos Zeman of HIGH TREASON, after he cast doubt on Russian role in 2014 ammo blast
Iranian and American ships avoid NEAR MISSES in tense Persian Gulf encounter, says US Navy
US backs Minsk agreements to end bloody conflict in Donbass, contradicting Ukrainian calls for changes to terms of 2014 peace deal
'This never happened': John Kerry denies telling Iran FM of Israeli strikes on Syria after GOP demands he resign over leaked audio
A year after Trump pulled America out of 'Open Skies' treaty, Russia says it will also exit unless Biden soon agrees to rejoin
Fighting erupts in eastern Myanmar as Karen rebels attack military base near Thai border
Former defense chief: UK could lose nuclear capability in the event of Scottish independence
Saudi claims intercepting 'explosive-laden' boat off Red Sea port
Violent protests erupt in Chad after military names interim PM
Rouhani orders Intel. Ministry to identify those behind leaked Zarif audio
HRW concludes Israel committing crime of apartheid against Palestinians
Britain sending huge naval force through some of the most tense waters in Asia
Israel accused of apartheid by HRW
Al Jazeera
Russia holds naval drills as US vessel heads to Black Sea
Chad protests turn deadly as demonstrators demand civilian rule
South Sudan at risk of 'large scale conflict': UN report
Albania PM hails 'most difficult but sweetest' election win
April 26, 2021
Yemeni drones strike King Khalid airbase in Saudi Arabia
Somali fighters cordon off parts of Mogadishu
Israel levels West Bank land to build new illegal settlement
Germans, Japanese and Marylanders are poisoned by the US military
No major progress in Vienna talks as US seeks to go beyond nuclear: Fmr. Obama's advisor
In leaked tape, Iran's foreign minister heard criticizing Revolutionary Guards
Al Jazeera
Indonesian intelligence official shot dead in Papua: Army
Al-Masdar News
31 Nigerian soldiers killed as ISIS-aligned extremists ambush convoy
April 25, 2021
No evidence of Russian intelligence involvement in ammo depot blast, Czech president says amid spy scandal with Moscow
US is on Russia's list of 'unfriendly countries' currently being drafted - Foreign Ministry spokeswoman
'Hindering peace & stability': Ankara summons US envoy as it fumes over Biden recognizing Armenian Genocide
Comparing vaccine certificates to the Holocaust? Anti-lockdown Brits spotted wearing yellow Star of David badges
Major Saudi airbase targeted in Yemen's drone retaliation
Hamas to Gazans: Keep fingers on triggers, prepare your missiles to hit enemy
'Syria tanker fire result of safety blunder, military attack ruled out'
Biden becomes 1st US pres. to recognize 'Armenian genocide,' irking Turkey
Turkey vows to respond to US 'outrageous' genocide recognition
Turkey recalls US envoy over Biden's Armenian 'genocide' recognition
US military indefinitely grounds B-1 bomber fleet over fuel system issue
Armenia's Pashinayn resigns ahead of snap polls to end political crisis
Al Jazeera
More arrests in Jerusalem as rockets fired from Gaza
Death toll from violence in Ethiopia's Amhara 'may be 200'
April 24, 2021
'DRONE ATTACK' leaves Iranian tanker ablaze off Syrian coast - reports
Israeli tank shells besieged Gaza Strip
Israel admits failure to intercept Syria missile landing near Dimona
Russia: Terrorists plotting to stage false flag chemical attack in Syria's Idlib
Belarus president: Coup plotters had allocated '$10mn for my assassination'
US admits Iran has air superiority
US military sending B-52 bombers to Afghanistan: Pentagon
Al Jazeera
Israel launches attacks on besieged Gaza after rockets fired
April 23, 2021
Russian troops depart Crimea for home bases after exercises, potentially signaling end to border standoff with Ukraine
Amid increased tensions in Donbass, Putin invites Ukrainian President Zelensky to Moscow for discussions on 'bilateral relations'
300+ US lawmakers sign letter calling for unconditional security aid to Israel, causing mixed reaction
Yemeni forces strike Saudi airbase, Aramco facilities in retaliation
US deploys weapon system at key base in Iraq after rocket attack
Ammonia gas leak in Haifa is latest incident to hit Israel
Russia summons Polish ambassador, expels five diplomats
Al Jazeera
Rockets target Baghdad airport base housing US troops
Biden to travel to UK, Belgium on first foreign trip as president
April 22, 2021
Russia to withdraw troops from deployment on border with Ukraine, Moscow confirms, as major snap exercises in Crimea conclude
'Death Zones': Russian military creating system to make areas of airspace inaccessible to foreign missiles and drones, reports say
Israeli military to investigate why air defenses failed to intercept missile 'from Syria' that landed near nuclear site
'Syria missile' lands near Israeli military nuclear facility Dimona
Analyst: Missile that hit near Israeli nuclear facility was not errant
Israel strikes Syria after reporting 'Syrian missile raid' near Dimona
Israel seizes more Palestinian land in occupied West Bank
Russia holds major drills in Crimea amid Ukraine tensions
'US occupation forces come under separate attacks in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr'
Yemeni drone hits key air base in southwest Saudi Arabia
Russia orders troops back to base after massive buildup near Ukraine border
Australia tears up Belt and Road agreement with China, angering Beijing
Al Jazeera
Syrian anti-aircraft missile lands near Israeli nuclear site
Ethiopian county, home to 25,000 people, seized by fighters
April 21, 2021
Putin says Russia developing high-tech nuclear & laser weapons, warning 'provocateurs' will regret crossing country's red lines
Ukrainian President Zelensky proposes face-to-face meeting with Putin in war-torn Donbass & emphasizes Western support for Kiev
Powerful blast rocks 'sensitive' Israeli missile factory
Russia restricts flights over Black Sea, Crimea, as Ukraine tensions mount
Philippines' Duterte threatens China with war, admits may not be able to win
In open military cooperation; Israel, UAE conduct drill in Greece
Germany plans to pull forces out of Afghanistan in July
German conservatives pick Armin Laschet as candidate to succeed Merkel
Al Jazeera
Russia says Ukraine, NATO 'continuing military preparations'
Son of Chad's slain leader named 'president of the republic'
April 20, 2021
US Ambassador to Russia to return to America: Sullivan heads home after advice from Moscow to go to Washington for 'consultations'
New Zealand throws support behind Five Eyes spy network 24 hours after raising concerns about increasing its remit
Yemen army hits 'military site' inside SW Saudi airport in new retaliation
Russian jets hit terror base near Syria's Palmyra, kill 200 terrorists
Bin Salman backed Israeli plot to overthrow Jordan king: Report
Chad leader Deby killed on front lines after 3-decade rule
Al Jazeera
Chad President Idriss Deby dies visiting front-line troops: Army
Al-Masdar News
Chadian president killed during clash with rebels
Colombian Air Force intercepts Russian aircraft
April 19, 2021
'US-backed coup plot' involving assassination of Belarusian president, other officials foiled by Minsk & Moscow
Czech PM says Russia did NOT attack Czechia, alleged blowing up of munition depot was 'not act of state terrorism'
In nod to China, New Zealand's foreign minister says it is 'uncomfortable' with 'expanding' role of US-led 'Five Eyes' spy network
Former Israeli colonel: Iron Dome unreliable in face of Palestinian missiles
US military brings in 24 trucks to oil-rich northeastern Syria
New Zealand rejects 'Five Eyes' policy of confronting China
Al Jazeera
Chad military says it killed 300 rebels after attempted incursion
Al-Masdar News
Russia reveals number of military experts in the Central African Republic
April 18, 2021
'US-backed coup plot' involving assassination of Belarusian president, other officials foiled by Minsk & Moscow
US-led Afghan war has claimed 241,000 lives, report finds
US war on Afghanistan cost $2.26 trillion and still rising: Report
US lawmakers introduce bill to block Saudi Arabia's pursuit of nukes
'US-led coalition copters transfer Daesh terrorists to Syria oilfield'
New rocket attack targets Iraqi base housing US forces
'UK warships to sail for Black Sea in May' as Ukraine-Russia tensions rise
Al Jazeera
At least 19 people killed in west Niger attack
Al-Masdar News
Greece and Israel sign largest defense deal
April 17, 2021
China denounces US-Japan statement in which Washington vows to defend its Asian partner with NUCLEAR 'capabilities'
Czechs announce expulsion of 18 Russian diplomats, as Prague claims 'intel officers' involved in 2014 munitions depot explosion'
Israel launches aerial attacks against Gaza Strip for second night
Two Russian warships on route to Black Sea amid Ukraine tension
US exit from Afghanistan remains shrouded in mystery
Norway to allow US to build military facilities on its soil in new pact
Al-Masdar News
Houthi forces announce attack on 'sensitive military target' at Saudi airbase
Russian Air Force destroys ISIS headquarters in central Syria
Russia and Iran setup mission to secure supply shipments to Syria: media
April 16, 2021
Stop the 'saber-rattling' & begin de-escalation before Russia-Ukraine conflict turns into 'nuclear holocaust,' Gabbard tells Biden
Gaza Strip comes under Israeli aerial, ground bombardment
British spy jet deployed to Black Sea amid tensions with Russia
Russian jet fighter intercepts US spy plane over Pacific
Scottish nationalists vow to hold referendum on independence from UK
US spies doubt Russian 'bounties' on troops claims
Raul Castro steps down as Cuban communist leader
Al Jazeera
Ukraine may seek nuclear weapons if left out of NATO: Diplomat
Up to 65,000 flee attacks on northeast Nigerian town: UN
April 15, 2021
Biden administration imposes sweeping sanctions on Russia
Taliban to Press TV: US has violated deal on Afghanistan troops pullout
Car bomb blast kills several civilians, injures 21 others in Iraq's capital
Raul Castro prepares to step down and mark the end of an era in Cuba
Al Jazeera
Houthis 'target' oil facility, missile system in Saudi Arabia
Iraq's Erbil airport targeted by explosives-laden drone
US cancels warships deployment to Black Sea: Turkish officials
Turkish delegation to visit Egypt for 'normalisation' talks
No proof of Eritrean troops' Tigray exit, crisis worsening: UN
France tells citizens to leave Pakistan 'due to serious threats'
April 14, 2021
Moscow orders ships to conduct Black Sea naval exercises amid confusion over whether US will deploy warships to volatile region
'Time to end America's longest war': Biden announces US pullout from Afghanistan by 9/11 anniversary
'Attack' targets US airbase in Iraqi Kurdistan: Reports
Saudi bombs kill 2 more Yemeni children in holy month of Ramadan
Debate on fate of nuclear weapons in Scotland heats up
Mossad agents killed, wounded in Iraq: Sources
Taliban won't partake in Afghan peace talks until withdrawal of foreign troops
Argentina lashes out at UK over planned military exercises in Malvinas Islands
Biden sends delegation to Chinese Taipei 'to signal personal support'
Al Jazeera
Russia seeking to 'provoke' Ukraine conflict, Germany says
Greece FM Dendias to visit Turkey amid Mediterranean crisis
Biden administration to proceed with $23bn arms sales to UAE
Haiti's prime minister resigns, replacement appointed
April 13, 2021
Russian troops on Ukraine border 'ready to defend country' in event of war says Defense Minister Shoigu, warning of NATO buildup
US should stay clear of Crimea & Black Sea 'for its own good,' says Moscow's deputy FM, as American warships move closer to Russia
Biden invites Putin to crunch summit amid deteriorating ties between Russia & US, as American warships chart course for Black Sea
I came, Warsaw, I conquered! Belarusian MP says Poland wants to subjugate his country two centuries since collapse of empire
Iran says it will enrich uranium to 60% in the wake of suspected Israeli sabotage at Natanz
'Israeli ship comes under attack off UAE coast'
UAE plundering Yemeni oil
Russia warns Turkey, other states against fueling militarization in Ukraine
S Korean PM in Tehran to mend strained ties
South Korean PM says Iran's frozen money should be quickly released
US troops to leave Afghanistan by 11 September
US to increase military presence in Germany
Egypt seizes Ever Given over $900 million Suez Canal bill
Al Jazeera
Turkey to host 10-day Afghanistan peace talks from April 24
Taliban refuse to attend Afghan talks in Turkey if held this week
Fury in Armenia as Azerbaijan displays war trophies
Benin's President Patrice Talon wins re-election with 86%
April 12, 2021
Iran's Foreign Ministry blames Israel for Natanz incident, calls it trap to derail sanctions talks in Vienna
Yemeni drones, missiles hit Aramco refineries, military sites
Two Ukrainian soldiers killed in fresh clashes in troubled east
Military activities intensify in South China Sea amid heightened US-China tensions
Israeli forces kidnap Hamas officials in West Bank raids
US occupation forces smuggle crude oil from Syria's Hasakah to western Iraq
Conservative ex-banker Lasso wins Ecuador's presidential runoff
Iran 'to avenge Israeli attack' on nuclear site
Ukraine's leader runs for cover on front line against Russia
US and China deploy aircraft carriers in South China Sea as tensions simmer
Al Jazeera
Anger boils in Northern Ireland despite attempts to end riots
Taiwan reports largest incursion yet by Chinese air force
Duterte reappears in public, dismisses rumours of health problems
Banker Lasso wins surprise victory in Ecuador election
Al-Masdar News
Russia warns Turkey against encouraging 'militarism' in Ukraine
April 11, 2021
Iran reports 'NUCLEAR terrorism' attack at Natanz facility - day after uranium enrichment began
Yemeni combat drones target airport, air base in Saudi Arabia
Somalia: Seven killed, eight injured in two terrorist explosions
US, Israeli regime fear Hamas victory in May elections
US, Israel set to punish Palestinians for holding a democratic election, again
Iran's VP: S Korea must unfreeze Iran's assets as soon as possible
Kyrgyz voters approve expanded powers for president
People in Peru, Ecuador vote to choose presidents
'Terrorist act' at Iranian nuclear facility
Al Jazeera
Ukraine turns to Turkey as Russia threatens full-scale war
Chad counts votes as President Deby seeks to extend 30-year rule
April 10, 2021
Belfast protests: Burning car rams into police line as nightly rioting continues
Russia warns of full-scale war in Ukraine's east amid tensions with Kiev
Russia intercepts US spy aircraft near eastern border
US choppers move weapons, logistic material from Iraq to Syria: Report
Myanmar unrest: Over 80 protesters killed, 19 sentenced to death
Putin critic 'strangled in London by third party'
Al Jazeera
Veteran ruler Guelleh re-elected Djibouti leader for fifth term
April 9, 2021
US warships set sail for Black Sea amid stand-off with Russia over military conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Turkish diplomats report
US Navy sends warship to India's exclusive economic zone without permission, to challenge New Delhi's 'excessive maritime claims'
Full-scale Ukrainian war would threaten Russian security Kremlin warns, pledging action to prevent 'humanitarian catastrophe'
Russia sends warships to Black Sea amid US buildup in Ukraine
Russia: US military provoking tensions in Arctic
Yemeni forces launch drone attack on Saudi airport
India complains to US over sailing of warship in economic zone
Iran vows to 'definitely' respond to attack on merchant ship in Red Sea
Myanmar junta disallows visit by UN envoy
Biden ups Pentagon budget despite party opposition
Al Jazeera
Iran releases seized South Korean tanker
Gunmen kill 11 Nigerian troops in central Benue state
Ukraine rules out offensive against Russia-backed separatists
China drills in disputed South China Sea as US naval patrol grows
Turkey fumes after Italian PM Draghi called Erdogan 'dictator'
Al-Masdar News
Turkish military aircraft crashes in Aegean
April 8, 2021
If Ukraine launches a full-scale war in Donbass, Russia will be forced to defend its citizens, says Putin's deputy chief-of-staff
Syria intercepts Israeli missiles near Damascus
'US forces airlift new batch of Daesh terrorists to Syria's Dayr al-Zawr'
Saudi warplane hangars targeted in fresh Yemeni retaliation
Two Turkish soldiers killed in YPG militant attack in northwest Syria
UK breakup? Welsh independence more popular than ever
US might send warships to Black Sea
Bus torched in Northern Ireland on sixth consecutive night of violence
Al Jazeera
Syria blames Israel for missile attacks near Damascus
Death toll in Sudan's West Darfur clashes rises to 132
Eleven killed as Myanmar protesters 'fight soldiers with rifles'
Fierce contest for power as Samoa prepares for general election
Djibouti's Guelleh expected to win fifth term in election
Al-Masdar News
Israeli forces strike rural Damascus from Lebanese airspace
Sudanese army clashes with Ethiopian forces along disputed border
US sanctions Turkey for 'significant' transaction with Russia: State Dept.
Iranian commander vows to respond to the attack on Saviz ship in Red Sea
April 7, 2021
US agrees to withdraw 'remaining combat troops' from Iraq - reports
Russia unlikely to send recalled ambassador back to Washington without clear sign US ready for bilateral relations, Moscow insists
Yemeni forces launch fresh retaliatory drone strike against Saudi air base
Iran says merchant vessel Saviz hit by explosion in Red Sea
CIA boasts about fighting Soviets in Afghanistan
Kazakh president hails Iran as 'key partner' in region
Zarif hails Kazakhstan for standing by Iran on various global fronts
Al Jazeera
Over 100 killed in clashes in Ethiopia's Afar, Somali regions
Sudan: Death toll in days of Darfur violence rises to 87
No timeline as US to move remaining combat troops out of Iraq
Jordan's King Abdullah says 'sedition' quashed
Myanmar military may extend emergency rule by up to two years
Afghanistan tops agenda of Russia-Pakistan talks in Islamabad
Left-wing party opposed to mining project wins Greenland vote
April 6, 2021
Moscow holds emergency talks with US over fighting in Donbass as Ukraine says NATO exercises will train troops for war with Russia
With tensions rising in Donbass, Ukraine pulls out of Minsk peace talks: Kiev refuses to meet Russia & OSCE in Belarusian capital
Moscow pledges retaliation to US & UK plans for rocket deployment in range of Russia's borders, sparking new missile crisis fears
'What happened next?' CIA roasted after bragging about arming Afghan Mujahideen, aka the Taliban
Turkish warplanes launch new air raids on Iraqi Kurdistan
UK set to widen support for Iraqi Kurdish region
US military in the business of smuggling Syrian grain into Iraq
US military claims to be monitoring Russian activities in Arctic
Iran, Pakistan stage joint naval drills in Persian Gulf waters
US Air Force test to launch ultra-fast hypersonic missile fails
Al Jazeera
NATO membership only way to end war in Donbass: Ukraine
Death toll rises to 56 from fighting in Sudan's West Darfur
April 5, 2021
Pro and anti-Netanyahu protesters square off in Jerusalem as court hears witnesses in PM's corruption case for 1st time
Vladimir Putin signs law enabling him to serve two more terms as Russian president, could potentially stay in office until 2036
Bomb attacks strike US logistics convoys in central Iraq, Baghdad
UN: Over 40 militants killed in weekend counterattack by peacekeepers
Moscow does not rule out military response to US, UK missile threat
Northern Ireland rocked by further riots and disorder
Female politician elected Kosovo's new president
Mozambique town 'retaken' from militant Islamists
Northern Ireland sees 3 nights of violence
Al Jazeera
At least 40 killed in tribal clashes in Sudan's West Darfur: UN
Leader of Vietnam's COVID response sworn in as president
Kosovo parliament elects Vjosa Osmani as new president
April 4, 2021
Jordanian FM confirms accusations against ex-Crown Prince Hamzah, alleges foreign government involvement
22 Indian troops killed in ambush by Maoist rebels
Two rockets target US air base near Baghdad
Somali military kills 76 Shabab militants in attack on army bases
Bulgarian PM bids for fourth term in COVID-hit vote
Loyalist violence escalates in Northern Ireland
Jordan's ex-crown prince says under house arrest over alleged coup
Bulgaria's GERB party set to win national vote: Exit polls
April 3, 2021
More proof of US supporting al-Qaeda in Syria
US deploys reinforcements to oil field in eastern Syria
Over $75bn of Yemeni oil, gas revenues looted during Saudi war: Yemeni minister
Myanmar's junta kills 5 more protesters, death toll passes 550
Israel demolishes 26 Palestinian structures in two weeks: UN
Loyalists riot in Belfast as political tensions mount
Russia extends outer space cooperation with US
A Jordanian royal family member and the former head of the royal court have been arrested
Al Jazeera
Five troops killed as Indian forces raid Maoist rebel hideout
Al-Shabab fighters attack two Somali National Army bases
Al-Masdar News
Pakistan holds naval exercises with Iran, air drills with US and Saudi Arabia
April 2, 2021
Moscow warns of 'measures' against any Western troop deployment in Ukraine, as Kiev cites guarantees of US support in a conflict
Hunter Biden says incriminating laptop 'absolutely' could have been his, suggests 'Russian intelligence' possibly behind leak
US-led attempts to restart war in Donbass could destroy Ukraine: Russia
Rights activists urge probe into French war crimes in Mali
Al Jazeera
Niger's Mohamed Bazoum sworn in as president after coup bid
Dutch PM Rutte survives no-confidence vote despite censure
Al-Masdar News
Greek PM to visit Libya and reopen embassy in Tripoli
April 1, 2021
Warships & submarines entering zone of Nord Stream 2 pipeline in 'planned & prepared provocations' to obstruct work, says operator
Controversial Russian mercenary group linked to 'grave human rights abuses' in Central African Republic, new UN probe claims
Papers reveal US-backed Brazil's role in installing and supporting Pinochet in Chile
Yemeni drones strike 'sensitive targets' in Saudi capital
Brazilian lawmakers file for impeachment against President Bolsonaro
Truck carrying radioactive uranium compound crashes in US
US occupation forces continue to smuggle wheat crops from Syria into Iraq
Italy expels two Russians, arrests Italian Naval officer in spying case
Al Jazeera
Violence in Cameroon's Anglophone crisis takes high civilian toll
Iraqi PM seeks to forge closer ties on his first visit to Saudi Arabia
In Wales, interest in independence simmers ahead of polls
March 31, 2021
Moscow expresses disgust after US general turned arms industry lobbyist Ben Hodges says no Russians died in WW2, only Ukrainians
'Coup attempt' thwarted in Niger amid elections dustup
US military airlifts Daesh terrorists in Syria from jail to its base
'US grants Iraq waiver to continue importing energy from Iran'
Brazil military chiefs exit in new turmoil for Bolsonaro
US fines Italian firm for selling gas boiler systems to Iran
Al Jazeera
Niger: Attack on presidential palace an 'attempted coup'
Gunmen kill 30 people in western Ethiopia, witnesses say
Suspected ADF rebels kill 23 in eastern DR Congo attack
March 30, 2021
Russia: US smuggling Syrian oil, grain amid shortage of basic goods
Biden 'doesn't intend' to meet North Korea's Kim as tensions simmer
Nato intercepts Russian planes '10 times in a day'
Child tweets nonsense on US nuclear-agency account
NATO scrambles jets 10 times to track Russian military planes across Europe
Al Jazeera
French air attack at Mali wedding party killed 19 civilians, UN says
Brazil replacing military chiefs after Bolsonaro cabinet shake-up
March 29, 2021
Pope sends Julian Assange personal message to his jail cell, partner says
Islamic State claims Mozambique attack that killed 55, thousands reported fleeing besieged gas town
Bomb attacks target US-led coalition logistic convoys in Iraq
US should stop its cruel, barbaric war on Syria: Former senator
Cubans rally against US embargo with caravan protest
Al Jazeera
Thousands flee for Thailand as Myanmar military bombs border area
Mozambique: Thousands flee besieged Palma by boats
Two die in fresh Bangladesh protest violence over Modi's visit
France reopens Libya embassy after 7-year closure
March 28, 2021
Water fight: Israel turns off Jordan's water supply amid drought and 'personal frictions', media reports
Armenian PM Pashinyan to resign ahead of fresh election as protests & constitutional crisis rage on in wake of war with Azerbaijan
US trucks cross into Iraq with smuggled Syrian wheat: Report
Six civilians killed in French strike in northern Mali
Al-Shabab calls for attack on US, French interests in Djibouti ahead of polls
US Treasury gives $1.15bn financing for Sudan as reward for Israel ties
Protests spread across Bangladesh after Indian PM's visit
Dozens dead after militant attack in Mozambique
Al Jazeera
Philippines deploys air force as tensions over Chinese ships rise
Myanmar army air raids on Karen force 3,000 to flee for Thailand
Slovak PM to quit, swap role with finance minister to end crisis
March 27, 2021
Iran & China ink 25-year strategic partnership accord as both nations face US pressure
'Concerned' Washington demands Bolivia release former 'interim' President Anez and other officials accused of orchestrating a coup
'Disappointing & disconcerting': Russian embassy laments Polish envoy's call to 'weaken' Russia by blocking Nord Stream 2
Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen after hundreds of thousands rally on war anniversary
Israel buying cheap oil from US-backed militants in Syria: Paper
Taliban vow to step up attacks as Biden rules out Afghanistan exit
'Day of shame' in Myanmar: Over 90 people are killed by police
March 26, 2021
Pakistan successfully test-fires 900km-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile
Yemen hits Saudi Aramco oil facilities, airbase with missiles, drones
Saudi says 'vital' oil installation struck in Jizan
American spy freed by Trump advises Jews to spy for Israel
Russia warns of 'dangerous neocolonialism' as US sends arms to Ukraine
US military smuggles wheat crops from Syria's Hasakah into Iraq: SANA
Al Jazeera
Houthis launch attacks on Saudi oil facilities, military sites
Taiwan reports largest ever incursion by Chinese air force
International football returns to Libya after seven-year hiatus
Al-Masdar News
Houthi forces launch missiles toward Saudi oil sites in Jizan
French aircraft carrier group enters Persian Gulf
US F-35B damaged after firing from own cannon: media
March 25, 2021
Multiple roadside bomb attacks target US convoys in Iraq
Biden exploring ways to keep forces in Afghanistan despite Trump-Taliban deal: Top Democrat reveals
Israel paper claims ship 'attacked' in Gulf of Oman
Taiwan begins mass production of long-range missiles amid China tensions
North Korea carries out ballistic missile launch: US, Japan
Al Jazeera
Mozambique military launches offensive after ISIL attack
Al-Masdar News
Israeli cargo ship damaged by Iranian missile in Arabian Sea: Israeli media
March 24, 2021
IDF unwittingly reveals where SECRET military bases are, after publishing map of Covid-19 testing sites in Israel - media
'Dangerous neighbor' Russia is becoming 'more and more authoritarian' & NATO should 'push back', says EU Foreign Minister Borrell
Israeli military pounds targets in Gaza Strip
Over 43,000 Yemenis have fallen victim to Saudi-led war
Yemeni official: Over 520 medical facilities destroyed in Saudi war
Eritrean troops massacred 100 civilians in Ethiopia's Tigray: Report
Netanyahu's future unclear as exit polls forecast stalemate in Israeli elections
US admiral claims China will invade Taiwan
Al Jazeera
Israel military hits 'Hamas positions' in Gaza
Macron warns Turkey against election meddling, renewing row
March 23, 2021
Moscow now has 'no relations' with EU because Brussels has 'destroyed' once friendly ties, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov claims
Annex Cuba? Left & right unite to bash 'woke' neocon imperialist Bill Kristol for advocating US takeover of island nation
Yemeni drones target Saudi Arabia's Abha airport
Another US military convoy smuggles Syrian oil to neighboring Iraq
'Senior Saudi official threatened to kill UN investigator in Khashoggi case'
Sturgeon wins no-confidence vote
Afghan president rebuffs US proposal for power-sharing with Taliban
Israel election exit polls favour Netanyahu bloc
Ethiopia PM admits Eritrea forces in Tigray
Netanyahu's path to victory unclear in Israel's fourth election in two years
Al Jazeera
Children 25% of civilian casualties in Yemen: Relief agency
Exit polls indicate no clear winner in Israeli election
Libya's eastern administration hands power to interim government
Congo Republic's Denis Sassou Nguesso re-elected with 88% of vote
Polish writer charged for calling Trump-allied president 'moron'
March 22, 2021
Bombing of government office in China kills at least five, including suspect
Saudi jets intensify airstrikes on Yemen, destroy grain silos
Myanmar street protests drag on a day after junta's bloody crackdown
137 Nigeriens killed in Sunday attacks
French BDS activist stands trial over calls to boycott Israeli company
Al Jazeera
Gunmen on motorbikes raid Niger villages, kill at least 137
Mauritania re-establishes diplomatic ties with Qatar
March 21, 2021
Israel seizes Palestinian foreign minister's travel permit after visit to International Criminal Court over war crimes probe
Turkish jet pounds US-backed SDF positions in Syria's Raqqah
Venezuela says huge blast hit gas pipeline in terrorist attack
US Defense Secretary makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan
Al Jazeera
Congo votes in election expected to extend Nguesso's 36-year rule
March 20, 2021
Israelis gather for massive anti-Netanyahu protest days before election as PM faces corruption scandal
Abha airport in Saudi Arabia is hit again by Yemeni drone
Russia warns terrorists planning false-flag chemical attack in Syria's Idlib
Thai police clash with protesters near king's palace
Scotland's First Minister fights for her political life
Al Jazeera
Worsening violence in western Ethiopia forcing civilians to flee
March 19, 2021
Turkish leader Erdogan slams NATO ally Biden for calling Putin a 'killer,' says US president's remarks were 'truly unacceptable'
Judge agrees to redact 'sensational and impure' details about Ghislaine Maxwell from public docket
Yemen hits hard: New drone strike targets Aramco facility in Riyadh
US controls, loots 90% of Syria's crude oil reserves: Oil minister
North Korea cuts diplomatic ties with Malaysia
Germany may sign deal for Russia's Sputnik V shot: Minister
Al Jazeera
Erdogan accuses Syrian military of launching rockets into Turkey
Syrian oil minister accuses US of 'pirating' oil, estimates Syria's losses at $92 billion
'I have information that there are external and internal parties pushing Lebanon towards a civil war': Nasrallah
N Korea to cut ties with Malaysia over US extradition ruling
March 18, 2021
Russia's Putin ups ante in new Moscow-Washington rift: Challenges American counterpart Biden to urgent live broadcast debate
Putin replies to Biden's insinuation that he's a 'killer': Says US President is talking about himself but 'I wish him good health'
Roadside bombs target US-led coalition trucks in southern Iraq, Anbar
Russia's Putin to Biden after 'killer' remarks: It takes one to know one
March 17, 2021
Russian envoy to US summoned back to Moscow for consultations on future ties with Washington
Biden says 'killer' Putin will 'pay a price' for alleged US election meddling, as Russia insists claims just pretext for sanctions
EU announces Covid-19 vaccine passports plan to restart 'free and safe movement'
Syria's air defenses repel Israeli aggression near Damascus
Israel upgrades 'Iron Dome' amid fears of missile power in Lebanon, Gaza
Militants kill 58 in separate attacks in Niger
Myanmar: Protests continue, powerful Buddhist group signals break with junta
Dutch election exit polls indicate win for Rutte
Tanzania's President dies after weeks unseen
Al Jazeera
Attackers on trucks and motorbikes raid Mali base, kill 33 troops
Al-Masdar News
Two Iranian soldiers killed in eastern Syria: Fars
March 16, 2021
Going nuclear: UK set to boost Trident warhead stockpiles by 40%, detonating outrage among activists & observers
Syrian air defenses respond to 'Israeli aggression,' intercept 'multiple missiles' over Damascus - state TV
Tens of thousands protest arrest of Bolivia's ex-president Anez over role in 2019 coup
GBSD: more destructive, longer range, US nuclear missiles on the way
Civilian casualties on rise as Afghan peace process ongoing
US military begins training Mozambican troops
Hezbollah delegation holds 'open, friendly' talks with Russia FM
UK vows to lift cap on nuclear warheads and issues warning on China
US intel report: Russia tried to interfere in 2020 election
Al Jazeera
Houthi ballistic missiles target Saudi Arabia, says coalition
US official warns Congress on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan
Gunmen kill at least 58 civilians in attack on Niger convoy
Qatar to join Afghan peace talks in Moscow: Official
Al-Masdar News
Houthi forces target Saudi airbase for 2nd time in last 24 hours
Iraqi military base comes under rocket attack north of Baghdad
March 15, 2021
NATO changes tone: Chief of US-led bloc tells EU officials its members face 'no imminent military threat' from Russia or China
Video evidence of 'massacre' by UK special forces in Afghanistan mysteriously VANISHES - report
US military presence in Afghanistan much larger than disclosed: US media
US-occupied Iraqi air base hit by several rockets
Yemeni army targets Saudi airport, airbase with combat drones
Hezbollah delegation arrives in Russia for talks
Al Jazeera
At least a dozen killed in eastern DR Congo attack
Libya's new interim government sworn in
Al-Masdar News
Turkey accuses Syrian military of bombing oil sites in northeast Aleppo, calls on Russia to intervene
Kosovo to open diplomatic mission in Jerusalem
March 14, 2021
Angela Merkel's party takes a hammering in German state elections - exit polls
Video evidence of 'massacre' by UK special forces in Afghanistan mysteriously VANISHES - report
Vehicle carrying Argentina's president ATTACKED by angry protesters
Myanmar protesters defiant as security forces open fire
US sends truckloads of military equipment to northeast Syria
Netanyahu says canceled UAE visit over fears of Yemeni missiles
Al Jazeera
Myanmar's parallel gov't promises 'revolution' to reverse coup
Myanmar security forces kill 38 anti-coup protesters
Saudi Air Force arrives at Greek airbase for joint exercises in the Mediterranean
March 13, 2021
Bolivia's former interim president Jeanine Anez arrested over 2019 coup
Israel most likely responsible for blast on Iranian container ship in Mediterranean - media
UK planning to increase nuclear warheads in significant military provocation
In Afghanistan, acts of terror cost 26 more lives
US approves sale of spy jets to Germany amid NATO encroachment on Russian border
'US, Israel barring cargo ships, oil tankers from entering Syria'
Group details OPCW cover-up in Douma chemical attack
Biden clearly ramping up military presence in Mideast: Analyst
Catalonia's new parliament speaker vows to push for independence
MBS loyalists promoted by King Salman in Saudi cabinet reshuffle
March 12, 2021
Bolivian court issues arrest warrants for former interim president Jeanine Anez and ministers who seized power after 2019 coup
Moscow promises retaliation if US places previously banned intermediate-range missiles in Japan, within range of Russia's border
Iranian cargo ship targeted in terror attack in Mediterranean
US, Australia, India, Japan leaders meet to counter China
Turkey won't bow to US pressure, will advance S-400 purchase: Russian official
The Guardian
Trident nuclear warhead numbers set to increase for first time since cold war
Al Jazeera
Indo-Pacific 'Quad' leaders meet for first time
Video shows Israeli troops detaining Palestinian children
Israel, Greece, Cyprus hold naval drill amid deepening ties
Turkey says first diplomatic contact held with Egypt since 2013
US joins West in rare criticism of Egypt on human rights abuses
Include Taliban in interim Afghan administration, says Russia
March 11, 2021
BBC secrets revealed: Leaked files indicate UK state media engaged in anti-Moscow information warfare operations in Eastern Europe
Roadside bombs hit US-led coalition convoys across Iraq
Third US warship under Biden sails through Taiwan Strait
EU legislators say West to blame for Syrian catastrophe
Netanyahu forced to cancel UAE trip after denied Jordan airspace
Venezuela's current opposition divided in pro and anti US
March 10, 2021
Libya's lawmakers approve interim unity government
FCO recruited media outlets to spread anti Russian propaganda
South Korea agrees to biggest increase in share of costs for US troop presence in years
Questions raised over missing Tanzanian leader
Al Jazeera
US to join Australia, India, Japan in first-ever Quad summit
Ivory Coast Prime Minister Hamed Bakayoko dies at 56
March 9, 2021
RT's German-language service prepares lawsuit after notorious tabloid 'Bild' falsely accuses its journalists in Berlin of SPYING
Brazilian Supreme Court annuls sentences against ex-president Lula
Russia says militants planning false flag chemical attack in Syria's Idlib
European Parliament strips Catalan separatists of immunity over 'sedition' charges
ICC probe Israeli war crimes in Palestine
Protests continue in Myanmar, junta defies calls to stop violent crackdown
Biden's Iran dossier official once rejoiced at pain he caused to Iranians
Bangladesh purchased Israeli phone-hacking tools: Documents reveal
Pentagon confirms Biden set new rules on drone strikes in foreign lands
French nuclear tests 'affected 110,000 in Pacific'
Al Jazeera
Judge opens door for Lula da Silva to run in Brazil in 2022
EU Parliament lifts immunity of 3 Catalans, including Puigdemont
Kremlin alarmed by report on planned US cyberattack on Russia
'Beyond political differences': Italy to produce Russian vaccine
Al-Masdar News
Turkey accuses Greece of deploying warships to Mediterranean islands
US to seek ways to improve Saudi defenses after Houthi attacks: White House
March 8, 2021
Death toll rises to 98 after series of blasts at Equatorial Guinea military base
Brazil Supreme Court ruling annuls ex-president Lula's convictions, making him eligible to run in 2022 election
Saudi military chief accuses Iran of supplying missiles used by Houthis to strike its oil facilities
20 dead, 600 injured in Equatorial Guinea military camp explosions
Saudi Arabia confirms massive Yemeni attack on oil facilities
Biden planning 'clandestine' cyberattacks against Russia: US report
Seoul agrees to boost funding for US troops in South Korea
March 7, 2021
500 injured, at least 15 killed after multiple explosions level military base in Equatorial Guinea's largest city
Nuclear weapons emerge as sticking point in US budget battle
'Russian, Syrian missile strikes target militants smuggling oil to Turkey'
Yemeni minister confirms al-Qaeda fighting alongside Saudi forces in Ma'rib
Yemeni forces closing in on Ma'rib in battle against Saudi-led militants
Paraguay reshuffles cabinet after violent COVID-19 protests
Lebanese rally, block roads as currency tumbles to record lows
Protesters attacked in 37th consecutive week of anti-Netanyahu demos
US, South Korea to hold scaled-back military exercises
Pakistan PM wins Parliament's vote of confidence
US warns of new Afghan Taliban 'spring offensive'
Al Jazeera
'History in the making' as Pope Francis meets Iraq's Shia leader
Houthis fire missiles, drones at Saudi oil facilities
Saudi-led coalition launches air raids on Yemen's Sanaa
Eritrean forces killed 100s of civilians in Tigray 'rampage': HRW
'Kill them': Duterte wants to 'finish off' communist rebels
Jordan PM reshuffles cabinet months after government's formation
Blinken proposes plan to accelerate peace process in Afghanistan
March 6, 2021
Pentagon 'assessing systems' after TENS OF THOUSANDS of servers compromised in global Microsoft hack... blamed on 'Chinese hackers'
Pope Francis meets with Ayatollah Sistani in Iraq
Yemeni drones pound Saudi King Khalid Air Base for 3rd time in 24 hours
Eritrean forces killed 100s of civilians in Tigray 'rampage': HRW
Pakistan's PM wins vote of confidence amid calls for his resignation
Mogadishu attack leaves at least 10 dead, over 30 wounded
Pentagon 'assessing' systems after massive cyber intrusions
Al Jazeera
'History in the making' as Pope Francis meets Iraq's Shia leader
March 5, 2021
Duterte Harry: Philippines leader admits 'faults' including 'extrajudicial killings,' but says corruption isn't one of them
EU parliament SUSPENDS Brexit deal vote after accusing UK of violating Northern Ireland protocol - reports
Yemeni drones attack air base, airport in Saudi Arabia: Military
US, UK spy agencies snooping on Mideast via Red Sea cables: Study
Missile strikes hit oil refineries in northern Syria, killing one
March 4, 2021
Yemen fires missile at Saudi Aramco oil facility in Jeddah
UN: 38 killed in 'bloodiest day' of protests in Myanmar
Rights groups welcome ICC decision to probe Israeli war crimes
US 'firmly opposes' ICC probe of Israeli crimes against Palestinians
US hails plan by Germany to sail warship through South China Sea
Al Jazeera
Yemen's Houthi rebels claim missile attack on Saudi oil facility
German warship to cross South China Sea for first time since 2002
Pakistani PM to face confidence vote after Senate blow
March 3, 2021
Coalition airbase in Iraq struck by at least 10 rockets, US spokesman confirms, just days before Pope's historic visit
US civilian contractor dies following missile attack on coalition airbase in Iraq - Pentagon
As Biden bans export of defense articles to Russia, 'bewildered' Moscow reveals it hasn't received US weapons since WWII
Rockets hit US Ain al-Assad base in Iraq; two Americans dead
Yemeni forces launch drone strikes against Abha airport in Saudi Arabia
Germany to spy on far-right AfD party, reports say
Al Jazeera
UN: 38 killed in 'bloodiest day' since coup hit Myanmar
US warns of 'possible' plan to seize US Capitol on March 4
March 2, 2021
Morocco cuts all contacts with German Embassy
Tens of thousands march to support Tunisia's largest political party
Yemen warns: Saudi oil giant in crosshairs if Ma'rib oilfields attacked
US warship docks in Sudanese eastern port
Israel demolishes Palestinian house for 5th time
US floats idea of interim Afghan government with Taliban participation
China to release report on 'human rights abuses' in US
Al-Masdar News
Pentagon claims 1 'Iran-backed' fighter killed during east Syria strike
March 1, 2021
Iran 'clearly' behind Gulf of Oman ship explosions - Israeli PM Netanyahu
Duterte threatens to end military cooperation with US if he gets 'hard info' on nukes stored in Philippines
Myanmar military reportedly fire on anti-coup protesters a day after 18 killed on 'bloody Sunday'
Ex-French president Sarkozy sentenced to year in prison for corruption, plus 2 years suspended
'He'll be gone in the spring': Belarusian opposition figurehead Tikhanovskaya says Lukashenko will be removed from office in 2021
Latvia for the Latvians! Baltic nation's President says it will be true ethnic homeland by 2030, despite fact 1 in 4 are Russians
US inspector finds AT LEAST $2.4 billion 'wasted' on buildings in Afghanistan in 'clear pattern' of misuse and destruction
US touts patrol boats unwanted by its own Navy in $125 million package of 'lethal aid' to Ukraine
Two Ukrainian diplomats ARRESTED at border in Poland-bound minibus allegedly packed with cigarettes and gold
Armenians break into government building, pushing PM to resign
US wasted billions of dollars in Afghanistan, says watchdog
China warns US, Australia against interference in Hong Kong affairs
Al Jazeera
Chad opposition leader quits presidential race after shoot-out
Iran 'strongly rejects' Israeli accusation it attacked ship
February 28, 2021
Syrian air defenses repel 'Israeli aggression' over Damascus, intercept most of the missiles - state media
Healing bombs? CNN's love affair with airstrikes continues, as network gushes over Biden attack on Syria
Biden administration will NOT sanction Saudi Prince over Khashoggi killing, but will use 'more effective' tools - White House
'It's not about geopolitics, but human health': Czech PM signals country could use Russian Sputnik V vaccine without EU approval
Gorbachev warns of 'nuclear war' as US jets fly over Russian navy
US transfers new batch of Daesh terrorists to Syria's Dayr al-Zawr: SANA
Militia raids in eastern DR Congo kill 10 civilians: Army
Thai police clash with anti-govt. protesters in Bangkok
Armenia's president rebuffs PM order for dismissal of army chief
EU recalls envoy to Cuba over 'unacceptable' letter to Biden
Venezuela might break relations with Spain
Deadliest day as Myanmar police fire on protests
Indians are telling their 18 million-strong diaspora to keep out of their affairs
Al Jazeera
Syria says Israel attacked areas around southern Damascus
Saudi Arabia 'intercepts ballistic missile over Riyadh'
Israeli-owned vessel docked in Dubai after mysterious explosion
World condemns Myanmar crackdown as 18 peaceful protesters killed
Thai protesters, police clash near PM's residence
Dozens detained at Kazakhstan political prisoner protest
Chad opposition leader says several relatives killed in home raid
Turkey summons Iran envoy over remarks on Iraq operations
Iran rules out talks with US over nuclear deal
February 27, 2021
Owner of damaged Israeli ship close to Mossad chief: Reports
Saudi claims Yemeni ballistic missile launched against Riyadh
Yemen: 50 killed in battle for Ma'rib
Without evacuation, US would've lost 150 troops in Iran attack: Cmdr.
Mine blast kills 5 civilians in Syria's Hama
Tens of thousands march to support Tunisia's largest political party
China plans robust hike in military budget as US rivalry intensifies
Al Jazeera
Myanmar ramps up violent crackdown on anti-coup protesters
El Salvador elections: President Bukele set to gain more control
Libya parliament to discuss new unity gov't lineup on March 8
February 26, 2021
US bombs Iraq's anti-terror fighters on Biden's order
'Bad sign from Biden admin.': Syria slams fatal US raid on Iraq border
Roadside bombs hit US-led coalition trucks in Baghdad, central Iraq
Study: US involved in military ops in 85 countries in three years
Venezuela expels chief EU diplomat
China hits back at Netherlands over 'genocide' claim
Biden's first strike targets Iran-backed militias
Al Jazeera
Biden warns Iran to 'be careful' after US strike
Biden: 'We will stand with Ukraine' against Russia on Crimea
Nine soldiers killed in central Mali attack
Thousands of Algerian protesters march for second time this week
Al-Masdar News
US launches heavy attack on Kataib Hezbollah in eastern Syria
US believes it gave Russia enough notice before eastern Syria strikes
Iraqi FM makes first visit to Iran following US strikes on eastern Syria
Israeli cargo ship docks in Dubai after explosion in Gulf of Oman
Azerbaijani president urges Russia not to upgrade Armenia's armed forces
February 25, 2021
Armenian PM Pashinyan says army demand for his resignation amounts to 'attempted coup' & calls on supporters to rally in capital
As troop withdrawal nears, police say militias aim to blow up Capitol, 'kill as many members as possible' during Biden's SOTU
Roadside bombs hit US-led coalition trucks in Baghdad, central Iraq
UN urges Israel to immediately halt all demolitions in West Bank
EU urged to adopt Covid 'vaccine passports'
China declares victory in ending extreme poverty
Al Jazeera
Two dead, hundreds arrested in Niger's post-election violence
China denies asking US diplomats to undergo COVID anal tests
February 24, 2021
Violence in Kiev sees 27 cops injured as protesters come out against court decision to lock up far-right nationalist Sternenko
72 hours to leave: EU envoy to Venezuela told to pack her bags after Brussels brings new sanctions over elections & rights abuses
German cabinet okays extension of military presence in Afghanistan
Thousands protest detention of Georgia's opposition leader
Ghislaine Maxwell offers to give up British citizenship in desperate bid to secure bail
Facebook warned against making Zionism protected category
Nigerian militants kill 10 in new rocket attack
Al Jazeera
Niger opposition leader alleges election fraud, declares victory
February 23, 2021
Leaked docs reveal how news agency Reuters secretly serves as a tool for British influence across the world
Afghanistan saw violence against civilians rise despite peace negotiations - UN report
Turkey claims Greek fighter jets shot flare near its research vessel in Aegean Sea amid maritime zones dispute
Turkey accuses Greece of 'harassing' research ship in Aegean Sea
US think tank: UAE still an 'aggressor' in Yemen despite withdrawal claim
Bazoum wins landmark Niger election amid protests
Al Jazeera
Armenia protests: PM Pashinyan faces fresh calls to quit
Egypt, Qatar hold first meeting since ending Gulf row
Pakistan's Imran Khan on maiden Sri Lanka visit to boost ties
Mohamed Bazoum declared Niger's new president
February 22, 2021
Protesters rally in Algerian capital, marking rebirth of popular Hirak uprising that ousted President Bouteflika in 2019
Italian ambassador killed in attack on UN convoy in DR Congo
Rockets hit area near US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone
Drones, choppers patrol skies as US sets up new base in Iraq
Haitians take to streets to demand resignation of President Moise
Al Jazeera
Libya's powerful interior minister survives assassination attempt
February 21, 2021
Al-Qaeda affiliate planning 'simulated' chemical attack in Syria's Idlib, according to Russian military intelligence
US-backed SDF militants steal 140,000 barrels of Syrian oil per day: Report
Three killed, 20 injured as more bomb explosions rock Afghanistan
Taiwan scrambles jets after Chinese military exercises
'Australian spy planned to reveal Afghan war crimes data before mysterious death'
India and China pull back from disputed lake
February 20, 2021
Biden's White House 'working directly' with Big Tech to CENSOR content causing 'vaccine hesitancy' - Reuters
US base in Iraq hit with rockets, one injured: Reports
No decision yet on US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan: Pentagon
Armenian protesters demand resignation of prime minister
Equatorial Guinea to move embassy as Israel mounts Africa inroads
Al Jazeera
Thai PM survives no-confidence vote amid more planned protests
Al-Masdar News
Somalia: Heavy gunfire in capital amid election protests
February 19, 2021
NATO says to increase troops in Iraq eightfold
Israel quietly expanding secretive Dimona nuclear site: Satellite images
Fighting erupts in Mogadishu as Somali govt. seals off streets
Algerian president dissolves parliament amid protests
Al Jazeera
Taiwan deploys missiles after Chinese jets 'enter its air zone'
Israel and Syria conclude Russia-mediated prisoner swap
February 18, 2021
Leaked papers allege massive UK govt effort to co-opt Russian-language anti-Kremlin media & influencers to 'weaken Russian state'
Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv plan spy bases in Yemen
Roadside bomb hits US-led coalition trucks in central Iraq
Daesh confirms fighting alongside Saudi mercenaries in Yemen
Turkey planning wider cross border operation
Georgian prime minister resigns over plan to arrest opposition leader
Al Jazeera
Algeria: President Tebboune calls for dissolution of Parliament
Al-Masdar News
U.S., Israel building new system that can target missiles in space: reports
February 17, 2021
Tel Aviv targets Damascus, yet again
India joins Iran-Russia naval drill
Iran, Russia, Turkey resume Syria peace talks in Sochi
US warship sails near islands claimed by China
Al Jazeera
New Zealand troops to leave Afghanistan after 20-year deployment
Al-Masdar News
Israel destroys Bedouin village for the '183rd time'
February 16, 2021
Kamala Harris, not Joe Biden, makes some of the latest calls to world leaders, White House readouts reveal
E-mail reveals ex-FBI chief Comey signed FISA warrant despite KNOWING he couldn't verify Steele Dossier on Trump/Russia
Rocket attack in Erbil kills one, injures US trooper among others
Myanmar military denies coup, files extra charge against Suu Kyi
Iran urges Japan to release its assets, persuade US to lift bans
Al Jazeera
Chad deploys 1,200 troops to quell Sahel violence
Biden's first call to a Middle East leader will be to Netanyahu
Turkey investigates Dutch politician Wilders over Erdogan comment
February 15, 2021
Yemen launches fresh strikes on 2 Saudi airports
Roadside bomb hits US-led coalition's convoy south of Baghdad
Syrian air defenses thwart Israeli attack on Damascus
US supporting terrorists in Iraq, Turkey's Erdogan says
'US-led coalition building new base in Syria's northeast'
NATO will not withdraw from Afghanistan 'before time is right'
Iran, Russia preparing to launch drill in Indian Ocean Tuesday
Iran, Russia to stage joint naval drills in Oman Sea, north of Indian Ocean
Catalan pro-independence parties win majority in regional parliament
White Helmets plotting false flag op. in Syria: Russia
February 14, 2021
Swedish lawmaker calls for being tough on Germany over Berlin's commitment to Nord Stream 2 pipeline project
US hasn't done enough to 'limit' civilian deaths in Syria, Iraq: Report
US military brings weapons to base in Syria oil field: Report
Yemen launches fresh drone strikes against Saudi Arabia's Abha airport
Iran, Russia to hold 2nd naval drills in Indian Ocean: Commander
Plaid Cymru leader: Welsh independence movement catching up with Scotland
Polls open in Catalonia in test for pro-independence strength
Myanmar troops on the streets as internet cut off
Al Jazeera
Myanmar: Fear of crackdown as military deploys tanks, shots fired
Several killed in separatist attacks on DR Congo military camps
February 13, 2021
US building airport in oilfield in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr: Report
Yemenis target Saudi airport with Samad 3 drone
Western intel, Daesh chiefs meet to coordinate future plans: Sputnik
Car bomb explodes near Somali presidential palace
Biden administration seeks Julian Assange's extradition
Bahraini protesters stage rallies nationwide on eve of uprising anniversary
Cyprus police, protesters clash at rally against corruption, COVID-19 curbs
US must 'pay' if it wants military deal to stay: Philippines' Duterte
Al Jazeera
Several killed, injured in blasts and clashes across Afghanistan
Italy's Draghi sworn in as PM amid daunting challenges
Thai protesters scale monument, renew calls for royal reforms
Al-Masdar News
US sells over 1 million barrels of oil allegedly seized from Iranian tanker
Turkish-backed forces fight one another in northwestern Syria
February 12, 2021
Yemen hits Saudi airbase with new generation missile
Yemen launches drone attacks on Saudi military targets
Nearly 400K Yemeni children under five could starve to death in 2021: UN agencies
Russia threatens to cut ties with EU if hit with new sanctions
Russia calls on US to 'stop reckless saber-rattling' in Black Sea
Al Jazeera
Hundreds of thousands swell Myanmar protests against coup
February 11, 2021
Russian Navy joins major multinational AMAN-2021 drills in Pakistan, NATO countries also expected to attend
BBC World News banned from broadcasting in China, as London-Beijing media war heats up
Bomb attack targets US-coalition convoy near Iraq's capital
Three Turkish soldiers killed in northern Iraq
Al Jazeera
Five Afghan security force members killed in attack on UN convoy
France, Russia urge restraint as Iran produces uranium metal
February 10, 2021
Sputnik V prepares for EU launch: Russian Covid-19 vaccine clears 1st hurdle for roll-out as regulator EMA accepts application
Sudan Govt. announces cabinet reshuffle amid protests
Erdogan says two-state solution only option for divided Cyprus
Al Jazeera
Plane catches fire after Houthis attack Abha airport: Saudi TV
February 9, 2021
Trump's impeachment trial begins in Washington, DC
US to stay in Afghanistan beyond May
February 8, 2021
Coup attempt foiled in Haiti, president says, amid term dispute between him and opposition
Russian Air Force experts publish plan to neutralize NATO forces in all-out war with bombing strikes against key military targets
Myanmar police deploy water cannon as thousands continue protests against military coup
China arrests Australian journalist for 'illegally supplying state secrets overseas'
Yemen's Houthis in new push to capture Hadi's last stronghold in north
Myanmar military pledges new election as thousands join anti-coup protests
Myanmar declares martial law as pressure mounts on coup leaders
Al Jazeera
Germany, Poland, Sweden expel Russian diplomats in reciprocity
Somali opposition leaders 'no longer recognise president'
February 7, 2021
Myanmar sees largest protest in over a decade as supporters of ousted civilian leadership demand generals reverse coup
'Genie's out of the bottle': German FM pledges EUR 21 million to help Belarusian opposition in fight to remove embattled Lukashenko
Turkey aims to be among world's 10 biggest economies as Erdogan lures major investments
US convoy carrying logistic supplies targeted in Iraq's Babil
Bomb attack kills over a dozen troops in central Somalia
UAE hired US intelligence hackers to spy on 'enemies': NYT
Ecuadorans vote to choose between socialist and banker for president
February 6, 2021
STRATCOM chief claims nuclear war with Russia or China a 'REAL POSSIBILITY,' says US can't assume 'strategic deterrence will hold'
Israelis protest outside Netanyahu's Jerusalem residence
NATO joins space militarization race with new center
Chile party says US 'sponsor of state terrorism', blasts 'aggression'
UK steps up action against China as three alleged 'spies' are expelled
Al Jazeera
US warship sails near Chinese-controlled Paracel Islands
Protests erupt in Chad as Deby nominated to run for sixth term
February 5, 2021
Russia expels diplomats from Germany, Poland and Sweden for alleged participation in pro-Navalny protests
Turkey scolded as 'irresponsible NATO ally' after interior minister blames US for 2016 coup attempt
Nuclear war with China, Russia 'real possibility': US cmdr.
Opposition plans mass long march to Islamabad to topple govt.
Taliban attack kills 10 pro-government militiamen in Afghanistan
Israeli paper: 'Drones dropping like flies in enemy territory'
UN: Britain has no sovereignty over Chagos islands
Al Jazeera
Germany hails Biden's move to halt Trump-ordered troop cuts
UN-led Libya forum selects new interim government
In risky move, Ukraine's president bans pro-Russian media
Montenegro overturns coup verdict for two Russians, 11 others
Al-Masdar News
Sudanese army clashes with Ethiopian forces along disputed border
February 4, 2021
Biden ends US backing for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, but America will continue to 'help Riyadh against Iranian-supplied forces'
Syrian air defenses intercept Israeli missiles over Quneitra
'US expanding base in Iraq despite parliament call for forces withdrawal'
Bomb attacks target US-coalition convoys in Iraq's Babil, Basra provinces
'Loud explosions' rock Haifa in NW occupied territories
First US warship under Biden sails through Taiwan Strait
US behind 2016 failed coup in Turkey: Ankara
Al-Masdar News
Israel launches powerful attack on southern Syria
February 3, 2021
Canadian government designates 'Proud Boys' as terrorist group
US, Russia reach deal to extend nuclear arms treaty
Militants shoot dead Afghan judge in Jalalabad ambush
GOP lawmakers seek to remove Omar from committees over anti-Israel remarks
Myanmar's police file charges against Suu Kyi
Iran hails UN court's rebuff of US objections in sanctions case
South Korea finalizing talks with US to unblock Iran assets: Official
Al Jazeera
Afghan judge killed in Jalalabad, third court official in a month
Italy: Ex-ECB chief Draghi 'confident' he can form government
US moves carrier from Gulf in a sign of ebbing tensions with Iran
February 2, 2021
Myanmar's military holding lawmakers in 'open-air prison' after coup
Iran allows crew of seized South Korean tanker to leave
South Korea drops description of Japan as 'partner' in latest defense paper
Saudi forces attack protest against bin Salman's economic policies
Russia believes Navalny's poisoning case a 'sham'
Foreign Office maintains deafening silence on occupied Chagos Islands
February 1, 2021
Myanmar's military says it is taking control of the country for 1 year, declares state of emergency due to alleged election fraud
Germany rejects France's call to halt construction on Nord Stream 2 pipeline over Navalny detention
As EU falls behind on supplies of Covid-19 vaccines, German health minister entertains possibility of using Russia's Sputnik V
Myanmar's military takes control after detaining leaders
Suu Kyi urges Myanmar to 'resist' coup, army vows new elections
Myanmar's junta purges govt., names 11 new ministerial posts
Thai police scuffle with protesters at demonstration against Myanmar coup
NATO to keep forces in Afghanistan beyond May deadline: Report
US choppers transport Daesh terrorists in Afghanistan: Taliban
Senior Afghan official survives bomb attack in Kabul: Police
US forces kidnap three civilians in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr
Over 3,000 cluster bombs used by Saudi coalition in Yemen
Iran to begin imports of Russian vaccine this week: Official
Military coup in Myanmar as Suu Kyi detained
Al Jazeera
Rising tension as Ethiopia and Sudan deadlocked on border dispute
Kosovo establishes Israel ties, to open embassy in Jerusalem
Jared Kushner, Stacey Abrams nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
January 31, 2021
'There will be no full withdrawal': Troops to remain in Afghanistan past Trump-set deadline - report
Major blast rocks Somalia's capital Mogadishu, gunfire reported
Yemeni minister: Israel looting resources on Socotra island
US-led military convoy targeted in Iraq's Babil province
US military airlifts Daesh terrorists to Jurf al-Sakhr: Expert
US think tank lists UAE's 'troubling' activities in countries
Russia slams US 'gross interference' in its internal affairs over Navalny
Russian police arrest hundreds of pro-Navalny protesters
Al Jazeera
Car bombing hits Mogadishu hotel; al-Shabab fighters storm inside
January 30, 2021
Riot police crack down on anti-Global Security Bill protesters in Paris
US 'stealing, plundering' Syrian oil: Analyst
Biden's pick who said US 'owns' Syrian oil territory draws flak
FM: Kosovo, Israel to establish diplomatic ties on Feb. 1
Lebanese leaders condemn violent protests in Tripoli
Al Jazeera
Myanmar's newly elected parliament set to meet amid coup threats
Eight Afghan security personnel killed in Taliban attack
France's Le Pen, at record high in a poll, proposes hijab ban
January 29, 2021
A done deal: Following agreement with Biden, law extending New START nuclear treaty with US for 5 years signed into law by Putin
'This issue is not on the agenda': Kremlin rejects suggestions that Ukraine's breakaway Donbass should be integrated into Russia
France SHUTS borders to ALL TRAVEL to and from non-EU countries in push to control Covid spread
Pentagon says will not commit to Afghanistan pullout obligation
CAR conflict displaced over 200,000 in two months: UN
Bomb explodes outside Israel embassy in India on anniv. of establishment of ties
Italy blocks arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE over Yemen crimes
Saudi Arabia hires 16 lobbying firms to restore its US influence
UK scheme to offer citizenship to Hong Kongers angers China
Al Jazeera
China warns Taiwan independence 'means war'
Italy permanently halts arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE
DR Congo PM Ilunga resigns after no-confidence vote
China will 'no longer recognise' UK passport for Hong Kong people
Al-Masdar News
Governor of southern Syria town assassinated by unknown assailants
Situation in southern Syria deteriorates amid escalation of violence
January 28, 2021
NATO Secretary General sounds alarm over 'Russian aggression' in bid to encourage members to spend more on defense
Obamacare is back: Biden signs executive orders on healthcare, reinstates abortion funding
Russia, US agree to extend nuclear arms treaty for five years
China warns Taiwan: Independence means war
Yemeni families seek justice for 34 deaths in US drone strikes
DR Congo parliament votes to remove PM in win for president
US domestic terrorism alert warns of politically-motivated violence after Capitol attack
Iran, Russia, Turkey reaffirm commitment to Syria sovereignty
US establishing new military base in Syria: Report
Johnson trying to stem support for another Scottish referendum
Tunisian parliament reshuffled after violent protests
Al-Masdar News
Heavy clashes continue between Lebanese security forces and protesters in Tripoli
January 27, 2021
US put on 'heightened terrorist threat' alert through APRIL, DHS cites concerns over politically 'frustrated' Americans
US eases ban on security investments that finance Chinese military companies
US-led coalition military convoy targeted near Iraq's Samarra
US nuclear-capable bomber flies over MidEast
Iraqi MPs outraged by US decision to review troop drawdown
US plans to seize tanker it thinks came from Iran: Report
Armenia's territorial integrity is Iran's red line, Zarif says
World in status reminiscent of pre-World War II time, Putin warns
China 'concerned' about seizure of oil tankers by Indonesia
Al Jazeera
Eritrean forces should leave Ethiopia's Tigray immediately: US
US flies B-52 bombers over Middle East for third time this year
DR Congo parliament votes to remove Prime Minister Ilunga
Al-Masdar News
Iranian army spokesman threatens to 'destroy' Tel Aviv if Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities
Iran vows to pursue German companies responsible for arming Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons
January 26, 2021
Putin submits bill to ratify 5-year extension of New START as last-minute deal with US is expected to rescue nuclear treaty
India set to greenlight Russia's Sputnik V vaccine 'in next few weeks' for local use & export, country's ambassador tells RT
Powerful explosion shakes Riyadh
US expanding military reach in Saudi Arabia amid tensions with Iran
Italian PM Conte resigns amid deepening political crisis
Canada parl. asks govt. to designate pro-Trump US militia as terrorist entity
Scottish, Irish calls for independence gather momentum
Al Jazeera
Biden speaks to Putin for first time since taking office
US Senate confirms Blinken as Biden's secretary of state
Israel hails first official visit to Sudan as relations begin
Iran approves Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine
Al-Masdar News
Heavy Israeli military movements along Lebanese border: NNA
Israeli warplanes roam Lebanon's airspace at medium altitude
Turkey launches major operations near Syrian border
Azerbaijan summons Russian ambassador over lawmaker's comments to Armenian media
January 25, 2021
EU drops backing for Guaido as Venezuela interim president, Biden renews US support
Italian PM Conte to resign in bid to form new coalition government - cabinet office
Facebook BLOCKS Israeli PM Netanyahu's chatbot over 'offending post'
'Hall monitors' for social media? Twitter launches new 'Birdwatch' program, enlisting users to help hunt down 'misleading' speech
India, China troops clash at disputed border, injuries on both sides
Six soldiers killed in militant attacks in central Mali
Israel's F-35 fighter jets violate Lebanese airspace in south
Turkey, Greece hold first round of exploratory talks since 2016
Italian PM to resign amid pandemic and political turmoil
Al Jazeera
Central African Republic gov't says forces killed 44 rebels
Iran seeks clarification from Indonesia on seizure of its tanker
Colombia's FARC adopts new name as it rebrands itself
Nepal's caretaker PM removed from governing Communist party
Al-Masdar News
Sudanese army launches counter-attack against Ethiopian forces along border region
January 24, 2021
'Absolute meddling': Kremlin condemns US embassy's support for unauthorized rallies, Foreign Ministry demands explanation
Netanyahu to dispatch Mossad chief to meet Biden & outline Israel's demands for Iran nuclear deal overhaul - reports
National Guard to remain in Washington, DC until MARCH to provide security for impeachment trial - report
In outright defiance of UK PM, Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon's party promises second independence referendum after pandemic
Halting Nord Stream 2 construction may result in legal battle, German minister warns
Widespread arrests & dozens of police injured in pro-Navalny protests in Russia as organizers say MORE TO COME next weekend
Rand Paul refuses to accept US election results
Indonesia seizes Iranian, Panamanian oil tankers, claims illegal oil transfer
US embassy in Moscow interferes in Russia's affairs: Spokesman
Another explosion strikes Iraqi capital: Report
Iraqi group claims responsibility for aerial attack on Riyadh
Russia says monitoring US destroyer's movement in Black Sea
'Biden has unwavering commitment to Israel's security'
Israeli forces kidnap Palestinian teenager as troops storm school in West Bank
DUP leader displays deep anxiety about prospect of border poll
Violence in Sudan's Darfur killed 250, displaced 100,000
Trump floats his own 'Patriot Party' as revenge against GOP
Maduro slams 'terrorist attack' on Venezuelan gas pipeline
US sends carrier to South China Sea after Beijing's fire order
US to deploy Israel's Iron Dome missiles to Persian Gulf bases
Senate Republican threatens impeachments of past Democratic presidents
US, Japan pledge to strengthen military ties against China
Pirates attack Turkish ship in Nigeria; kill sailor, kidnap 15
Russia hits out at West as it downplays protests
Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese war jets
Rioter charged with threatening to assassinate Ocasio-Cortez
Al Jazeera
Six Malian soldiers killed in 'complex and simultaneous' attacks
Russia arrests thousands amid unprecedented pro-Navalny protests
US support for Taiwan 'rock-solid' as China again sends warplanes
Protests against brutality, inequality continue in Tunisia
Portugal President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa re-elected: Exit poll
Kuwait's emir reappoints PM to form new cabinet
Sturgeon says 'the polls now show that a majority of people in Scotland want independence'
Scottish leader promises to hold 'legal' independence vote
January 23, 2021
Widespread arrests & dozens of police injured in pro-Navalny protests in Russia as organizers say MORE TO COME next weekend
US stealing Syrian oil and sending to Israel: Ex-US diplomat
Iraqi group says Saudi, UAE behind Baghdad blasts, warns of action
Riyadh intercepts 'hostile air target'
At least 11 PMU fighters killed in Daesh ambush north of Baghdad
Ugandan peacekeepers kill 189 al-Shabab militants in Somalia
Three killed after bomb blast hits US Hummer in Syria
Biden aide: US to review Afghanistan deal on withdrawal of troops
'Iran in no rush to fill Turkey's trade void in Armenia'
Pakistanis hold massive rally against ties with Israel
Biden orders review of 'domestic violent extremism' threat
'Thousands detained' at Navalny protests in Russia
Navalny's wife held as protests sweep across Russia
Al Jazeera
Taiwan reports large incursion by China's air force
Blast heard in Riyadh as Saudi Arabia intercepts 'hostile target'
In Lebanon, Israeli warplanes terrify a traumatised population
DR Congo lawmakers file motion of no confidence in PM Ilunga
January 22, 2021
Top Russian politicians say New START nuclear deal with US can be saved despite ticking clock, after Biden asks for extension
In defiance of Brussels, EU member Hungary signs deal to buy 2mn doses of Russia's pioneering Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine
Big Brother meets Big Tech: Memo reveals military spies can just BUY personal data with tax money - no need for warrant
Senate confirms Lloyd Austin as new defense secretary, first black person in US history to head the Pentagon
Convoys of US-led coalition targeted in Iraq
Syrian air defense thwarts Israeli aggression, destroys missiles
Kata'ib blames Saudi, US, Israel for Baghdad blasts, warns bin Salman
Iraq pledges 'earth-shattering response' after Baghdad blasts
EU lawmakers urge halt of pipeline, review of Russia ties
Trump impeachment article being sent to Senate on Monday
India to send team for S-400 training in Russia despite US threats
Two million internally displaced by Sahel violence: UN
As Biden takes office, South Korea pushes for peace with North
Syria writes to UN on Israel air raids, stresses right to self-defense
Parler loses bid to require Amazon to restore service
Iran's leader threatens to attack golfing Trump
Al Jazeera
Israeli missiles strike Syria's Hama killing four civilians: SANA
ISIL claims Baghdad suicide bombings that killed 32
China authorises coast guard to fire on foreign vessels if needed
Thousands in Nepal protest against dissolution of Parliament
Al-Masdar News
Israeli warplanes strike western Syria from Lebanese territory
January 21, 2021
'QAnon Congresswoman' files articles of impeachment against US President Joe Biden as 'unfit & threat to national security'
Hungary becomes first EU state to approve Russia's Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19, as UAE also grants authorization for jab
Biden aims at 5-year extension of New START nuclear treaty... while seeking to demonize Russia for 'hacking, meddling & bounties'
In non-binding resolution, EU parliament calls for new anti-Russia sanctions that would stop Nord Stream 2 over Navalny's arrest
Not required to host 'incendiary speech': Judge REJECTS Parler's lawsuit to restore Amazon service
Dozens killed, injured in twin bombing in central Baghdad
'US military transfers hundreds of troops from Iraq to NE Syria'
Roadside bombs hit US convoys in southern Iraq
Terror groups get US cover for attacks in Syria: Damascus
France pressed to investigate its massacre in Mali
Iran strongly condemns Baghdad bombings as death toll exceeds 30
US Navy Sex Trafficking in Bahrain
UN suspends humanitarian funds to Venezuela
Google threatens to pull search engine in Australia
Al Jazeera
Twin suicide bombings hit heart of Iraqi capital, 32 killed
CAR announces state of emergency after armed attacks
Democratic Party takes majority control of US Senate
Biden moves to have US rejoin Paris Accord, halt Arctic leasing
Amazon offers to help Biden speed delivery of COVID vaccines
Al-Masdar News
Death toll from twin suicide bombings in Baghdad rises to 35
US logistical convoy allegedly comes under attack in southern Iraq
Russian Air Force launches powerful strikes over central and northwestern Syria
Russian reinforcements and heavy equipment head to Turkish frontlines in northeast Syria
Turkish army and allied forces strike several areas across northern Syria
Ethiopia accuses 'third party' of pushing Sudan to war
Syria demands 'immediate and unconditional US withdrawal' from country
January 20, 2021
Serbian lawyers to file first lawsuits against NATO over use of depleted uranium munitions in 1999
Ghislaine Maxwell's Epstein court hearing HACKED by 14,000 QAnon followers
Israeli tanks attack Gaza after alleged rocket fire
Sudan deploys troops to Darfur to contain tribal violence
Italy's government survives crucial senate confidence vote
Egypt, Qatar agree to resume diplomatic relations after three years
Joe Biden replaces Trump as president
Al-Masdar News
Sen. Rand Paul challenges new Sec. of State over regime change in Syria
Turkish army launches new offensive near Syrian border
Serbia filing lawsuit against NATO for 1999 bombing
January 19, 2021
Foes on the ground, but friends in space: American astronauts on ISS give their food to Russian cosmonauts after supplies run out
DC mayor calls to TERMINATE National Guardsmen with 'conflicting views' before inauguration, requests machine guns for security
US fighting alongside Daesh, al-Qaeda against Yemen: Official
Azerbaijan says lost 2,855 troops in Nagorno-Karabakh war
'US military's Apache helicopter crashes in northeastern Syria'
Germany regrets US plan to ban Russian vessel over Nord Stream 2 project
Iran, Turkey sign accords for Pakistan, China railway link
Labour Party recruits former Israeli 'spy'
Uganda slams US meddling after envoy's bid to visit defeated opposition figure
Qatar urges Persian Gulf states to start talks with Iran, end rift
Tunisians press on with protests against poverty, high cost of living
Moderna says allergic reactions to COVID vaccine under investigation
Thai woman jailed for 43 years over monarchy posts
Al Jazeera
Russia's Gazprom says Nord Stream 2 at risk after US sanctions
Tense calm in Darfur as troops deployed after clashes kill 155
Uganda accuses US of 'subversion' after envoy tries to visit Bobi Wine
Iran holds fifth military drill in two weeks amid tension with US
Parler moves to hosting service owned by Russians after ban
Turkey slaps advertising ban on Twitter with new social media law
Al-Masdar News
Turkish army continues relentless attack on northern Syria
Last heir to Ottoman Empire passes away in Damascus
Syria accuses US of transferring 70 ISIS terrorists from Hasakah prison to Al-Tanf base
Iran carries out first ever airborne offensive maneuver
Iran launches large-scale military exercise during Trump's last day in office
January 18, 2021
Who else to blame? Capitol Hill rioter stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop for THE RUSSIANS, ex-partner claims
Russia sends more troops to Hasakah after US deployment
South Korea moves warship from key strait to mollify Iran: Yonhap
Israel launches air raids on besieged Gaza Strip
Scores of arrests as violent protests engulf Tunisia for 2nd day
Protesters, police scuffle at anti-Netanyahu demo
Casualties reported as airstrikes hit Iraqi forces' positions in Babil
US transports imprisoned Daesh terrorists to Jordan border: Report
Israel to demolish more Palestinian schools, mosques
Russia expels two Dutch diplomats in tit-for-tat move
World on brink of catastrophic moral failure - WHO
Hundreds arrested as Tunisia protests continue
Al Jazeera
Clashes between rival groups in South Darfur leave 55 dead
FBI probes whether woman stole Pelosi's laptop to sell to Russia
Al-Masdar News
Israeli F-15 jet spotted over Lebanese airspace in new violation of sovereignty
Russia calls on Israel to provide evidence of threat from Syria
Sudan demands Ethiopia withdraw its forces from 'occupied territories' and halt military buildup
Turkish forces intensify attacks in northern Syria as 1 million people lose water
US helicopter forced to make hard landing in northeast Syria
US completes its troop withdrawal in Somalia
January 17, 2021
Belarus risks angering US over order of advanced Russian S-400 missile system that has sparked worries for NATO warplanes
'Absolute nonsense': Iranian FM rejects French claim that Tehran is building up nuclear weapons capacity
Russian opposition figure Navalny detained at passport control after returning to Moscow following almost five months in Germany
Over 80 people killed in militia attack on Sudan's West Darfur region
US-led military convoy enters northeastern Syria from Iraq: Report
UN peacekeepers retake Central African city from rebels
Tunisian PM announces major reshuffle as public anger, protests grip nation
UAE, Israel to partake in military drills in Greece for first time
'Israel approves 780 new illegal settler units in occupied West Bank'
Al Jazeera
Tunisia arrests dozens as protests break out for second night
Al-Masdar News
Helicopter hits Russian vehicle in Saudi Arabia
January 16, 2021
Banker Benjamin de Rothschild, owner of the Edmond de Rothschild Group, dies aged 57 - family to media
'America is back': Biden fills State Department slots with more Obama vets, including Ukraine 'coup plotter' Victoria Nuland
Germany's ruling party picks centrist Armin Laschet as its new leader
Belarus risks angering US over order of advanced Russian S-400 missile system that has sparked worries for NATO warplanes
EU wants to shield itself from US sanctions & cut dependence on dollar - reports
'As if it was Baghdad': US Secret Service creates fortified 'Capitol Green Zone' ahead of inauguration
Iran missiles land within 100 miles of Nimitz: Fox News
Trump orders CENTCOM to cover Israel
Saudi-led coalition airstrikes target Yemeni fishermen
US slaps sanctions on China, Cuba
US warns India against S-400 purchase deal with Russia: Report
Trump loyalists planned to 'assassinate' officials at Capitol
Thousands protest COVID restrictions in Vienna
Takfiri terrorists hit Nigeria army base in Borno, take control
Russia: Iran is 'victim of terrorism', among 'pioneers' in fight against terror
Tunisian protesters, security forces clash after police beating of shepherd
Uganda's Museveni wins election opponents claim is rigged
All 50 US states on alert for armed protests
Al Jazeera
Laschet succeeds Merkel as German CDU party leader
UN peacekeeper killed, two others wounded in CAR ambush
Dutch PM Rutte and his government quit over child welfare scandal
Museveni, one-time critic of clinging to power, wins sixth term
Tunisian PM appoints new ministers in cabinet reshuffle
Saudi Arabia to reopen Qatar embassy in coming days
Insider attack: A dozen Afghan militiamen killed by colleagues
'Dear Tayyip': Erdogan, Macron exchange letters
Spain's Juan Carlos accused of threatening ex-lover's life
US now says no direct evidence of 'kill capture teams' at Capitol
Al-Masdar News
Iranian missiles land near US warships in Indian Ocean: media
ISIS-linked group seizes military base in northeast Nigeria: report
Over 50 fighters killed in battle for key city in northern Yemen
Sudan demands Ethiopia to withdraw from 2 border areas amid increased tensions
Rare move: US and Russia agree to reopen important crossing in eastern Syria
January 15, 2021
North Korea unveils 'world's most powerful weapon' at military parade to mark 1st party congress in 5 years
With no sign of US returning to fold, Russia is preparing to withdraw from 'Open Skies' treaty - Foreign Ministry
Saudi warplanes bomb Sana'a airport, 20 other targets in Yemen
US transfers Daesh prisoners to Iraqi-Syrian border: Report
46 killed in suspected Daesh-related attack in eastern DR Congo
Nine Afghan forces killed in Taliban attacks: Officials
US troops level in Afghanistan hits 19-year low: Trump
Greece to purchase advanced French jets amid tensions with Turkey
Russia preparing to leave Open Skies Treaty after US exit
Israeli military jeep runs over, injures Palestinian child in West Bank
Pelosi seeks criminal charges for lawmakers complicit in riots
Belgian king's car hit by projectiles during unrest in Brussels
Colombia closes land, river borders over virus fears
Uganda president in clear lead as rival cries foul
Zero Hedge
Trump Declassifies 'Foot-High' Stack Of Russiagate, Obamagate Documents; Set For Release Within Days
Al Jazeera
Four Pakistani soldiers killed in separate clashes
Al-Masdar News
Jordanian army thwarts infiltration attempt into Syria
Tripartite alliance? Azerbaijan seeks military exercises with Pakistan and Turkey
Russian-made MiG-29 jets spotted near front-lines of Turkish-backed forces in Libya
EU sanctions new Syrian Foreign Minister
Pompeo gives US credit for defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq
January 14, 2021
Red Cross fears US adding Yemen's Houthis to terrorist list will have 'chilling effect' on humanitarian aid
China says 'George Floyd cannot even breathe freely' as it blasts US over Uighur Muslims forced labor claims
'Correction of the day': CNN says congressman fled office with CROWBAR amid Capitol riot, clarifies it was actually an energy bar
Four UN peacekeepers killed, five injured in Mali attack
Turkey says no going back on S-400 deal with Russia
20,000 US troops to deploy for Biden's inauguration as FBI warns of 'extremist violence'
Syria: US claim of Iran, al-Qaeda link American hallucination
Belgian king's car hit by projectiles during unrest in Brussels
Al Jazeera
As coalition breaks down, Italian PM battles to keep gov't afloat
Vote count under way in Uganda after hotly contested election
Five civilians killed in Algeria roadside bomb blast
'Irresponsible': Bangladesh slams Pompeo's al-Qaeda attacks claim
Venezuela mulls letting private firms operate state oil fields
China possibly committed 'genocide' against Xinjiang Muslims
'It could be never': Parler CEO says social app may not return
Al-Masdar News
Iran reveals new military step in coordination with Turkey
US sanctions Iranian pharmaceutical company that produced Coronavirus vaccine
January 13, 2021
Latvia wants to criminalize any contact with Moscow, activist prosecuted for penning articles for Russian media outlets tells RT
Interventionist Samantha Power is latest pick to serve in Joe Biden administration as USAID head
US threatens sanctions against European firms working on Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline
Congressman says House is considering EXPELLING or CENSURING pro-Trump members who back election fraud 'conspiracy theories'
Outside Netanyahu's house, Israelis push for his resignation
Israel launches fresh airstrikes on Syria
US official: Israel carried out Syria strikes using American intelligence
Ethiopia warns Sudan against igniting war at disputed border region
Estonian government collapses over massive corruption probe
Venezuela's Maduro rejects ICJ ruling on Essequibo territory
Iran rejects Pompeo's preposterous claims of al-Qaeda ties
Iran: US blacklisting of Ansarullah will stifle Yemen political solution
Chinese-Iranian bitcoin farm switched off amid blackouts
EU decries US blacklisting of Yemen's Houthis
Trump impeached again
Trump's manhood at issue here: Kelly
NYC terminates all contracts with Trump company
Several House Republicans join Democrats' bid to impeach Trump
US state Capitols brace for armed protests
Troops keep watch at Capitol, one week after riots
Trump impeached for 'inciting' US Capitol riot
New York City moves to end contracts with Trump Organization
Al Jazeera
Israel carries out air raids in Syria killing 57: War monitor
Over 80 civilians killed in latest west Ethiopia attack
US unveils plans to counter China's rise in Asia
Pompeo says al-Qaeda's 'new home base' is Iran, with no evidence
Tigray: Ethiopian army kills ex-Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin
Sudan says Ethiopian military plane crossed its border
Ethiopia warns Sudan over military build-up amid border tensions
Oldest son of Oman's sultan becomes country's first crown prince
Putin critic Navalny plans to fly home to Russia on Sunday
Malawi declares state of disaster as two ministers die of COVID-19
Mexico moves to create world's largest legal cannabis market
US House impeaches Trump for 'incitement to insurrection'
Republican support for Trump impeachment grows after Capitol riot
Top US generals condemn Capitol assault in rare message to troops
US House votes to urge Pence to use 25th Amendment against Trump
US vice president rejects use of 25th Amendment to remove Trump
January 12, 2021
Pompeo claims Al-Qaeda has new home base in Iran, but doesn't provide evidence
PBS lawyer fired after championing 'REEDUCATION CAMPS' for children of Trump supporters in latest Project Veritas sting
CNN says it will NOT carry Trump's speech live from Texas, calls on 'responsible networks' to censor the president
Facebook reinstates Press TV page with 4 million subscribers, hours after mysterious 'FINAL' deletion
Zionist US casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson dies
'Pompeo meets with Mossad chief ahead of anti-Iran speech'
India says trust with China deeply impaired after border flare-up
Kuwait's cabinet members resign en masse
2 female officers killed in Afghanistan as Taliban talks show no progress
US military continuing Afghan troop withdrawal despite new law
US mission hosts Taiwan envoy in Netherlands after curbs on ties lifted
"Designating Ansarullah as 'terrorist' meant to justify Saudi aggression"
Iran, South Korea should not allow US to harm growing ties: MP
Armed protests to hit 50 US states: FBI bulletin
Stay away from US capital Jan. 20: Washington leaders
Facebook briefly shuts down Press TV's page
Amazon and Facebook staff warned of threats to safety
Israel isn't a democracy, it's an 'apartheid regime,' rights group says
Exclusive: Luxembourg, EU snub Pompeo in final Europe trip, diplomats say
Al Jazeera
Sheldon Adelson, conservative megadonor and casino magnate, dies
Pompeo says al-Qaeda's 'new home base' is Iran, with no evidence
'This is apartheid': Rights group slams Israeli rule
India says China ties 'profoundly disturbed', on upswing with US
Trump re-designates Cuba as 'state sponsor of terrorism'
Ethiopia warns Sudan over military build-up amid border tensions
Uganda's Museveni says social media shut down ahead of tense vote
Softened stance: Erdogan promises to put EU ties 'back on track'
Al-Masdar News
Israeli warplanes fly over Beirut for 2nd time in 4 days
No surprise: Pompeo accuses Iran of harboring Al-Qaeda
Iran begins 'major missile exercises' in Persian Gulf
Seized South Korean tanker was 'slap in face' for withholding Iranian money: report
Cuba joins Iran and Syria on US state sponsor of terrorism list
Iran reveals it exports heavy water to 8 countries
January 11, 2021
In first meeting since bloody 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, Putin brings together leaders of Armenia & Azerbaijan for Moscow talks
William Burns, ex-envoy to Russia who accused Putin of using judo-like tactics to 'sow chaos' in US, named as Biden's CIA director
Netanyahu orders govt to advance construction of 800 homes for Jewish settlers in West Bank
Ukrainian neo-Nazi 'thought leader' fired from prestigious Vienna fellowship as outcry over far-right links goes viral
FBI bulletin claims threat of 'armed protests' and 'huge uprising' if Trump is removed - reports
House impeachment resolution accuses Trump of 'incitement of insurrection'
Merkel says Trump Twitter ban 'problematic' due to 'fundamental right' to freedom of opinion - spokesperson
US to designate Yemen's Ansarallah as 'terrorist' group
'Two-thirds of Yemenis lack access to safe water'
Ethiopia says TPLF members killed, captured in fresh Tigray operation
Pyongyang residents watch news as Kim elected general secretary
China threatens 'counterstrike' against US move over Taiwan
Taiwan unveils new passport in latest provocation aimed at China
US troops recall misery under Iran's missile attack on Aid al-Assad
Netanyahu to appear in court as corruption trial resumes in February
BDS movement urges continuation of boycott against Israel in 2021
Hamas warns of Israeli scheme against Dome of Rock
Mauritanian opposition seeks to criminalize normalization with Israel
After Arab-Israeli normalization, Al-Aqsa is in danger of destruction
Yemen: France silent on secret UAE prison
Families of Iran's assassinated nuclear scientists sue US over Israel support
South Korea should unfreeze Iran's assets at earliest: Zarif
'Iran won't let South Korea play tricks on frozen funds'
Pakistan PM: Iran capable of becoming regional economic power
Turkish government urges citizens to abandon WhatsApp
Pelosi to give Pence 24 hrs to invoke 25th amendment
Facebook shuts Uganda government-linked accounts
Al Jazeera
Ethiopia says it killed 15 Tigray forces, captured 8
India says PLA soldier caught in Ladakh handed back to China
Nepal: Pro-monarchy protesters clash with police in Kathmandu
Policeman killed, dozens injured in southern Iraq clashes
Afghanistan probes Nimroz air raid that killed civilians
Facebook shuts down Ugandan accounts ahead of general elections
Conservative website Parler forced offline
Turkey says maritime talks with Greece to resume on January 25
'Toothless tiger': Impeachment could bar Trump from future office
Al-Masdar News
'We will not hesitate to declare jihad against Israel': Houthis
IRGC naval commander says Iran is in 'full control' of Persian Gulf region
US trucks loaded with stolen grain head to Iraq: SANA
Egyptian military receives new stealth weapon
January 10, 2021
US shelling in Dayr al-Zawr kills Syrian child, injures mother: SANA
'Afghanistan war killed 98 Americans, 40,000 Afghans in 5 years'
Afghanistan probes claims of civilian deaths in anti-Taliban strike
US Intel community expands with Space Force unit
China confirms India's apprehension of border guard, calls for swift return
US escalates China tensions by lifting Taiwan restrictions
Kyrgyz nationalist wins landslide victory in presidential poll
Al Jazeera
Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt talks on mega-dam break down, again
Al-Madar News
US military reinforcements enter Syria with heavy weapons and tanks
Houthi forces threaten to strike 'sensitive targets in Israel'
January 9, 2021
France sends warplanes to Central African Republic
Iranian ship arrives at Venezuelan port in defiance of US sanctions
Suicide bombing, gun attack in Cameroon kill 13: UN
India to go ahead with purchase of S-400 system despite US sanctions threat
Saudi Arabia, US wrap up war games in Persian Gulf region
Al Jazeera
India apprehends Chinese soldier at disputed Ladakh border region
Al-Madar News
Azerbaijan denies reports of Turkey building 3 airbases inside country
January 8, 2021
Republican Senator David Perdue concedes vital Georgia election to Democrat Jon Ossoff, giving Dems Senate control
French drone strike in Mali kills 19 civilians at wedding event
Over 30,000 flee CAR over election violence: UN
Qatar to maintain ties with Iran, Turkey despite Saudi reconciliation
Algerian MPs seek to criminalize promoting normalization with Israel
North Korea's Kim vows to expand overseas relations
US diplomats draft memo calling on Pompeo to denounce Trump
Al Jazeera
Children among civilians killed in northern Cameroon attack
After unrest, Kyrgyzstan heads to presidential vote
Al-Masdar News
Israeli warplanes intensify air operations along Syrian-Lebanese border
Israel deploys Iron Dome system in preparation for possible Houthi attack: report
Large US Coalition convoy enters in northeastern Syria
US deploys B-52 bombers to Persian Gulf in another strong message to Iran
'Our missiles can now shoot down US planes': Iranian Supreme Leader
Iran: 'We dealt a slap to the US that has not happened since World War II'
Erdogan mocks US unrest 'in so-called cradle of democracy'
Siege of Qatar ends as UAE, Saudi Arabia reopen land, sea and air routes
January 7, 2021
Congress confirms Joe Biden as president-elect after Trump supporters stormed US Capitol building
US cabinet discusses Trump's removal as four killed in Capitol riot
Los Angeles police clash with pro-Trump rioters in 'unlawful assembly'
Syrian air defenses thwart Israeli aggression: SANA
Al-Madar News
Israel launches first attack on Syria in 2021
Azerbaijani President threatens Armenia with 'iron fist'
January 6, 2021
US Congress goes into LOCKDOWN as pro-Trump protesters storm Capitol
Trump supporters in ARMED STANDOFF with police inside US Capitol as offices evacuated & lawmakers told to don gas masks - reports
Victoria 'F**k the EU' Nuland to make a comeback in Biden's cabinet - media
Ukrainian nationalists launch anti-Semitic attacks on Israeli envoy after he condemns march to honor Nazi collaborator Bandera
Julian Assange denied bail by the Old Bailey
Pence won't interfere in election count despite pressure from Trump
Democrats take control of US Senate with Georgia wins
Iran says has serious evidence of Israeli role in scientist assassination
IRGC says US adventurism led to Ukrainian plane crash, vows revenge
Massive hack of US systems likely originated in Russia: Security agencies
After eight years of Mali campaign, France seeks exit strategy
Al Jazeera
At least 22 civilians killed in rebel attack in eastern DRC
Witnesses say 20 killed in air strike in central Mali
Sudan signs deal to normalise relations with Israel
January 5, 2021
'If there is any hostage taking, it is Seoul': Iranian govt demands $7bn returned after seizing South Korean tanker
Cold War-era Russian nuclear trains could be on track to make return, expert says, sparking fresh fears of confrontation with US
Iran asks Interpol to help arrest Trump and 47 other US officials over 2020 killing of General Soleimani - judiciary spokesman
South Korea to dispatch delegation to Iran over seized tanker
Republicans vow to block electoral college vote count
Iraq sues US for disastrous uranium bombings
Al Jazeera
Saudi Arabia, allies restore full ties with Qatar: Saudi FM
Al-Qaeda branch claims killings of French soldiers in Mali
Central African Republic President Touadera re-elected
Large US airlines back global COVID-testing requirements: Report
January 4, 2021
Assange WON'T be extradited to US on spying charges in shock decision at London's Old Bailey
'We'll give him protection': Mexican president promises asylum for Julian Assange
Iran's Revolutionary Guards seize South Korean-flagged tanker for 'oil pollution' in Persian Gulf
Seoul dispatches anti-piracy unit to Persian Gulf after South Korean-flagged tanker seized by Iran
Not even a 'highly likely'? Cybersecurity group admits SolarWinds hack came FROM WITHIN THE US, but doubles down on blaming Russia
UK court blocks Assange extradition to US, citing 'suicide fears'
'Yemen launched 253 retaliatory missile strikes against Saudi forces in 2020'
Israel demolished 729 Palestinian buildings in 2020: Report
Saudi Arabia and Qatar agree to reopen airspace and maritime borders
Al-Masdar News
Satellite images reveal IRGC warships near Strait of Hormuz as US aircraft carrier remains in Persian Gulf
Iraqi Navy foils potential attack on its only port
January 3, 2021
Border row reignites between Estonia & Russia as Baltic country's top MP reopens WW2 territorial claims, ignoring NATO objections
Militants kill hundred in simultaneous attacks on two Niger villages
Rebels seize city in CAR weeks after alleged coup attempt
Two French soldiers killed during operation in Mali
Russia will soon test Sarmat ICBM capable of beating any defenses
Al-Madar News
Powerful explosion hits Saudi HQ in southern Yemen: report
January 2, 2021
'Beware of trap': Iranian FM warns Trump 'Israeli agents' are preparing 'attacks' on US forces in Iraq to spark war against Tehran
'Naval BOMB' prone to 'sudden explosion' found on hull of Iraqi tanker as Iran warns US may use false-flag attack to start war
Launch voter fraud commission or we won't certify election results, Ted Cruz & 10 other Republican senators say
US court tosses lawsuit by Republicans to give Pence 'sole discretion' to decide which electoral votes to count on January 6
Over 70 civilians killed in militant attacks in Niger
Qatar asks UN to stop violation of its territorial waters by Bahrain
Israel security companies hacked, Iran blamed
China sees 'no limit' in developing strategic ties with Russia in 2021
Al Jazeera
DR Congo army says lost two soldiers, killed 14 ADF fighters
Ethiopian troops killed dozens following musician murder: Report
January 1, 2021
Senate votes to override Trump's veto of defense spending bill
140 House Republicans to vote against Biden's victory: Report
At least 25 killed in east DR Congo, ADF militia blamed
Al Jazeera
Mali charges prominent figures with 'attempted coup'